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Lynnette Well another day, another dollar...erm....cap....whatever. Lynnette was back behind the bar for another day of work; hair down, rocking just that fitted vest this time for extra oompf, and actually looking like she might have bummed some makeup from somewhere. Humming softly, she'd look around at the small crowd and proceeded to wipe that wooden bartop down with an actual /clean/ towel. The other tender stared at her intently.....probably wondering why she hadn't quit yet.
Alpha     Ahh.. just another day at the cantina. Of course, what's another day without at least 1 brawl?
    Crashing through the door, Alpha manages to dodge the swing of a rather burly looking raider who's left at the doorframe itself. He'd duck, roll and come up in a crouch within. Half those in the room look. The other half don't seem to care. Alpha shakes his head a little as he'd glare at the guy. "A'right. So the answer's no. I get it. Back off 'fore this gets dirty, eh?"
    The raider steps in, spitting to the side in contempt as he'd glare down at Alpha. "Bah! Dirty scrub? Whatcha gonna do? Crap yer pants?"
Xavier "Ha! Read 'em and weep boys! Caravan!" Ok, so maybe that's not quite how one plays the game, but it was surely the way Xavier did. To those who didn't know much about the game itself, it helped the man earn a pretty cap or two. None the less, he's just gathering up the caps he won when his attention goes to the brawl at the door and he groans, standing up to shove caps into is pockets and then he heads towards the door. "Now now, fellas does it really have to be like this? Why don't I buy you both a drink at the bar..." Raiders. He knew their type, but sometimes you could get on their less-angsty side by tossing a few caps and niceness their way.
Lynnette "Oh for fu-....." She'd look up as she saw the pair of men come flying being Alpha. "Hey!!!" She'd look over to the tender who seemed to be just....standing there. "REALLY?! You're just gonna..." Groaning she'd slam that towel down on the bar top and hopped over it before sashaying her way over towards them. She'd look down at the floor, staring at Alpha with a brow raised as she pointed at him. " swear....." Looking over to the Raider she'd crack her knuckles and popped her neck before pointing at him. "Not in my bar, got it! Take this crap outside before I toss ya you, got it?!" She'd look over to Alpha then and pointed to him too. "Same goes for you, handsome....trying to keep this crap on the streets."
Alpha     Alpha grunts as he'd slowly get back to his feet. The raider eyes Lyn, then gives her a much slower once over before he'd roll his shoulder. With Xavier's offer, the raider cracks a grin. What an ugly set of teeth! "Now that.. that's somethin I'll listen to. But if ya buy this scrub a drink, Imma kill ya. k?" He'd smirk at Xavier and starts for the bar, polite enough to at least not brush off Lyn fully with a shrug. "Sure lady."
    Alpha glances to Xavier, makes a face at the Raider's words, then shrugs and dusts himself off. At Lyn's pointing, both hands come up, empty with palms out and an easy grin. "Hey hey. It ain't like I tried to get clocked, huh? Guy's gotta mean left hook. I can tell ya that." He'd shake his head. "No fightin. That'll be hard. But we'll see." He'd smirk at Lyn, going to give her a hug with a wink, then starts for the bar, opposite end of Xavier and the Raider of course.
Xavier Xavier rolls his eyes. "Here." Shoving a few caps into the Raider's hand while giving a grin. "See, first drink is on me." This much more and then he looks over towards Lynnette and Alpha, giving a shrug. "Is it always like this in this slice of paradise?" Asking that much, but he didn't have much more to go on either aside from the group in the corner sort of whispering among themselves and he smirks some. That no fighting in the bar rule just might not be up for Xavier to fulfill either if there's wind he's a cheating son of a bitch.
Lynnette Lyn would tilt her head a bit as she looked over to Xavier, blowing him a kiss in thanks before watched the Raider walk over towards the man. She'd then smile at the guy and wiggled her fingers. "Thanks.....appreciate it...."

She'd wait for him to leave then rolled her eyes as she looked over at Alpha, folding her arms over her chest. "At least keep that crap outside. I'm going to try to at least make this place nice...." As he gave her that hug she'd just laugh then. "Be glad I don't try to deck you...." As soon as he let go she would make her way back to the bar and hopped back over. "Now then...." she'd look at the three men as she leaned on the bar. "What...can I get y'all?" Looking to Xavier she'd shrug. "From as far as I can tell...yeah."
Alpha     The raider grunts at Xavier, but takes the caps none the less. He'd walk over to that end of the bar and slap them down. "Strongest this'll get me!" Is of course his order. Why not? Free booze is free booze.
    Alpha smiles to Lyn and gives a two finger salute. "Try to. Always. I don't wanna make more work for ya than ya already dealing with." He'd chuckle with a small shrug. "I'll just take a beer. Not wantin that guy killed on my part." he'd nod to Xavier then and flashes him a grin. "Nah man. This is calm. Usually it's much worse 'round here.."
Lynnette She'd look at the Raider and smirked as she pulled out a glass, pouring it with some whiskey. "There you go big guy....." Snatching those caps up she'd make her way to stand in front of Alpha and just sat an open beer in front of him. "....I owe you one, remember?" She'd wink before she would look over Xav and sighed. "'s gonna be a party then...." Laughing she would then look to Alpha. " are you always this much fun?"
Alpha     Alpha watches Lyn as she'd get the raider that drink. He'd grin back at Lyn as she'd get him that free one and salutes her with it before taking a swig. "Ahh.. this much fun? You ain't seen nothin. This is me behaving.. Just tryin to gather a few guys.. gotta few ideas, yanno? I like to see what I can get.." He'd wink at Lyn and snickers. "Ifn ya wanna see fun.. then it can't be in here."
