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Lynnette Well needless to say that for the first time since she's been back, Lynnette had gotten herself gussied up and for work of all things. Licking her lips she would make her way into the cantina and looked around for a moment before she sashayed her way to the bar top. The woman wasn't oblivious to the stares she got in her dress that she head on. The dress itself was a deep burgundy and made of velvet; she didn't care if it was the made her look good. Her left leg was exposed because of a split that started at the top of her but the skirt portion of the dress was straight except the back of it which was bustled. Now the bodice of it looked as if it had a corset built into it as it cinched her already small waist even more and hoiste up her ladies up top and showed her cleavage off. The sleeves were slightly tuffted but hung off of her shoulders and left little imagination to her neckline.

"Come on act as if you've never seen a girl before." Her boots she still wore from her travel outfit clicked along the floor as she made her way around the bar. Licking her lips she'd run her fingers through her slightly curled hair and smiled as she looked ot her 'boss'. "Yes I'm late....don't care...." Seems like he didn't either as he looked as if he was about to drop dead right then and there.
Iris Lark Iris is wearing a skirt, and that's about as crazy as she gets sometimes. She follows Lynnette, waving to a few people she's noted that she knows before she takes a seat on a stool, crossing her legs. "That dress is amazing." She murmurs, giving Lynnette an appreciative grin. "Where would a person find something like that?"
Lynnette Chuckling she would lean on the bartop and smiled over at her then tilted her head a bit. "Thanks, ma'am. And this...." She'd lick her lips as she grabbed a glass and a pitcher of water and started to pour her her friend a glass. " was my mom's...." She'd set the glass down in front of her then shrugged a bit. "I'm sure I can help you find one though. Something like this is hard to find I bet but...." A playful wink then. "...let me see what I can scrounge up."
Iris Lark "I can imagine wearing that as I gave people medical aid, it would be trashed in a week." Iris says, propping her chin on her palm. A few greasy raiders move closer to the bar, one taking a seat next to Iris as she orders juice. "It certainly pushes up parts of your anatomy." She says carefully, before she nearly dissolves into giggles. "So how much do you make here a night?"
Lynnette She'd laugh a bit and nodded. "That's why....I only really wear it for work....for fun....stuff like that. But the split is here for a reason...." Smilng she would then look to the raiders and gave them a winke. "Be right with you boys....." She'd go to pour herself a glass of water now but sat it in front of Iris with a smile. "It depends to be honest. We'll see how the dress goes over and if I keep wearing it here. But that...that it does..." Grinning she would then look to the gentleman, leaning over as she propped her head up on her hands. "So Or you wish for something stronger like you I'm sure...."
Iris Lark One of the raiders slaps his hand on the bar, a raucous laugh coming from his mouth as he nods. "Beer to start!" Then he leans towards Iris, placing a dirty arm around the slender woman's shoulders. "So, tell me about yourself beautiful." He leers, not noticing that Iris is cringing away slightly. She smiles briefly in his direction, takes a drink from her glass and chuckles. "I'm a doctor, it's..nice to meet you?" She says, glancing quickly at Lynnette before she glances back at the raider. "What brings you here?"
Lynnette "Well good choice then...." A smile as she would turn to grab a beer for the man but kept her body turned towards Iris as those green eyes kept watch. Licking her lips she'd finish fixing it then sat it down in front of him, snatching up those caps and tossing them in the till. "Now now!" She'd playfully giggl as she looked to the man. "Be gentle with my friend handsome. She's a lady after gotta treat as little.....tenderly." That playful wink was tossed his way before she moved to his friend started chatting him up about what his choice was but didn't let her gaze linger too long.
Iris Lark Iris shifts on her stool and she watches the raider as he leans in to murmur in her ear. She gives him the attention that he's asking for, eyes on him as he speaks and she even smiles a bit. She's shy, sure, but most of her work is her having a good ear and a will to listen. The raider pushes his beer towards the young healer, trying to cajole her into having some of it, but Iris just shakes her head, indicates her water and continues to converse. The raider is slightly drunk and after a few moments he lurches to his feet and walks back towards a card game in the corner. Iris turns her gaze towards Lynette, a grin twitching at the corners of her lips. "Well that was interesting."
