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Bobby the Kid      "It seems as though Hell has broken loose..." An old man mutters over his drink, swaying slightly in his stool. It's true, El Dorado and the surrounding area have been going through it. Enclave troops snatching people in broad daylight, vandals ransacking and stealing what they can get away with, militia men going all nuts trying to keep the peace while dealing with fires, and bombers, and raiders. "Haven't seen a shit show like this in a looooong time." He tips back the beer and nods, "Maybe not never." The Cantina is surprisingly full, despite the current situation in El Dorado. It seems a group of raiders, or maybe just some good samaritans, have offered to keep the peace here, and so the little dark holeinthewall bar has become a sort of refuge for some. Nothing like getting real drunk to forget about what's going on out there. Bobby sits at the bar just a few stools down from the old man, a glass of something strong in front of him, nodding as he listens to the old-timer. "They caught some jokers bringing bombs into the sewers the other day too. Sure is hell."
Lynnette Lyn had just gotten off shift from the behind the bar....I mean she did /just/ get hired. She wasn't even ready to look her best to try and get herself some tips and smooth talked the patrons. Looking around she'd hear the voice and then blinked a bit. Frowning to herself she would listen intently then as if trying to catch on to what's been going on since she first left El Dorado.

kly chugging her drink she would stand back up and effortlessly hop back behind the bar. She'd set her empty bottle to the side as she looked to the other 'tender'. "Look take a break dude.....I got this...." She'd adjust that ponytail then started making her way down the bar, checking on patrons until she came to the old man and the Bobby. "Y'all need anything else?" Giving a wink she would smile then as she looked between them.
Bobby the Kid      Bobby slugs back his whiskey, grimacing slightly, but manages it ok. He pushes the glass forward and gestures towards the old man, "One more for me, and whatever my friend here is having. It's good for the nerves." He says with a frown and nod that says 'That's the Truth'. "I wonder what they're after? Ain't making many friends, that's for sure. Must be something important here. Something real good. Or maybe someone." The cowboy shrugs, "Too much thinkin' always makes me feel light headed." The old man laughs and slaps the Kid on the back, muttering, "You're alright, Kid. You're alright." Bobby grins and shrugs again. "How about you, miss?" He points at Lynette with his chin, "How you holdin' up with all this? Seems it hasn't hurt business too bad."
Lynnette Watching the two she would laugh a bit and nodded then as she titled her head. "Coming right up...." She'd slide down to the bar to grab a couple of bottles, refilling Bobby's glass of whiskey and smiled. "And for you....?" Looking at the old man she'd lean on the counter as she waited patiently before hearing a question directed towards her. "" Chuckling she'd run her fingers through her long dark hair as she shrugged. "I honestly have just been back for a few days. And it's been...alright. I just started working here today so...." Looking around, she'd smile. "Doing pretty good, ya know?"
Iris Lark Iris walks into the bar, rucksack ever present on her shoulder. She sees her contact at the back of the dark room and makes her way towards him until she's distracted by the sight of Lynnette. She pauses and then changes direction, walking up to the bar and leaning against it. "I saw you the other evening, didn't I?" She asks, tilting her head slightly as she offers her a smile. She turns and smiles at Bobby, wiggling her fingers to say hello. She takes a seat and crosses her legs, setting her rucksack down on the ground near her feet.
Bobby the Kid Bobby the Kid eyes Lynette warily, "You're a little too chipper to be working in a dive like this, lady. You're too nice! Come on, look at these scrubs that hang out here." He motions behind him to the various raiders, lowlifes, and scum that occupy most of the cantina. A few sneers and cuss words are given to Bobby in exchange. This isn't exactly the nicest place around to get a drink. And then Iris arrives like a nice breeze on a hot day. The rest of the cantina notices too. Another woman! The greasy drunks silently cheer. Bobby, a gentlemen, just tips his hat to her and says a charming, "Ma'am."
Lynnette "Look dude...I need work. And if you're a pretty face like me and got the assets....the tips can be pretty good. All I gotta do is keep them drunk, smile, and look pretty." Winking she would then look up as she heard the voice and waved. "Hey! Yeah! Iris, right?" She'd stick her tongue out at Bobby then as she then moved down to where Iris sat. "And....what can I get you, pretty lady?" She'd smile a bit as she leaned in. "Well as you can see I found a job....but mister man over there thinks I shouldn't be here...."
