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Connor     The clean-up has begun now that imminent doom has been pushed aside for awhile. El Dorado still smokes in many places, cinders still smoldering amongst wooden houses and debris-riden lots that used to be houses and homes.
    Work here is focused arounding the Sheriff's building, the center of Law and Order in the city. Now, its a roofless, patchy walled eyesore. Connor is here orchestrating the efforts of civlians bringing scrap and materials from inside the building, and in the surrounding block to begin reconstruction. Reconstruction also begins with demolition, as the few people with hammers inside the building are busting down walls that are too damaged to be repaired.
Cooper      Walking out from the rubble of what had once been a rather grand bar of sorts is a man dressed in a well worn and repeatidly patched back together business suit. His pitch black sunglasses still hide his eyes from view completely giving him an oddly proper look for the wasteland. Even with his trusty N99 pistol holstered to the belt of what had once been a rather nice business suit.

     He walks out with bottle in hand now empty, a quick motion made to throw the bottle into a nearby bin left only partially melted down to slag by the force of the prior firefight that had threatened to engulf the town.

     He was one of the men on the front lines and yet from looking at him there wasn't much of a hero's facade to him, as much as that of a drunkard, a gunslinger, and by the massive pack on his back: A currier.

     Drug behind him as he stumbles slightly is a large patch of what had once been metal for a wall behind the bar, perfect material for a roof if ever Cooper had seen it before in his life. This was a time for new beginnings.
B B is one such worker, wheeling in some wood scraps in her wheelbarrow. It's seen a lot of use as of late hauling water to put out fires. "Where do you want this?" she wonders, pausing to wipe the sweat from her brow. Tucked into her belt is a hammer, and the pockets of her apron are filled with leftover nails from the recent construction on her own house, just outside the walls. As such, she's dressed in armor with a rifle slung across her back .. just in case.

Glancing around, she makes a mental list of all the buildings in need of repair and gives her head a slow shake of dismay. Pushing up her sleeves, she forces out a cheery smile, gaze focusing on building that once housed the Sheriff and team. It's but one building of many in disrepair, but an important place to start.
Lincoln     Perhaps, as the stories of old have unfolded, there are those that come from neighboring kingdoms to giveth their support. One such individual is a man that has come to be known as Lincoln Archer Fox. Or, well, some people just refer to him as Linc. Regardless of his chosen moniker for the moment, the Avalonian has beseeched the opportunity to lend a helping hand. Avalon is, after all, a friendly neighboring settlement to El Dorado.

    Not tha strongest man out here by any imaginative stretch of the mind, Lincoln has chosen to assist with the clean up by using his quick hands and nimble body to reach things that stockier individuals haven't been able to. He's been working for a bit now and shows no actual signs of tiring or slowing. He's pacing himself but he's here to assist. He's here to help. Because that's what heroes do.
% R    He pauses after dropping off another slab of metal scrap onto a pile that he's been gathering for a while. He steps over to the place where he's stuck his own things, including a satchel of his own. He grabs hold of his water, cracks open the top and takes a sip from it. He takes a glance around at the others that have come forward to join in this labor.

    This... labor of love.
Lynnette Lyn had gotten up and changed into her less....attention grabbing attire and had her hair pulled up into a low ponytail. Her face was covered in soot, mainly from wiping her hand across her face after picking up some stuff. Even though she was there the day the push back happened she still felt like she needed to be able to help get town back together.

There was a pile of wood she had been working on from salvaging what she could from some of the buildings. If it wasn't burnt to a crisp and charred, she'd pull it over to that pile. She wasn't the most crafty person but she could at least move some stuff and gather supplies to help see what was able to still be used.

