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Elsie No one even knows to look for Surelda, because no one knows she exists.

Having arrived in town just before the final battle began, some may have glimpsed the strange white-haired young woman hiding behind a cinderblock partition or firing rounds from a found Kalashnikov. Others may have heard her terrible cries when her flesh was scorched, or seen her army-crawling away into the dark safety of some alley nearby. But no one has seen her since.

This is because Surelda is hiding. Panic and shock from her sudden and excruciating wound powered her crawl into the dark alley, where she curled up against a wall and pulled a wooden pallet over her to make a lean-to for protection. There, sitting with her legs outstretched in front of her, she hugged herself and her weapon, hid, shook, and cried.

She's never been hurt before. Not like this. Two thirds of her right leg has turned into a red and black and bubbling charred mess. Almost like the top of a creme brule that's been overdone. The lazer blast took a portion of her skirt too, and most of her boot. The smell of burnt flesh is almost worse once it's cooled than when it first happens.

She doesn't want to be here anymore. She doesn't want to feel, or think, or understand. So from her backpack, at some point in the chaos, the woman withdrew a syringe, loaded it, and stuck it into her arm. Now the syringe is left on the asphalt beside her, discarded. And the girl herself? Well, sleeping isn't the right word. Passed out seems more appropriate.
Rexus Well, at least the battle is over. Things are still being cleaned up, injured and dead being tended to. Rexus is among the living, pretty well off compared to others. Most of his wounds have been bound, just a few more from Enclave Commandos to deal with at a later date. Doctor's Orders though, take it easy! And so he does, using a wooden stick as a bit of a crutch, he ambles along the street, just surveying the damage really.
Lucette     Lucette has been wandering around in the aftermath of the fight. Between potentially useful materials and looking for survivors, a discarded syringe can be a goldmine. Along with the smell. The Pallete used for cover by the newcomer is eased off to the side for Luce to then note. "Well damn." and adjusting her shades. A look cast this way and that, trying to flag someone down.

    "Anyone out can help me carry a lass somewhere clean? She's got it bad and losing a leg is a bad way to live the rest of yer life." is called out to the street while Luce carefully decides how best to get Sure off the ground.
Elsie The sudden removal of the barrier between Surelda and the rest of the world is shattering! So much so that she murmers some sort of gentle protest that doesn't even manage to form itself into a proper word. She shifts a bit, turning closer toward the wall as though that were her bed, and she might pull the covers over her head and sleep the rest of the day away.

But that leg doesn't care for movement, even the smallest bit. So the grumble becomes a groan, and pain flashes across her otherwise expressionless, stoned face. Then it settles, and the girl is still again.
Rexus Rexus hears a call for distress, hobbling over in the direction of Lucette. "With the backlog at the clinic she'll be lucky just to lose a leg." he says as he peers down at the strange lady with the injury. "Ye want me to try carrying her?" he asks, his crutch was more for balance. "See how far we get?"
Lucette     Lucette sighs. "Probably just better to bring her to my office or the Militia's infirmary at that rate." glancing around, looking to Rexus' hobbling. "I could probably carry her myself, but that's hardly a stable ordeal. With you injured, probably best you look her over while I bring my horse." is the plan she comes up with. "Don't need both legs to shoot if it comes to, right?"
Elsie The talking seems to be enough to rouse the girl, and she blinks a few times, squinting up at her rescuers(?). Her black eyes are glassy. Yeah, she's stoned. She blinks at them a few more times. It's debatable if she actually even sees them. She tries to roll closer toward the wall, to make herself smaller. Perhaps if she makes herself small enough, the wall will swallow her whole. But, alas, it doesn't. All the movement does is jostle her leg.

Surelda breathes quickly, sucking air in between her teeth in a gasp. One hand reaches down and touches the burnt flesh there, and immediately recoils. She brings the hand close to her torso again, looking down at it, running a fingernail along the lines of her palm. The presence of the others seems entirely forgotten.
Rexus Rexus hrms, "Horse it is then." he says, looking down at Surelda. "I ain't know much about takin care of other people but.. I think she'll last till you get your horse?" he pauses, "Not sure if the Militia hospital is any better off.. and they may only be wantin to treat their own first...."
Lucette     Lucette notes the slight responses by the newcomer and raises her brow. "I'll have to see if we have any fixer at the clinic. Doubt it but never know." she considers, nodding to Rexus. "Don't try to move her if you can help it." on that she starts trotting off down the street with a whistle and shout, "Agro!"
Elsie It's Lucette's shout that draws Surelda's attention back to the people. She squints upward to Rexus, the only one she sees for now, as if trying to figure out who or what he is. Her silver-bleached hair is a mess around her, no longer styled but falling madly in every direction. And frizzy too, it's gotten frizzy in the night. She blinks, still squinting, still regarding with skepticism.