Lynnette She'd sigh a bit and then shook her head. "Lord I'd hate to see what not behaving is....." Lyn would then prop her head up on her hands then as she looked him over then shook her head. "Gonna get your ass handed to you in the process? I'd pay to watch this...." Letting out a laugh, she'd look around to make sure no one else needed anything but slowly locked her green eyes back on him. "Huh? What kind of fun? Where would we be going?"
Alpha     Alpha smirks back at Lyn. "Hey.. I'm still alive, ain't I? So.. not killed me yet.. and I tend ta be good enough to not get my ass kicked." He'd shrug with a chuckle as he'd look around himself, then takes another swig of that beer. "Hmm.. Not sure I should even tell ya.. ifn yer thinking I'm just going to get my ass kicked." He'd tease her playfully, grey gaze sparkling with amusement.
Xavier Xavier gives a smirk, just at the bar and about to order when he side longs those few in the corner who start to approach him. "Actually, might be a better time for me to skiddadle." A grin before he gives a wiggle-finger wave and turns to dash out the bar and head..somewhere!
Lynnette She'd pout a bit as she looked at him then. "Aw come on.....tell me...." Lyn would actually feign looking sad then as she stared at him with those intense green eyes. "I'll even ask nicely and say please...." Grinning she would look over to Xav and waved over to him. "Come back and see me!" A wink would be given and then she would look back over at Alpha. "....gonna make me beg?"
Alpha     Alpha chuckles, finishing off his bottle of beer. "Hmm. Maybe? Seems like a good start." he'd flash that grin at Lyn, then promptly duck as the glass from the whiskey the raider got wizzes past where Alpha's head just was at.
    "Hey! Quit hoggin the wench! I'm thirsty over here!!" Bellows the raider. Of course, with the glass missing Alpha, it'd shatter on the table of card players in the corner. They now look pissed off and start standing up looking for the source.
    "Eh.. We'll continue that thought somewhere less.. loud, ok Lyn?" He'd wink at her, then turns to face the card players. "Oi! calm down, calm down! Guy's just lookin fer a drink.. ain't no trouble here and 'sides, Lady said no fightin or ya get thrown out, eh?"
Lynnette She'd lean back quickly as she saw the glass whip by. Closing her eyes she would slowly actually /walk/ around the bar and looked to the card players. "Sorry, boys. He's just a bit know how their type are...." Slowly she'd trail her hand down the countertop, let that hand drag along Alpha's back as she passed him then back to the bar as she walked over to the raider. There was an ever present smile on her lips as she looked up at the guy. "'ve pissed me off...." Sighing she'd pull that hair up into a ponytail and smirked. "....first of all....I'm not a wench...." She'd slam her hand on that countertop now. "And if you want to drink in here again....I suggest you apologize....nicesly."
Alpha     The Raider would move suddenly, reaching out to grab onto Lyn and pull her waaaay too close with a leer her way. "Ah ah ah. Ifn yer workin here, then yer a wench. Now.. how bouta kiss?" The guy would pucker up, tightening his grip to make it hard for her to do much other than squirm.

    "LET. HER. GO." Alpha would raise his voice, that command sharp, almost harsh within it as there's the follow up click of that cocking rifle. The raider freezes at the voice, then stares down the barrel of the rifle. "I tried to be friendly. Now? I'm not. Get. Before I put another bloodstain on the wall the *lady* here would have to clean up." Alpha stares down the rifle at the Raider who slowly lets go of Lynn while raising both hands defensively.
    "Alright.. alright.. no need to get testy. Just having a bit of fun.."
Lynnette Letting out a scream she'd frown and gave a sneer at him as he pulled her close. "Not were the earth." Turning her head she'd struggle before she would hear Alpha's voice, those green eyes shooting over to him. When the brute finally let her go, she'd adjust her vest so her boobs weren't about to spill out while turning to Alpha. "....thank you...." But in one swift motion she would turn to punch the guy but just....missed all together. Yup...she was tired....that's it. Rolling her eyes she would point to the door. "You heard him....out!" That's when she would pout then and turned her head to look away from the man. "....nimrod...."
Alpha     The guy snickered at Lynn, quickly swallowing it as Alpha glared and tighten that draw on the trigger. A subtle weave of the rifle ahd the raider scooting for the door. Stepping outside, he'd turn to say something, only for Alpha to put a bullet right past the man's ear. The raider pales and vanishes into the outside.
    Alpha shakes his head, reloads his gun then slings it over his back. There's a soft sigh and he'd move over to Lyn, touching her shoulder. "Hey.. you ok?"
Lynnette She'd clear her throat as she watched the man leave but only smirked when he got a warning shot. Sighing she'd feel that hand on her should and turned to look over at Alpha. "Yeah I'm good. Told ya I'm a hinderance...." Letting out a laugh she would pull her hair back down and leaned in to give him a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks...." She'd sashay past him and make her way back around behind the bar. "At this rate you're gonna regret asking me to try and join your little outfit...." Lyn would grab his beer and set it down in front of him where he was standing now.
Alpha     Alpha chuckles softly, smiling to Lyn at her words and definitely grins at the kiss. With a casual shrug, he'd walk over to the bar, taking up his drink and there's a bunch of caps dropped on the bar. From the looks of it? The Raider just got raided. "I wouldn't say that. Opportunity whenever presented, Lyn.. and ya present plenty.. even when ya almost have a wardrobe failure.. Or is that especially.. hmm.."
Lynnette She'd sigh a bit as she leaned on the bar, shoving them back towards him. " good." Lyn would chuckle then as she smiled a bit. "I present plenty? what? My tits almost popping out...?" Smirking she would shake her head and then shrugged a bit. "I'm sure my dad is looking down on me like, '.....where is everyting I taught you?' and just shaking his head."
