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Akane      Akane was in the clinic, covering while Camilla rested and Iris was gone... somewhere. So she would be the one that was tapped should anyone show up. The woman had her crimson hair wrapped in bits of silk in a romanesque style with half of her hair hanging down behind her.
Devlin Devlin
    Walking into the clinic slowly with partially lidded eyes, Kyne adjusts the crude and worn black duster that wraps around his frame to make sure his sidearm was well concealed from prying eyes. With a tilt of his head in each direction, he surveys the clinic and the lack of heavy traffic within it at post noon hour and lets out a tense sigh of relief that he wouldn't have to linger long before being seen. With all the rooms appearing to be the same, he racks his knuckles lightly onto the door frame of the first examination room before sticking his head into the room, his cropped, almost ivory hair being one of the more striking features others would notice about him.. the second being the reforged and rusting plate armor largely covered by his duster.
Gwin Gwin apparently isn't as bad off as some as she's able to walk through the doors to the clinic on her own two feet. Dressed in a faded Red Rocket jumpsuit and a dusty Mexican poncho, she sort of swaggers in, rubbing at that spot near her right shoulder again, and frowning. Dark eyes scan the space, looking to see who's around, and attempting to gague her wait time.
Lucette     Lucette had finished tending to her own injuries, rested and ready to continue on helping recover. It's landed her at the clinic, looking for people to help or.. for the time being, seeing who was in charge of the place, peeking into rooms until she spots a familiar face in Akane, and offering her a wave.
Akane      Akane looked up as the three popped in at around the same time. Lucette got a raised brow for a second, curiosity in the medic's pale green eyes. But Gwin and Devlin, they looked to be here for something more usual.
     The woman stood her bearing firm but kind. "Hello. Can I help you three with something?" Despite her calm collected demeanor, the woman still wore a collar around her neck, a bright metal of some strength and a bit pricey, a sign left from the Legion marking her as a slave.
Devlin     Glancing towards his side towards the woman bearing the RR-Jumpsuit, his eyes briefly fix onto her shoulder as she worked it over for a time in discomfort. Looking away from her towards the red headed woman and lifts his right hand and motions towards Gwin, "She seems like she could use more attention, a lame arm is damning," is said a lowered tone. Stepping further into the room, Devlin continues to glance around for a moment before finding a vacant chair to stoop down and relax onto, though the motion causes him to tense up for a moment. "I just need to see about stitching.. I think I may have over stressed a few since my last stop." Even though he spoke to Akane, his eyes turned to the third woman what didn't appear to be wounded, Lucette, trying to evaluate if she was actually an aid.
Gwin Just her luck, there's a bit of a line. Luckily for all involved, no one's been carried in that she can see. Those are the patients you don't want to be behind. Sometimes their treatments can take -hours-. "Ah, he was here first," says Gwin, jerking her thumb towards the light-haired man in armour. She's left hers at home, trusting in the safety of the city's walls. Turst, yes, but not enough to leave her weapon at home. It's tucked into one pocket with the handle sticking out. Still, it's less conspicious than a 'real weapon' like a gun.

She leans against a wall, arms crossed casually across her chest, conciously avoiding Akane's mark of enslavement. Instead, she looks to Lucette and gives her a bit of an upnod."Hmm? Oh, it's just an old wound that's been bothering me for a while. Been in time and again but there's always been emergencies to deal with, and I ain't that bad off, really."
Lucette     Akane gets a small salute from Lucette. "Dropped by to see if I could help relieve you of some work and check people out. My personal stash is running dry but my surgical tools are prepped." she answers, easing up. Her shades are tugged off and closes, resting on the neck of her poncho. Her goggles are tugged up to rest on her forehead, and she plucks a pair of glasses free from her pack to put over her eyes instead. Moving further into the room she glances to Gwin and Dev. "If either of you two need anything more than the basic healing powder and bandages, I can see you." she says with a slow breath. "Need to scrounge up more bandages and water for my field kit."
Akane      Akane raised an eyebrow at Devlin and Gwin as the two played hot potato with her healing queue. "Well, if it's stitching, he's right. We should be sure you don't have anything pinched." She lifted a hand and smiled lightly at Gwin, motioning for her to come in first. "Hello, Miss Lucette. Miss Camilla is resting or she would be here." She then turned toward Gwin and began looking the woman over.
Gwin Gwin glances towards Devlin once more, assessing him. Giving her head a slight shake, she pushes off the wall. "Guess I'm up then," says she, ready to follow Akane. "I don't think we properly met earlier. I'm Gwin. Live just down the way on Caine. Antiquarian, though my mother would title me Troublemagnet. I've for this ache in my shoulder from way back when. Sometimes it hurts more than others, but I figured I should get it looked at since I've had it so long and it's still bothering me. Ran into some cultists in the wasteland when I was out looking for lock boxes. Also .. I've these strange marks on my legs and arms. Best I can figure, it's from my most recent adventure into Dunwich."
Devlin     Raising his hand to refute Lucettee's offer of advanced medical service and shakes his head suddenly, "I don't have those kind of caps, I just got into the region. A restitching and short strip of fresh gauze then I'll take it slow, no need for breaking a stitch again." Lowering his hand, his attention shifts towards Gwin as she redirection the focus back onto himself and fails to hold back a restricted chuckle despite this displeasure of the motion.
