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Camilla     It's going to take a long, looong time for El Dorado to recover from this nightmare. Each person no doubt having their own demons to deal with and their own personal battles to fight. Camilla, shanty town's resident doctor and caregiver, is one such person who is known for having some personal demons and battles, but despite that, she did her best to treat all the wounded and today is no different. She's up and about, after finally grabbing a few hours of sleep. She's walking about the clinic, checking on each of her patients and looking still utterly and completely exausted.

    For anyone looking, and curious enough, she's got her hair down, and is dressed in a pair of short shorts and a baggy top. Both showcase enough skin for her scars to be showing.

    Her first stop, is to check on Matt, who is still out like a light, thankfully. Her second stop, is Lee, "Hey, good morning. How are you feeling?"
Lee     Lee is a mess. But at least not a bloody mess, thanks to the tending to by Cami and Iris both. He'd slept fitfully. The pain was quite real and made it hard to move. Or.. breathe. Or anything really. Staring up at the ceiling, he'd blink when Camilla comes over, shifting some to look her way with a small wince. "Ahh.. heya Doc. I'm.. still alive. Frag.. when I did the dive on the LT.. I swore that was it.. prolly only alive 'cause of the power armor I got.."
Akane      Akane had gone from shooting at the spider mech to immediately aiding the wounded, staunching Cleo's bleeding and going from person to person in a triaged manner. And then she's disappeared into the scrap forest for a bit.. and come back out looking tired. She'd found her way to the clinic and continued to help out with the wounded.
     The woman's tan cloak she had worn at the start of the battle had blood on it as did her dress, which had been slit a bit up the side in the scuffle. Her long crimson hair had been down for most of the night as well but someone had offered her a hair tie and now it was in a braid. She had fallen asleep somewhere along the night in the clinic.
     Her clothes were romanesque and now that she did not have her cloak hiding it, there was a metal collar around her neck made from a metal that did not even dull in the battle. High-end metal for a slave, really.
     Akane had awoken and nibbled on a ration of some sort then went back to work helping for the most part. She was pretty good at it too. About the time Camila ended up in the room with Lee, Akane walked in with a fresh set of bandages in hand. She also had a pouch of something in her hand. She paused as she looked up and heard Lee and Camilla talking. She winced faintly as she heard the pain in Lee's voice but then looked concerned and moved closer. Just a bit hesitant.
     She wasn't sure how to act around the man, really. She'd told him she didn't know much about guns and then walked headlong into a battlefield.... There was a time for batting the eyelashes an a time to see where one stood. It was time to see where one stood.
Rexus Rexus is.. probably better off than most others in the clinic. Thanks to his power armor, his injuries are a little less painful. Mostly bruises and a few cuts, where the bullets got through the chinks in his armor. He's sitting up at least, propped up with some pillows on a cot, following the doctor's orders and not moving around too much. He has a book in hand, idly flipping through the pages to pass the time.
Camilla     Camilla's true caregiver side comes out as she leans over and places a gentle hand on Lee's forehead. She smiles warmly at him and runs fingers through his hair, "You're fine. You're here with me and I've got you. You were a real hero, ya know that? You helped save all of us and yes, that power armor helped.." pause, "but that armor? Is nothing but scrap metal without you in it. So, rest, heal, and feel safe and cared for." Yes, she just kinda went on a tangent mini /rant/ thing, but she really wants lee to feel better mentally and emotionally.

    She turns to give Rexus a good look over next, her icy blue eyes scanning over Akane for a moment, the other young woman whom she does not yet know gets a warm and friendly smile. The scared raven haired beauty makes her way to Rexus and kneels down planting both hands on his knees, seems today she's got her /I'm walking compassion/ mojo back. With that, she looks up and tries to lock eyes with Rexus, "How's your pain?" she asks the man, that ever present smile forming across her lips. This close, he can see the bags under her eyes, she's exausted, but trying so very hard.
Rexus Rexus gives a little shrug in response to Camilla's question about the pain. "Not too bad. Just so long as I don't move around a lot. I can get up and walk around a bit but... then it starts to ache and I sit down.. goes away..." he looks down at himself, "Just a matter of taking it easy for a bit.. letting myself get better an all."
