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Camilla     The siege is over, at least as far as Cami is aware of. The last several days of it she's spent focused on healing those injuried during the whole of the incident. For now, she's focused on the patients she still has in the clinic and keeping the fed, watered, and well taken care of until they're ready to get back on their feat.
Lee     Lee.. is brought in on a gurney. His armor has been removed at least, but otherwise, the guy is a bloody, explody mess. But hey.. he's still bleeding. So that means something, right?
Rexus Rexus managed to make his way to the Clinic on his own two feet. His battered and worn set of power armor is left outside, a smoking wreck that'll take a little while to repair up to full shape. He's managed to do some basic first aid on himself.. enough to tide him over as he enters the clinic, a charnal house of chaos and misery no doubt.

     The Knight-Captain is guided to one of the few cots available, easing himself down to sit.
Iris Lark Iris arrives about the same time as Matt. She looks concerned for him and directs the people who carried him to lay him on one of the cots in the main room. She goes to where she remember the supplies being and starts to pull stuff out while she rummages through her rucksack at the same time. Spotting Camilla, she speaks up briefly as she heads back to the cot. "Going to be a fair few people showing up here, I wager. There are a lot of dead and injured out there. Again."
Lynnette Lyn followed the others with Matt, carrying him as best as she could. Panting softly she was probably dragging the poor boy but needed to get him help. Looking around, she'd find him a cot that was pointed out to her by Iris and looked around. "....okay...." Murmuring softly, she'd lay him down and pushed some of his hair out of his face. "'re gonna be okay, kid...."

Slowly she would stand up and looked down at herself, blood on her clothes. But that's all she did...was stand there.
Matt     Matt and out. Someone managed to get some gauze into the right places to keep him from bleeding out completely. Things hurt. A lot. Even worse than other times. He keeps his eyes shut for the moment, groaning a bit with displeasure about still being alive and in pain. Bullets hurt.
Camilla     Camilla looks, well, exausted. No doubt she's been running non stop since this all started, and as soon as the clinic is yet again inundated with the wounded and the near dead, she turns around and goes to work. She's fully on autopilot, and Iris, knowing Cami as she does, can no doubt see it. Without looking at Iris, she points at Lynnette, "Stimpak Her if you have one, she looks good enough to be on her feet and helping."