"Are we dust?" she asks the man, her voice hoarse from a night likely without water, purified or otherwise. "The eagle came, so are we dust now?" She seems slightly saddened by the prospect.
Rexus Rexus remains standing over Surelda, more to keep the ruffians and thieves away from her.. and the rats, don't forget the rats! "Right well i'll just... stand here...." he mutters, looking down at the delirious lady, "Errr... no... we're all fine.. we're all fine here.. how.. how are you?" He's not very good at being very comforting.
Lucette     The rats! She should have given Rexus her rat repellant! It's far too late now. But, not long between Luce leaving and returning, ten minutes at maximum before she's trotting in atop of Agro and settling still. Dismounting and then moving over to Rexy and Surel. "If you can do any lifting, I need to get her leg on first and try to keep it center." glancing to Sure, "Unless you're awake and can sit up there?" she asks
Elsie Surelda blinks almost uncomprehendingly at Rexus. Then she looks down at her leg. "I'm supposed to be dust," she says flatly, daring to bend the knee slightly. It pulls the burnt skin tight and makes her wince visibly. "I don't understand what this means," she confesses to the man, sadness once more flooding her tone. "That must have been the eagle, we're supposed to all be dust now. If we're not dust, does that mean the eagle never came? Do I have to be burned again?" She almost seems like she might start crying, but for Lucetta's re-arrival ... which is likely a G-dsend to poor Rexus.

Surelda stares at the horse with those glazed eyes. She blinks once, twice, in an owlish manner. "I am ... awake," she finally says after some moments of thought. She was just checking!
Rexus Rexus hrms, "Well i'll try..." he says, setting his crutch aside as he stoops to try to pick up Surelda. He takes one side, bending at the knees to try to lift the girl up so she can somewhat stand upright on a good leg? "Hold the horse still..." he mutters as he bends a bit more, this is killing his back!
Lucette     Lucette moves to help Rexus after politely noting for Agro to stay still. Which she does. Luce's not weedy herself and takes on most of the lifting to get Sure into the air as evenly as possible. If she have to she'll just carry the lass up to sit to the side before even attempting to mount herself(making sure burnt leg is facing away from Luce, legbumping would be bad)
Elsie Surelda is lifted. She's not terribly heavy; despite her height she's underweight, as are most in a world with food scarcity issues. When she is pulled away from the wall and the darkness of the alley, it can be seen that she has a small black backpack on, and an AK-47 slung across her back too.

The jostling movements make her wimper. Tears spring in to her eyes, which she tries to fight back by biting hard on her lower lip. While she can sit up, it's very clear she's not steady, so she's going to require some help for that.

"Where am I going?" She finally manages to squeak out.
Rexus Rexus sets Surelda on the horse. "Just hope it's not a bumpy ride.... may have been better to just throw her over an across the saddle rather than have her sit..." Either way, he holds onto the saddle as Luce mounts up... more for his own sense of ease than a requirement to hold the horse.
Lucette     Luce tucks Surel close to her, one hand on the reigns. Then she starts off with a slow trot. "If it gets bad I can still do just that." she comments to Rex with a smile. "Stay safe, or come along if you want." then, to answer the question of where. "Post Office. I have supplies in there just in case. Can get you treated closer to here and then move you to the clinic if necessary."
Elsie There is some jostling. It sucks. It makes Surelda wimper and cry out, biting hard on that lip and squeezing her eyes shut. She writhes in the saddle, but that just makes it worse. Between the drugs and the pain, she's nonsensical again.
Rexus Rexus shakes his head, "I should go back to the clinic afore the docs get too mad at me." he says as he picks up his cane and heads off back towards the clinic.
Lucette     Luce waves off Rexus and rides on to the office. Doing her best to move as stably as she can. Not too long of a trip into town hall, setting Surel atop of her desk and carefully escorting Agro out. "Don't move, will be back in a jiff once I get Agro outside." When she returns she's going through drawers to take out a bottle of water and a cloth, and a small pouch and jar. "Lucky you're in a skirt, won't have to cut anything off' you."
Elsie Surelda loses the backpack and gun in there somewhere, setting them down on the floor beisde her so she can lie back fully on the desk. She squirms on the desk like a person in pain because, indeed and in fact, she is a person in pain. She even groans, curling up on her left side in a fetal position and hugging herself firmly.

