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Alpha     Jacktown of course was one of the lesser talked about towns. Law.. was who was the fastest gun. And who would brag about it the most. Plenty of trouble. But that trouble kept the rest at bay. Usually.

    As Matt and Lyn come out of the tavern, they'd see a set of two Enclave men, scouts potentially from the armor and weapons, facing off against Alpha in his beat up leather and run down rifle. The men are snickering at Alpha and something he just said.
    "So.. ya'll gonna leave? Or.. we gonna have ta make ya vanish?" Asks Alpha, watching the men. This just causes them to crack up more. "A bunch of wannabes that are just around because no one has bothered to take the trash out? What are you going to do? Bleed on me?"
Lynnette Lynnette was letting out a laugh as she made her way out with Matt, leaning in to say something but stopped. She'd frown slightly as she saw Alpha talking to the two nimrods in armor. Sighing softly she'd look over to Matt and raised a brow. "....really? I just...." She'd look back over as she shift her weight on her feet. "....I just wanted a drama....walk..." She'd smirk though as she tightened her ponytail and called out. "Ooooh cuuuutiiieee!" Giggling she'd start to walk her way over. "What's happenin'?!"
Matt Matt slows his roll, also. But Lynette seems to have a plan, so he lets her move forward towards the boys in bad armor. His rifle gets readied however, and he nestles it against the pocket of his shoulder to play a game of wait and see.
Alpha     Alpha just raised a brow as the guys would scoff at him. Glancing over towards Lyn and by extension Matt, he'd give an upnod her way as she'd call out. The scouts look a bit confused, watching Lynn as she'd casually walk over to Alpha, who would simply accept her approach by giving her a hug, then chuckling. "Ahh.. heya Lyn. Dumb and dumber here's wantin ta get their ass kicked. So.. since they ain't runnin, whatcha think? Willin ta help me make em pack up and run?"
    The guys glance at each other and raise there rifles. "Last chance to surrender to the Enclave. Even if we leave, more are coming. This place is being annexed."
Lynnette Letting out a giggle as she would give him a hug and shrugged a back. "Honey....make them run?" She'd look over to them with a smirk and blew them a kiss. "I couldn't even hurt a fly. Why..." She'd pull that shotgun off her shoulder as she held it up as if it was dirty. "....I just got this thing and don't even know how to use it....."
Matt Matt decides...hes had enough of enclave bullshit people running around and doesn't wait any longer for them to get up in arms, instead raising his rifle and putting bullets into each of them. Equal opportunity shooter.
Alpha     Alpha would flash that grin at Lyn, chuckling at her words. "Run. Hmm. Only takes one to return a message.." Glancing to Lyn, Alpha nods and with a wink her way, points out a few tricks to make the shotty work well for her. That done Alpha would smoothly raise his own rifle, beat up it might be, but accurate none the less as he'd put that bullet right through the first goon's neck. Smoothly, Alpha lines up with the next guy, there's no mirth there anymore as Alpha says 1 word. "Run."
Lynnette She'd hear to shots coming from Matt and blinked as she slowly looked back. She'd mouth the word 'really' before she turned to see Alpha taking down one of them. As she started to point it out she'd roll her eyes as she just put her hand up and with ease she'd flip that gun up and pulled it to her shoulder as she looked down the rifle and with two quick pulls of the trigger....boom boom! The recoil alone should have pushed her but she just took it stride as she sighed. Looking over to Alpha she'd lay that gun on her shoulder. "I said I didn't know how to use /this/ particular one....not guns at all...." Looking back at Matt she'd wave her hand over as she slowly walked over to the scouts. "...y'all gonna done made me look like less than a lady...."
Matt Matt wanders up now, after scooping up hot brass and stuffing them into a pocket. 45 government rounds aren't easy to come by. "I don't foresee that being an actual happening, ma'am." He slips the rifle back to behind his back now. A nudge with a foot to one of the scouts to check. "Man. Enclave are just so bold. Put some armor on a fella, think he can take on the world."
Alpha     Alpha chuckles, shrugging a little. "All good, all good. 'sides. A lady of the wasteland is 10 times sexier out here than one who's helpless. That's just meat waitin ta be plucked." He'd shake his head, walking over to check the guys out too. A small nod is given as he'd look to Matt and Lyn. "Good shots, both ya'll. But like they said.. more's comin. So we'll just make sure these two vanish. Dun lemme keep ya from yer casual, drama free stroll, yah?"
Lynnette Sighing she would pull that gun on her shoulder as she smirked. "I never said I was helpless either....just squishy...." She's smack her butt a bit as she then looked to Matt and sighed. "Why thank you....but I was hoping to just....bartend for once in my life without....shenanigans." Licking her lips she'd then smiled as she looked back to Alpha. "Thanks, darling....and I was just on my way out to find where I'm stay, change, and then get into some trouble. Seems I did it in the wrong order....."
Matt "Forget it Lyn, it's Jackstown" Matt offers his an arm out to Lynette again, with an eyebrow raised at tush smacking. "Drama free strolls don't really happen out 'ere. And we can't really move on out too far, Enclave got us fairly well surrounded."
Alpha     Alpha laughs, reloading the spent shell in his rifle before slinging it over his shoulder again. "This? This ain't even drama ta Jacktown. This'll just be a casual foot note." He'd grin at Lyn, winking. "Uh huh. Well.. order is always negotiable, eh?" Smirking, Alpha would nod to Matt, then after checking the two scouts over for anything of use, leaves them for the scavengers of JT while heading for that bar. "Got me enough fer another drink.."
Lynnette Taking Matt's arm she'd stretch her free arm and smiled then. "Well...I'm game. I've gone and fired a gun....might as well go for the gold." Lynnette would then look to Alpha and blew him a kiss. "Stop by the bar and I'll buy you a drink....maybe you'll actually see me cleaned up next time..." Wiggling her fingers at him then she'd then nudge Matt playfully. "Alright hon, get me to her house....time to take a Ugh."