Iris Lark Iris grins at Bobby when he tips his hat and if she were standing, she'd probably curtsy. "Yes, Iris, and you're Lyn?" She considers for a moment and sets down a few caps. "Just some water or juice if you have it, a contact of mine asked me to meet him here to do business." She glances around at the crowd and wrinkles her nose a bit before she leans in. "He's probably just worried for your safety Miss, you are carrying right?" She asks, clearing her throat slightly as she fidgets, her fingers toying with her sleeves.
Bobby the Kid      "I'm not trying to sound nosey, or rude ma'am." Bobby tells Lyn assuredly, "There sure is some messed up folks 'round these parts, is all. And these days, things have been worse..." He nods to Iris, "Yea, you got some iron? Hate to think what could happen...there's kidnappers about these days, kiddo. A man's got every right to worry."
Lynnette "Yup! Lyn....or Lynnette....whatever." Smiling she would then move to a pitcher of water, fixing her a glass of water and set it in front of her. "Well...hopefully they show before it gets more rowdy...." Though she seemed pretty jovial there was something underlying in those green eyes of hers. Looking back to Bobby she'd lean on the bar as she winked at him playfully. "Carrying? Now where am I going to hide it....have you looked at what I'm wearing....?" Feigning a whisper she'd smile. "....want to be my bodyguard then and guard my body?" Smirking she'd look back to Iris and tilted her head. "I mean....I have a little something where I'm crashing but I didn't bring it. I didn't expect to start working the same day I went looking...."
Iris Lark Iris glances between Lynnette and Bobby her eyes slightly wide. She's not good at social cues but that innuendo didn't fly over her head so much as smak her in the face. She doesn't comment though, picking up her water and taking a sip before she points at a greasy shifty-eyed man in the back corner, sitting at a dark table. "Oh he's here already." She pipes up, a grin on her face. She leans on the bar and shrugs, her fingers tapping the rough wood. "I've had to meet him here before, and most of the gents here know me." She nudges at her rucksack with her toes. "I sell them chems to sell here, so you'll be seeing me a time or two."
Bobby the Kid      Bobby the Kid blushes. He can't help it. There's a moment where he considers responding to Lyn's comment but instead, grabs his drink and hammers it down first. "Ma'am, if you need a hand getting home safely, you just let me know." He winks, hoping that it will make him seem charming, but it really doesn't. He doesn't have much practice with this.
Lynnette "Oh! Well...." She'd push herself back from the bar and smiled. "Well don't let me hold you up, Iris....I'm just amusing myself while I work." A shrug as she then looked over to Bobby and grinned a bit. "Is that a promise?" She'd then winked as she tilted her head as nodded. "Need another....." She'd lean over and grab that bottle and shook it playfully. "....or what something less....hardcore?"
Iris Lark Iris giggles softly and gets to her feet, walking over to the shady man in the corner to sit and speak with the shady character. She pushes her hair behind her ear as they get down to haggle, the Healer pulling out several packets of chems and laying them across the table for emphasis. She leans back, folds her arms oer her chest and crosses her legs as they continue to speak.
Bobby the Kid      "One more, ma'am. The strong stuff...please." Bobby says with a nod, pointing at the bottle Lyn shakes. "Shoots, what sorta cowboy would I be if I didn't." The Kid is starting to look a little drunk, but he's not slurring or anything. It's for the nerves. He frowns, watching Iris layout her chems, studying the buyer with scrutiny before deciding she's probably going to be just fine and leaves her be.
Matt Ah, the flowing breeze and bouncing tumbleweeds have left Matt upon the doorstep of this grimy cantina. A caravan Matt has taken the reins of decided to overnight in Jack's Town, and Matt finds himself here. With familiar faces! He tilts his chin towards Bobby and Iris in greeting before sidling up to the bartop.
Lynnette Giggling she would reach out that bottle and gave him a smile. "I tell me, handsome...." She'd watch Iris go off to do here business, wiggling her fingers as she scooted off then looked back the cowboy. "And your name is.....what?" A genuine smile as she set that bottle back down behind the counter top. "....but don't forget to pay up." That hand would go out as she held it out and grinned. Seeing the new face she would flip her hair over to one side as her green eyes seemed to hold miscieft behind them. "Hey there! What can I get you?"
Iris Lark Iris makes a deal with the man, and the brilliant smile appears on her face again. She collects her caps, gets to her feet and offers the fellow a brief salute. She walks back to the bar, takes her seat again and crosses her legs, plopping a cap on the bar. "Now, if you have some cola, that would be just grand." She says before she gives Matt a cheery wave hello.