    Turning towards Akane, Devlin shrugs with one shoulder and closes his eyes. "The doctor has spoken, I'll be fine waiting another hour or two." Once Gwin conceded and offered her name, he murmurs it softly 'Gwin', attempting to commit it to memory. The mention of marks on the other hand causes the man to let his gaze drift though he soon remembered the jumpsuit she wore would make seeing them impossible.
Akane      Akane nodded as Gwin explained and introduced herself. "I am Akane." She smiled, having said it loud enough to introduce herself to Devlin as well. But then she was checking over Gwin's shoulder. After a moment she tilted her head. "It looks like you might have strained it quite a bit when it happened. I can give you something for the inflammation and then some basic exercises to get the muscles used to working again." She would proceed to then bring out a syringe and a vial. "This will help cushion the joint again and should help with the pain while you exercise it." And assuming Gwin allowed her, she would prep the shoulder then slide the needle into the joint, slowly injecting a cool fluid. The pain would slowly begin to ease.
Lucette     Lucette nods as the serious case goes to Akane, then the other newcomer's taken up already to wait. Luce closes her eyes and finds a wall to lean on quietly and out of the way. Doing her best not to impede on the work Akane's up to. Which comes up to her checking her holsters for the time being.
Gwin Gwin unzips her jumper enough so Akane can work on her shoulder. She's more or less silent while the doctor works on her. Better than being disctracted by her chatter, or so she figures. Once she's done, the brunette raises a brow. "That's it? I mean, it feels better already, but don't you need to cut me open or anything?" Seems like that went too smoothly for her expectations, but then, she's not an optimist. Not by a long shot.

Once her treatment is done and Akane shows her those excercises, she zips back up and moves out of the way to let Devlin have a go, all the while flexing her hand experimentally. To Lucette, she nods. "That was so easy. Why didn't I come here long ago. Oh .. I almost forgot. Akane, how much do I owe you?"
Devlin     Watching over Gwin and Akane, Devlin stays quiet save for murmuring the name, 'Akane' as he tries to memorize the name as well. Once the woman's should becomes exposed under examination, he averts his eyes, shifting the focus of his attention onto Lucette. Arching a pale brow lightly, he watches the surgeon begin to now take up a sentry position along the wall which promps him to ask, "Did you need help washes the bandages and finding purified water?"
    Even after hearing the zipping of the jumpsuit being resealed, he didn't look away from the surgeon until the talk of payment was made. Returning his gaze to the pair, he stands up slowly and rolls his shoulders, causing the duster to open wider and slip backwards, loosening at the shoulders to allow it to slip backwards carefully, exposing his covered armor in full. After setting down his duster, it takes Devlin a few regretful moments to remove his chestplate and unbutton his shirt, revealing mildly grimed and blood spotted bandaging around his stomach, keeping additional padding along his left side still.
Akane      Akane smile faintly as Gwin seemed impressed with such an 'easy' treatment. "If that starts to hurt again I can redo it in a few months. As for payment, hmm..." She named a modest price.
     Then she looked at Devlin and motioned him over next. "Stitcheshmm? Let me see." She glanced over at Lucette with a smile. "Miss Lucette could I convince you to make us all some tea?"
Lucette     Luce is asked to make tea. She's not sure how to take that, brain working hard behind her eyes. "For all of my field training and experience." she states, "I have no idea what you're asking me for. Tea, that is. Never heard of it." to the offer of assistance to Gwin, she smiles. "I don't really need help with finding the stuff. Scrounge things up nice."
Gwin Gwin raises a brow. Tea? Akane is asking the other doctor to make tea? Perhaps she misjudged Lucette's position. Shrugging to that, she slides her hands into her pockets, "I'm good. Don't want any tea anyway, unless it's laced with something stronger." What do you expect from a girl named after a beer? "I should probably be heading back anyway. Have all these boards to pry off my windows now. Be so much easier with my shoulder fully functional again."
Devlin     Approaching Akane, Devlin walks a crescent path around Gwin, giving her enough space to likewise maneuver around in the room. Even through he was semi-surrounded by a pair of doctors and an injured woman, he was less than discreet as he glances back every so often to his duster, making sure noone was in the way of him making his way quickly to it. Moving his hands to the divide of his shirt, he parts it wide, allowing the doctor to see the bandaging and padding more readily, along with leaving himself exposed so she could cut away the old treatment.
    "Tea, boiled water that has dried plant material crushed and mixed in. If you head to the north or the east of here that might be one of the only medicines you'll be offered by the tribals.. that and herbs being stuffed into your open wound before wrapping it with other leaves." While informing Lucettee, Devlin's face slowly began to twist into a scowl, clearly speaking from personal misfortunate at the process.
Akane      Akane blinked several times as Lucette stated she had no idea what tea was. Was that even possible? "Um.. nevermind." She was afraid to explain it as 'leaf soup' too. Might have a bad outcome. t Devlin beat her to it. She frowned at his explanation of the tribal's medicine and shook her head. "Indeed. but I merely thought we could use some refreshment, not medicine." The stitching and padding removed, Akane would work carefully to clean and refresh the wounds on Devlin's skin before restitching a few places and injecting him with a painkiller.
Lucette     Lucette listens to the explanations provided about tea and. "Never heard of it called tea before." she admits, "Sure I've added broc and xander powder to water, usually making a paste to pack something where i had no bandages or sutures, or to try and help with burns or something on the mouth or guts." shaking her head. "Can't imagine how that tastes well enough to settle down with." trying to think about it all while observing Akane work on Dev now, and Gwin prepping to leave.