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Matt Matt has left the comfy innards of Iris' general store, and has decided to go check in at the main house. He manages to navigate the streets and such well enough, no popped stitches or nothing, before coming around towards the back porch.
Lynnette Lyn was sitting there on that swing as she looked out in the distance then happened to see Matt. Blinking she would look around then stared at him. "Hey! Matt!" Waving him over she'd stand up and walked towards the edge of the porch. "How you feeling?"
Matt "Well. I'm alive mostly. All the bullets out. So good!" Matt crosses the distance, then crosses his arms over a length fence, and posts his chin up on an upraised arm. "You look good! Didn't catch shrapnel or anything?"
Lynnette "I got a few bruises but...that's it...." Smiling she'd chuckle a bit and nodded. "And I'm glad you're okay. You gave me a scare, kiddo."
Matt "Its not the first time someones tried to put an end to me." Matt shrugs his shoulders and looks off into the wasteland for a bit. "I came in off the desert here, actually. Walked a few days after my caravan got ambushed. Iris has been plugging my holes up since then."
Lynnette "Well....then maybe I'll leave you on the ground to bleed out..." Frowning she would turn to head back to that swing and then sat back on it. "At least try not to die....ugh."
Matt Ah! Apparently that was a bad thing to say? Matt slips under the fence as if he was a uninjured man and winces as he comes back up, to shuffle and settle down next to Lynette on the swing. "I've been trying! People keep shooting me."
Lynnette Folding her arms she would just shake her head. "See if I try to care again....." Laughing she'd just shake her head then gave him a wink. "So what brought you over here, cutie? Looking for Iris?"
Matt "Cutie? Ehh, no. Well. Yeah. I'm bored. Nothing is going on the general store that she stashed me in." Matt eases his arms up and over the backrest of the porch in what is probably a comfy position for him. "She pulled me out of the militia clinic to watch her store."
Lynnette "No what?" A tilt of her head and she'd look him over. "And you just....left it there unattended?" A smirk then as she leaned into him. "That's how you get a spanking. Or is someone else there now?"
Matt "Its locked up tight now. Nobody is doing anything. I think she was more worried about Enclave hit squads, rather than shoplifters. Or looters." Matt doesn't say anything as someone attempts to use him as a pillow. "I think I've got another day or two of rest to take before I get stir-crazy. Too much to do now. Lone Star hasta get caravans running again."
Lynnette "Ah....." Sitting back up straight she would just lean on the opposite side of the swing and smiled. "Means you're about to get on the road again?" Lyn would eye him a bit then nodded. "At least let me by you a drink at work before you go."
Matt "I don't think I should be drinking anytime soon. Alcohol does bad things to a healing body. Or something." Matt reachs out and flips the back of Lyn's hair as she moves away. Nobody hits an injured person, right? "The road sounds like I'm going far. Probably never more than a day's ride out. Enclave has everything all split up probably."
Lynnette Those green eyes would peer at him as he flicked her hair and she would reach out and pull his hair. "Don't do that." She'd laugh as she relaxed again. "And fair enough. Maybe when you get back. Just don't get shot up again. I won't be there to carry you to the clinic....."
Matt "It was nice to be carried." Matt furrows his eyebrows as he gets pulled on towards Lyn. He'll just go with the flow and instead nestle into the crook of her shoulder. "You're nice Lynnette. I have a sister a lot like you."
Lynnette "Don't get used to it...." She would laugh a bit then blinked as he settled in her shoulder area. Lyn would just stare down at him then as he mentioned his sister. "Now don't call me nice barely know me...."
Matt "You're doing alright so far. Dragging people out of bad places." He tilts his head back up to look at Lyn's stare. "Trying to say you aren't nice?"
Lynnette "I'm not....." Staring at him flatly she'd raise her brow. "Never said I didn't have a conscience. I'm not going to just let someone die thats in the same side at me...."
Matt Matt rolls his eyes at Lynnette's explainings. "I reckon you wouldn't know if you were nice or not. People tend to remember most of their bad things, and not a lot of their good things. I'll remember your good things, darling."
Lynnette "Ooohhhh.....I'm darling, now?" Chuckling she would lean her head back and closed her eyes as she smiled. "Now I wonder if I should blush or not....."
Matt "I wouldn't take you for a blusher, hon. At least, unless you were working." Matt shifts a bit before sitting back up again, a bit of a slouch. "You been back to sling drinks again, yet?"
Lynnette "Boy I don't even blush at work. It takes a lot to make me blush..." Watching him sit up she would yawn then shrugged a bit. "Eh...not yet. The other guy can handle it for now. I'll be there tonight though. "
Matt "I'll be sleeping in the general store again tonight. I'll head back to El Dorado and pick up my rifle from the Militia. Then see whats going where at Lone Star." Matt plants his feet and gets the swing a-rocking for the two of them. "Ya might wanna stay one more night. Iris seems...kinda shaken."
