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Rexus Post-Finale Wasteland, bit of a changed place really. The Enclave has swept through this particular bit of desert a week ago and left... a scarred landscape. Calls for help went mostly unanswered, distress beacons droned on until the batteries went did. Such is the case of Bunker 355, an innoculous enough name but... Knight-Captain Rexus detected a distress beacon before the siege, and decided to lead a party to investigate after things settled down.

     It is late afternoon, the sun is just beginning to set as Rexus leads the group through the rocky terrain, "It should be somewhere around here..." he mutters. He isn't wearing power armor this time around, his suit needing some repairs and such.. plus he moved faster on his own two legs!
Iris Lark Iris follows a few steps behind the group, keeping an eye on the horizon as she hefts her rifle up to check it's ammo. "When did you say you started to hear this beacon?" She asks, tapping on her Pip-Boy as she tries to bring up some information about the area that they're in. Unsuccessful, she taps the Pip again and a flashlight shines from it, allowing her to easily see where she's stepping.
Gwin Gwin follows along, trailing in Rexus' shadow. She has her PDW at the ready, clutched in both hands as she looks around. She, too, wears no power armour. Just good ol' fashioned leather under her dusty red poncho. "What exactly are we looking for anyway? A becon? A thingy half buried in the sand that goes beep? I hope there's more too it then that." She grins, carefully picking her way across a patch loose gravel.
Akane      Akane had come along as an extra gun and a spare medic but she knew little about these military types. Her cloak had been replaced by a poncho and she had some new armor too courtesy of the lovely Iris. So she figured she could help out like this. She looked around, standing just behind and to one side of Iris as the woman spoke, kind of waiting for orders.
Rexus Rexus trudges along at the front of the group. "Week ago? Before the Siege.. well just before... I've never been out this way before... apparently some Brotherhood of Steel got holed up in a bunker and turned on their beacon.... some pre-war bunker... should be a little... there it is..." He points into the distance, a few hundred meters away.

     Really, if there wasn't a beacon it would be hard to find. Sunk into the side of a small hill, the bunker is all but concealed from view unless you know where it is or stumble across it. The door is left wide open... scorch marks dotting the front bit of concrete... looks omnimous...
Kaelyn Kae follows along with the group, the woman looking through her pockets, before rubbing her nose and sniffling... "Still getting the occasional bloody nose after ripping that turret off the walker.." Kae mutters, CORA then mentions "Probably cause you kind of overtaxed your self there, though I'm happy to see your telekinesis is coming along nicely." Kae then peers at CORA and sticks out her tongue "Woulda rathered better cognitive abilities than squishing turrets with my mind." she mutters and then CORA adds "Not my doing, blame the doc.."
Iris Lark Iris gazes down into the bunker entrance and she wrinkles her nose. "Well what are the odds that he's alive with this kind of .." She just gestures to the door, unable to come up with words that might do what she's thinking justice. "Well we're here, we might as well go in, right?" She shines her Pip's light down into the hole, her lips slightly pursed. "Probably going to regret this." She mutters, more to herself than anyone else.
Akane      Akane eyed Kaelyn as she sniffled and commented about the bloody nose. She'd seen the woman do.. something. But what it was was unknown to Akane at this point. But she furrowed her brow lightly making a note to keep track of the girl just in case. Meanwhile, she continued following Iris and though she wasn' the most aware person she did try to keep an eye out for anything bad.
Gwin Gwin looks towards the bunker. Noting the black marks, she arches a brow. "Was there any kind of message that it played, or just the beeping, cause I'd love to know what I'm about to walk into. She tries to peer into the depths, looking for movement or anything else that may stand out to her."
Rexus Rexus shrugs, "No message.. just a beep...." he murmurs, "It's a secured Brotherhood signal though so.. I doubt there's an ambush... more likely we're too late." he says. It's a bit blunt but, he's never been one to parse words. He lets Iris go first... chivalry isn't quite dead but, she's got the light and she's far less injured than he is... plus it's not exciting if I do all the exploring!

     The interior of the bunker is dimly lit, an initial entry-room, barely lit by the low red glow of an emergency light. But, the first thing that will assault everyone is not the sights.. its the smells... and it REEKS. Something has clearly died in here!
Kaelyn Kae tilt sher head curiosly and ummms... "Watch for mutants if this place was attacked by Enclave." she says and shrugs slowly "They like to make mutants..." Kae adds and casually she wraps her face in a breathmask as she tugs her helmet down and puts on her NVID goggles, the things making a dull humm as the come online.
Iris Lark Iris raises her hand as she drops into the bunker, her Pip-Boy shining a light on the contents of the room. When the smell hits her she recoils visibly, shuddering a bit as she sweeps the light around to see what is causing it to stink so badly. "Be careful everyone." She murmurs, moving foward slightly, kicking at the shadows on the ground as she moves slowly forward.
