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Katherine Caine It's been a long day in El Dorado, without the Sheriff around, people are just being pricks and most of the deputies kind of suck but that was something for the Mayor's office to handle.

Katherine and Archene had met with William, a man claiming to be a Brotherhood of Steel Knight the night before and he had supplied some very juicy information. Of course, it would all be a lie or be a trap.

It should have been something for the Sheriff or Militia to look into, but Mayor Solomon wasn't interested in wild tales and so William had come to the Gold Digger.

While her motives in organizing an expedition to find the crashed Vertibird were not entirely altruistic, Katherine was still concerned about the possible threat to the town. It didn't mean her and her brother couldn't make a profit though.

If only to evidence what a terrible mother (if she could be called that) and sister she was, she paid a pair of street urchins to track down Lilly and Clara and asked them to meet her at the old Caine Ranch before setting off with Archene.

Unlike her brother, when she arrived at the Ranch she was astride her large black stallion 'Apocalypse', a horse that was known to be temperamental and quite violent towards anyone who was not Katherine.

As they arrived at the property, she looked down at her brother and said with a sigh, "This place really has lost its charm over the years, hasn't it?"
Clara Caine Charm is Clara's middle name, really. Her sweet, spunky sort of nature and all. She's been busy, tending to the horses, busy with the house, helping out take care of Lilly - which is the best of those three in her eyes. The rancher comes from the stables, boots hitting the ground, yet her steps are light, thumbs are tucked into the back of her pants pockets - which today, is a simple pair of slacks and dark green top. The hat she wears, a dirty old cowboy one, keeps light from her eyes.

"Come on ya mutt," Clara says, turning and giving a two fingered whistle for her golden retriever to follow along. "Gotta get our stomachs fed! Ain't gonna miss food this time!"
Lilly Caine something tunks overhead at the whistle. A thunk,rattle, and a heavy wrench hands on the ground. "Oops!" a voice squaks from overhead. Lilly's face peeks over the edge, cursing under her breath at what the wrench fell into. She spies Clara and tries to vanish before she's called to help 'feed up'

Dust rains down from where she's trying hard not to be seen.. as if Clara doesn't know all of Lilly's hiding spots by now.
Archene Caine Trap or not, Archene planned to profit from it. As long as they went well armed, a trap just meant more people to loot in the end. Else, it'd just be a flimpsy trap. Plus, his sister would be going, so things should be safe enough.

While his sister was enjoying a good ride, he was walking by foot with a large black and brown German Sheppard. He looks about for a moment after his sister ask him a question... after if there was nothing of notice before it, "Yes, pretty much. But at least, it is still standing around. It could be far worse."
Katherine Caine Katherine put her fingers to her lips and whistled loudly before hollering out like a banshee, "LILLY! Get back here, don't be running off." She began trotting Apocalypse over towards Clara before sliding off the large stallion and letting him wander off; likely to visit all of the lady horses.

She waited patiently for Lilly to join them and when she did, there wasn't even an attempt to hug the girl who was her daughter, just a formal, "It's good to see you Lilly." Reaching into her duster she removed a little datadisc and tossed it to the girl before nodding to her sister, "Clara."
Clara Caine A piece of root is taken from her back pocket, it's good to chew on, oddly having a earthy yet sweet flavour. It's set between her teeth, hanging from the side of her mouth some. Seems to be a post work habit, done with the horses and shovelling hay and shit. Her blue eyes peer from under her hat, face smudged with some dirty but that scattering of freckles across her nose peeks out. "Hey there, sister." It's a formal greeting in return, because really, there isn't in her mind that would say their blood is worth noting. "Archene." He too gets a greeting, around the root she is chewing on.

Turning, a boot digs into the ground a little, eyes going to fix on Lilly. "Lil' flower! Be careful! Yer gonna turn my hair grey I swear darlin'!" It's said in a more playful nature, showing some of that easy charm the woman has. Back to her sister and brother, a free hand smacks off some dust from her work clothes. "So what brings ya in here?"
Lilly Caine Lilly clambored down from the loft, still seeminmg to be all knees and elbows. She draws close, noddng to Katherine "", she says in a sorta deadpan manner, as if she hates to admit it, but goes through the motions cuz, well, thats what you do. She eyes the datadisk, eyes widening as she pulls it up on her pip boy. "where'dya swaggle this from?", scrolling through images on her pipboy.. gobblign up the schematics like candy.
Archene Caine Archene just keeps walking and watches his older sister throt off. There goes the nice small talk, by the time he arrives, he gives Clara and Lilly a wave, "Clara, Lilly." He manages to even muster something that could pass as a smile, before kneeling by Tyrone and patting its head as he watches the three.. women, speak.
Katherine Caine "Long story sweetie, not the kind of thing an innocent 'lil flower' like yourself needs to know about." Whether it was protectiveness or just flat-out liking to keep what her and Archene did out in the world a secret was an enigma wrapped in a mystery she kept to herself.