Alpha     Alpha chuckles, shrugging as he'd take a portion. "Ya helped. Ya get paid. That's the rules. Since yer joinin my crew, ya get in on that." He'd wink and take a drink of his beer. "Hmm.. A female, at all, tends to draw attention. Bonus if she looks good. You kept your head. Up until he hamhanded ya.. That's the hardest part. So.. ya gotta bit of work.. and ya'll not even be needin help ta clock em one, eh?"
Lynnette Taking her portion she'd laugh then as she shook her head a bit. "Goodness....." Leaning on the bar she'd look around to make sure that no one needed anything....making sure the card players weren't still pissy. Glancing back over at him then seh'd chuckle a bit. "Well....good to know I'll be able to get some attention. As for the level headed....gotta thank my dad for that. He said he didn't want me to be one of those 'emotional broads'." Letting out a laugh she'd snatch his drink again and then sat it back in front of him with a smirk. "Now what where you saying earlier? About showing me something."
Alpha     It seems, at least for the moment, that everyone in the cantina is content.
    Alpha smirks at Lyn as she'd take another swig of his beer. Chuckling softly, he'd shake his head a little. "Ah well.. however it works, right?" Grinning, Alpha would study Lyn for a moment as she'd draw it back up, seem to think about it, then nods. "I was saying that, wasn't I? Hmm.. guess it will have to wait for another time. Keep ya interested ifn I'm not showin ya all my tricks too early, eh?" He'd wink then. "'sides.. I told ya. Can't be in here anyways.."
Lynnette She'd tilt her head then as she laughed a bit and smiled. "Oh come on....." LIcking her lips she'd lean in and grin. "And where we gotta go...? To the middle of nowhere? Gonna show me some gun tricks?" Laughing she would pull back slightly then as she shrugged. "And I guess that's fair. I might have to find tricks to show you....fair is fair after all."
Alpha     Alpha chuckles quietly and winks at Lyn. "Hmm.. Maybe. Does that mean you've been admiring my.. gun.. Lyn?" He'd finish off that bottle of beer with a small chuckle and puts down a few more caps for another, wiggling the empty one at her with that small grin. "If you don't mind..?"
Lynnette A shrug as she would take that bottle and then give him a fresh one as she stayed leaning on the bottle. "Maybe. I know my guns....and I know what I like." She'd not skip a beat as she started to pour herself a glass of water then. "Show me all your guns and I'll show you I know how to handle them..." Looking up to him with a smirk she'd then look down the bar and saw someone tossing come caps. "But yes....I've been checking out your....gun." Winking she'd make her way down the bar.+
Alpha     Alpha chuckles. "Then.. I definitely want to compare tricks. See what we can come up with together.. Could be fun. With guns." Alpha would pause at that, then shake his head a little with that snicker. He'd grin at Lyn's wink and admittance and takes a swig of that beer as she'd go to handle the other customer.
Lynnette "And thaaaank you, cutie." Lyn was laughing as she wiggled her fingers and took the caps.

On her way back she'd toss those caps in the till then settled back in front of him. "Oh....only with guns?" She'd just laugh then as she sipped at her water before giving a shrug. "We can see if you're good with your hands too. You know....fighting and all that stuff."
Alpha     Alpha can't help but chuckle. "I didn't say only with guns.. and I assure you, Lyn.." He'd use that pause to add weight along with a small grin. "I am quite good with my hands.." There's another wink, he'd take a drink of his beer, then simply offer it to let her take a drink with a raised brow.
Lynnette She would just grin then as she ran her fingers through her hair and cleared her throat. "Noted and filed away for later.....whenever you decide to show me." Taking that beer she'd take a sip then passed it back to him. Taking a drink of her water now she'd then smile. "So what exactly would be my job.....?"
Alpha     Alpha chuckles quietly and takes back the bottle with a small nod. "We'll see." He'd muse at her follow up question, pausing in his drinking before giving a slight nod. "No one can do well without information. Like sending two assholes in crappy armor into Jack's Town. All that is, is a waste of resources." He'd shake his head a little. "I'd need you to gather information.. help me know what's up.. and that's a big way for us to stop trouble coming our way. Sheriffs or otherwise."
Lynnette Taking a deep breath she would then lean over and raise her brow a bit. "So essentially...." Tilting her head, she'd let her hair all fall over to one side and out of her face. " want me to play super skank that doesn't know anything to find out stuff....." That brow would raise then as she stared at him intently now. "....right?"
Alpha     Alpha snorts, shaking his head. "Only if you insist. But seriously Lyn.. yer so much more than that.. and I'd not insult ya ta think that's the only way ta do something, huh?" He'd shrug slightly, smirking at her as he'd watch her for a moment. "'sides.. what says I'd want ya havin that sorta attention fer anyone else anyways?"
Lynnette "You'd be....surprised...." If he only knew /why/ she was gone for so long and doing what. Pushing herself up straight now as she would tilt her head. "When I'm not on my off days....and awake.....I can get by." A shrug then as she sipped her water before those green eyes would look over to him with a brow raised. ".....and what's that supposed to mean?"
Bobby the Kid The door opens, almost with a sigh, Bobby saunters himself back into the cantina. Hey just can't stay away. He doesn't look as chipper as the night before. A few good whiskey's will do that to a man. He finds his way to the bar and grabs himself a stool. "Howdy, Lynette. I'll just have some water." He looks a little hungover, there's no hiding it, so he can't help but grin at the bartender sheepishly.