Bobby the Kid Handsome! Bobby grins boyishly at Lyn, swooning as he dishes out a handful of caps to pay for all the drinks he's had. He barely counts it. "Sure, sure. I got the caps, don't worry. You can keep the change. You'll probably need it to hire me as your -body- guard." He winks an exaggerated half-drunk wink. His ears hear the door before he does and without thinking he turns to see who comes through. Matt isn't even given a nod, his attention right back to Lynette like a puppy.
Matt Matt lets his mouth hang open a second, or seven, accompanied by a soft uncertain "uhhhh" but he is saved by Iris. "Yes. A cola would be grand, thank yah kindly ma'am." He leans forward over the bar as if to follow Lynnette with more than his eyes, but a glance towards Bobby's condition seems to prevent him falling into the stupor. Iris gets a nice big smile though, "Why hello dear, buying more cleaning products to get blood out of your furniture?"
Lynnette She'd scoop up those cap and winked as she tossed them in the till. "Well thank you.....I appreciate it...." Lyn would give him a coy smile before turning back to the bar. Humming softly she would tilt her head a bit as she grabbed two glasses and let out a groan. "...oh for...." Looking around she'd find a sink area and threw them in there before finding two clean ones. Setting on in front of Iris and the new face she's never seen, she'd pour them both a cola. "There y'all go!" She'd take Iris' cap and smiled. "It went well I see. And'd be nice to see another chick in here from time to time...." Turning her attention to Matt she'd lean on the counter and smiled as she held out a hand. "Welcome...."
Iris Lark Iris chuckles at Matt and shakes her head, her cheeks a bit pink as she speaks. "I was here selling chems, they sell them to ..others?" She looks embarassed for a moment before she adds. "At the very least, they don't get bad chems which make them sick, right?" She pulls her cola close to her and opens the cap, stowing it into her not so ample assets. "What brought you up to this place, Matt? Here to hire someone to kill someone else?" A chorus in the background shouts out offers to take the job.
Bobby the Kid Bobby leans himself back off the bar, slowly shaking his head, "Gosh...I better get out of here or I'm going to be broke." He takes his last drink, swills it about in the cup, then hammers it back. "WOOO!" He cries, slamming the cup down and slapping the old man next to him on the back, "Alright. That hit the spot."
Matt "The brahmin must march. Not enough people to move what needs to move since...well, ya'know." A shrug for Iris, "They'd find whatever they could if a good supply wasn't 'round, Iris." His gaze follows the cap before he averts! But Lynnette is in front of him now and *nowhere* is safe to look. Matt's eyes go from Lyn's hand to her face, to her hand once or twice before he reachs out to wrap it up in his, and turn it upward to lay a light kiss upon the knuckles. "I'm Matthew Ward, from way outta Texas-way. I haul with Lone Star Caravans, ma'am. And no, if I decide a man needs killings, it will be my bullet. Bobby! Don't have to finish yet, I'm sure I owe you a drink from the sewers."
Lynnette She'd grin at Bobby and shake her head. "Don't be a quitter.....I didn't take a cowboy to not be able to hold his liquor..." Licking her lips she would then look back to Matt with a smile. As he kissed her hand she would raise a brow then as she leaned in closer. "Nice to meet you, Matt....I"m Lynnette....or Lyn for short...." Looking around then she would feign being secretive then whispered softly. ".....but you still owe me a cap, cutie.....kisses don't pay the bills....."
Iris Lark Iris glances between Matt and Bobby, keen to see how they handle Lynnette. She sips quietly at her cola, nodding to those she knows in the tavern and keeping a wary eye on those she isn't quite as familiar with.
Bobby the Kid Bobby frowns. Another man?! With...charisma!? Bobby seems about ready to blow a lid before recognition smacks him in the face. "Matt!" He claps the other man on the back jovially, "How's it, partner? Seems like you made it out of that spot, don't look too bad for it neither. What happened down there? Must have a took a hit, or slipped or something...don't remember much...woke up in a medic tent with a throbbing headache. No one had any news for me other than that I was lucky to be alive!" He laughs cheerfully.