For all Clara and Lilly knew? Archene and her had just been hiding out in Jack's Town for 16 years.

"I need you to get to know those very well and if we find one of those, I need you to know what parts to take. Alright darling? You're going to need to rest up to." Katherine said with a genuine smile, "Clara, I'm going to need you to get some horses ready from the barn, don't tell Old Man Solomon about it. We'll just be borrowing them for the day."

Reaching into her duster she removed a map and displayed it all too briefly to the other two women, "Man came into town, claiming some weird shit about a raider horde. We're going to investigate part of his story tomorrow, see if that checks out. I'll need you both with me." She looked at her sister, the smile gone, resting bitch-face assumed, "So Clara, that means I need you getting those horses ready, now."
Clara Caine Leaning back a bit, Clara looks to Archene, studying him as he barely talks and decides to have a better time petting his down. Her own golden retriever standing right beside her. It's like her and her dog both feel the same about the wayward siblings, aka; giving little care. Flickering her gaze to Kat, well, that gaze narrows some, for a second there is a unsure sense, the root in her mouth chewed on, it tastes better than the shit stories they always tried to feed them. Looking to Lilly she watches her like-daughter and 'hmms' to herself some. "You be careful ya hear, lil' flower." Because, that mom tone as to come from -someone-

Taking a few steps forward and staring at the map, there is a nod, peeks of sun shining on her face through the gaps in her work hat. "Fine." Now stepping back, there is a small shrug with a smile. "Better company anyway, plus -" There is a smirk, she turns, lifting a hand in the air as if giving a casual don't give a shit wave. "They smell better than the shit ya two spew." And so, she trots off to the bar, kicking up some dust as she goes.
Lilly Caine Lilly offers a distracted wave to Archene, a sorta 'yea, wave., friendly, done'. "Yea, Yea", she calls back to Clara.. "..I think there's some of these over on", looking up to find Katherine leaving.. She starts to call back some wise-ass remark, but she's a bit out of wise-ass at the moment.. She pretends to save them from the caustic ire of her razor-sharp tongue, looking back at her Pip-boy. "You really gonna help em?", looking up to Clara. "I mean.. its Her.. ", not mentioning Archene.. he's just.. well.. whever she is it seems. "You know it aint no good..", he images on her wrist distracting her. "...where Did she get this.. wonder if there's any more.."
Archene Caine Yeaaaaaaah, and Archene also certain found every single weapon he lying on the ground while he was just peacefully walking outside. That kind of things happens!

At least Lilly did a friendly wave back at him! Unlike his veritably cold hearted little sister. As he hears a question from her, he has to answer, "It is a noble cause, protection of EL Dorado and the like. It is very necessary that we go, it isn't for the random guy at all." It is for the loot that by chance may happen to be over there!
Katherine Caine A scream could be heard and Apocalypse could be seen kicking a farmhand through a fence. "Awww hell." Katherine muttered before running off to deal with it, leaving Archene and Lilly on their own!
Lilly Caine Lilly sits down something that isn't covered in horse crap, flipping through the list of parts and making a scavenge list. "She treain' ya okay?", she asks of Archene.. only half caring, the other half just doesn't give a shit. "..could use some power cells if you find any.. ..layin about 'n stuff..", still looking at her pip-boy. At least her uncle likes dogs.
Archene Caine Her uncle also care about power cells as he says, "Just say everything you will need found, and I'll bring it back when I see it." It could even have sounded reliable, if not for the fact that he is looking at Tyrone and Tyrone is licking him very happily.
Lilly Caine Lilly nod "Okay.. just dont get it get bloody.. I mean.. hard to clean crap out of small nooks and cranies.. and when you fire it up, it smells like asshair and fried bugs. ..maybe fried asshair. and no washing it.. I can tell.. ",
Katherine Caine Katherine returned with Apocalypse being led by the reins, "Archie. Keep Lilly company and make sure she studies that little gift I gave her. I've gotta take care of some stuff back in town before the evening is out."

She didn't smile as she reminded the pair, "We ride out just before dawn."
Lilly Caine Lilly lifts her head from the Pip boy.. a question on her face if the 'we' was to include her too. She's not in a big hurry to get dragged into some of 'mom's buisiness'.. Especially she doesn't wanna hear what Clara might have to say about it