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Iris Lark A knock on the Healer's door isn't something that is out of the ordinary. Various people visit at all hours of the day to get healing, food, chems and other things. Today when Iris opened the door, the person on the other side wasn't someone she expected to see. She backed away from the door and gestured Matt inside, a polite smile on her face as she walked with him into her workroom. Gesturing wordlessly towards the cot she pushes her hair behind her ears and starts to pull out supplies. After a moment or two she turns to face Matt, hands on her hips. "So what's going on with you?"
Matt Matt is going to need a frequent flyers membership in another week or two with the rate he is visiting the infirmary. "Uhh. I took a long walk out to Dunwich." As if that was explanation enough. He is shambling only a tad as he walks before settling onto the side of a cot, riflw accompanying him. "I got as far in as the courtroom, and found these pants...before I started feeling funny."
Iris Lark Iris spears Matt with a sharp look, opening her mouth to snap at him a bit when she takes a good look at the man. What she sees concerns her and instead of giving him a piece of her mind, she walks down to the far end of the counter and takes half of the sandwich she had made, and puts it on a napkin, handing it to him. "Having nightmares?" She asks, leaning in to check for wounds, Dunwich sometimes leaves a mark, and they're not always pretty. She's close enough to him now that she'd give his hair an affectionate ruff. "You shouldn't go to Dunwich, that place changes people, and you're fine the way you are."
Matt "Changes people? Its just a place, ma'am." Matt apparently doesn't ascribe to supernatural explanations of things. "I reckon a strange and unusual place, certainly. But still just a place." He scrunchs up his nose at having his hair all jostled, but does take the sandwich and munches onto the end of it. "But, yeah. Bad dreams. Aches in weird places. Bruises in other places that don't hurt. Yathink its radiation? I didn't feel the normal rad-ickness."
Iris Lark "I don't think it's radiation." Iris remarks, shaking some chems to help with the pain into her palm. She passes them to Matt and then takes a seat beside him, her own half of her sandwich in hand. "So what kind of nightmares have you been having?" She asks, glancing over at him with a wan smile. She takes a bite of her sandwich and pulls her feet up on the cot, tucking her chin on her knees.
Matt Matt shifts a bit when Iris comes to settle down beside him, turning to face her more directly. "Well miss, some of them are nightmares I wouldn't feel right discussing with a lady. Most are fairly routine. Rifle jams, doesn't fire when I need to....some memories of bad days." Matt looks down at the chems in his other hand and seems to be reluctant about it. "I've kept a pretty clean engine, Iris... This gonna start something I'm not wanting to poke my nose inta?"
Iris Lark Iris tilts her head, amused as her eyebrows lift a bit. "I'm not really a lady, Matt. I just pretend really well." She coughs to disguise the slight chuckle that does manage to escape her. She nods along to the other descriptions of the nightmares that have been plaguing him. After a moment or two, she lets out a sigh and answers his question. "This won't dirty your engine, back before the war I was told this was called...asprin. Nothing addictive, and almost everyone had used it at one time or another. It's easily made as well. Not addictive."
Matt Matt rolls his eyes at Iris' obvious falsehoods. "Not a lady, hon? I've got good eyes, and I think I can spot a lady, and yous a one." Aspirin is fine, and Matt takes him down with nary a whimper without a drink. He does follow it with the last bit of his sandwich. "Thats good. I've done an alright job keeping only food and such in me. Its hard though. Food is expensive, jet would keep ya goin. You gonna be on the lines when everything comes to a head?" Ah, yes, straight to worrisome future talk.
Iris Lark Iris blinks at Matt and she offers him a warm smile. "Thank you for saying that, it's appreciated." She wrinkles her nose at the mention of Jet and shakes her head slightly. "I wouldn't tell anyone to take Jet who didn't know the score beforehand. That stuff is dangerous." She pushes to her feet and starts to put things away, pushing her fingers through her hair to get it out of her face. "I'll be there, have to keep everyone on their feet so that we..well..we need to survive."
Matt "A lot more folks are sticking around than I expected, times being what they are. Guess they can't get out anyways, so they gotta fight." Matt shrugs his shoulders before patting his rifle. "This gal tends to bring me where I'm needed most bad nights, so I'm sure I'll see you when things get rough. If I need saving, that is."
Iris Lark "Well watch my back as well." Iris says, patting Matt gently on the shoulder as she continues to put away supplies. "We gotta stick up for our way of life, for our people and for our town." She shrugs and glances back towards him, a wry smile on her face. "Keep an eye on my back, for some reason, these people don't respect medics and tend to shoot at us first, yeah?"
Matt "Thats something I certainly don't appreciate. Medics tend to be the nicer ones." Matt stands as well, and slings his rifle up and over his back again. A stretch before he starts to move towards the door. "Its not like I need another reason to keep an eye on your backside, but I'll watchout for ya, there darling." He makes sure to give what he may think is a roguish wink before heading out the door.
Iris Lark Iris flushes pink as she watches Matt head out the door. She shakes her head and plops back down on the cot, crossing her legs. "Some people.." She murmurs, finishing off her sandwich.