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Sparky     Sparky has been busy since the time Iris brought him to her shack, what with the siege and all, but now that things are settling down, he's arranged to meet with her at the shop so he can get instruction on how he can assist her there. "Senora Iris? Are you here?" he pokes his head in from the back door, looking about for his patron.
Iris Lark Iris is seated behind the counter, leaned over as she reads slowly from a book. When Sparky pokes his head into the store, she jumps first at the sound of his voice before she slips off the stool, a smile on her face. "Hello?" She calls out, walking towards the back door slowly. She peeks and sees who it is and she smiles. "Oh hello! How are you doing?"
Sparky "Good, Senora, good!" he steps in, "Sorry if I startle you, I know I haven't been around much. Been busy fixing things for the town. Now the siege is over, I am getting caught up, and ready to help you around here." he gestures about the shop, "Like we agree, before. Though, I'm not sure exactly what you want me to do here. I can fix things, of course... but...?" he trails off questioningly, as if wondering if there's more to it.
Iris Lark "Well sometimes I'm really busy. I have a lot of patients, and a lot of..well I have a lot of things going on." Iris says, folding her arms slowly under her bust. "So I just need someone to keep an eye on things here, we do get shipments occasionally, or people stopping in with questions." She glances towarsd the back room and pushes her hair behind her ears.
Devlin     Moving his hands to his neck, Devlin presses onto a gater clamp and loosens a strap allowing him to take off his helmet before putting a hand onto the general store's door. With his head fully exposed, he opens the door and steps inside, guiding the door back to a closed state before walking very far, but it doesn't take him long to notice a couple talking though he only caught the tail end of the few exchanged words, "Did I stop in to ask questions at the wrong time?" is asked with as a faint smirk begins to spread across his lips while his eyes drift from Iris to Sparky in assessment.
Sparky     "Ah, no senor, apologies. Senora Iris is just showing me around." Sparky beckons the man inside with a nod towards the female, "You can call me Sparky. What can we do for you today?" he looks to Iris as though to ask, 'Like that?'
Iris Lark Iris offers Sparky a grin and she nods, standing back a bit to let him talk. She moves back behind the counter, taking a seat on the stool as she watches to see how the two will interact.
Devlin     While Sparky apologized, Devlin nods his head slightly towards the man, though the smirk remains on his lips for some time even as he speaks further. "Kyne, and as for what you could do.." Letting his words trail off, he uses a free hand to pat lightly at one of his hips for emphasis, "I could use a new holster, nothing too fancy, nothing new is needed either. Something simple and functional, so you have a spare one or even a shoulder sling?"
Sparky     At this point, Sparky looks towards Iris for guidance, then offers a polite smile to Devlin, "Lo ciento, Senor Kyne. I uh, am not familiar with what stock the Senora has on hand." he grins a bit, sheepishly, "Know Iris though, she's got something around." and he turns his gaze once more to the woman.
Iris Lark Iris tilts her head and frowns. She glances between them for a moment and then shakes her head. "No, I don't have any more holsters, unfortunately. I'm hoping to get together with a leatherworker to make more soon, or tht is the hope."
Sparky     "Ah, dios mio." Sparky looks back to Devlin, "Lo ciento, uhh, sorry Senor Kyne. Perhaps you leave some information on how to reach you, hm? Maybe when Senora Iris contacts the leatherworker, maybe we can get one custom made to your measurements? Do you have preference, hip or shoulder sling?" He walks over to a toolkit, "I think I have a tape measure in here. I could do some rough measurements?"
Devlin     Lifting his once patting hand, he waves towards the other man slightly while shaking his head gently from side to side, "Just Kyne, though if you want to call me 'mister', the name then is 'Devlin'." With Sparky turning towards Iris, she would also now have an additional pair of pale violet eyes looking towards her, studying her expression. Despite the frown, the smirk on his lips evens into a gentle smile as he approaches the counter and draws out a paper wrapped package. While it wasn't sizable, he begins to unfold it to reveal a piece of leather, a bit rough around the edges and in need of treatment, but it wasn't holed or worn thin at points. "In that case, maybe if I supply some of the materials we, us three, could come to a negotiated price?" Turning towards Sparky, he gently shakes his head at the mentioning of the measuring tape. "If it's not for today then lets not measure for it just yet, I might have acquired something more suiting than this rusting plate for protection by then."