Matt Matt chuckles at what Lyn says. "Oh, if kisses paid bills I reckon I wouldn't be walking behind brahmin smelling their stink. One more for Bobby here, a *cola* please." Matt iterates a drink order for Bobby as he takes in his condition. Then brings a few caps onto the bartop for Lyn. "Here you are, Ma'am. Something for yourself as well." He turns away from Lyn a tad, so much over there to get in trouble for looking at, and a blush has already begun to creep across his cheeks. "Well, you were better than I was. Last I saw you, I sent you to go talk to the Militia, but who knows what happened between that and your tent. Vertibirds damn everywhere."
Lynnette Lynnette would chuckle a bit as she smiled, slowly sliding those caps off the counter. "So you get kissed that often then? I guess you're doing better than me then...." And with that she would fix Bobby a cola and set it down in front of him. "Here you go!" As she put up the bottles shew ould turn and then look over to Iris a bit, playfully rolling her eyes. Looking at the men in the cantina, they still seemed to be shocked to see a female behind the bar then. Laughing she'd just shake her head. "....and I'm not even gussied up for work like I normally am. I'd think they've never seen a girl before....."
Bobby the Kid "Militia..." Bobby murmurs, his fuzzy memory clearing a little as he nods, then shrugs. "Yea, well, glad you made it out of there, cowboy. I figured you must have, the sewers didn't seem too messed up." He beams a smile at Lyn, "Matt and I saved the sewers from bombers. It was pretty dangerous stuff, miss. I won't lie...I was...integral." He grabs his cola, takes a good long gulp, and sets it down with a frown. "Cola? What in tarnation...Excuse me, ma'am? Could you put something stronger in here for me? Thanks."
Iris Lark "Most of them haven't, at least not someone so pretty." Iris remarks, matter-of-factly, a grin on her face. She glances back towards the other men in the back and shrugs. "I think you'll do well here on tips, especially if you say this is you in your...not normal attire." She glances down at her own shabby clothes and wrinkles her nose. "Maybe we should get together and you can show me how to do all of that.." She gestures to her face and her clothes, her eyebrows raised slightly.
Lynnette Looking over to Bobby, her brow would raise then. "I gave him what he paid for....." She'd stare at him intently before reaching down in front of her behind that counter then pulled up a bottle of whiskey. She'd keep that gaze then as she slowly poured a little bit into his cola. Smirking then she'd tilt her ehad. "Oh? Couple of heroes then....well aren't I in luck...." Setting that bottle down and she'd look over to Iris with a grin. "First of're pretty. Don't give me that. Secondly..." That's when she seemed giddy. "I'd love to have a girl's'd be fun!"
Matt "Oh, I don't know about that. You're just as pretty Iris, but you don't have it all up front to keep us stammering. It'd be hard to tell you where it hurts if we couldn't talk" Matt is quick to interject here, like he has a stake in the matter or something. He frowns over at Bobby before wrapping an arm over his shoulder. "Ya gotta do some of each, keep you on your feet if ya need to shoot something."
Iris Lark Iris chuckles quietly and shakes her head, waving away the compliment before a smile appears on her face. "I would like a girls night, haven't had of those..well..ever." She glances at Matt and then glances down at her cleavage or lack, her lips pursed slightly. She aims a slightly amused look at Lynnette, leaning on the bar with her elbow, her chin resting on her palm. "See what I have to deal with?" She asks, jerking a thumb in Matt's direction, playing at sounding hurt at his words.
Bobby the Kid "Heroes." Bobby reiterates, taking a good swig of his now whiskey and coke smiling. "Thanks for the hit of shine, miss. Hate to have it watered down, but I'll enjoy it if that's what Matt wants." He grins from underneath Matt's arm, "Not a drinker, eh Matt? Yea, that's ok. It's not for everyone. You keep your wits sharp, I'll keep my gun fast!" Despite his drinking, the young man is able to preform his quick draw quick easily enough, spinning his revolver around a finger and slipping it back into the holster in the wink of an eye. "Ma'am, don't mean to sound disrespectful, but you're crazy." He tells Iris, "You're a beaut!"
Lynnette Rolling her eyes playfully she would smile. "Then let's fix that. I'm sure your place is nicer than the hell hole I'm in. I need to find somewhere to stay for real....." She'd tilt her head a bit then as she looked her over then smiled. "And it's all about confidence, girl." She'd motion down to her chest with her unbuttoned her, her cleavaged pretty much out there for the world to see. "You rock with ya mama gave ya too. Play off ya features..." She'd wink as she then fixed herself a drink...okay a pretty large glass of whiskey as she started to sip at it. "I just know what helps me get tips. I mean you saw me yesterday....button up and such. Now my dress...." Grinning she would nod then. "That might get me in some trouble but /so/ worth it."