Lee     Lee grins weakly at Cami and nods slightly. "Oi.. ya'll did just fine by me.. and it's parta the job ta protect ya'll, eh? I.. just wish I coulda gotten there sooner.. frag that was chaotic.. Just glad we had our own monster.." Shaking his head a little, he'd sigh softly. "It's pretty much scrap even with me innit right now.. I need.. ta patch up so I can.." He'd shift, to try and get up, grunts and stops. "Yah.. rest. I'll heal up.."
    Lee watches Cami move on to tend to Rexus with a quiet chuckle, then looks to Akane. He'd raise both brows, eyeing her for a moment then simply.. smirks. "Not know how ta use a gun. Kinda knew that was a fraggin lie.. eh?"
Akane      Akane smirked faintly. "I don't know anything about guns.... compared to you. So you see, what I told you was true... From a certain point of view." She looked almost like she was about to chuckle but then he tried to move and her face grew serious, a hand snapping out to hover over his shoulder as if that could stop him from moving. "You should not move Sir Lee." Fidgeting with that pouch she carried she withdrew a vial and a syringe. "I can ease the pain a bit if you wish."
     She had noted Rexus with his book and Matt was still out cold and Camilla should really get some sleep herself. But she was focused on Lee right then. Her own weariness showed through her facades, along with a hint of something.. hard to pinpoint. But she still tried to use her smile and soft voice to soothe him.
Camilla     Camilla just smiles at Rexus and stands up, "Yup, just rest and take it easy. Need to let your body heal." she turns around though at Hearing Akane offer to ease Lee's pain, once she sees the viral and syringe, she stoms over to Akane and slides in between her and Lee. "I don't believe we've met..." she says sternly. "I also don't believe I gave you permission to do anything to anyone in MY clinic yet.."
Rexus Rexus was about to say something.. then Camilla is off likea doting mother hen. He watches her depart, eyes going to Akane and Lee, raising an eyebrow at the offer. "Uh huh.... better hunker down folks things are about to get sporty."
Akane      The crimson-haired woman blinked a few times as she was pushed back from where she was standing at Lee's side. Her jade green eyes narrowed faintly and Akane drew herself up to her full height (not that imposing in itself)> Her eyes, however, were something to behold. Cold and hard while the rest of her face had frozen in a neutral mask. For a length, time screeched to a halt as many would wonder what the strange new firey woman would do.
     A tick.
     A breath.
     Someone coughed...
     "Oh, you prefer to watch him suffer. I see. I was unaware that there were females like that." Her voice was smooth as silk.. and carried a hint of venom.
Lee     Lee smiles weakly at Akane. "Eh.. I know how ta use crossbows, Akane.. ain't someone ta wield a gun.. so.. yer wrong there too." Lee watched her offer the drug, only for Camilla to interject. He'd glance between the two of them and sighs softly. "Cami..? She's just tryin ta help. We all are.. eh? She ain't shown me ta be anyone other than someone who's lookin after others.. I'll vouch fer her ifn it helps?"
Camilla     First, Camilla ignores Rexus's statement.

    Secondly, she turns slowly to look at Lee and the same look at Akane is given her, she gives him. A look that says, /hush/ before she turns her gaze back to Akane. His statement is outright ignored.

    Lastly, she returns the posture by straightening up her own posture, which is several inches taller. "So, you know what medication I've already given him? You'd asked me? You know for a fact that any further medication couldn't react poorly with what I've already administered? You're aware that there's potentials for overdose and death with chems and pain medications if not properly tracked, and documented?" she snarls back at the other woman. "I am the doctor here, and I will say who gets what, when, why, and how. Do I make myself perfectly clear?"
Rexus Rexus looks over at Lee, "You just met her an you already trust her enough to stick a.... I'll assume non-sterile needle in your arm... ain't you ever heard of lockjaw?" Amongst other things. "This ain't the place for dramatics or penis measuring....."
Akane      Akane raised a brow imperiously. Her attitude was not normal for a slave of the Legion, nowhere near. Her attitude more befit a priestess or noblewoman. But that collar was there as plain as day. Her green eyes drifted over Camilla from head to toe and back again as if appraising.... And then she shook her head. "There is casting off chains and then there is foolishness, /girl/." Not that Akane looked much older than Camilla.... And she was not outright calling her on a background, no, she was using a metaphor, though she did recognize the marks on the girl's body.
