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Alpha     Alpha had intercepted Lynn on her way to the cantina. It only took one look at seeing exactly how distraught she was, that he'd simply take her hand, not letting her tell him no and lead her off to one of the houses. Glancing around before going in, he'd escort Lyn into his house and lock it after them.
    There, plenty of moonshine is provided, letting Lyn get well and throughly drunk to try and stop seeing what she saw. Alpha was sympathetic, listening to her and offering enough comments to help without seeking to take advantage.
    The next morning saw Lyn, still fully clothed, in Alpha's bed in that simple bedroom. There's a few small bits here and there to show memories, but nothing that couldn't be left in a hurry it seems. Alpha, for his part, was asleep in the doorway, guarding even in sleep to make sure she'd be ok.
Lynnette Lyn was a hot mess when she was drunk for sure and she was even worse after all the fighting. When Alpha has found her she was about to smack him but was too tired to fight it. All in all....she got pissy drunk, talked about her dad slightly getting killed, and then passed out.

Now it was morning....that magical time of.....hangovers. Groaning, her hair was over her face like a curtain before she pushed it out of her face. Looking around she would frown....thinking. "Um....." It took her a moment and she smacked her forehead. ".....crap I'm not even home. I guess I passed out here...."
Alpha     Alpha was still asleep himself. While he didn't get anywhere near as drunk as Lyn.. he did have a few. Because.. well, social drinking. Either way, he'd stir a little where he's resting at, aware of noise, but still not quite actually coming to.
Lynnette Standing up she would groan as she looked around. Lyn looked down at herself quickly then laughed. ".....well I didn't jump in the sack with anyone...." Making her way to the door she would stop and see....Alpha laying there. Blinking she'd look back to the bed she was in and really take in her surroundings then back to him. A shake of her head as she chuckled softly then leaned in the door way, staring at him.
Alpha     Alpha heard more. Noises. voice. He'd blink his eyes open to have Lynn.. RIGHT.. there. "ACK!" Alpha starts, falling to the side away from her, only to come up on his feet. Glancing around sharply, he'd slowly relax as he'd realize.. it was her he had heard. "Ahh.. Morning. How are you doing?"
Lynnette Chuckling she would just tilt her head as she watched him wake up. "Morning....." Walking in she'd yawn and stretched her arms above her head then. "Shocked I woke up alone....freaked me out for a second....." Then she'd jerk her head towards the room she was in. "Why didn't you sleep in there? It's your room. You coulda put my drunk butt in here...."
Alpha     Alpha relaxes a bit more, then chuckles softly with a small shake of his head. "Because, Lyn. I knew ifn I was in there with ya? With how drunk you were and where I was at? We woulda prolly done something.. And I want yer respect more than one toss in the hay, eh?" He'd shrug and look around, gathering what food he had together to offer her what mostly passes as breakfast, portioned so they got basically the same amount. "Ya.. had it rough.. and I ain't the type ta take advantage of that.. That's all."
Lynnette She would stand there then as she listened to him and looked to the floor. Lyn didn't really say much after that and just ran her fingers through her wild hair. "Oh....well.....thanks...." Taking that plate of food she would plop down somewhere to sit and started to eat before looking back up at him. "Sorry. I was a mess. Loser at the bar at least let me wash up before you found me."
Alpha     Alpha just shrugs in response. He'd sit next to her in that.. well.. it's probably a couch. He'd eat his own food with a small chuckle. "Dun sweat it, Lyn.. That's why I grabbed ya and brought ya here.. 'cause.. well.. I know ya didn't see it.. but I saw the predators circlin.. eh?"
Lynnette Lynnette would let out a sigh and shake her head. "Yeah well....." She'd shovel the rest into her mouth because....hangover then finished talked once she swallowed. "They were probably looking for an easy lay.....wouldn't be the first time I've gotten drunk and made bad decisions." A snort of a laugh left her lips before she would playfully nudge him. "Though you.....wouldn't have been so bad....." Standing she would then hold out her hand for his plate when he was done. At least she had some manners contrary to what See seemed.
Alpha     Alpha chuckles quietly, finishing up his own food. "Yah well.. I ain't lookin at havin ta go on a killin spree anytime soon. So.. I felt it was better to remove the bait." He'd smirk at Lyn as he'd give up that plate. Shaking his head a little, he'd watch her as she'd deal with the dishes. "When I claim the prize, Lyn.. I want ya fully aware of it.. and anticipatin every part.. It wouldn't of been right last night.. and I ain't gonna spoil the chase like that.."
Lynnette "Keywords are anytime and soon....." Lyn would make her way into the kitchen then and rinsed off the dirty dishes and sat them in the sink. "Fully aware huh?" She'd walk back over and then leaned in the door way as she smirked. "Well....fair. It would suck if it were awesome....and then I forget..." That's when she laughed and made her way back to his room, leaning over to pick up her stuff. "I uh....." Turning to look at him she'd smile. I should head back to Iris' place and clean up for work."
Alpha     Alpha chuckles quietly with a small shrug. He'd watch Lyn move about his small place and smirk back at her as she'd comment about forgetting. "Exactly.. and since I'm gonna make sure it's just that good.. gotta be there all the way fer it.." He'd chuckle and stand up himself, gathering his own gear up, shouldering the rifle as he'd look to Lyn then and nods. "I.. yah. I ain't gonna make ya stay. Just.. be careful out there. Everyone got jacked up.. so it's a bit more chaotic than before. Fer sure."
Lynnette She'd smile over at him and just shook her head then. Putting her shotgun on her shoulder and slowly walked over to him. "I mean....." A grin then. "Want me to come back tonight?" There was a coy smile but she held her hands up then. "No funny business I swear."
Alpha     Alpha paused by the door as Lyn would walk over. A small grin touching his lips with a raised brow. "No? Well.. what fun is that? Should be at least some.. hmm?" He'd chuckle then. "You're welcome over whenever, Lyn.. you're the first person to be in here other than me since I've moved in.."
Lynnette "Well what happened to uh....." A hand would go to his chest for a second and she laughed. "You wanting my respect." Smirking she would slowly mover her hand away and chuckled. "Oh am I? So how many girls at your other place?"
Alpha     Alpha laughs then. "Who said I wouldn't still have it, hmm?" He'd grin, shaking his head a little. "Nah nah. It ain't like that. I'm not that kind of guy. I may manipulate people when I need something Lyn.. But I dun go for the heart. That's just messed up to me." He'd reach out to take her hand as it'd drift from his chest, giving it a small squeeze. "It's only one target fer the heart.. and I ain't gonna miss."
Lynnette ".....I'll hold you to that....." She'd smile a bit and then chuckled. "Well....I tend to do what I need to aware...." When he took her hand she'd swallow hard and looked up at him then. Taking a deep breath she would stare in his eyes with her green ones and nodded. ".....I....." Yup....he shut her up. "Try....not to miss.....or I may kill ya...."
Alpha     Alpha brings her hand up to his lips, kissing the back of it gently as steel greys kept those greens locked. "Trust me. When it's critical? I dun miss." There's that moment more of a heady pause, before he'd shift a little, moving a little closer to her still as he'd lean in to whisper. "And.. ifn we dun move now.. yer prolly not gonna make Iris' place or work.. So.." Alpha chuckles softly then, shifting to open the door for Lyn with that small grin and a wink. "Shall I see ya out?"