Iris Lark "I never said I was ugly." Iris mutters mostly to herself, giving Matt and Bobby a sidelong glance as she takes another sip from her cola. She turns to focus on Lynnette then and her cheeks turn pink as she glancs down at her chest and she clears her throat, chuckling weakly. "I can help you with a place to stay for a day or two, if you'd like, you'd be close to Jack's Town in Avalon." She shifts in her seat, recrossing her legs as she plays with her nearly empty bottle and the small amount of liquid still inside. "Well, I dunno who my Mama was, but well..I'll figure out how to manage what you said eventually. I'm still not used to..any of this, really."
Matt "I didn't mean to give offense...Gosh, Paw taught me shoot, not to talk to the ladies." Matt looks between the group before looking forward and sipping at his nuka cola. A bump from Bobby brings him back to the conversation though. "Ya sticking 'round I take it then? Do you have a weapon? A firearm?" He lifts his chin towards Lynnette.
Bobby the Kid Bobby's grin grows, watching Lyn with that look that says blood is slowly leaving his brain. "Yea, yur -features-." He murmurs, sipping his cola and resting his chin in his free hand, "Shoots, Matt, already done asked her if she had a gun. She don't. Aint right if you ask me, but gives me a good reason to make sure she gets home safe. Ha! Might need a chaperon myself soon." He takes another sip of his cola.
Iris Lark "If things get too rough here, let me know, I'm looking for someone to mind the general store for me when I can't be there." Iris murmurs, slipping from her stool briefly to give Matt a kiss on the cheek. "If I were really mad at you, you'd know it. Redhead, temper..all of that." She hops back on to her stool and pushes out a few more caps. "Another cola please." She tilts her head to the side and adds. "If you are looking for something to keep you safe, we can visit the store and see if you see anything there you might like to use. I ..uhm.." She goes quiet, realizing that a gun running, drug selling doctor might not sound quite as innocent as she actually was.
Lynnette "That would be cool, Iris. I'm going to try to find a place closer to here I think so I don't have to travel as far....." She'd look over to the two men and then sighed a bit as she rolled her eyes. "No....I don't. I think I'll be fine....." Smilng brightly then she would look between the two of then and tilted her head. "I mean...what y'all gonna do....give me?" A tilt of her head as she winked then slowly looked back over to Iris then. "Thanks....I'd appreciate it. Not sure how good I'll be at it but...I'd give a shot. Maybe I can have a couple of jobs to play catch up on getting some money." Tapping her chin then she'd then laughed. "And sure....I guess something small to keep on me while working? I wouldn't really know where to begin...."
Bobby the Kid Bobby the Kid sighs and gives Lynette a shrug, "No ma'am, can't give you my gun." Bobby emphasizes by shaking his head and biting his lip, "Wish I could, but as you can see..." He points to one empty holster on his far hip, "I only got this one." There's a sad look in his eyes, but it passes.
Matt "I've got something floating 'round here" Matt hms and then digs into his backpack and pulls a semi-fancy shotgun out of it, shaking it, popping the action to make sure its empty before putting it onto the bartop. "Here ya go, ma'am. I found it around the same place I found these fancy leather pants." The pants *are* fancy. Makes his butt look good pants.
Lynnette "Oh no stress handsome....I was just kidding...." Laughing a bit she would then look over at Matt with a brow raised as she pulled out that gun. Blinking she'd look it over before picking it up with ease as she looked it over. "....oh now this is cute....." Almost with expertise she would look it over, aiming it towards a wall as she looked down the barrel. "....this is real cute....and I'll take it...." She'd look up to see almost everyone on edge and she'd call out loudly. "Oh calm ya tits and relax! Can't a girl buy a gun?! Shit...." She'd roll her eyes then looked over to Matt and smiled. "I like it. I'll have to get something a little less....bulky while I'm working but...nice to keep this on me while getting around. She'd set it down on a shelf behind the bar in front of her but her demeanor change as as she heard someone getting smart. "'Ey! Speak up if you're going to smack talk! I control the booze....I can end that!"
Bobby the Kid "Dang!" Bobby loves guns, and the sight of the shotgun brings a smile to the Kid's face. "A beautiful thing there. You see? I already feel safer knowing you got that thing behind the bar. With a shotgun, it's hard to miss." He grins, finishing his cola and sliding another cap or two across the counter, "Thanks for the whiskey, Lynette."