     She shifted slightly, her thigh showing a touch more through her damaged skirt and the bruises and hints of damage there might be evident to a medic or someone watching. Her skin was so pale that the deep bruises and enflamed skin would be noteworthy. She did not back down, though. She moved a touch more into Camilla's space. A battle of the wills...
     Akane had not answered or responded to Camilla's little rant-lecture about overdoses and interactions as though it had not been important enough to even grace with a reaction.
     "I will not abandon Sir Lee to such a place that allows him to remain in such pain for silly territorial disputes." Rexus' words were heard but not really reacted to. Though the way Akane said Sir Lee would indicate to the alert that there was something going on there. Perhaps a debt, perhaps something else.
Lee     Lee grunts, stopping talking with the mother glare that Cami gives him. Shaking his head a little, he'd look up at the ceiling when Cami would face off with Akane. It's Rexus' question that has him glance over. "I saw her put herself bodily 'tween a ragin super mutant and an older girl.. just ta defend her. I saw her there helpin people on the field as we were all blowin up and dyin.. So.. yah.. I'd give her enough benefit of the doubt ta trust her.." He'd nod Cami's way. "But it's still the Doc's call, eh? She's the one trackin what all everyone has.. and I ain't wantin ta go sleepy by.."
Camilla     "How /dare/ you speak to me like that in this place!" snarls Camilla, whose reaction is to take a swing at Akane. Yeah, a literal, honest to gods, attempt to slap the shit out of her.
Rexus Rexus can see things.. errr, getting out of hand? "Hey! That's enough!" he barks, trying to push himself to his feet. It's painful, leaning on an end-table to try to keep himself upright. "Break it up.. go... elsewhere..." he'd send them to their rooms but... well... that's not likely to happen.
Akane      Akane watched the taller female as she grew openly angry and lifted her hand. The strike was aimed at her face. But a small movement saw the hand flying past its target and not even grazing. Then Rexus was up and shouting at them and Ae's head turned in tandem and in an authoritative 'mother' tone ordered Rexus, "Sit. Down."
Camilla     Camilla is fuming, and she's not in the mood for anything else. So, she turns her head as well to fcae Rexus and yes, in tandem with Akane. "Sit. Down." They both say the same thing, at the same time. It'd be cute if they didn't want to hurt each other at the moment.
Lee     Lee Shakes his head a little, eyeing the two women. "Ya'll be fast friends ifn ya weren't buttin heads. I'd say ya'll are tryin ta whip it out ta see who's longer.. but.. come on, huh? Akane? Camilla's da boss here. So.. listen. Ya'll both stop fightin or I'll have ta get up.. and I think all three of us agree.. I dun wanna get up.." Lee grunts then, eyeing Akane for a moment, then looks over to Cami. "Yo Doc? Ya'll should mebbe try checkin out her wounds 'fore ya be addin more ta her, eh?"
Akane      Akane blinked and peered at Camilla oddly as they spoke together. Lee's first words made her lift an eyebrow. She wasn't here to cause trouble. But her temper was on a short fuse at the moment. However, Lee bringing attention to Akane's own injuries made the woman instantly back down, physically as well as her demeanor. She went from willing to get into a knock down drag out over a misunderstanding to looking like a cornered kitten. She backed up a pace and though she tried to use her experience in lying, she was off balance enough and worn enough that she utterly failed. "I am fine."
Camilla     Camilla's a honest to gods trained and died in the wool medical doctor. It's what she does. She's also pretty capable of seeing through bullshit, and why she might have wanted to slap the white off a bitch a few seconds ago, she's now looking at Akane with caregivers eyes.

    Eyes that see through the dreaded womanly /I'm Fine/ flight or fight response. "Uh huh..." she says as she points towards a now empty cot, "Sit.." she adds, "let me take a look at you."
Lee     Lee eyes Akane and Cami, raising a brow as that one line is able to turn raging war goddess into.. what? Akane is stared at for a long moment, before he grunts, winces as he'd attempt a shrug and fail, then chuckles quietly. "Well.. glad ta see ya'll gettin 'long now.. was afraid I was gonna have ta sell tickets fer the fight.."