Akane      Akane got hit by that smell and wrinkled her nose, though it didn't stop her from stepping forward. Everyone was so talkative around here. Yet the new kid just stayed quiet, paying attention to everything around her. She slid her pistol from its holster.. just in case as she moved after the group.
Gwin Gwin follows them in, weapon raised so it points upwards as she looks around curiously. "Oh god .. what is that -smell?-" She pauses to try to tug her poncho up to use it like a mask. Doesn't really do much, and she gives up moments later. "I hope it's dead, whatever it is." There's a touch of nervousness to her voice despite her otherwise calm demeanor.
Kaelyn Kae glances around "Oh that's definately rotted corpse..." she says and sighs... "Am sure there's more than that though.... Also watch for carrion feeders and the like." she adds and scratches at the nape of her neck again, adjusting her mask so she can at least muffle the smell... "Also if you find the dead body, try not to disturb it too much... They explode sometimes what with this heat and such and you really don't want that to happen."
Rexus Rexus follows the others, covering his mouth with his arm a bit. "This wasn't an outpost.. just... they must have found their way inside.. runnin from something maybe." he says as he looks around. "See if you can find any bodies... or... signs of.. life." Not that there are likely to be any but.. here's to hoping!
Akane      Akane furrowed her brow.. what was that sound? She paused just a moment, bending a bit to look at the ground... Shell casings. and blood. A hard expression crossed her eyes and she stood up, moving to a nearby wall to run her hand over it, seeing and feeling the pockmarks there..... Then she moved as silently as possible to the others. She spoke quietly, just loud enough for the other three to hear. "Something happened here. There's blood everywhere. Shell casings on the floor. Holes in the walls."
Gwin "Oh, I won't touch it," comes Gwin's reply to Kaelyn's comment, nodding to herself. While she walks through the dim lighting, she absently rubs at a spot near her right shoulder that's been bugging her for a while. She frowns, realising what she's doing, and focuses her attention on her surroundings instead. "What the .." she begins, lifting one foot from the ground and wrinkling her nose at the congealed blood on her shoe. Giving her head another shake just for good measure, she looks around again. "There," says she, pointing a little further down into the bunker. "Looks like someone tried to barricade themselves in that room there.. past those piles of ash."
Iris Lark Iris grimaces as she pulls her foot free from the sticky substances on the ground. She shudders and shines the light at her feet, showing large and congealed puddles of blood and gore. "I think we're looking for bodies, rather than anything we can rescue." She whispers, running her fingertips along the walls as she sees what Akane is seeing. "If you're not armed, now is the time." She quietly advises, pulling her own rifle up close to her body as she takes another hesitant step foward, letting her light shine out more. When Gwin speaks up she raises her rifle and points it towards the room. "Who volunteers to open the door?"
Kaelyn Kae shrugs and looks at the door... "Umm I think I might be able to do it from a distance perhapse and we can all be ready for it? Failing that, I can just pull it open. I think I can get out of the way of whatever before getting hit." Kae says and smiles slightly, though that might be lost with the wrap she has around her face.
Rexus Rexus glances at the others, grumbling. "Fine, i'll eat the ice cream." he says as he trudges forward. He's used to the smell by now, just don't breathe through your nose! "Keep an eye on the door...." he says, using both hands to grasp the handles and gingerly begins to open it. He makes sure someone is watching the door with a gun of somesort, easing the door open. "Fuck it's heavy..." he growls, leaning into it more, wrenching it a bit....
Gwin Gwin isn't about to pull open a door while in a hallway covered in blood. Newp. She'll follow Akane's lead and step back into the shadows, weapon aimed towards the door in silence. She crouches a little, trying to blend in with the darkness as best she can.
Kaelyn Kae peers at Rex and raises a hand, and yah some red light can be seen under her NVD goggles, like her eyes are shedding a bit of light and well the door suddenly and rapidly starts to open as she pulls hand back like she were opening a regular door. She then raises her assault rifle and begins to head down the door, NVD goggles giving off quite the good amount of light as she takes the lead... "Someone with a Mini gun, or laser gun came in here and unloaded. I got fused power armor.... Aaand, wait..." Kae says and she reaches down to lift a Holodisk up. She glances at it before setitng it into CORA's reader "Holo display CORA please." cora then suddenly appears above Kae's wrist, showing as a hologram before saluting Kae "Roger!" And beginning to show what's on the disk
Iris Lark Iris stands defiantly in the light that her own Pip-Boy is making, but that scary plasma rifle is held steady at the door that Kaelyn adn Rexus are trying to pry open. When the door opens and Kaelyn walks forward she follows behind, a little slower, Pip held high to shine light on the inside of the room. She moves a bit closer to the long eared lass, gazing down at the hologram to see what was on the disc.