"What's happening?" she groans when she hears Lucette return. She keeps her eyes squished shut for now. "What's happening? I don't understand."
Lucette     Lucette claps her hands and adds in a roll of bandages from her own backpack as she plucks off her shades and poncho, room to work. "Try not to move much. Get your leg in the most comfortable position. First I'm going to wash it, then I will dry it a little. Next I'll add some healing powder and a paste that will help the burn heal better. Last I'll wrap it in light bandages." she explains.
Elsie Does Surelda comprehend? It's really a 50/50 tossup. Either way though, she does conceede to rolling onto her back, laying flat even as much as she doesn't want to. No position is a good position. Really, is it any wonder she got high in that alley?

"It was a lazer," she finally manages to croak out hoarsely. "I remember. A spider's lazer." Perhaps she's coming down from her high now, amble to speak more sensibly. "This is ... El Dorado. I made it to El Dorado, didn't I?"
Lucette     Lucette starts off then. The water is a bit warm, probably still chill to seared skin, she runs it over in a gentle pour all along the visibly burned area, then a bit more to help loosen and get any debris out. Next comes gentle dabbing of the cloth to spot-dry and also help with cleaning off. "Yep, you made it. El Dorado. Just arrived at a terrible time, trust me, that's not an everyday occurance. Or even every month, or other month. I haven't seen anything like that happen here since my time coming a few months ago."
Elsie Surelda's entire body tenses at the application of the water. Her joints lock and she straightens her head back, grinding her teeth. She grunts, and then chokes it down, slowly beginning to settle as she becomes used to the feeling on her burned leg.

Slowly, slowly, she unclenches. Slowly her muscles relax, and her straight-as-a-board pose relaxes into something more natural. "What happened?" she manages to ask, rolling her head to one side so those black eyes can blink up toward Lucette. Her tone is flat, but the eyes are very expressive: pain and confusion. "Not to me, I mean. I ...." she pauses to wet her lips with her tongue. "I remember that, now. But here, what happened here? What caused all this, all the fighting?"
Lucette     Lucette hears the question and grumbles. The next step after the light drying is to start gently spreading the healing powder over moistened skin. "The Enclave invaded. Most've done a lot of preparation. Attacked the city from the inside to open us up, then tried invading with force. From what I hear, this wasn't the only target, and they've had mixed success." she explains. "Town was defending itself. Sad that a newcomer had to get caught in the crossfire."
Elsie Surelda shivers and sucks a gasp between her teeth once more, but the reaction isn't nearly as pronounced as the previous one. She does close her eyes firmly again, and keeps them closed, even while they talk.

"What about the mutants?" she asks, both in a desire to get more information about something important to her (like her safety) but also to try and distract from the pain she now feels. She's moved her hands to either side of the desk now, and has a white-knuckled grip on each lip.
Lucette     Lucette shrugs. "Probably egged on by the enclave to head up here, they're resourceful." she explains. "Outside of that I'm not sure what else, was a little preoccupied. Planned to stay last line, but Zax really pisses me off."
Elsie "Zax?" Surelda asks, arching her back a little bit. It's like her body is trying to draw away from the offending limb, that if only it would stop or go away, she'd been fine. But it doesn't stop or go away, so she slowly forces herself to settle back on the wood top again.

She opens her eyes then, rolling her head to one side to stare up at Lucette. "Am I going to die? Is my leg going to fall off?"
Lucette     Lucette nods, "Zax, computer I found in Roswell, it doesn't like me and is currently leading the Enclave." she explains. "No, you will not die. And if you listen to your doctors, your leg will be fine in time." she chimes
Elsie Surelda blinks once at Lucette, a slow and long blink. "Aren't you my doctor?" the silver-haired girl asks. It seems like a reasonable enough assumption, as here Lucette is, treating her wounds! But something about that doesn't sit right with Surelda's addled-mind, so she starts to sit up. "You are a doctor, right?"
Lucette     Lucette chuckles. "For now." she explains, "Only difference between people like me and doctors is having lots of patients alongside knowing how to fix a person, making a clinic, and owning the title. I'd rather try to prevent injuries with good shooting and support on the field."
Elsie Surelda is sitting up on her hands now. She stares at Lucette for a moment, and then her eyes flutter as she tries to quickly blink her way through the drug-induced fog she now finds herself in. She wets her lips again, and her eyes flutter open. "What?" she asks again, clearly not having comprehended what the other woman meant.
Lucette     Lucette states, "Yes. I am a doctor." she'll just have to get the title later. After the healing powder she works on the burn ointment, then proceeds to bandages.
Elsie That seems to be enough for Surelda. She nods a few times, looking down and away to survey her surroundings. "Okay," she mutters, half-sensed. She eases herself back down onto her elbows and on to her back. The pain doesn't seem to be quite as bad, now. Enough that what's left of the drugs in her system seem to be doing the job. She turns her face away, and closes her eyes. Once more, sleeping isn't quite the right word. More like passed out.