Akane      Akane looked ready to resist again but a look of utter exhaustion crossed her features. She glanced once at Lee before sitting on the cot -- very tentatively. She let her head fall forward a touch mainly to avoid seeing Lee's reaction to what Camilla would find. Hidden under her dress were numerous and very fresh lashes. If the extent was seen they would extend from thighs to shoulders and around the front at places. No wonder she was moody. And shocking that she'd fought and then tended to others in that state.
Camilla     Cami looks to Lee and just glares that glare of /oh my gaw shush you/ that he will very soon become accustomed to. "Hush you..." she says as she turns back to look over Akane. Once she looks over the girl, she stands up and quite literally freaks out. "Oh my gods..." she snaps and turns around to Lee, "Stay in here and rest. I'm going to take Akane in to an exam room. If you need anything, just call out for me." She turns to Akane and gently places her arms on the girls shoulders, and nods towards one of the rooms. "No resisting, we need to take a look at you..."
Akane      Akane raised an eyebrow and the expression on her face said she thought things were being exaggerated. But she followed Camilla anyway. Well, she thought, I can just move on to another town where they won't see this. Or something. She stepped into the room and lifted her head, her chin up and held in a certain way.. She as almost fatalistic about this. And then she let the dress slip from her form, giving Camilla the full brutal view o the wounds. A heavy whip had been used, probably with stones or metal bits at the ends. Akane kept her eyes trying to be firm and unaffected, but it was easy to tell she was shutting down emotionally.
Camilla     Camilla follows in behind, and shuts the door to the room. She watches as Akane lets the dress slip to the floor and both of her hands go up to her mouth and she gasps. She steps forward, and without asking, wraps both of her arms around the now nude Akane and gently pulls her in to a soft hug. "Who did this..." she asks softly. "I want to know who did this to you..."
Lee     Lee looks between Akane and Cami, raising a brow, then grunts. "Eh.. I ain't goin no where anytime soon Doc, trust me.." He'd sigh softly, shaking his head a little as he'd watch them head into that room. Staring up at the ceiling again, he'd frown and start working on trying to move his arms. "Gotta get better.. frag.. that hurts.."
Akane      Akane blinked several times at the response. It was alien to her that someone would care at all let alone... /hug/ her.... She tensed for a long moment then sighed and patted the girl's arm lightly trying even now to soothe her. "A dead man." She glanced over her shoulder at the other female. "I am no longer in that country. The Temple of Mars might send seekers but probably not. Antonius... died. Suddenly. I left." Another beat passed and she spoke softly. "There are people who might actually die. This will only scar and I can handle an infection. Do you really want to waste your time on this?"
Camilla     Camilla exhales deeply and pulls back from that hug. "It seems we two share a great deal more in common than we might have first thought..." replies camilla as she turns around and lifts her shirt up to show Akane the many scars of her past. "We are sisters, and I am Medicus.." she adds before letting the shirt fall. She turns around and to Akane she says, "Ego sum servus amplius" which to those that know Ceasars latin, means /I am a slave no more./

    "Now, if others are coming for you, as they may be coming for me? We are best served helping one another, and that means that yes, I will be /waisting/ my time on this." She says this as she moves about the room to grab some creams and salves to place on Akane's skin, "This will help with the scaring..." she adds, and yes, it's cold. "Also, remember, this is my Clinic. My house. I am Medicus here and I have done my duty and none under my care will perish. All have been seen to, cared for, and made as whole as I can make them. This is now basic triage, you are hurt, and require the smallest ammounts of resources to keep you standing, and if you have any basic medical knowledge, it is far more inteligent and effcient for me to keep you well so that you can assist me.." this added while she continues salving the wounds. She looks at Akane and smiles warmly, "I am sorry, for our.." pause "missunderstanding. You have a place here...if you need it, ask for it and it's yours. I do the same to you, that was done for me by the former lead doctor, Iris. She to is a former woman of the Legion, like you and me. She to, took me in when I had nothing and well, here I am..."
Akane      Akane submitted to Camilla's attentions to her wounds and honestly, some of then Akane could not have reached on her own so it was appreciated. She remained mostly silent, however, letting the other girl talk. Akane did not care much about the scars. It had just been far too recent for her to deal with fully emotionally. As for whether she was to remain, she looked down, pondering as she allowed Camilla to do her work..
