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Iris Lark Iris has been contacted about some patients needing tending. She has opened her home to a few of the patients, her workroom supplies set out so she can easily work. Each one enters, voices his or her complaint and then she gets to work. Four have been in so far, the door is open for the next.
Kaelyn Aaaand in wanders Kaelyn! She's got her normal pants and of course that hex-patterned skin sut of hers, but she's used her shirt as a makeshift wrap around her head... "Sooo one of those kidnapper types figured they wanted to add me to their little menagerie.... I discouraged them but I took a bump to the noggin." she says and offers a sheepish smile.. CORA pipes in "Kae was busy looking for shiny things and they got the jump on her..." Kae then facefaults "Not nice, true but not nice..."
Iris Lark Iris wordlessly gestures to the cot and starts to pour out some alcohol water to clean the wounds. She pulls out other supplies, putting them on the wheeled table that she pulls towards Kaelyn. After a few moments of silence she gets to work. "I'm sure we can fix this."
Kaelyn Here's the rather crazy thing, even though the wound is recent, blood's not even completely clotted, the wound's showing signs of allready closing. Seem's someone has a very high rate of healing and all.. Kae sits down and grins "I figured as much.." she says cheerfully... "Wonder whyfore the Enclave wants me for their little research stuff."
Iris Lark "I don't know, but you should avoid them, because the way things are going right now - if you get captured, dunno who can get you out." iris murmurs, cleaning up the wound before she applies salve and dresses it. "Keep the bandages on for a day or two, there is a poultice that will help speed the healing even more." She sets aside her supplies and frowns slightly. "Twenty five caps."
Kaelyn Kae smiles and passes over the caps... "So how are you doing?" She asks curiously... "Everything holding up ok?" Kae tilts her head to the left now, ears a flickering a bt, though that's probably due to the bandage... "Anyhow, I dun really like those folks going around stealing folks, men women and children just 'cause they feel entitled..." She adds and smiles.. "So figured I'd be a good thorn in their side for a while."
Iris Lark "I'm doing well, I keep to myself and do what needs to be done." Iris remarks, offering Kaelyn a slight smile before a shoulder raises in a shrug. "I don't want to get kidnapped myself, after all, so when I leave the house, I'm armed." She wrinkles her nose slightly and adds. "If you need any help at a later time, let me know."
Kaelyn Kae laghs "Oooh hat's probably going to happen." responds Kae... She then nods "Yaaah, I carry weapons and such right now.. I also have a nifty little trick that kinda popped up that I can use in a pinch if necessary..." She then winks playfully and looks around... "Sooo are they hunting you actively too?"
Iris Lark "I wouldn't know, I haven't given anyone a chance to take me, and I won't." Iris says, smiling at Kaelyn. "I stay home, mind my own business and I'll continue to. There is too many things going on right now for me to put others in danger trying to help me if I get snagged."
Kaelyn Kae umms and lightly flicks at an eartip "I think my strange physiology is what has attracted them." She comments, then looks at her shirt she had used as a makeshift banage "Sooo gonna hae to get this cleane now..." She says and then glances around again curiously.
Iris Lark "Hopefully you can find someone who can help you get that done." The Healer says, getting to her feet and putting away some of her supplies. "Where will you be heading next?" She asks, glancing over her shoulder at Kaelyn. Iris continues putting the supplies into the cupboards before she shuts them firmly.
Rexus Rexus enters with the whirring clunk of his power armor. He stoops a bit to fit through the door, turning side-ways so he isn't ripping out the sides of the door itself before he enters the living room. He isn't wearing his helmet either, which helps, squinting about the interior, looking between Kaelyn and Iris, "Hrm, and just what are you two up to?" he inquires with a tilt of the head.
Iris Lark Iris turns when she spots Rexus and her eyes narrow slightly. "Walk yourself back out the doors and put that armor in the back. Come back in here and try not to wreck my bouse." She says, huffing out a soft sigh. "Go on then, I was just helping her with some healing."
Rexus Rexus gives a wary grunt at Iris, "And if the Enclave shows up? Not likely. I'll be headin up to Jack's town I suppose, see what's goin on up there." he says as he turns about and squeezes back through the door to depart.
Iris Lark Iris lets out a sigh and turns, shooing Kaelyn out. "You go too." She mutters, shaking her head as she walks towards her back porch.