Alpha     Alpha laughs, shaking his head a little. "Maybe. But.. I'm usually a pretty good judge of character." He'd glance towards the door then with a thoughtful frown. "Usually." Shrugging, he'd take another pull on that bottle. "Hmm.. well.. maybe I can help ya with that too, eh? Ain't nothin ta it.." Alpha pauses as Bobby comes in, eyeing the new guy a moment. He'd glance back to Lyn with a wink. "Oh.. nothing yet, I'm thinkin.." There's an upnod given to Bobby in greeting, but Alpha would just finish off his bottle of beer rather than say anything else.
Lynnette She'd look up to see Bobby and smiled as she waved over to him. "Well well...." When she sat down, she'd grab a glass and the pitcher as she poured him some water. " caught up to you, huh?" A smirk as she sat the water down and tilted her head. " look like hell...." Glancing back over to Alpha she'd smile for a second at his comments but just shook her head then. Yawning she'd put a hand to her mouth before settling between the two. "You've missed all the fun, Bobby....."
Bobby the Kid      Bobby looks beat, that's true, and despite being told he looks awful he can't help but smile at Lynette. "Well, it's worth it just to hear you fuss over me." He takes the water and gulps half of it down in a few big thirsty swigs. "Fun? I missed some fun? Damn, I'm always missin' out." Alpha is given a nod in greeting, but that's about it.
Alpha     Alpha eyes the bottle, nods and sets it on the bar with a small grin. He'd nod lightly to Bobby. "Alpha. Just some idiot who ain't knowin a good deal when he hears it. Had ta chase em out when he got a bit too fresh with Lyn." He'd nod to her and stand to his feet. "Now.. ifn ya'll would excuse me.. I gotta go check on somethin. Mebbe I'll make the offer to you next time." He'd nod to Lyn then Bobby before starting for that door.
Lynnette Lyn would smile at him then as she blew him a kiss. "Well if it's fussing you want...." Pouring some more water in his glass she'd laugh. "...keep coming back looking like you got ran over by a horse...." She'd wink then looked over to Alpha, standing up straight then. "And thank you.....for taking out the trash." Laughing she would then wiggle her fingers at him then nodded. "Don't be a stranger...."
Bobby the Kid      "Glad to hear there's someone else with the gumption to keep this place in order." Bobby tells Alpha as he leaves, "Good day to ya, pardner." He raises his water glass to the man before taking another long swig. "You know Lynette..." Bobby rubs the back of his head and winces slightly, "I think...I think I might have been run over by a damned horse. Shoots." He shakes his head but chuckles and sighs at the same time.
Lynnette She'd move to stand in front of Bobby now and tilted her head. "Sheesh....what did you get into after you left?" Letting out a laugh she would smile softly. ""Obviously it was so fun...if that happened. And now I'm jealous....."
Bobby the Kid "Ha! Next time, you should let me walk you home then." Bobby chides, "That way you won't miss out on getting lost in the dark, spooking your own horse, and eventually waking up just yards from your camp in the dirt with a headache. It's a hoot."
Lynnette She'd lean over and smiled. "Well you did offer....but you left..." A shrug then as she sat back and fixed herself a fresh glass of water then. "But....maybe next time.....if you're not too drunk."
Bobby the Kid "Ahh, the code among men, ma'am. Couldn't step on my friend's toes after such a meaningful gesture." Bobby explains with a smile, but he can't help but look slightly dismayed that he fumbled that one too. "There's always next time. When you're tending bar, I'll try to keep my whiskey's short." A wink and he polished off his water.
Lynnette She'd stare at him intently and just tilted her head. "You mean.....the kid that gave me the gun?" Lyn would chuckle a bit then, smiling. "He's a sweetheart yeah. Look at you trying to be all....whatever the heck it is." Leaning on the bar she'd smile over at him now. "Don't stay sober on my account. By all means....have freaking fun...."
Bobby the Kid "Booze is easy to come by these days. A girl with all her teeth and still some grit? Now that's a rarity." Bobby muses, leaning his elbows onto the bar, "Sober, drunk. Everything in moderation, including moderation. That's what my folks told me. You still have your family, miss Lynette?"
Lynnette "Well...I keep hearing that...." She'd smile and then grinned. "But hey....I try to keep myself together you know...." As she heard the mention of her family she'd wince slightly then chuckled as shook her head. "Nah. My mother died in father died when I was about seventeen or so....." A tilt of her head then. "What about you?"
Bobby the Kid "Your mom too? My folks...well, it's a little complicated. But I'm told they got sick." That's a sore spot for Bobby too. He shrugs the bad feeling away and continues, "But hey, they left me a whole lot of videos! My dad had all sorts of little sayin's and quips. Handsome feller too. But me, I was raised by robots." He looks away awkwardly.
Alasa Alasa slips into the cantina, Bob moving with her as she does..."Hey everybody...drinks for all my friends!" She smiles as she moves over towards the bar...and looks around, "So who wants to be my friend?"
Lucette     Jack's Town isn't a place Luce wanders to often. But Mail, mail never changes. She's out and made her way into the cantina, setting a package on the bar and gesturing to the tender before finding herself a spot to settle in. After doing that she tugs her shades off and clips them onto her poncho to rest. She plans to listen and observe things happening.
Lynnette "Yeah....heh...." Lyn gave him a shrug then raised her brow as she listened to him. "....robots huh?" Those green eyes would look around as she saw a couple of new faces and raised her brow. She'd look over to Alasa and grinned, folding her arms. "I mean I'm working....but I can just grab a drink. As long as you got cap for all those drinks...." A playful wink as she then sashayed over to Lucette and looked at the package. "Aaannd....." Looking it but not touching it she'd tilt her head. "....who's this for?"
Akane The next person through the door of the cantina wore a kind of flowing cape-poncho thing over what appeared to be a loosefitting dress. Red hair and pale eyes peeked from under the hood and the small female looked rather.... worn. She skirted the edge of the cantina on her way to the bar, sticking to shadows and the fringes of most people's vision.