Lynnette She'd pull her knees up her chest then as she heard him. "Yeah....I know...." Licking her lips a bit she'd close her eyes as she sighed softly. Lyn had run off from the clinic for a reason but eventually went back to to Iris' place. "Well I'm pretty sure she's coming over to the cantina hang out."
Matt "To hang out isn't the same as being around. I'd stay here a night or two..except for the impropriety. Don't want people to talk, and such." Matt scoots in closer and wraps Lyn up in a hug, because apparently something is the matter.
Lynnette She'd laugh her a bit then shrugged. "Just say you're a boarder....." Smirking she'd then look at in a bit then nodded. "And trust me. I had a reputation back where I was. I don't even care either. Life's too short."
Matt "Its obvious I'm not, hon. I've got a bed I can be in at the carvan's headquarters." Matt rolls his eyes at the laugh. "Whats got you in a huff anyways?"
Lynnette "What do you mean?" Lyn looked over at him then as she smiled. "A huff? I seem like I'm in a huff?"
Matt "You seem antsy. IFfy. Somethings amatter?" Matt gives a final squeeze before releasing the poor woman from a hug. "Maybe I'm just antsy. Theres stuff to do, and I'm not able to do it."
Lynnette Lyn had sat there in that hug but slowly returned it. before he pulled away. Taking a deep breath she looked back out into the distance. "Just....that battle got to me. So much killing...for what?" Closing those green eyes she would sigh softly. "I left the clinic after I dropped you off. I went to the cantina but someone ended up getting me out of there and let me get drunk and cry then pass out at their place."
Matt "Well. It was the *worst* I've seen. At least, the largest. Makes me almost wish I stayed home in Wake-Oh. But they would've come anyways, and I'm glad to be here to help." Matt keeps an arm around the sighing lady. "I'm just happy most people survived. We won, ya'know? It should feel good. But I just feel tired."
Lynnette Slowly she would lay her head on his shoulder, relaxing slightly. "At least most people did make it as you say but...." Trailing off she would sit up straight then as she pushed her dark hair out of her face. "I'm just trying to forget. Alpha at least let me get a lot of stuff off of my chest. That helped."
Matt "The worst should be over. Enclave pushed out. Mostly scouting parties and its gonna be our turn to scavenge up, and push'em out on our terms." Matt lets Lyn maneuver as she desires. "I try to do the same. Doesn't always work well."
Lynnette Those green eyes would seem to go distant as she smiled to herself. "It's hard but....." Pausing Lyn would then nod a bit before continuing. "I can see why people have other people in their lives. Probably helps....."
Matt "Eh. Most days. Sometimes they get themselves in trouble and you gotta help. Of course, I'm usually that people." Matt smirks, "But usually things are alright. People visit, relax, enjoy each other presence."
Lynnette Looking over at him she would laugh a bit then as she nudged him playfully. "I think my flirting back fired...." Lynnette slowly looked back out to the edge of that porch. "Now this person is like...actively pursuing me." A tilt of her head and then she'd smile. "Not sure how I feel about that....I usually just....leave the next day and go on about my life."
Matt "Maybe its nice. I actually courted a woman for a bit, back Texas way. She turned to be, uh, a piece of work. I was young though, got me out and about shooting a rifle." Matt bumps Lyn's shoulder. "Go on a date or somethin. People aren't their bar-room talk. Its easier to break it off if you give it a chance."
Lynnette "Was young? Kid you're //still// young...." Letting out a laugh now she would pat him him on his back before shrug. "We've already hung out a couple of times. It was nice." Lyn would leave it at that for now before she would just sigh. "Anywho....enough about that crap. No offense but you guys are trouble." Smirking over at him she'd nudge him carefully. "So you going to be hitting the road you said?"
Matt "I was 12ish. She was a tad older. More than a tad meaner." Matt winks towards Lyn. "She exploited me to eat apples. Now that I look back. I'm thinking the further west you go, the more trouble it is. Something about deserts set people a-conquering."
Lynnette "A tad older, huh?" Laughing she would just shake her head a bit then as she ruffled his hair then. "Aren't you a little little killer...." Lyn would just tilt her head a bit. "Yeah....I think you're right about that. But it's neither here nor there. It's just time to survive here I guess...." Standing up now she stretch her arms high above her head and groaned. "So sure you don't want to come by the cantina....?"
Matt Matt waits...and waits. Then jabs a finger into the underside of Lyn's ribs. "She wanted me for my apples. And a cantina sounds like a rough night. I'll stay here, spend another night in a nice cot, waiting for everything to stop being sore. Then head out in the morn' to get my rifle and get caravans moving again."
Lynnette A tilt of her head as she would then as she laughed a bit at the poke. "Just your apples?" There was a giggle that left Lyn's lips now as she looked him over. "And I feel you. A-....." She'd stop herself and cleared her throat a bit. "....someone else told me to maybe take it easy for a couple of days too. At least while things are still recovering."