     There would have obviously been pain but Akane didn't even flinch. Still, Camilla's admitting that she too had been a slave of the Legion made Akane finally break her silence, mumbling something almost as if under her breath. A list of Virtues... though she spoke two more that marked her as associated with a temple of some kind. "Honestas, Industria, Prudentia, Sacris, Fide." (Translation: Honesty, Industry, Prudence, Sacred Loyalty.) She shook her head slowly.
     "Ego autem non sum servus viri. Nondum, Alienum aes homini ingenuo acerba est servitus." (Translation: I am slave to no man. Yet, debt is the slavery of the free.)
     "I have a debt to Sir Lee. If he will even have my aid anymore. This is disgraceful."
Lee     As for Lee? Well, slumber comes for everyone and it seems he's finally been rendered unconcious too. At least, until the next shift jars him awake. But grab whatever rest that he can? That's what he knows how to do.. the life of a military man, for how ever long that was.
Camilla     Camilla exhales as she pulls back and she repeats the virtues under her breath, "Honestats, Industria, Prudentia, Officium" the last part, Akane would know as Duty, the word that would be spoken by the Medicus.

    As she moves about, she gives the girl a few more looks to make sure all the scars are covered. "Alright, you can robe up..." she says softly. "You are only in debt because you choose to be in debt. Just like I am indebted to Iris for all she's done for me, I place that debt upon myself, she does not. I do not imagine Lee will place it upon you either..." she adds.

    She turns around and opens the door up slightly so she can slide out, "You are far from a disgrace. I will be outside when you are ready.."
Iris Lark Iris slips into the clinic, pulling her hair out of her face and tying it up in a messy bun. She sets down her rucksack and pulls out supplies that she brought from home, storing them in the appropriate place. She looks slightly unhappy, a frown on her usually impassive face, but her movements are slow and methodical. She gives Lee a quick once over, using the back of her hand to gauge his temperature before she puts a kettle on the stove in the small kitchen, heating water for tea.
Akane      Akane nodded slowly and pulled her tattered dress back on, careful of the wounds across her back. Perhaps Lee would not care but Akane was not so sure. Still, she took merely a moment to sip at a vial from her things before going back out to the clinic. She looked calmer now at least. She was fussing with her long crimson braid which had gotten some salve on it as she reentered the sick room. She noted Lee had fallen asleep and sighed softly. He was well aware she'd lied to him at least once. Now, what would he think? And she had abandoned him on the field to save Cleo... Oh, the webs we weave. Iris was noted idly at first then with curiosity. But Akane seemed curious about the tea more than anything. The woman sat carefully beside Lee's bed quietly.
Lee     Lee for his part would wake up a bit after Iris checked on him. Blinking awake, he'd immediately stir, hiss in pain and go still a moment. Sighing softly, he'd look around and spots Iris making tea and Cami out checking on people. The surprising part is Akane was.. there? Next to him? "Ahh.. hi? Whassup Akane? Everything ok now? I think I passed out fer a bit there.."
Camilla     As cami exits the exam room and sees Iris, well, she turns in to a toddler almost instantly and bolts across the room. Nothing is said, but everything is seen as Camilla wraps her arms around Iris in a suprise hug. "I am so glad you're ok..."
Iris Lark Iris continues to make tea until Camilla grabs her into a hug. Startled, she turns and hugs the other woman back, blinking a few times as she tries to figure out what is going on. "Camilla, of course I'm fine. I don't go to the black easily, ever." She quietly soothes the other Healer, before she pushes away from the hug, leaning in to gaze at Camilla's eyes. "Are you okay? I'm making tea, it might help." Her eyes flick to Lee, Matt and then Akane, a brief smile touching her lips before she leads Camilla to the chairs in the little kitchen area and sits her down. "What's wrong?"
Akane      Akane reached over and brushed Lee's hair out of his eyes before tilting her head faintly. She looked like she was curious about something then shook her head lightly. "I was not happy with you last night. You were just as in need of aid as Lady Cleo. Why send me to her?"