Matt Matt shows up eventually, dressed for the road with a backslung rifle of exquisite craftmanship. He doesn't seem to be here to purcahse things, instead looking around at eye-level for someone. Find someone he does though. "Ma'am, hows the day treating you?" Towards Iris as he sees her. "Fellahs." To the gentlemen
Iris Lark "I'm doing well, how are you doing?" Iris says, smiling at Matt. "Well if you want to deal through us it would be more expensive than going straight to the leatherworker."
Sparky     Smiling towards the newcomer, the bronze skinned and dark haired man returns the nod, "Hola Senor." Then to Devlin, "Senor Devlin, then." and grins wryly. "Maybe Kyne when we are more well known to each other, eh?" then he glances at the interaction between Matt and Iris and shrugs, rubbing his chin before turning back to the armored fellow, "Esta maybe anything else you need? We can do repairs here, now, too, since Senora Iris hired one of the best mechanics around, eh?"
Iris Lark Iris gestures towards Sparky with a slight grin on her face. "His ego isn't at all large, now is it?" She says, a cheeky grin on her face. She crosses her legs as she settles on her stool, gazing out the front windows and door occasionally to keep an eye out on the weather.
Matt "Why should he? Iris only hires the best sort of folks. Probably." Matt eyes Devlin a bit, talking about the holster and what not. "I mean, I *have* an extra holster. I don't carry any other weapon 'round other than ol Cherry here. I should pick up a pistol ifen things go sideways though."
Sparky     "It's better to have and no need, than need and no have, is your saying en engles, no?" Sparky grins, "But it's true. Being prepared is muey importente." He looks from Matt to Devlin, "You both go out to the wasteland muchly, hm?"
Devlin     Looking over his shoulder at the sound of the door and the passing greeting, Devlin gave Matt a brief nod before turning back towards Iris and nods again lightly. "At least you're rather honest. Do you have a tailor in mind for this kind of work?" Looking to the side towards Sparky and shrugs lightly and looks down at his own chest. Lifting his free hand, he moves it over his chestplate to tap it a few times to that it makes a soft tink, "The only thing I would like to know more about would be if you have any pieces of protection that may prove serviceable or spare energy packs for a laser pistol. Either of those in stock?"
Iris Lark Iris wrinkles her nose, tapping her chin for a few moments. "I would ask Lucette or Milton, I think both of them do that kind of work." She suggests with a shrug. "I know people who make clothes more than I know people who work with leather with all honesty."
Matt "Lucette does this? Hm. Well. Shes scary though." Matt shakes his head a bit before glancing around the store a bit more. "I'm heading back into El Dorado again, ma'am. Lone Star Caravans has to start getting things moving again. You gone be alright all the way out here?"
Sparky     Sparky perks up a bit, "Caravans, eh? I heard'a these Lone Star, but never talked to non'a dem. What kind'a caravan you do? Brahmin or autos?" he chews his lip thoughtfully, "Maybe I find a book on leatherworking. Might be useful, depending."
Devlin     "Lucette.. Wasn't that the name of the surgeon?" is asked with more than a bit of confusion, to the point the smile on his lips faded. Looking then over towards Matt, Devlin soon begins to look the man over, assessing the man trying to see if he was a guard or an armed merchant. At the mention of picking up knowledge, a faint smirk appeared onto his lips again as he looks at Sparky, "Are you going to try and find a holotape about gunsmithing and maybe forge work as well? Everything has it's use if it's in the hands of a diligent person."
Iris Lark Lucette isn't a surgeon and if she is performing surgery, I would be wary letting her cut into me." Iris remarks, wrinkling her nose. She glances towards the back room and tilts her head as she smiles at Devlin. "I think I have a gunsmithing disk in the back, actually."
Rexus Rexus wanders into the General store. Not limping anymore, but, you never know. He peers round at those gathered, jingling his bag of goodies. "So, everyone enjoying all the new scrap to be picked up round here?"
Sparky     Shrugging in response to Devlin's question, Sparky responds "Maybe, hm? I like books, more. I seen a holotape, but never own one. I had many books.." he looks somewhat crestfallen, "Back home." he drums his fingers on the countertop for a long thoughtful moment. As Rexus enters, however, he looks up, offering a smile to the familiar face, "Ah, que paso hombre? What's up?" then nods, "Aye, found some.. interesting things lately." and he chuckles softly to himself.