Bobby the Kid "Yea...robots...." Bobby trails off, feeling bashful and hiding behind another drink from his water glass. As the others come in, he squints away the loudness of it all , his headache throbbing and a conflict arising inside. Free alcohol? But hungover. "The hair of the dog, right? Yea pardner, I'll be your friend! Maybe it'll take this damned headache away!"
Lucette     Lucette answers about the recipient of the package with; "Whoever fits the description of this Fine Establishment's owner." lifting her goggles up to rest on her forehead and easing into her seat. "What's the recommended drink here anyway?"
Alasa Alasa drops some caps on the bartop, "Well of course I do...when the train comes in, everyone gets to ride." She laughs a bit, "Sides..some people around here look like they could use a little fun...some debbie downers in here.."
Lynnette She'd smile at Bobby and just nodded, not saying anything further. Licking her lips she would then looked back to to Lucette. "Well....he's not here....I can leave it in the back for him...." Shrugging she would then tilt her head as she held her left hand out. "Also....I recommend the whiskey...." Lyn then looked to Akane that had made their way up to the bar and waved. "I'll be right with you!" AS she waiting for Lucette she would look over to Alasa and nodded. "Cool...what would you like, darlin'?"
Akane The hood fell away from the girl's head, showing some slightly mussed crimson hair coiled on her head in a similar fashion as some women in the Legion wore it, little bits of fabric woven in for style. Ahe glanced toward Alasa and Lucette curiously.
     When Lynette addressed her Akane blinked a few times then nodded and smiled lightly. When asked she simply asked for water and something simple to eat, sliding the caps across the counter almost shyly. "I thank thee."
Alasa Alasa hmmms, "I'll have whatever you think is the strongest drink in the place....and a bowl of milk for my furry friend." Bob curls up near Alasa's feeet. "Plus whatever bar snacks you got."
Lucette     Lucette's eyes peer over to the curiously dressed newcomer. And then immediately grumbles to herself. A nod towads Lyn, "Let me have a shot then. And please do set the package in the back." tone maintaining neutrality. Then an idle inquiry towards Akane, "You from New Rome? Or one of the active camps?"
Lynnette Lynnette would just tilt her head then as she was listening. She'd fix a shot of whiskey for Lucette, sliding it down to her....fixed Akane a glass of water and nodded....fixed both Alasa and Bobby a shot of whiskey before pouring a bowl of milk, setting all three down to the respective patrons. "I'll be right back for the snacks guys....I just started here so....let me see what these nimrods have...." She'd snatch up the package on her way and headed towards the back room as she hummed happily.
Akane Akane turned toward Lucette when she was addressed. Her eyes shadowed slightly at the mention of New Rome. "Something like that." She paused as she peered down at the kid at Alasa's feet, a faint smile playing on her lips.
     As the drinks were dished out and Lynette went to gather the food items, the lifting of Akane's head allowed the light to play on a metallic collar about her throat, previously hidden by the hood.
Bobby the Kid "You know what, no whiskey for me. I'll see you later Lynette, I better get lost before I find myself in another cup." Bobby gives the bar tender a wink and a grin and shoves off from his stool. He hands are still on the bar as he makes to move away, but the whiskey sparkles at him, and so his hands linger. "Eh, one can't hurt. Plus, what kind of friend would I be if I didn't take a drink with ya." He raises the glass, tips the whiskey back, and then departs before Lyn can give him any shit.
Alasa Alasa scratches Bob behind the ear, as she sets the bowl down in front of him. He stands and starts lapping at the milk. Alasa smiles, as she gets her glass..."To your health!" as she slams the glass back, draining it..before setting the glass down on the bartop.
Lucette     Luce takes up the glass and downs the shot, setting it back down with a little sigh. "Something like that, huh. You seem like the type coming out of there. If you need a ride somewhere not-New Rome, or need any help, let me know." it's a warm and open offer. "Figure worst comes out of it is something I can deal with." people are cheering and moving around Luce, ears wiggling some.
Rexus Rexus enters the bar with the mechanical whirr and whine of servos. The big galoot in his power armor stoops under the bar, glowering about the interior of the cantina. He doffs his helmet, tucking it under one arm before thunking his way towards the bar. "Surprised to find anyone outside the city at this point."
Alasa Alasa hears a voice, "Why not, theres lot of places in the waste...some fine cities we have in our territory. Nice to be friendly and visit with people after all."
Akane      Akane shifted slightly, watching Lucette closely but then nodded and offered a tired half smile. "I shall remember that. Thank thee."
     Akane glanced up as Rexus entered and commented about people being outside the city which made the small crimson haired girl blink a bit, unaware of what was happening as she had only just JUST got to town and stopped at the first place that offered water.. which.. she downed in two big gulps before setting the glass back down on the bar.
Lynnette Making her way back from the backroom, a man would follow her out grumbling. Grinning she would look to the two that requested food and then nodded. "Well....mister man is fixing up y'alls snacks. I getting off my shift and dude here doesn't want to pay me longer than what I'm suppsed to work so...." Pulling from behind the bar, a shot gun she'd sling over her shoulder and waved. "I'm off to walk home. Y'all have fun now!!" And with that, the green eyed brunette made her way out of the Cantina as the other tender just he was just there.
Alasa Alasa hmms, as she eyes Akane, "Actually with the thee and such, I'm thinking she's from Avalon....mighta escaped from the knights who say Ni." She nods her head, "Yep, thats the sotry I'm going to tell other people...makes it a bit more interesting."