Lee     Lee raises his brows in confusion. She wasn't happy with him. He'd look at her curiously, then chuckle quietly. "Ahh.. Cleo.. she's.. she's the LT. yah? She's da boss. Ya always protect da boss.. I'mma just a grunt Akane.. so ifn I'm lost? ain't the same as ifn she was lost. That's what that was.. Didja.. didja save her? I sorta did that whole blackin out thing after everythin includin me blew up.."
Camilla     "I didn't say that you couldn't take care of yourself Iris..." replies a very stressed out Camilla. "You'd think you'd have got the point by now that I care about you more than anyone else in my life..." she snaps out as she turns around, exhaling, to look at Akane and Lee talk. "Nothing's wrong..." she adds, "not now anyway. Minor missundertsanding earlier..."
Iris Lark Iris gets snapped at and her usual calm breaks for a moment. "Unnecessary, Camilla. There isn't any reason to snap at me." Now that she knows Camilla is okay, she goes back to making tea and while her back is to the rest she nods, setting out cups. "I heard." She turns to gaze briefly at Lee and Akane. "Would you two like tea as well?" She asks, her head slightly tilted. "I've made enough water so that we all can have a bit."
Akane      Akane shook her head faintly. But then nodded in the affirmative. She sat back a little, her hands opening daintily to indicate the blood staining her dress. A lot of it had been Cleo's. "It was close but yes. I did. Mars smiled on us all."
     Akane would look up at Iris' offer of tea and she looked to Lee to see if he wanted some. no matter his answer, she would move over toward the other women, remaining quiet but polite, more in control of herself now that she was in a bit less pain.
Lee     Lee grunts, relaxing a bit. He'd close his eyes a moment, or was that passing out in relief? Either way, he'd blink them open again to look at Akane. "Oi.. whaddabout you? I know what I saw.. Doc able ta patch ya up? Ain't no joke the hits I saw.. huh?"
    Lee looks over as Iris calls over and chuckles weakly. "I was 'boutta start sellin tickets 'tween these two.. but looks like they're all level.. uh.. I'll need a bit of help.. but I wouldn't mind tea.. Gotta sit up.. ta drink.." He'd grunt and forcing himself to move, pushes up some with his arms to at least be more upright.
Camilla     Camilla just exhales deeply, and whispers a "Sorry" under her breath. Though, in her defense, she looks like she's running on complete fumes. "I'll have some tea as well..." she says as she turns to find something to sit down on. Akane's mention of Mars has her scoff, showing she was never a beleiver in ceasers gods, at least not fully, that or she's got a tude problem with it all.
Iris Lark Iris pulls a few things from her rucksack, flowers and leaves in mesh bags, and sets them at the bottom of each cup before she pours the hot water in. She leans against the table, watching the bags seep for a moment before she turns to smile towards Akane. "Apologizes, it was rude of me not to introduce myself. I'm Iris Lark, I used to run this place. Now I work out of Acme and Avalon." She picks up the first two cups, walking them over to Lee and Akane, setting them down somewhere where it can't be knocked over easily. She offers a brief smile, turns and picks up another cup, handing it off to Camilla before she settles into a chair with her own mug. "How are things here today?"
Akane      Akane flushed faintly as Lee asked about her wounds. Waving a hand dismissively she shook her head "I told you I am fine. It was all in your head. You were dreaming." She started humming faintly, a kind of attempt at a hypnotic sound and her head moved slowly side to side, like a cobra entrancing its prey. She doubted it would work, honestly. It was so obviously a lie that she was fine even if she hadn't shown any of the pain externally and appeared not to care.
     The scoff from Camilla made her chuckle faintly as she accepted the tea for Lee and herself with a quiet thank you.
% She was not insulted by Camilla's reaction to the Gods. Hell, if Akane herself hadn't practically been raised by the temples she might be that way too.
     Iris' introduction got a dip from Akane's crimson head. "I am Akane. I saw you on the field."
     She turned and reached out, gently yet firmly helping Lee to sit upright. Once he was she blew on the tea before holding it up to his lips. The attitude of a war goddess or a noblewoman or not, here she was a healer. "Careful, Sir Lee. It's hot."