Akane      Akane moved closer to the door as Kae called out CORA. She kept one ear out to listen to what the hologram said while keeping her back to the group and looking out for movement in the shadows around them. Rear guard she shall be! For what that's worth.
Kaelyn Kae blinks curiously and looks over the thing... "They were chased in here by Enclave, trying to hold off, ran out of ammo... I think half way through the writer was disturbed or something. End result, they fragged their own suits rather than being taken by the enclave... These suits are self destructed." she says and rubs at the back of her neck.
Rexus Rexus follows the others down into the last little room in the bunker. He frowns at what he sees, "Looks like we're far too late..." he says as he views the fused sets of armor. The holodisk doesn't seem to interest him too much, it's the same old story really. He goes about the grisly task of removing dog-tags, placing them into his pocket. "At least they went down fighting.... there may be some things leftover but.. my guess is scavengers and looters got here long before us..."
Iris Lark Iris walks close to Rexus, glancing around the area with a slight frown on her face. "At least they left behind the tags, we can tell their families." She says, patting Rexus gently on the shoulder. She slings her rifle over her shoulder and kicks aside some debris, hoping to find any clues on who did this.
Gwin Gwin steps into the room, sticking close to the wall. Gaze sweeping over the suits, her shoulders slump a little. Cursing under her breath, she watches Rexus collect dog tags. "Wish we got here sooner," she says in a soft voice. Lowering her weapon, she takes a deep breath (then promptly lets it all out since it still stinks in here) and looks around for a terminal, or a locker or something that might contain something useful. "Maybe the looters overlooked something? Won't know until we look."
Akane      Akane nodded her agreement that they were here and might as well look around a bit. It did seem like a waste but hey, they were here....
Rexus Rexus looks back the way they came. "It was Enclave.. notice that ash? Probably from their plasma weapons...." he mutters, pocketing the last of the dog tags. "I'll make a note of this location and.. come back with some others to bury the bodies..." he says, shaking his head. "What a waste.. could have used these men in the Siege..." he grunts.

     Everything seems pretty well picked clean though, "Well... let's... get out of here I suppose... not much left to it.."
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head and nods slowly "If that's what ya want..." Kae says and rubs the back of her neck "Need to get a burial detail here post hast... This place will be crawling with nasties before long." She adds and sighs agian. She tugs the disc free from CORA's reader and offers it to Rexus "Here..." She says and grins.
Gwin Gwin tucks her weapon back away. "There's nothing here." With one final look towards a glove on the ground, hand still in it but no longer attached to an arm, she nods and turns to head back with the others. "I'm glad you got to get the dog tags, but I certainly don't envy you in telling the next of kin."
Iris Lark Iris takes ginger steps to get out of the bunker, trying very hard to avoid the splattered, congealed blood splashed on the ground. She pushes her hair out of her face before she makes a limber climb out of the bunker entrance and once back into the wasteland, glances around to see if anything was out in the distance. "I'm afraid we're going to find more bunkers like these before we're done. Things might have been crazy in El Dorado and the surrounding areas, but they were just as bad in the smaller settlements."
Akane      Akane glanced at the self-destructed suits and finally broke her silence. "Mars would be proud. They'll be rewarded." And then she moved to follow Iris out.
Rexus Rexus nods, patting the pocket with the tags as he follows Iris out of the bunker. "Indeed... this will settle a bit but.. the Enclave are still out there.. all that's left is to pick up the pieces and.. keep going." he looks back to the bunker, sighing. "Unity is what we need.. not this.. randomness of patrols and scouts..." he says, more to himself than to anyone else.
Kaelyn Kae umms "I'm thinking we may be one of a few groups that could fight em off. I would't be suprised if there were a large number of colonies taken over..." She says and shrugs before wandering toward the stares "Guess we'll find out soon what's in front of us." She says and rubs at the back of her neck.
Gwin "You're probably right," says Gwin, rubbing that spot on near her shoulder again, absently. "They've probably taken over a lot of the smaller settlements out in the wasteland. I wonder if we're going to get some teams out to try to save them -- if there's even anything left to save. You think the Enclave would take prisioners, or just slaughter them all? My money is on the latter. They sure wanted us dead badly enough."
Iris Lark "Less people to deal with, prisoners and slaves aren't easy to control." Iris says, her cheeks going pink as she looks out at the wasteland. "Avalon and Acme are okay, there are casualties and lots of damage, but that can be fixed over time." She shrugs a slender shoulder and glancs back at Rexus. "Anything else for us to check out, or are we heading back?"
Rexus Rexus shrugs, "Well let's get back... i'll add this bunker to the big picture.. see what happens..." he murmurs, leaving the bunker as is as he heads off back towards El Dorado....
Iris Lark Iris trails along with the rest until the road turns towards Avalon. "I'm going to go check on Lynnette, make sure she's doing okay. Let me know if any of you need anything." She murmurs, offering an informal salute and a smile.