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Iris Lark Iris is sitting in the corner of the clinic as the little runt pig named Bacon runs around in small circles. Every so often she holds out a small morsel of food and the pig runs to her, it's tiny tail waggling as it snorfles the food down. She pats the small creature and giggles when it takes off running again.
Jacqueline The door opens a little, just enough for someone to peek in. A second later it opens all the way, and Jackie slips inside, carefully shutting it behind her. "Hey, Iris!"
She notices the pig a second later, giving it a quizzical look. "Did somebody's piglet get loose?" she asks, watching the critter scurry about.
Iris Lark "I found it this morning, it kind of followed me home." Iris says, giving a grin to Jackie as she gets to her feet. "How are you feeling..after last night? Are you sore?" She asks, as she fidgets with her sleeves and apron.
Jacqueline Jackie nods habitually, wincing faintly. She's still wearing the dirty, faded blue scarf from earlier, and apparently it's still holding a bandage in place. "Still sore, yes. It's got me staying close to home," she admits. "I can find a bed if you want to check everything. How are you, Iris? Holding together okay?"
Iris Lark Iris gestures to a seeping bandage on her stomach, but she shrugs. "I'll be okay, let me have a look at you though." She says, pointing to an empty bed. Bacon runs in circles, stopping and then going in another direction. It seems to be happy to see Jackie. "I try not to think about it though, if I pretend, it can be a really bad dream."
Jacqueline "If it helps," Jackie says doubtfully, glancing down at her own middle. "Do you need to check the old wound, too?" She carefully steps over Bacon as he scurries past, then moves to the indicated bed, shrugging off her gecko-skin jacket and laying it aside. Taking her time, she unwinds the scarf, then slips off the stained old tee she's wearing beneath, laying it on top of her jacket. The bandages on her neck and stomach have been worked, but were hastily applied.
Iris Lark Iris strips the bandages off of Jackie and begins to clean, salve and reapply the banadges. She works slowly, humming a soft song as she works. When she is nearly finished she speaks up quietly. "Jackie, how do you know if you love someone?"
Jacqueline Jackie, caught a little off-guard by the question, blinks in surprise. "Um... I'm not sure," she replies, blushing a little. "I mean, you'd probably think about them a lot, and wonder how they feel about you. And maybe... I dunno. I'm just guessing, really. I'm sorry, Iris. I wish I could be more help."
Iris Lark Iris nods a few times and then she offers her friend a grin. "That sounds about right, I think." She finishes with the bandages and leans against the bed, her eyes gazing around the room. "Have you ever thought about someone a lot before?"
Jacqueline "I used to think about my stepdad a lot, but I've learned since that that was just self-consciousness about the newest member of the family," Jackie says, smiling wryly. "Lately... hmm. I've been thinking about Ironface Jones a lot. And you. But I think with him, it's just that I can't get past how he got his name. And I've been seeing you a lot lately." She taps the gecko skin over her thigh. "Do you need to see this one, too? It's feeling a lot better."
Iris Lark "Yes, better let me take a look." Iris says, pulling the wrapping away from the wound. She looks it over and after a few minutes she speaks up again. "Ironface is really nice, and he makes me laugh. He's also a really good kisser." She glances up at Jackie and grins. "Have you ever tried that?"
Jacqueline Jackie shrugs and nods, waiting for Iris to finish with her stomach before she stands, unfastening her gecko-skin pants and pulling them down to her knees. Sitting down, she keeps her hands well clear so the redhead can work. "He's real interesting, for sure. But he's never kissed me... nobody but my mom and Wesley have." She looks curiously at Iris and grins. "And I'll bet how he ended up kissing you is some story!"
Iris Lark "Well he was gonna trade me a holodisk and the price he gave me was so neat I said I could kiss him!" Iris says, giggling softly. "It was She squints her eyes and then frowns. "I didn't mean it like I said it, but when he said I could, it just seemed like the right thing to do."
Jacqueline Jackie giggles, leaning conspiratorially close. "He's tribal. Bet he mistook you. Their ways can be really different, or so Wesley says. But it was some kiss, wasn't it?"
Iris Lark "It really was." Iris agrees, grinning at Jackie. She takes a look at the wound on her leg and shakes her head. "I can't find anyoen to install the holodisk though." She looks a bit distraught about that. "Five hundred caps, that's a lot."
Jacqueline "Sneaky girl. You know he's married!" Jackie teases, trying not to collapse in giggles. "And you went and kissed him anyway!" She can't stop grinning, though she does rub her chin at the mention of the holodisc. "Hmm. What's it supposed to do? Maybe I could look at it and figure it out."
Iris Lark Iris pulls out the holodisk and holds it up, and it shines rainbows around the clinic. "It has first aid stuff on it, and it'll teach me how to do more things." She says, and she holds out her arm with the Pip-Boy on it. "You insert it in here, and then it gives me classes." She says, nodding slowly. "But I don't know how to install it, I'm not good with all this technology, I wasn't raised in a vault."
Jacqueline Jackie looks at the disc, then the Pip-Boy. "Looks like I've got incentive to keep saving up for my own 'Boy now," she says thoughtfully. "I wasn't raised in a vault, either, but this stuff is kinda what I do. My guess is it's gotta be pretty simple to use. Not everybody who wears a Pip-Boy is a scientist."
Iris Lark "Want to see what I do with it?" Iris asks, gazing at Jackie. She pokes at the pip boy's buttons and it makes simple music, things streaming across the screen. When she's done she grins widely. "It makes music."
Jacqueline Jackie giggles. "It does a lot of things. I've heard there are all kinds of recordings of old music that these will play, if you can find the right discs. Sometimes old shows, too."
She looks between Iris and the device and smiles. "Weren't you singing when I first saw you doing that? It was lovely."
Iris Lark "They used to ask me to sin.." Iris presses her lips together and gets to her feet, walking towards Bacon. "I'm thirsty. Are you thirsty? We should go somewhere to get something to drink." She says, her brow furrowed.
Jacqueline "Iris? What's wrong?" Jackie gets to her feet, pulling up her pants hastily and holding them up as she follows the doctor. "Did I say something stupid? I'm always doing that..."
Iris Lark Iris shakes her head, pushing her hair behind her ears as she leans over picks up the pig. "Lets go get something to drink, or..I..I never have been in a saloon and I want to go to a saloon, come with me Jackie? Please?"
Jacqueline "Let me get dressed first." Jackie does up the laces of her gecko-skin pants, then pulls her tee and jacket back on, Winding the scarf around her bandaged neck, she moves to follow Iris. "Though I hope it's not awfully crowded. You can't hear yourself think when it is."
Iris Lark Iris nods and her eyes stay on Jackie as she shifts on her feet, backwards and forwards. "I don't want to think right now!" She insists, glancing towards the door and then back to Jackie.
Jacqueline Jackie's own brow furrows as she watches her friend. "Iris... is it what happened last night?" she asks softly, confused.
Iris Lark "No." Iris says, shaking her head again. She frowns and she walks to Jackie, takes her arm and pulls her along. "C'mon Jackie, I can't stay here right now, I want to go somewhere else. I want to get lost."
Jacqueline "...Well, ya talked me into it," Jackie says, pulled along behind Iris. "First drink's on me?"
Iris Lark "I don't drink." Iris says absently, tucking the half asleep piglet into her cloak. "C'mon Jackie, let's go!"