Iris Lark Iris glances around, waiting for someone to speak up about the gun. Since nearly everyone in the cantina had a gun, there really was no real protests. She opens her new nuka-cola and takes a sip, chuckling softly to herself as she watches the byplay between the other three. She turns away for a moment when someone approaches her, asking about some Jet. Some haggling happens before Iris slips from her stool, fishes out some chems and hands them happily to her customer with a smile. "Be safe!" She says, waving at the man as he walks away. The chem-head gives the Healer a bit of an odd look, shrugs and then rejoins his buddies.
Matt Matt nods towards Lynnette. "I don't need caps for it, I didn't pay any for it, and you need it." Matt finishs off his nuka-cola and waves for another one. "I've got a few things like that, I used to have the time to go poking around, but so many vacancies in Lone Star, hell, everywhere, got me so busy." He sighs and anchors his chin onto his hand, eyeing Iris as she slings jet. "I was gonna build a farm, hon. Mushrooms and corn and happiness."
Lynnette She'd sigh a bit as she leaned over to look at Matt. "Awww...thanks...." Grinning, she'd pull herself up on the bar and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek. "You're the best..." Sliding back down to the floor she'd then nod a bit. Taking a deep breath as she then looked over to Iris and chuckled. "Are these two always like this? They seem like fun...and a hoot." Letting out a yawn then she would tilt her head a bit. "....and I think I'm about to clock off and go find some fun....or something hell I don't know."
Iris Lark "I just met both of them fairly recently." Iris remarks, sliding off the stool as she picks up her rucksack. 'If you're leaving, I am as well, being the only woman here is not a good time." She says, slinging the heavy leather bag over her shoulder. "When you're near Avalon, just look for the smaller yard with a little doghouse in it, I'll be there or nearby, and I'll settle you into my guest room." She pats Matt gently on an arm and claps a hand on Bobby's shoulder. "See you two later as well."
Matt "Fairly recently? A month or so maybe." Matt heaves a sigh, finishing down one more nuka-cola. "Iris has pulled...7 bullets out of me? At least. And I've bruised my ribs two or four times." He gives her a smile. Then gets probably bookended, smooches on both cheeks now and hes even. "Bobby is..a rapscallion, I am a responsible young man with ambitions. That mostly just gets shot at a lot." He nudges Bobby in the shoulder with his own shoulder. "You gonna escort the lady to Iris' mister? I gotta check with my brahmin."
Bobby the Kid Bobby sighs shaking his head, "Well, now that you got yourself a dang shotgun, looks like I can go home. Who needs a bodyguard when you have a shotgun, right?" He grins, reaching into his pocket to pull out a little tin of smokes. The cigarette is thin, hand rolled. He puffs one to life and climbs off his stool. "A rapscallion? Nah, I'm just a cowboy. So...I better get out of here too. All this drinking and kissing going on, I'm bound to keep drinking and a wishing. Miss Lynette, Matt," he nods to each in turn, "I'll make sure miss Iris gets home. Evenin' friends." He tips his hat and heads for the door.
Lynnette She'd wave to Iris as she left then looked to the two. "Well dang...I see how it is. Just because a girl gets a gun she's on her own?" Laughing she would then smile as she shrugged a bit. "Y'all both seem cool so it's whatever." Looking to the other tender she'd grin. "Alright....I helped catch you up...." Winking she would grab her vest, that new shotgun, and hopped over the bar. Licking her lips and she'd grin over at Bobby. "Aww....don't be jelly...." She'd lean over and give him a kiss on the cheek to before sighing. " find my way to this girl's house. Let's see how much trouble I cause or get into....." Lynnette would pull that vest back on, buttoning it back up and then pulled her hair up into a ponytail.
Matt     "I suppose its only a short ways away, I can be back in time for the head out in the morning." Matt hefts his backpack up onto his back and tucks his lever-action rifle across his front. Its a *fancy* gun. If Lyn were to notice. "I've been to her place a few times. Would you carry for an escort?" He offers an elbow off to Lynnette.
Lynnette She'd laugh as she took his arm then, leaning in as she chuckled. She'd sling her shiny new toy on her shoulder then tilted her head a bit. "That'd be sweet....but don't let me distract you. I've been wandering around alone for a hot minute now and without a shiny gun. I think I'll be good....."