Lynnette She had giggled a bit as she was talking to his friend who had leaned in to say something softly. Lyn would just smirk and then shrugged. "We'll see...depends on how late I get off of shift....and if I feel like being bothered...." And that she'd spin around walked back towards Iris, wiggling her fingers at the raider who just laughed and picked up his drink and wandered back over to the corner where his friend was. She'd blow him a kiss then looked back to Iris as she smirked. "Oh....? So....." Leaning on the bar she looked as if she was a school girl waiting for gossip. "How did it go? How did it feel.....?"
Iris Lark Iris leans in a bit, her voice lowering. "I think he just propositioned me." She says, glancing back towards the table before she looks at Lynnette. "Other than that, I'm not sure. He was a bit drunk." She takes another drink of her water and shifts, gazing down at her lap. "It gets a bit rowdy in here sometimes, doesn't it?" She asks nobody in particular. She leans on the bar and grins at Lynnette. "I meant to tell you, also, that you're more than welcome to stay a bit longer if you'd like to. You haven't been a bad roomie, and you are very nice."
Lynnette She'd laugh then as she shook her head. "The drunk ones you just have to baby to keep them from being stupid. The sober ones are the fun ones...." Lyn would just take a sip of her own water now before she would nod. "It does....that's why I keep my shottie under the bar. I foolishly left it here the other night but butt over there locked it up for me." A tilt of her head and she would chuckle a bit. "I don't want to overstay my welcome.'re the second person to call me nice...." A shake of her head as she ran her fingers through her hair. "I'm alright...."
Iris Lark "Oh.." Iris murmurs, her cheeks going pink as she glances around her. "I didn't bring a weapon with me tonight, I hope that wasn't foolishness." She taps on the bar with her fingers, shrugging. "There are plenty of abandoned houses that you could build up into something different. Probably other places to hole up here as well. If you overstay your welcome, I will be sure to tell you, I promise."
Lynnette She'd smile and shook her head. "You'll be fine. I got your back...." Looking down at Iris' glass she'd then look back to her. "...want something a little stronger....on me?" Lyn would wiggle her eyebrows playfully then. "And yeah....I saw some places around here that I was scoping out. I'm just sure you want your own space you know..." Licking her lips she would then smile at her warmly. "But I appreciate you letting me crash. I owe you one for sure."
Iris Lark "I've only ahd a drink twice, and neither time did it go very well for me." Iris mentions, looking completely embarassed. She leans on the bar and nods, smiling at Lynnette as she shrugs. "I'm pretty ..big on alone time, which probably isn't all that healthy, to be honest."
Lynnette " it." Lyn would just wink playfully as she went back to her water. Licking her lips she'd make sure no one need anything for now then leaned in. "And I get it that. But you can't grow as a person by being a hermit." Leaning on the counter now, she'd nod matter of factly. "Also....can I ask you something......?" Looking around she would lean in and whisper something. "....between us girls."
Iris Lark "I ..don't think I'm going to grow beyond what I am. I've made my peace with that." Iris responds, and something dark passes over her features for a moment before she shakes it off, shakes her head and smiles at Lynnette, a curious look on her face. She glances around briefly before she answers. "You can ask me, go ahead."
Lynnette "Well if I'm your temp roomie....I will help!" Lyn would smile and put a hand on her arm. "I guess that's what friends do, right?" Slowly she'd pull her hand away then looked around before she whispered softly. "....what do you know about, Alpha.....?"
Iris Lark "I've never met him, honestly, besides seeing him here once or twice. We've never talked." Iris responds, smiling at Lynnette before she takes another sip of her water. "Why do you ask?" Now it's Iris' turn to have a playful look on her face, reaching out to poke at Lynnette before she giggles softly. "You're going to help me grow huh? Scary thought, you'd likely learn some things that might put more of a curl in your hair."
Lynnette "Oh....well shoot...." Lyn nibbled her bottom lip for a reason and then she actually....blushed as she heard her asking why. " reason." Clearing her throat she took a sip of her water and then smiled a bit. "Girl please. I've seen and done and heard some stuff. I'm sure you won't shock me."