Lee     "Dutifully healin up as ordered by Doc Cami, Iris." Lee would chirp with as much cheer as he could, considering the pain and all. Akane got eyed with a raised brow. "You and I? We're gonna talk 'bout yer lyin when I ain't under orders ta not move.. eh?" Even so, he'd chuckle with a small shake of his head and uses the help to sit up a bit more. His arms cross around his middle, where a lot of the damage had been done it seems. Although he'd pause before sipping the tea. "Uh.. Akane? Lookit.. I ain't knowin a lot 'bout a lotta things.. why are ya'll callin me Sir? Private would be my rank, yah? I mean.. I was lookin at joinin the Guardians.. but I ain't there yet.."
Camilla     Camilla takes the cup from Iris and smiles, "Thank you.." she says as she sips on it, drinking it all down rather rapidly. As the rest talk, she leans over to sit the cup down and before anyone has a chance to realize it, she's actually fallen asleep in the chair.
Iris Lark Iris gestures for one of the large men playing nurse to carry Camilla to her room in the back. It appears she is keeping an eye on things for now, and she curls up on one of the larger chairs, glancing around at the other patients still sleeping or surviving. "Sorry to say, Miss Akane, that I didn't see you. It's a bad habit of mine, I have a tendency to focus on one thing and ..well.." She shrugs a slender shoulder as she takes a sip of her tea. "Are you really okay? If you haven't been looked at, I can certainly try to help you."
Matt Matt is awake! Well he has been. But he got dizzy in the outhouse and it took him awhile to remember where his cot was. The front door gets opened a bit, but closes with an uncontrolled thud. Then again. Once more is enough though and Matt squeezes on into the main room of the clinic again, wavering only a tad as he meanders towards his cot. Maybe nobody will see him. Maybe.
Akane      Akane blinked a few times when he told her they were going to talk about her lying, though it only lasted a few beats before she chuckled softly. "How else do you think someone like me survives?" She touched that collar still about her neck lightly then flushed at his second question. The flush turned into an out and out blush. "I... I think I was trying to annoy that brute. At first. But you really are a noble soul."
     Iris's words brought up her green eyes and she blinked a few times before looking down again and sighing softly. What was one more person? Standing she set the tea down and told Lee she would be right back. Walking over to Iris Akane turned her back toward the woman and shifted her dress a bit to give Iris a small preview of the lashes she had across her from a brutal beating of some type. "I am fine. Everyone is so worried about a few cuts when people were hit by plasma gattling guns last night. Honestly." But her words bore no venom.
Iris Lark Iris takes note of Matt doing what he was expressly told not to do. This isn't her Clinic anymore so the look of reproach is all that he'll get for now. When Akane gets to her feet, walks up to Iris and shows her the mess that is her back, she doesn't flinch. She takes another sip of her tea and lets out a soft sigh. "You, just like anyone else deserves treatment. People who were shot are being tended to. Why not you?" She pushes slowly to her feet and continues to speak. "When I spotted your collar I wouldn't have been surprised at your wounds. I had them myself at one time, now all I have are scars." A beat. "Those I do not show others - it's really not their business." She points to one of the cots. "You're welcome to sit and let me tend them, or they can wait, but you risk infecton just as much as anyone else."
Matt Matt aborts his mission to his cot, instead aiming for a chair somewhere in the middle and eases down into it with a nice sigh. He was seen, and Matt returns that look of grump with raised eyebrows of acknowledgement. A wry grin to Iris before he speaks. "Nice to see you again, Ma'am. Maybe we should've had you watching my backside instead?"
Lee     Lee ponders Akane for a long moment at that blush. He'd look thoughtful when she'd walk away, musing for a moment. Catching back up to the conversation, he'd look over to Iris with a shake of his head. "Doc Cami took her inta onna the rooms. She came out with some salve on her hair. Prolly due ta bein tended.. So.. it's prolly fine Iris. She's gotten hooked up.. I'm guessin from the chatter.. ya'll know how those things go.. so I'm also guessin.. ya'll be fine.." Lee eyes Matt and snerks softly, shaking his head a little. "Ya gonna get busted man.. then yer gonna wish ya were facin that spider crap again.."
Akane      Akane nodded to Iris faintly. "I appreciate the help. Though I can also treat myself as far as infections go. I would not refuse your aid." She was simply informing her that Akane could take care of herself too. She offered a small smile of thanks before going back to Lee's side, adjusting his pillow and smoothing the blankets. "You, Sir Lee, should rest. I'll check on you again yea?" She glanced at Matt then and raised an eyebrow but shook her head faintly. To Iris, she said, "You have your hands full..."