Lucette     Lucette looks at Rexus as he enters all power-armour-y. "Even if there's trouble at home, someone has to keep the post goin. And see if anyone else is having problems. And not everyone's from El-Dorado anyway." she comments. "I don't know you, with the Militia? Or, Brotherhood?" casting questions to Rexus. Eyes shifting back to Akane. "I'm Lucette Richardson, former Legionnaire. I have experience in keeping away from them and probably enough." then she listens to Alasa, and shrugs. "I don't know too much about Avalon other than a couple trips that way and one of my friends living there."
Rexus Rexus looks over at Lucette.. and up and down, carefully. "Brotherhood of course. I'm no civilian." he says with a bemused smirk. He doesn't sit at the bar.. not wanting to squash any seats, just standing at the end of the counter, "Knight-Captain Rexus." he says by way of introduction, looking around, "Enclave won't think twice about flattening little towns outside the city."
Akane      Akane raised a brow at Alasa's comment about her language and pondered a moment. Her only reaction was a quiet smile that spoke of perfect vagueness. Believe what you would like, she seemed ready to agree to whatever. Ni or not.
     Rexus' entrance made her look a touch skittish, though only for a moment. She tossed her cloak back more, exposing a flowing dress with simple but stylized leather armor over it, definitely, a Romey feel... and that collar looked rather permanent around her neck.
     Now, Lucette got a reaction from Akane at the mention of the ex-Legionnaire bit. Her quiet demeanor tensed and she stepped back a touch, one hand falling to her side under the cloak. The exposed arm showed a faint callous or scar around her wrist but she remained silent for a long moment.....
     Her name would give information as it was simply a name with her 'last name' being that of her former Master.... But she could not be entirely rude here either.... "Akane..... Antonius."
Alasa Alasa says, "Wow...thats a title..I should start introducing myself with my a longer introduction..but if thats the custom nowadays." She looks to Akane, "Well nice to meet you...are you in the market for anything?..a nice rifle perhaps...a set of power armor...holodisk? a bunch of those for just what are you looking for?""
Lucette     Lucette nods to Rexus. "Good, lack of proper trained types out here." then the bit about the enclave, getting her to seem a bit.. impatient. "I would think twice about flattening little towns, thank you very much. But then again, it's not like my opinion is popular, especially in recent circles amongst my kin." she notes to Rexus about the topic. Akane's responses beget a reassuring smile. She doesn't go to say anything, but instead grunts a little and lifts up her poncho, giving Akane a glimpse of Luce's torso. Or rather, a little bit of script that's been inked under her left breast. If Akane was familiar with reading, it would rather firmly explain what Lucette meant and validate her prior introduction. "Well, if you want my full title. Lieutenant Legionnaire Knight Guardian Lucette Richardson. Big mouthful, Guardian is the one that matters to locals. Knight may have been revoked with the New Mexico branch merging with the Militia, hence Guardian."
Akane      Akane glanced to Alasa and blinked once before shaking her head slightly her attention drawn back to Lucette. The brand caught her eye first then the script and her eyes deepened with a slight wince like empathy. But if Lucette's brand meant anything.... She might not be in danger here. She took a breath then shook her head. For a moment it lookd like she might just need to sit down, like immediately, but then she firmed up her courage and looked at the woman again. "I see. I have no titles. Merely a dancer and servant."
Alasa Alasa oooooss, "So your a saloon girl? Might want to hit the Golddigger...they got them there...I'm sure they could always find room for another one." She looks around, "Plus honestly..its a much nicer place to work."
Rexus Rexus smirks at Lucette, "Pick one... Guardian Lucette?" he shakes his head, "A Captain is not a Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain-Captain..... it's one and not all the others." He returns his attention to Alasa, and then back to Lucette. "Gold Digger's been kinda quiet as of late."
Lucette     Lucette provides a nod to Alasa's suggestion. "Gold Digger saloon in El-Dorado, it's not a bad establishment, and the owner's from a good family. Same family as the mayor last I checked." she offers to Akane. Then she lowers her poncho and straightens it out. "I work in the town's post office. If saloon work doesn't appeal, I could always use an extra hand." a smirk afforded to Rexus. "My ranks are from different militaries or groups, so they should all stand on their own. Regardless of whom I support."
Akane      Alasa got a slightly confused blink but then a nod in acknowledgment. Offering jobs not shackled trips back to the Legion. Rexus seemed entirely uninterested in her as well which was kind of a relief. She paid for another glass of water and found a stool to sit on. Lucette's offer got a slow nod too and her mask slipped as she seemed to just be tired then rather than on alert.
Alasa Alasa hmms, as she looks to Lucette, "Does El Dorado have a library? quiet as she is, she'd make a great librarian." Bob tilts his head, as he looks at Akane. Alasa spots Bob..."Fish are friends, not food." She smiles, "Don't mind him, he just a big spoiled kitty."
Rexus Rexus glances at Lucette, "How can you be in so many different militaries at once? You're one or the other in my mind." Alasa gets a bit of a grin, "Fish are friends? Fish are good... or... a hobby.. if you keep fish... saw that in a book once."
Lucette     Lucette hmns. "Library, well. Post office is the closest I've seen unless Vault Town has a library hidden away." she answers Alasa. Rexus gets a smirk, "My father gave me my rank in the Enclave as a field promotion, the Legion would probably want to do their best to take me back into their ranks and chastise me somehow for my escaping them. As I mentioned, my rank of Knight may have been rescinded with the New Mexico branch going to Militia." shifting some in her seat. "Long walk back to El Dorado though. I suggest you rest and hydrate for a while here, Akane, before there's any decision to move elsewhere."