Coming to a stop, those green eyes would look around and just shook her head as she wiped her hands on her pants. Well...there was a lot to do but at was a nice group of people to start.
Connor     Connor has come back out of the building and begins directing people to lay down their scrap into piles now. "We'll take beams of wood over here, and next to it sheets of wood. Over here is beams and sheets of metal and...I'll take that one right now." Connor halts the draging sheetmetal Cooper, and steps in to help him with practiced ease. "We're taking this one up to Charlie and Denzo in the way back. They're working the area that is relatively untouched...Hey Denzo!" Connor calls out to a passing laborer, who comes and helps Cooper take the roofing material to the back.
    Connor himself returns to begin picking beams out of the scrap pile. "We're gonna to need sturdy beams about six feet in length to crossbrace the studs that are still standing, alright?" Spoken to whoever happens to be standing nearby.
Devlin     "I came here looking for 'them', yet all I find is ruin.." a sigh escaped the man's lips as his left hand lift up and runs through his short pale hair, scratching lightly at his scalp. Wrapped in his black duster, the fresh faced man didn't try to hide his armored state, a sign he didn't trust in the damaged town's safety just yet. While walking through the site, he kept an ear out towards the varying orders, and kept light footed to keep out of the other's way.
    Not skilled with explosives nor known for brutish tactics, Devlin had entered the building with a crowbar and a mallet, offering his hand in testing the soundness of the building. Using the claw end the man scraps along the walls, breaking off the charred sheet wood and plaster to try and expose the wall's supports only to then use the mallet to stroke the supports firmly several times along their lengths, testing the soundness and questioning any splintering or burned points. "This is going to take a while.. I'm starting to wonder if everything was actually lost within.." is mused, speaking more to himself rather than loud enough to easily be heard over the scraping and thumping of other workers inside and out.
Cooper      carrying the sheet of thin metal, cooper grabs for his flask, taking another swig of the contents, before glancing right at the sherifs hut. A quick moment is taken for him to adjust the collar of his suit revealing for one brief moment rope marks from where he'd been hung from the neck only a few months prior.

     "Towns lucky to be standing." He states in a firm voice to the breeze, while looking about for other signs of activity. There's a light sway in his step from the booze but not enough that he's falling down or slurring his speech. "Enclave would have rolled the whole place over." Regripping the sheet metal with his hand he offers a nod from behind mirrored sunglasses.

     He's quickly guided back arround to where the sheet is needed putting in effort on his part despite still being hung over from the night prior. A rather long night spent drinking following the violence not too far removed from this place.

     He'd been doing a lot of drinking since his hanging, and had no time to worry about his liver now. Worse came of it he'd sooner die of a failing liver then some giant monster in the middle of the desert.
B B isn't the strongest person here, but she's pretty handy with her hammer. Leaving her wheelbarrow where it is, she heads inside the building to a wall in progress. "Lift that end up a little higher," says she, gesturing with her hammer so the plank is straight. With a nod when it's level, she withdraws a nail and begins to hammer it into place, securing the board across an opening between this room and the next.

"Bring more boards over, and I'll nail them in," she says to someone nearby. A glance is spared to Devlin, then Cooper. "Doesn't matter if the whole town was razed .. we'd rebuild anyway so long as there was a person left standing. That's just who we are." She smiles, happy to be included in that 'we'.
Lynnette Looking up she'd hear a call for boards and then looked around. Peering over to Connor she'd wave and then point to the wood she'd been retrieving. "Do you want to save these for something else or use it on the repairs?" As she then turned around and saw B then asking for more boards. She'd leave her retrieval pile then to go to the more new boards then. Lyn would then start a pile closer to her as she looked to some people. "Here's some more guys. I'm a bit short but if you need help lifting I got you." Wiping her brow then she'd look around and speak up. "Anyone need help with anything else specifically? I'm not much of builder but I can move some stuff."
Connor Connor nods to B, "Its a good town. We'd just put it back together even stronger. You can hammer in some nails, as long as you can land a hammer squarely." The last bit to Lynnette as he scoops up a pile of similiar lengthed beams and starts next to the doorway. He hoists a beam up and slides it into place between the doorway and a stud, and he looks about for someone to get it nailed into place.
B B gives Lyn a smile. "Thanks," says she, reaching for another board. Truth be told, she's not all that tall either. They're plenty of work to go around though, no matter your height. She moves over to the board Connor holds with a nod and gets to work. "That we would .. and we've got the wall to rebuild too. Spent so much time working there .." she gives her head a shake and fishes another nail from her apron. "No matter. It's not all for not. Imagine how things would have gone if it wasn't there."
Devlin     In raising his voice, Devlin began to speak out to not only Cooper but also 'B', "A settlement's must be in high spirits after having survived such a assault, planning to build up again so it's not just luck next time?" Setting down the mallet and wielded the crowbar with both of his hands and turned it upside down, using the other end to get leverage to begin prying a section of a damaged beam away from its anchor points. Pipping up again he adds on, "..and to make sure there's more than just one person left standing after the next assault?" Turning towards the apparently short voice of Lynnette to say, "Doubt anyone's tall enough to get the ceiling alone, you could climb onto someone's shoulders. Won't you be tall enough then to get the ceiling to make sure nothing just about to fall through?" While he made the suggestion, Devlin didn't appear to nominate his shoulders as he begins anew to remove the failing supports to make room for the fresh ones being brought in.
Cooper      With a heave and a hoe the sheet of metal is hoisted back into the less damaged section of building. A strained but valiant effort made on all counts to get it right where it needs to go.