Iris Lark "Not really, I just help out here occasionally." Iris remarks, and she turns to smirk at Matt. "I've seen it, and it doesn't really need more watching than it's currently getting. Though, if you're uncomfortable and need something more private, I can always set you up to convalesce in Acme. Can do me a favor keeping an eye on my store too." She moves to pour herself some more water from the kettle, folding her arms loosely under her breasts. "So if you're keeping an eye on Lee, I can likely get back to Avalon soon." She syas, turning to bestow a kind smile on Akane.
Lee     Lee settles back onto the cot, musing as Akane would come over and tend to him some. He'd grunt, then reach up to give a small salute to Akane. "Orders received. I'll rest.." He'd sigh softly, closing his eyes and.. is back out again. Well.. that leads to better healing right? So good is good.
Matt Matt chuckles a bit before wincing at Iris' reply. "I had problems getting to the outhouse, ma'am. I don't know if I'm quite up to walking to Acme..Unless you've got transport. I can manage a horseride or something." Matt sits up a bit more now though. "I got word to pick up my rifle at Militia HQ though, if you wanna let me on walk on you there?"
Akane      Akane nodded to Iris and peered at Matt curiously. Shaking her head faintly she turned a bit toward the other woman. "I would appreciate the aid then. I would have a hard time reaching most of this and if I am well I can deal with Sir Lee's injuries. Assuming Miss Camilla does not get angry again." Not that it hadn't been justified. >.>a
Iris Lark Iris nods and makes her way to Akane, baring her back enough to slowly treat each wound. Cleaning first, then salve and then bandages. It's a slow process and one or two of the wounds requires a stitch or two. Iris is meticulous and when she's done, Akane's back looks completely different, well..underneath the bandages. She moves to wash her hands before she collects her cup of tea and retakes her seat. "Better?"
Matt "I think all healers have a bit of temper. Mostly because we go out and undo all of their hard work for some reason." Matt ahems as care starts being given and finds something nice to look at away from the work.
Akane      Akane remained silent throughout the entire procedure, though there certainly would have been plenty of pain. The men were there and being open about their pain and here was this tiny crimson girl being absolutely stoic through the whole thing. She had fought the spider mech with these wounds. And then simply turned to helping other people. Not a single complaint about it. She would need a new dress though. But until then she would move over to the empty cot and sit kind of on her side, pulling out a long strip of silk from her belongings before she began to lace up the side of her skirt. It was a simple fix and temporary but it would work just fine. Unless someone called for her help she would be focused on her task.
Iris Lark "Do you need supplies?" Iris asks, moving to take a seat next to Akane. "No charge, I can get you some new clothes and something to defend yourself until you're on your feet." She gives Matt a look, eyes narrowing slightly at his words, but otherwise she focuses her attention on the crimson-haired girl. "I would be very happy if you would let me help, even in a small way." She clasps her hands together and gives Akane her doe eyes. "Please?"
Matt Matt decides it time to be up and moving again, standing creakily from his chair and suppressing a coughing fit to only one or two coughs. A pat to his stomach to make sure nothings leaking before walking closer to the two girls. "Iris really isn't gonna let you go without something. I think I *will* come with you to Acme. Clear a cot for someone who needs it more than I do."
Akane      Akane blinked at Iris when she asked if Akane needed supplies. Clothes and such. At no charge? The girl's brow furrowed showing honest confusion. THen the older female was practically begging her and Akane's eyes went wide. For a second she looked like she expected a knife between the ribs or soemthing similar. Then she let out a breath and seemed to settle down. "Uh. S..sure. But I'll find a way to repay you.... Even if it's in service."
     But the moment Matt began to move Akane was up and over there, not quite touching him but ready to catch him or support him as needed. She really was a strange girl. "I don't think she meant this instant."
Iris Lark "Now will do, we'll take it slow - he can ride the horse." Iris says, getting to her feet and pulling on her coat. She hefts up her rucksack and gestures for one of the "nurses" to keep an eye on Rexus. "If he wakes up, you can let him know where everyone went."