    With that stated, she gives everyone else a look over. Rexus is hurt, but not as bad as Matt and Lee. "After you stimpak her, use the rest of it on this one..." and she points to rexus. "When that's done, I need you to help me with these two..." and she points to Matt and Lee.
Iris Lark Iris glances around and she nods, walking over to Lynnette slowly as she offers her a friendly grin. "Have a seat, and I'll take a look at these cuts and scrapes, it won't hurt much." She pulls some supplies out of her rucksack now, not wanting to drain the resources here any more than she might need to. She doesn't rush, wanting to make sure every wound is treated. After a moment or two, all of the wounds are dealt with and the Healer hands Lynnette a crock of salve. "Put these on the wounds again if you change the bandages in the near future."
Lee     There's shrapnel and other crap in him, along with those burns. Mostly on the back and shoulders where he'd been crouched over something it seems. He's still pretty messed up, but he's at least in a bit less pain as he'd lay on the cot, able to sleep now from the assistance given.
Lynnette Lyn would wrap her arms around herself, clearing her throat then as she looked around but saw Camilla looking at her. "No no....I'll be fine. the..." But slowly she would just sit down and look at her hands. Taking the salve in her hands she'd stare at it and looked up at her. "Iris I....." It was clear Lynnette wasn't her jovial self. STanding up she would look around, peeking at Matt to make sure he was okay and then looked back to Iris. "I need air...."
Matt Ah. Something soft underneath him. Matt's hands squeeze about a bit though. Searching for something, before he sits up quite a bit. "Cherry?" Soft words at first, that rise quicker and louder. "Cherry? CHERRY!? Wheres my rifle?!"
Iris Lark Iris pats Lynnette on the arm and she gestures to the door. "Go on, get some air, look at the stars if you can see them. They'll be okay." She murmurs, turning first to walk towards Lee. She settles in front of him, carefully removing each piece of shrapnel that she finds, cleaning each wound with her mixed alcohol and water. She doesn't speak as she works, just gets into a zone where the only thing that matters is each wound. One after another she cleans, salves and dresses. When she's done she looks up, blinking, almost wondering aloud how much time has passed.
Rexus Rexus eases himself back a bit so he's resting his back against the wall, sitting on the cot still. "I am thinking El Dorado will be down for the count for a few weeks at least.. all the damage.. the wounded.. dead... there'll be a lot of burials in the next few days." he looks over at Lee, smirking, "And a few promotions for the people who made it through, eh?"
Lee     Lee is in and out. The pain of Iris helping him is enough to wake him up, although other than a few flinches here and there, he'd take it quite stoicly. Guess he's been here before. Lee glances over at Rexus and gives a small nod. "Oi.. I've been in that armor of mine fer so long.. I was lookin.. chh." He'd wince at that particular pull by Iris. "ahh.. lookin ta move.. but.. Imma wanna stay workin with the LT.. ifn ya think I can do that?"
Lynnette Lyn would quickly give Iris a hug before taking one peek back and going outside. This had hit too close for her and she needed some space. Taking a deep breath she would make her way outside and then looked down at herself. ".....I need...a bath." And with that she walked into the night.
Camilla     Camilla does what she can for Lee and Matt, alongside Iris. Cleaning wounds, stiches, bandages, salves, pain killers, etc. Lyn and Rex were helped as well and with that, she'd pull back and just stand there. Lee gets the first look, "You are confined to the Clinic until I say otherwise, and if any of you even think that one.." she points to Matt "is moving anytime soon without my say so? I'll give you a reason to stay in here. You are both far to hurt to go back out there, your fights are done for the next few days."
Iris Lark Moving towards Matt, Iris purses her lips and sighs. She settles on a stool and goes to work. Bullets are removed, bones are set and gashes are sewn up. It's slow work, and sitting the way she is for long will surely result in a muscle cramp. She nods as Camilla restricts them to the clinic, agreeing without words to her diagnosis.
Rexus Rexus isn't restricted! Right? "I'll probably be here a few days myself..." he's ambulatory but, better safe than sorry. "Not like there is anywhere else to go till things get cleaned up... i'm sure the scavengers'll have a field day with whatever they find out there."
Iris Lark Iris leaves Matt to Camilla's capable hands and primes her stimpak as she walks towards Rexus. "This will sting a little bit, but I'm sure you won't mind that too much." She shrugs and adjusts the setting and medicine that she'll inject. "Should speed up the healing a bit, well that's the hope." The stimpak is primed already so she turns to use the rest of it on Matt, hoping to help him as well. She eyes Rexus for a moment or two, but presses her lips together as she elects not to say what is on her mind.
Camilla     Camilla sighs and looks at Rexus, "You stay to, I'll check on you in the morning." She's not playing, and seems to have lost any semblance of patience. She watches Iris hit him with the Needle, and turns to look at Lee, who seems to have dozed off finally. She sighs at that, the pain killers must be kicking in, and turns to look at Matt. "You're safe. You're also not moving, and if you're worried about that damn gun, then we'll go looking for it later." She steps foward and plants a hand on his chest to attempt to force him to lay back down. "You need to calm down, and lay down. You're resting for the next few days."
Matt "Im fine? I feel like hell, ma'am." Matt is apparently not up to resisting the push back into the cot and flops down immediately. "I take it everything turned out...decentish?"
Rexus Rexus smiles weakly up at Iris as he settles back. "Don't worry Doc, I'm not goin anywhere anytime soon." he murmurs as he gets comfortable. "Little sting.. ain't... much compared to the others..." he says to Camilla, biting back the pain. His attention returns to Iris, "How bad is it out there now? Reckon you all will have your hands full."
Iris Lark "El Dorado wasn't the only place hit, I'll have my hands full as I travel. Here is hoping that I don't get jumped again." Iris mutters as she makes her way over to the kitchen to put on a kettle. "If I do, oh well, it happens." She turns towards Camilla and gestures her closer, her voice lowering. "Might I get your aid as well, I have some scratches and they need attention before they get worse."
Camilla     Camilla turns slowly to Matt, her Icy Blue eyes locking in to his. "I'm sorry, you seem to have missunderstood me for someone giving you a suggestion..." she snaps at him, "Let me put this in better language for you.." Pause, beat, "You /WILL/ stay put until /I SAY/ it's ok. Understood?" She turns around without giving him a chance to reply, "Good."