     "Still, been hard to rebuild once they set up camp." Cooper muses quietly, while taking a few steps slightly stumbling backwards before catching himself in a stand. The liqueur really doing its work on his system to dull the pain and the worry in equal measures.

     "Been working on the wall between runs." Cooper adds coming back through his voice gravely and somewhat quiet as he speaks. "Not even sure why but poured a lot of caps into getting it sound."
Lynnette She'd look around a bit then as she finally found a hammer and some nails. "I'm okay enough I think....." Nibbling her bottom lip then she'd place some of the nails in her pockets then moved over to where Connor was holding that board in place began to hammer it in place. Lyn concentrated now as she made sure to knock the nails in straight....and to not hammer her fingers either.
Connor Connor moves off once the beam is secured in place by a nail or two, retrieving another beam and walking towards another empty spot. To Devlin and Cooper, he iterates "I'm a bit more considered about getting the walls sturdy. We can get a lifter out here for roof pieces later, the smaller rooms are easier because they don't need as large of pieces, but main atriums are gonna need beams put back up for'em first to support roof sections."
Devlin     Lowering his off hand that still held the crowbar, Devlin uses his wrist to wipe at his brow, keeping the sweat from dropping into his eyes any further. Moving his right hand then down to his thigh, he wipes it dry before moving around the tattered building, making his way to the room where 'B' and Conner were working still and began to look around for the larger beams. "Something that large, do you have a building in mind to knock down to get those kind of beams set up for this building?" Pausing for a moment, his gaze narrows onto Conner, looking the man over carefully before asking, "..Or do you know of a forgery that actually has been repaired enough to set such large beams?"
Cooper      Wandering back through the building, Cooper makes his way towards a small wheel barrel with its wooden wheels, and begins rolling it back to collect more piles of scrap for the building proper. There's no telling how long this work might take but at the very least he holds every intention of doing his best work.

     There's a glint in his eye behind that mirrored lense for a moment as he picks up the scrap, pausing at an old wanted poster left in the midst of the pile. Memories long since passed flood back to him for a long moment before he simply returns back to piling up the contents into the wheel barrel till it's full up to the brim with useful scrap. Everything from nails and wood to sheets of metal left for the easy pickings.
Lynnette Sighing she would move down to the next board that was held into place by someone. Wiping her brow she would stop hammering for a second to look around, shielding her eyes from the sun. Licking her lips she would frown slightly. This was so out of her depth...sort of but she knew she needed to help out as much as she could. Turning back around she'd lean on the building to take a moment before slowly pushing herself back up to go back to hammering boards up. Needless to say this was not her specialty but she was learning something new today!
B B finishes nailing in the board she was working on and glances around. Noting her wheelbarrow has been emptied of scraps and extra hands with the nailing, she steps back to let someone take her place. "I'll go get some more scraps from the west end of town. Won't be but a moment." She smiles, tucks the hammer back through the strap on her apron and goes off to do just that -- fetch more scraps for the rebuilding efforts.
Connor The efforts so far have yielded replaced walls and reinforced studs. The Sheriff's building is almost able to be worked in again, having sturdy walls at least. Connor begins to divvy up the rest of the materials that have been brought in for scrap. "Lets keep these big sheets here and stash them in the Sheriff's office for now. We'll get a lifter in here later to put beams in." Long and large metal girders are being kept as well, and laborers begin dragging them into the building and laying them out the right way. "Alright, looks like we've finished here for the moment. A block overr, people are starting to put their houses back in order, feel free to grab up this extra and move it that way."
Lynnette She'd hammer in that last nail in the board and exhaled. Looking around she'd smile a bit. "Sounds good...." She started to pick up some of those boards, putting them on her shoulder as she looked to those around. "I'll be at work later tonight if anyone wants to pop in for a drink...." Letting a grin tugged at her lips she'd wave her hand as she started towards some of those house. "I'll be at the Cantina in Jacktown!" And with that she was off to drop some of that wood to people working on their homes.
Devlin     Turning his head, Devlin changes from Connor but then moves towards several of the workers who heed the man's words and in turn work around the remaining supplies. Turning towards Lynnette when she speaks up, he watches as she along with several others who were departing, but he lingered for a time. Staying close at hand to where Connor had been, he follows the man choosing the time to ask him not only about the station but also about where the supplies was coming from. After some time it would be easy to see, the curious man was attempting to gain information on important supply and resource sites within the region.