Matt     "My family's apples. We had a rather large ranch out by Wake-Oh's lake. She loved apples." Matt stands up now, slowly, expecting pain but not getting much that time. "I may just find a ranch out 'ere to work. If Lone Star isn't gonna pick up its breeches and get out there."
Lynnette Nodding she would just smile then as she grinned. "Well that makes sense. Get to the good by the son...." A shrug as she sat back down after stretching a good bit. "Why not? Get something for yourself! Don't get to my age and still don't know what you wanna do with yourself."
Matt "Isn't being happy enough of a plan?" Matt moves forward and leans onto the porch's fence. A big sigh heaves from him. "Caravaning was fun until I got shot, ya'know?"
Lynnette Looking him over she'd smile at him warmly then chuckled. "As long as you're happy...." Looking back to the scenery...or lack there of she would continue. "I know I'm happy for the most part. Made a lot of mistakes but....I wouldn't be who I am now if I didn't."
Matt "I don't seem to be as happy unless I'm sticking my face into danger. I think I'm gonna poke through Roswell next week or two. See whats what over that way." He turns around to face Lyn now. "Welcome to New New Mexico though. Its hot and interesting."
Lynnette Lyn would laugh a bit as she smiled. "Yeah got hot right." Moving to the fence she'd lean on it too now befoer continuing. "I mean....technically....I"m from here. Just haven't been here in years. And of course I come back when stuff is popping off."
Matt "You gonna come bring that shotgun with me to Roswell?" Matt raises an eyebrow towards Lyn. "Or should I just bring my stories to your cantina?"
Lynnette Sighing she would just shak her head and laughed. "Let me go get my vest, the gun....and pull my hair up and we'll get going." Patting him on the back Lyn would smirk. "Didn't know that was an invite. I mean....I'm just a squishy little lady...."
Matt "I gotta have someone to carry what we find." Matt stands back up again. "In a week or two. Enclave might be holed up there anyways, it seems like their kind of place."
Lynnette "Oh! I thought you meant now! I was like....//sure//..." A shake of her head and she would laugh at herself now. Taking a deep breath, Lyn just nudged him a bit. "Alright then. Just let me know then. I'd be game as long as I can get some stuff too...."
Matt "Well. Let Iris know I swung by. Well. Stumbled by. I'm gonna go take a nap, unless you're comin to tuck me in." Matt eases down the steps of the porch this time, looking back to wave towards Lyn.
Lynnette Lyn would sashay her way down the steps after him then, walking up behind him and draping her arms over his shoulders gently. Smirking she would lean in to whisper in his ear and chuckled. "Oh you want me to come tuck you in....."
Matt "I reckon I wouldn't know what to do, ifen you tried." Matt blushs, having forgotten that Lyn gives as good as she gets and isn't gonna shy away from responding. "Ya think rain will come soon?" He does wrap an arm about a waist though.
Lynnette Grinning she would keep her lips close to his ears as she chuckled. "Oh Matt...don't be reason to change the topic..." Taking a deep breath she'd go to say something but stopped short before just kissing him on the cheek. "Go get some rest....."
Matt "You womenfolk like to mess with a man." Matt shakes his head some as Lyn continues to pester him, "Well. I should. A nap will be great. When you heading out to the cantina though? Maybe a night with friends will help more than staring at a ceiling."
Lynnette "Oh I'm not messing...." She'd pat him on the shoulder then laughed as she winked. "But I don't don't want to ruin you either." Pulling away she would shrug a bit. "Maybe in an hour or so....I need to shower, pull on my dress and try to cheer people up. Also....hustle some caps. A girl needs to eat afterall...."
Matt Matt slows his gait for a second, and reachs down towards his leg and pokes it a bit, it comes up red. "I think I popped a stitch."
Lynnette She'd frown a bit and shook her head a bit. "Come on, cutie...." She'd motion for him to follow her. "You want me to do it at your place that way you can just rest right after?"
Matt "Probably best...I don't think I'll be walking again after new stitches. You know how to do that?" Matt continues walking off towards the general store. "Its not really my place, ya'know. Just sitting there so Iris knows where I am. Ah. Its stinging now."
Lynnette She'd sigh a bit and shook her head. "I uh...I can help keep it clean and sit with you until Iris gets back if you want. But stuff like that? I'm not good at...." Lyn would walk back over and sling his arm over her shoulder. "Do you want to wait here or go back to your place?"
Matt "Eh. I'm gonna head inside here. Probably. A dusty walk may not be the best idea for it. Though Iris may forego stitches and simply kill me instead for making more work." Matt turns back around and begins to ease himself up the steps to get into the house. "At least I remember arriving here this time."
Lynnette She'd laugh a bit as she shook her head and helped him inside. "Come on...we'll go into the guest room where she's letting me crash...." A wink as she guided him slowly towards her bedroom and sighed. "I hope not. You're fun to tease. I'm sure she'll just scold you...."