    To Rexus, "Good, at least one of you can follow directions.." she replies, a far bit snappier than anyone has ever seen here before, not to mention a lot more backbone.

    Lastly, she leans in to Iris and nods, "Come here..." she adds as she walks over to her medical bag and goes to work giving Iris a look over. Here's hoping no one has any inhibitions, everyone's showing off skin today, joys of getting shot to shit.
Rexus Rexus nods, "I hope the other places made it out alright... maybe the Enclave forgot them or.. planned to deal with them after us." He doesn't pick at his bandages or anything, instead picking at the bits of dried blood on his clothing. "I hope Bacon's alright... and Acme isn't badly damaged... it may have been a victory but it was a costly one."
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Camilla, a worried look on her face. She opens her mouth to say something and then she's clutching fabric in front of her chest as her cheeks turn pink. Looking more than absolutely embarassed, anything she might have been about to say is lost as she pulls her top back to where it's supposed to be. Her gaze flicks between the three patients for a moment before she finally speaks up. "Have care for them, Camilla. Please. They've been through a lot." She winces when Rexus speaks and her eyes get glassy as she glances towards teh door. "I have to go check on Avalon.." She gasps out, pulling at her rucksack as she stumbles towards the door.
Camilla     Camilla finished up working on Iris and looks at Rexus, "I think, that maybe we should just, not talk about it at the moment..." she says softly. She turns to Iris again and sighs, "Iris, please..." and she points to the backroom with a begging look in her eyes. "Stay with me tonight before you head back? It's a long trip, and it's far to dangerous for you to be traveling alone."
Iris Lark "I can't stay here if my house or my store are destroyed. My pet or my friend or.." A tear streaks down Iris's cheek as she hefts her rucksack up. "I can make it home with my eyes closed, I won't sleep and I won't be okay until I know for sure. You know that." She shakes her head and pulls her coat on, pulling up her hood. "I'll be back tomorrow. Please, take good care of them. Alright?"
Rexus Rexus looks at the door. "One night isn't going to hurt, Iris. Wait till things settle down a bit? I'm sure they're fine...." he says, trying to help Camilla without putting his foot in his mouth, again.
Camilla     Camilla looks like she just can't, she can't do this with Iris. With all these people here in the Clinic, she can't leave them, and Iris knows it. Seeing her cry also has an effect on a very stressed out Camilla who fights to hold back tears of her own. She shoots Rexus a pleading look, and yes, he tries, but Iris has no doubt made her mind up. She turns back to her friend and nods, "Alright."
Iris Lark "I'll be back in the morning, I need to check on people." Iris says, shaking her head back and forth as she takes a few steps back. "Send a runner to Avalon if I need to come back, it will be late when I get there though. I need to stop at Acme as well." She pulls her rucksack closed and offers the pair a nod, not making eye contact as she steps out into the rain.
Camilla     Camilla just sighs, and takes a look around the clinic at all her patients. Once she's certain everyone is ok, she heads in to the back to go to bed. "if anyone needs me, just yell.." and with that, she's off to sleepy time.