Akane      A nodded slowly to Lucette's words, that de-escalation from defense to exhaustion had deflated her a bit and she looked almost too exhausted to care anymore that night. But she did finally lift her eyes to the former Legionnaire. "I will. We'll see how it goes." As for Rexus and Alasa, she took a head to toe to head look at the man then looked at Alasa curiously. She tugged her hood down a bit to show that too-shiny metal color around her neck again. "The only things I am looking for are a place to sleep tonight and something strong enough to remove this thing." Though by the look of it it was made of some expensive and dense metal... Her Master must have been quite wealthy...
Rexus Rexus hrms at Lucette. "So you're in the Enclave? If you're Enclave i'd of never let you into the Brotherhood." he squints, "Yes.. the New Mexico Branch got folded into the Militia.. I head up the proper Brotherhood of Steel group round here, for now."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya enters looking decidedly strange by comparison to the others. Nothing says out there like facial tattoos. The zealot moves toward the bar, leaning upon her staff as she goes.
Alasa Alasa says, "ooo, to get that off...I'd try Vault Town. They got a medical center down there...welll lets just say, if they have trouble getting it off, they'll be able to fix you right up afterwards.""
Lucette     Lucette looks at Rexus. "I have no qualms saying that, once Zax is taken care of, I'm going to seek to claim leadership of the Enclave and change their directive to ally with the wasteland and try to build up the country. Rather than harassing and using everyone not from our pedigree as second class, or nonhumans even." she mentions to Rexus. "It's that attitude exactly that got me in trouble and got Zax upset anyway." she mentions, probably not the whole story. "If you need to sleep just find somewhere comfy, I'll foot the cost or keep watch as need-be." she states. Eyes on the collar. "I could pobably adjust my laser to a constant beam and burn it off with time. Will have to be careful about it though, still setting an' all."
Rexus Rexus doesn't seem terribly captivated by Lucette's response. "If this weren't a rather nice cantina and a calm atmosphere... I would be very careful who you admit your allegiances to. The Enclave are the enemy of everyone, I've fought them from here to the Capital... I don't see their moods or agenda changing anytime soon." And he turns back to Alasa, "So have you found anything interesting out in the wastes to trade?"
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya raises a brow at Rexus and his offer to trade. A short chuckle escapes her lips. "That didnt work out so well last time." She doesnt explain further on her failed trade with the man. She claims a barstool. "The meat on the fire what is it? It smells amazing I shall have some of that."

The bartender behind the counter nods. "Some grilled rad-chicken coming up." He looks at her oddly, mainly because she is odd.
Akane      Akane nodded to Alasa's comment then Lucette's. She'd known it was not going to be easy and certainly not something a wire cutter or bolt cutter could handle. They were made that way for a reason. Lucette's offer to cover or watch out for her through the night seemed to confuse the girl. Why would she... But then again, maybe there was an affinity there. And Rexus was ignoring her in general. She sipped her water quietly, though even though she was unnoticed, observant people might note she absorbed everything said around her.
     Now the Zealot entering.. that was... interesting. And for a moment Akane couldn't help but blink at the woman, watching her over the rim of the glass of water. Wow. Facial tattoos would never have been allowed in her Master's home that was certain. At mention of Rad-chicken, Akane's stomach growled faintly, causing her to flush.
Alasa Alasa says, "well, I have this rifle I've been holding onto...really nice.....when it hits it really puts a hole in something...I tried it out on some cactus...I tell you what, boom....""
Rexus Rexus hrms at Alasa and her rifle. "Yeah? More looking for energy weapons or power armor... moreso the energy weapons... something decent that doesn't have the microfusion cell ammunition problem."
Zealot Shreya Feeling eyes upon her, the Zealot looks back at the crimson haired woman as she waits for her meal to come. "You should try it," she says with a slight upturn of her lips. "I have never seen anyone with that shade of hair is dye?" Her dark eyes study the other woman more intently for a moment.
Lucette     Lucette's eyes shift to Rexus. "Wanna know who the only person to draw a gun on me about my backstory was so far? Other Enclave, thoroughly convinced I'm a traitor and defected. Because I'm helping the people and not furthering their agenda." she admits plainly. Then a smile, "Shreya, it's been a while. Your group been doing well out in Ros?" she asks of the Zealot warmly.
Alasa Alasa says, "Oh, power that..well had two suits, sold one..still got the other one though....but I don't have that one me, for obvious reasons." She laughs, "Energy weapons, none at the moment..sold the last one I had in Acme. Those things are just too complicated if you ask me...""
Akane      Akane blinked at Shreya then seemed to ponder. "I'll have some too." Meaning the chicken and she paid for it. But Shreya's question made her tilt her head. "No, not dyed. Made me worth a bit more. Especially to the temples."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods slowly. "Desirable to the what...a priestess....a slave...? Im afraid I do not know much about the New Romans as they tend to hate my people."
Rexus Rexus nods to Alasa, "Think I saw that for sale in ACME. The power armor.. well there are few folks that wear it... there's that one Guardian and.. myself.. and... the other Knight.. whom I haven't seen for a few weeks now." he shrugs, "Hopefully when things settle down I can get back to rebuilding the Brotherhood once more."
Alasa Alasa nods, as she pats her thight.."Come on Bob..." Bob gets to his feet. "Yeah, right now I'm using it as a giant planter..and I really should go an check the crops.." She smiles as she gives a little wave, and heads out the door..Bob trailing after her.
Lucette     Luce shuffles her poncho a little, getting comfier where she's seated. "I should probably stop slacking and learn to use the suit I have." she murmurs, "Been using it to store extra kit or sneak a nap in so far but that's it."
