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Owner Pose
Sparky     Sitting at the counter is a bronzed skinned and dark haired man, likely of latino descent. To his left is a steaming mug of some sort of dark beverage. On the counter before him is a loose pile of bits of various sizes and shapes, all resting upon a large cloth. The man picks up one piece, scrutinizing it carefully, then wiping it with some sort of rag. He doesn't even seem to notice the knockout femme walking into the diner, so involved is he in his tinkering.
Lynnette Making her way inside she'd pull her hair free of the ponytail and made a beeline for the counter. Letting out a yawn she'd climb onto a stool before waving down the server. "Hey sweetie...if I could just get....some water....and menu for now." Wiping her hands on those fitted pants, she'd frown as she looked down at herself. Well at least she wasn't filthy from helping clean up the town. She had work tonight but then a bath then work. And yup....Lyn was in her own world as she normally was.
Sparky     Looking up, sensing the movement of the waitress more than anything else, the man seems to remember his beverage. He picks it up and quaffs half the mug, then mutters, "Pinche frejo cafe." and shutters, before downing the second half, "Senora.." he says to the waitress, "Uno mas, por favor?" and offers her a wide smile. He starts to go back to his tinkering, then seems to realize he's been joined at the counter. He nods to the woman a couple seats down and offers, "Hola. Eh, hello."
Lynnette Tucking some of her hair behind her ear and looked at the water as it was delivered. Lyn would take a long pull from the glass before exhaling softly. "...thanks, girl." Finally she would hear the man's voice and blinked before she looked over at him with a smile. "Well hello to you too..." Giving him a playful wink she'd slowly look back down to see the menu in front of her. "Ooh! Thanks!"
Sparky     Seeing the menu, Sparky offers a slight nod towards it. "Thank the madre that the siege is over, hm? Can actually order from the menu again, and not just 'The special of the day'." he chuckles, then smiles sheepishly at the waitress, who gives him a frown, "Hey, don't look at me like that! I saw your chef throwing out molerat guts." he takes a sip of his refilled beverage, then sighs. "This, though? This is a precious comodity. Real coffee is probably about to go exctinct." All of this in a lilting tone, accented with some sort of Central American spanish dialect.
Lynnette She'd laugh a bit then as she nodded. "You're telling me....I was there...." Shaking her head she'd take another sip of her water then laughed as he harassed the waitres. Lyn would just lean over the counter, looking for something but sat back down before looking back over at him. "Coffe? Never really touch the stuff. I'm pretty wild without it...." Giving him a wink then she'd look over to the waitress and smile. "Can I just get....whatever you would eat....?"
Sparky     "One radroach surprise, comin up." says the waitress, before scurrying off.

    "I am from near Panama City." the man offers, "Coffee is a way of life down there. It's made different, but here it's not so bad. But, after.. well, you know.." he makes a gesture suggesting a large explosion, "Well... not so much coffee now." and he shrugs and sighs, "I have bought some stashes to put away, for the future, but one day they will run out." he waves a hand, "I will have to learn to enjoy the 'Tea' my friend Iris drinks." He tilts his head, "I am Alvaro Domingez Rodrigo Santiago, by and by. But everyone just calls me Sparky."
Lynnette Lyn would just blink as she heard that and then just shook her head. "....well hell...." Sighing she'd look back over to Sparky and smile. "Oooh...." Leaning in slightly as she heard him then. "I've never been down there. I stay to this side of the country for the most part. I'm just getting back to the area to be honest....I was on the raod for a bit." She'd look around for a bit, those green eyes on the watch. Ever since the battle she's been a bit on edget. "Tea is good. And I know Iris! I stay with her!" Laughing then it was funny. "A small world. I'm kind of her roomie for now. But...." STicking out her hand she'd smile. "Nice to meet ya, Sparky. I'm Lynnette Warner....or just Lyn for short."
Sparky     Sparky makes a sort of "ahhh" face and nods, grinning, "Senora Iris is muey kind. I am renting a shed outside of her general store, in Acme, while I fix my bike. Only until I can find something more stable. Perhaps. Or maybe I just fix up the shed and help her run the store. We haven't had time since the end of the siege to talk about specifics. Mostly, I just fix things for her, and work on my motorcycle in the carport." he smiles, "Nice to meet you, Senora Warner."
Lynnette She'd smile and nod. "She's pretty awesome. I've never met someone so kind in a hot minute...." Lyn would then wink at him before nodding. "Do it. She offered me a job there in case I get sick of what I'm doing now. I kind of like what I do....but maybe if I get sick of it." Sighing softly she would take another sip of her water then tilted her head. "And nice to meet you too. But what is it you do? Maybe Iris can use your help for real."
Sparky     "A little of this, a little of that." offers the man with a wry smile, "I'm a good mechanic. One of the best, really." he offers with no hint of modesty, "I know my way around the computers, too. Really, if it's broke.." he gestures towards the pile of parts in front of him, "I can probably fix it, or at least make it work for a while." he tilts his head, "And yourself? Where are you work now?"
Lynnette "Ooh! That's good to know...." Grinning now as she tapped her chin then smirked. "I'm sure Iris could use someone like that around...."

When that food was delivered she'd stare down at it and then sighed as she shook her head, letting it be for now. "Anyway...." Turning her attention back to Sparky with a smile. "As for me...I'm a bartender down at the cantina in Jack's Town. It's a pretty rowdy place but....I enjoy it."
Sparky "Jack's town?" Sparky tilts his head again, picking up his rag and a random piece from the pile. "Que es? Uh, what's that?" he inquires. "I'm new around here, still. Only maybe three weeks? Just before the siege I get here."
Lynnette She'd nod then as smiled. "It's next to Avalon not far where Iris lives. It's a pretty rough little town but...." Lyn would laugh a bit then. "When you're a pretty face....the caps just come rolling in...."
Sparky The man chuckles, "Aye, and yo are certainly that." he winks, "Though, perhaps more, no?" he shrugs, then drains the last of his coffee with a sigh, and places his part on top of the pile again. "Well senora, it has been a pleasure, but I must be off for a time."