Iris Lark "No reason indeed." Iris says, laughing softly as she turns for a moment to watch a fight that's starting to break out near the card table. A fist is thrown and then suddenly the table is upended. Iris pales and shakes her head, getting to her feet in case she needs to dodge a punch thrown at someone else. She opens her mouth to say something and then decides that she probably shouldn't. She makes note of some of the injuries, hoping they're not serious.
Lynnette "It's just....he...." But she was cut off as she tilt her head and sighed. Looking to the fight that was breaking out she would look at Iris with a smile. " second...." Her voice was sweet....and soft....the calm before the storm. Turning she'd slowly walk to the end of the bar towards them and tilted her, cleared her throat and then, "Cut it out you guys!! If you wanna fight....take that crap outside!!!!" Those arms folded which only hoisted up her girls more. "Now!"
Iris Lark Iris watches at the raiders start pulling the two combatants off of each other, frog marching them towards the door, loud grumbling as they push them outside. She retakes her seat on the stool and grins crookedly at Lynnette. "Nice work." She says, before she leans on the bar, one finger fussing with an errant curl. "So tell me what he just.." She prompts, talking about their earlier conversation.
Lynnette She'd shake her fist at them then nodded. "Thank you!" Spinnging around she'd walk back over to Iris and smiled. "Thanks. Takes practice..." Lyn then blinked as she heard her bringing it up and then leaned in again. "....he's like...." Frowning slightly she would then seem embarassed. "....I think he's trying to court me."
Iris Lark "He's trying to court you hmm?" Iris says slowly, a slightly amused look on her face. She Shifts and fusses with her skirt for a moment, crossing her legs. "Is that a good or a bad thing, because I've always thought it was a good thing." She murmurs, tiltng her head to the side as she regards Lynnette. "Especially if he hangs around here, most guys from here don't...court."
Lynnette "....I've never had a real relationship...ever...." Staring at her she almost looked embarrassed. "I get my it a day. A girl has her needs and if a man can do can it." Lyn just shook her head and then seemed perplexed. "....I've done what I normally do and he kept side stepping until he invited me to go shooting. I thought I was finally know....but he won't touch me. All he's done is kiss me. Heck he took me to his place after the fight and let me vent and know what he did?" She'd throw her hands up in the air then. "....he let me sleep in his room and he took a chair a room over. And ths sick part?" She'd lean in then. "....I actually like it. That he won't know...."
Iris Lark Iris listens as Lynnette starts to speak, and she nods along, her brow furrowing a bit. "Well he's treating you like you're worth something, and you probably are worth something to him. He wants to show it." She gestures at Lynnette and there is a gentle smile on her face. "He wants to be different, and honestly, that's not a bad thing. If he makes you uncomfortable, tell him so, but if you don't mind the attention? See where it goes, you know?"
Lynnette "It doesn't make me makes me feel....weird." She'd wrap her arms around herself as she shrugged. "I mean it's nice but...." A sigh would leave Lyn's lips and just shook her head. "....I'm probably over thinking this. And...." Trailing off, she seemed to be deep in thought before she continued. "....I guess I'm kind of....hoping it's not some bull crap. He's....he's interesting for sure."
Matt The doors swing open, and Matt eases in, sounds of a scuffle still outside, before he continues in. He is shaking his head, lamenting his decision to visit a bar and move about and such stuff. However, he does have his rifle now. So he seems a bit happier. Too much commotion has him confused, and he instead heads to the bar counter itself. "Uhh..nuka cola?"
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet and she helps Matt settle into a chair as she gazes at Lynnette. "Well you'll know sooner rather than later if it's crap, but careful okay?" She pats Matt on the back and leans in to give him a gentle hug. "What are you doing here, you silly man?"
Lynnette She'd nod as she shrugged. "Yeah yeah..." Lyn dropped it for now and just shook her head as she looked over to Matt and grinned. "Aw...ya missed me?" Giggling she'd go ahead and grab him his cola, sliding over to him and setting it down. "...feeling better, kid?"
Matt "A bit. And then she leaves again, ya think shes avoiding me?" Matt frowns as he begins to harbor abandonment issues. "Are we having romantical discussions again? This really has you all twisted about."