Rexus Rexus nods towards Luce, "I've used mine as a sleeping bag on more than one occassion." he pats his armor, "Has served me well over the years but.. time for an upgrade... Problem with exploring old bunkers is that most of the Brotherhood armor is fused up if it's still on the original owner when they passed away."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks over to Lucette. "It was a great success. The house I had set my sights on has been reclaimed and repurposed to our Cathedral. I have sent word east and I hope more of my people will come soon. Some of the ghouls who live there have even come to service. Praise be to Atom! If I can reach even a few then I am doing his will."
Akane      Akane frowned faintly at the question from Shreya but shook her head, eyes dropping demurely. "The temple of Hades wanted me because my hair looked like flame. the Temple of Aphrodite wanted me as a vestial because I was unique. The temple of Hera wanted me because they thought it looked like blood. So take your pick. Sacrifice, slave, whore, it would all be the same to me." Not New Rome really then as much as the Legion. The girl even still wore her slave collar and had marks about each wrist.
Lucette     Lucette smirks. "I think the only upgrade I can get for my suit is custom work and a helmet." she mentions offhandedly, leaving that at that. Then Akane lists what her interests were for. "Atleast a variety of work for you. Before getting that little exerpt on me, I was expected to maintain equipment and was being vetted for breeding stock. Hard to do that whole breeding thing when you're expected to participate in combat, by their standards."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks closer, noticing the slave collar. "Are you still in bondage? Is your...master nearby? Human beings were not meant to be kept as pets. Or is it that the collar simply will not come off? Are you being pursued? Do you need refuge? I would offer it freely."
Rexus Rexus looks over to Zealot, "Seems every other female in this area is a slave.. or former slave... i'm seeing a bit of a trend." he chuckles, "Either running from something or towards something...." he shakes his head, "Slavery is fairly widespread though, don't agree with it at all."
Akane      Akane glanced at Lucette and shook her head faintly, tough the expression on her face said she understood the whole 'breeding thing' they wanted in the Legion. But Shreya got a tilt of her crimson head. "It seems I have found a place with many protectors this day." Then a soft shake of her head. "My master died. I left in the chaos." Rexus' comment got a glance from the girl too. "There are instances when it is not an evil thing. But it grows darker and darker." She looked back to Shreya. "So no I do not believe I am actively hunted but as with any escaped slave... there is a bounty on returning me." And a final glance to Rexus. "My master was not the enlightened type, either. If that was your next query."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya bows her head. "Well it is good that you have found so many willing to shelter you. Surely I am not needed then and you will be more comfortable around more usual wastelanders. But if you are ever curious about the Lord of the Glow am out in Roswell. You wouldn't be unwelcome."
Lucette     Lucette sighs. "Well, sounds best that we atleast get you to El Dorado soon. Aside fom a good aim, I could probably find a way to convince would-be bounty collectors t move along." it's reassurance to Akane. "Roswell is a nice place, don't listen to the stigma from other wasteland residents about the ghouls. They're just people doing their thing, and the ones that aren't people will let you know as soon as they're aware of you." she motions, "And Shreya's people are also accomodating." as long as you have radaway, atleast.
Rexus Rexus just listens quietly as the others chime in. "I wouldn't associate with ghouls... personal preference." he says, "I don't like watching someone's nose fall off in the middle of a conversation.... or... meet an untimely end due to radiation poisoning... like second hand smoke really."
Akane      Akane shook her head to Shreya. "I am not complaining or turning you down. I am surprised honestly. We are always told how much we would never get far if we ran...." She paused and then tilted her head slightly. "There are some who say that Atom is a son of Apollo."
     Lucette's comment about getting her to El Dorado made the girl blink but nod slowly. Perhaps. "Perhaps tomorrow when I can think more clearly." She lowered her eyes faintly to them all. "I thank you for the offers and aid.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya looks at Lucette and Rexus as they make their snarky comments on what might be in store if Akane were to visit Shreya. "You speak of what you have heard, not what you know. Some are chosen, and as I have never been affected by the glow...I think there is a plan for me and I am fulfilling it." She looks back to Akane. "Throughout time man has saught to know the gods or God. ALways the stories have a similar theme. A apocalypse for the wicked, immortality to follow. This is occuring now. And the chosen of Atom are those we find hideous. The ghouls do not die, they have been bathed and made new in his glow. But some are not greatful and squander the becoming, these become feral in time and forsaken. One can only hear about the power of other gods in stories, the power of Atom is evident everywhere. I think man has had pieces of the truth in all religions, only now after the apocalypse, can we comprehend the truth."
Rexus Rexus watches and listens as Shreya makes her statement. He looks over at Akane, making a sort of gagging motion with his face and clutching his throat, feigning as if he had just hung himself.... He lets it go a bit before 'coming back to life'. "Yeah.... she's alittle..." and he twirls his finger in circles next to his ear.
Lucette     Lucette listens to all, and shoots Rexus a look. It's not a very approving one. "Rest first, then plans. I can make suggestions and give advice, but in the end the choices are yours." she bids to Akane. Shreya earns a smile. "S' a bit of truth in there. Never heard of a ghoul dehydrating or starving to death either, so there's some benefit I suppose. At the cost of vanity and offspring I suppose. Sounds similar to those FEV mutants though." taking a moment to consider that internally.
Akane      Akane nodded to them all, though she looked a bit shy toward Rexus and his hanging motions. Then she was engrossed in her rad chicken. She had a lot to think of as well.
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya nods. "We have been entirely too concerned with vanity. I had hoped that I would be made immortal but...for is yet to come...or not to be."
Rexus Rexus doesn't seem to mind the dirty looks, someone had to do it. "Well then, seems to have gotten a bit quite round'ere." he says, looking about, "Suppose i'll wander back towards the City in case i'm needed."
Zealot Shreya Zealot Shreya finishes her food and rises to take up her staff again. "Atom keep you."