Devlin     Devlin furls his brows at the new facts Iris offered about Lucette, but then chuckles softly, shaking his head. "While I have this little friend, I'm not very skilled at creation, just use and 'termination'." With a shrug but then looks back towards Rexus as he enters the rapidly filling general front, soon taking a step back to let the man draw closer. "Used to own them?" is asked as he turned towards Sparky before dipping his head slightly to add on, "If I see books of any type, I'll collect them for you. I'll just ask for you to keep an eye out for choice things that graces this store, a fair trade after I start finding the type you miss?"
Matt Matt flashs a wry grin towards Iris. "Place is getting busy again, I see. I'll try and make sure Acme is up there on the list of re-establishing caravans, but New Rome seems to be the important one right now." Matt shrugs his shoulders at Iris. "I would stick around longer, but things gotta get done."
Iris Lark "I'm always on the lookout for new wares." Iris says, nodding to Devlin as she slips from her seat to walk to the cooler in the back. She pulls out a bottle of water and screws off the top, taking a drink. "If you find anyting nifty, bring it in, and we'll see if we can't find a price on it for you." She glances towards the back and then at Matt's mention of New Rome her smile diminishes somewhat. "Be careful there, Matt."
Sparky     "Aye, Senor Devlin, you see I'm not from El Dorado, originally, but from far south, a place once called Panama city." He sighs softly, "If my home wasn't destroyed by one of the bombs, it was probably over run by the mutante hordes by now. Either way," he waves his hand, "There's no reaching that area now, except maybe by boat or plane, and either one would be risky. This is my home now." he pats the counter top. "So yes, if you find books, y bring them to me, I will keep an eye out for interesting.. um, guns? Armor? Si?"
Rexus Rexus peers into his bag. "I've got a random assortment of... scrap, pornos... holodisks... fabrics, leather, gunsmithing tools.." he sighs, "Sadly not much in the way of weapons or armor... but maybe sometime..."
Devlin      "'Si'," is answered back shortly with a smile though he begins to make his way towards the door at a slow pace. Turning to the side as he walked, he looked towards Iris to answer, "I'll try to bring things other than arms, there should be quite a few things in the ruins or rather, fresh ruins depending on the Enclave rumors, quite a few caravans might go missing sooner rather than la.." Turning his head to the other side as he suddenly stops walking, he arches a brow at Rexus, "What kind of Holodisks?"
Matt "Hey. Rexus. I saw you out there I think." Matt reachs out and thumps Rexus on the chest with the bottom of a closed fist. "Looks like you're walking 'round better than I am." Matt digs out a holodisk from his side-slung bag and hands it over to Iris. "Here, do whatever ya need with that. For the bed, and stitches, and the second set of stitches when I popped the first." He eases from one foot to another, then back before leaning in to plant a quick kiss on Iris' cheek. "I'll see you in a few days, I'm sure. I gotta get to ElDorado before the sun goes down."
Iris Lark "Oh uhm..thank you Matt. I meant it when I said to be careful out there, you're not fully healed yet." Iris says, frowning over towards Matt. "New Rome has suffered losses and some people there aren't very nice." She pokes at the holodisk and tucks it away. "Did you tell Lynnette goodbye?"
Rexus Rexus smirks at Matt, "Yeah.. was pretty confusing out there... as is normal." He nods towards Iris, "Lot of places got hit hard. I haven't even been to new rome yet.... let alone most of the other smaller villages... from the sounds of it they're hurting like everyone else and... there's a shortage of food too."
Sparky Sparky just listens to the conversations, nodding here and there, not seeming to have much more to offer. He instead finds a broom and begins sweeping the unoccupied portions of the store.
Matt "Its not a matter of who needs it the most right now or deserves it, but who can support and defend the caravans moving. New Rome is fairly central *and* is a tough nut to crack for Enclave. Acme and Avalon are on my list.." Matt nods towards Iris and Rexus though. "Caravans gotta flow to keep food moving, if we even have it."
Iris Lark Iris turns away at the mention of New Rome needing help and she does busywork behind the counter, nodding along to what Matt is saying. "Acme and Avalon are getting back on their feet nicely." She sys, smiling politely before she turns to pull the ledger down, opening it up and writing a few things in it. She doesn't look up as she continues to speak. "If you need medical supplies for New Rome, let me know Matt. I'll give supplies, but I'm not going up there and I doubt Camilla will want to either."