Lynnette She'd raise her brow a bit as she looked him over then shook her head. "Boy she's not avoiding you....though I'm sad you're not happy to see me...." Sighing as if she were hurt she'd then shoot those piercing green eyes back over to him. "....don't bring it up again, okay?" Lyn was actually blushing now. "....I've had the two discussions....and now we're done."
Matt Matt mmhhhms, reaching out and picking up a hand to recreate their meeting. "Relax. I was sorta kidding. Shes got a hundred balls up in the air and is trying to juggle all of them."
Lynnette Raising her brow she would eye him carefully before she would nod a bit. "Yeah...." Lyn would go back to her water then as she looked around the room and sighed. "Anyway.....why //are// you here? You said you weren't coming out...."
Matt "*I* got restless. And bored, but mostly restless. Got moving, headed out to get my rifle, then Jack's town isn't *that* much further and..." Matt lowers her hand again and his eyes follow arm to clothing to, ahem, bosom. Bosom to dress to bosom to face, to almost bosom and he manages to recover and lock back in again, his own blush becoming apparent now. "Darling, my state makes me prone to faint, you can't go around looking like this."
Lynnette Taking her hand back Lyn would raise her brow. "And you complained about getting caught up in stuff...." Then she head that comment and tilted her head as she folded her arms across her chest. "" Looking down at herself she would then raise her brow. "'s the dress I was telling you about. What's wrong with it?"
Matt "Far from anything wrong. Has he seen this? No wonder hes gotten all romantical with you. If I had the balance, I'd teach you how to square-dance now." Matt goes elbow to counter, and leans forward towards Lynnette. "Its a very nice dress, Ma'am, and you wear it well."
Lynnette " he hasn't seen this.....not yet." She'd clear her throat a bit before she would finally smile. "No need to do that. I'm sure the're plenty of time to do that. Maybe I'll host a dance here one day...." Chuckling she would just tilt her head before Lyn just nodded. "Thank you, Matt. Aren't you so sweet...."
Matt "Sweet? Sometimes. Don't point a gun at me though." Matt reachs out and lifts his nuka-cola to his lips for a swig. "So, what did I do to deserve such close attention in a busy establishment such as this?"
Lynnette "...everyone else has been served?" Lyn grinned then as she turned away from him then as she made her way towards the other end of the bar. Of course she did have one more comment to make. "'re not that special, cutie."
Matt Matt heaves a sigh as the lady of the cups wanders away. He props himself up on an elbow again and surveys the crowd instead. Bunch of hooligans, ne'er-do-wells and ruffians.
Lynnette Making her was back over she'd set a shot glass in front of each of them....with a brown liquid in them. "Just one...." Smiling, Lyn would pick up her own glass then winked. "....I promise. And it's only whiskey....."
Matt "Oh no. Nononono. I think it may be better to avoid the alcohol for awhile, Lynnette." Matt eyes the shotglass in front of him. "Besides, what if I need to throw a rapscallion out of here? I saw that fight as I was coming up."
Lynnette "Oh come on kid....just one." She'd wink playfully as she then took her own shot. Closing her eyes she would smile before then shook her head. "Honey....I just kicked them out of here. They're not coming back in here...." Lyn would just slowly push that shot glass to him.
Matt "Someone else might start something.." Matt does pick up the shotglass with a wary glance towards Lynnette. "You do something special for this at all?"
Lynnette "True...." A shrug then as she leaned on the counter, propping her head back up. "What do you mean? Naw. I'm just buying you a shot."
Matt Matt grumbles to himself before lifting the shot up and downing it without too much of a complaint. "Where I come from, we got kisses after shots, so, ya'know."
Lynnette Lyn would pull herself up on the bartop and then leaned over, her face near has as she whispered softly. "....where do you want it then....?"
Matt "I haven't the faintest idea why I do these things." Matt gulps a bit, leaning towards Lynnette a tad, before grasping her chin and planting a kiss upon her forehead. "Thats fine, eh?"
Lynnette "Perfect...." She'd laugh then before she slipped back down the floor, picking up a towel. "Well I'm gonna go make the rounds at the tables....just holler if you need anything, sugar." And with that, Lyn sashayed her way from behind the bar.