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Iris Lark The food shortage has been going on for quite some time. Families suffered, parents went without food so their children could eat. A few families were stocked and prepared for something like this. Some folks shared or tried to help, others hoarded and helped themselves.

Every town was suffering, and a few people decided to do something about it. Gathering at a nearby farm they decided to help work the land, collect what they could, and give back. It is a daunting prospect but nobody works together like the people of El Dorado.

Iris was here first, floppy hat on her head as she stands near the owner of the farm. They speak quietly for a few moments and as people gather she speaks up. "Welcome everyone! As you can see the land here is prospering! If we help work the land here, we can keep what we need to pass out to people who need it more. Everyone pick up some tools.." She gestures to a pile of tools off to the side. "..and get to work!"
Sparky     With a green bandana tied around his forehead to keep sweat from running into his eyes, Sparky waves up to Iris as he makes his way over to said tools. He nods to a few familiar faces as he picks up a basket and a pair of pruning snips. The latter he tucks into his waistband, before unzipping the top of his coveralls and pulling them down to his midsection, showing a simple A-shirt beneath. "Es going to be a warm one, I think."
Connor Connor has come out of El Dorado to assist farming, now that repairs seem to be underway in the city and plans for the rest of the work are all ironed out, hes got free time. "Its El Dorado, they're all warm ones." Connor is in canvas pants and a lightcolored cotton t-shirt, relatively unstained for the moment. He is maneuvering a wheelbarrel today, to help move dirt and food, mostly dirt to make way for irrigation.
Qwillis     Qwillis would show up a bit later than some others. The metal click of one foot echoed by the booted step of the other as he'd walk along. Looking about at all those who are working, he'd smile with a small nod and approach the group. Lifting that metal hand, he'd wave to those he recognized. "Hey.. Anyone want some extra help? I've come to do what I can.."
Jacqueline While Jackie knows precious little about gathering and farming, her mother's garden to the contrary, she does know about transportation: Someone's got to carry all this stuff back. To that end, she's here as well, with her repaired Lone Wanderer motorcycle and a makeshift trailer she's put together from the remains of an old shopping cart and what was left of two old bicycles. Those are parked not far from the work that's being done, close enough to be easily loaded.
Jackie herself is down at the creek. She'd been providing security, but has apparently since gotten bored: She's wading in the deeper part of the creek, bare-legged and bare-footed, white athletic briefs showing below the tail of her gecko-skin jacket. Her socks, boots, and pants are on the bank.
Devlin     Resting a hand onto his hip, Devlin had his thumbs hooked into a belt while looking over the tilled land only to shake his head gently after hearing Iris's words. "When I was told there was a shortage and they needed hands, I started to thing someone was trying to organize a rad scorpion hunting party.." is said softly, largely to himself but he doesn't walk off immediately. Glancing around, he soon noticed a somewhat familiar face of Sparky as he makes his way over towards the various tools that had been left out. Rather than heading to collect one of the several tools on display, Devlin walks towards the open farmland, his resting hand moving up to his neck to loosen the strap and remove his helmet. "Seems this is someone else's private experiment, not possible to grow wild like this.. Who is normally tilling these fields, or did they 'fall' during the invasion?" is asked in a raised, but dispassionate tone as he surveyed the plants.
Iris Lark "Good to see you." Iris says to Devlin, wiping sweat from her brow as she goes back to work. "A hunting party for any kind of food would be most welcome." She says, grinning over at the man as he walks towards Sparky. She pulls weeds as she gathers food, happy to do a little extra work for the person who helped them out by letting them gather foods. She stands on her toes and waves at Jackie out in the water, a grin on her face. One day she should probably learn how to swim.
Sparky     "Que?" Sparky looks somewhat incredulously towards Devlin, "For reals Senor Devlin, you have never seen a farm before?" he gestures about. "My.. my home town, before I left for Panama City, a little village really, called Nueva Vida, that's almost all they do is farm." he chuckles, "S'why I leave. Though, being here makes me wish I could go back a little bit." His face falls a bit and he sighs, chews his lip, and shakes his head before wandering towards some rows of tatos.
Qwillis     Qwillis looks about and spots the carts and the bike. Musing to himself, he'd walk over to Jackie's ride to look it over. Frowning contemplatively, he'd look around, spotting her out in the river. Moving that way, Q would wave. "Hey, Jackie. Do you mind if I try to make the carts stronger? I might be able to help that way.."
Jacqueline Spotting Iris and Qwillis, Jackie lifts a hand and waves to them both energetically. "Hmm? Oh, no problem! I had to put it together kind of in a hurry," she replies, her smile a touch embarrassed. "The cart was okay, but the bike parts were kind of a mess."
Iris Lark Iris glances out at the rows of food and her nose wrinkles a bit. "I haven't seen anything like this before either, but I find it rather pretty. If not for the weeds, I'm not sure that Vuk is paying his farmhands enough." She mutters, moving to pick more weeds out of the ground. "Keep loading things and if we can get enough food together, we can go pass some of it out to folks who really need it."
Devlin     Quickly waving a hand dismissively towards Sparky he dismisses the surprise, "I've known many farms, some quite a bit more efficient and tended to than this one, but I've also seen farms well over grown in the wastes.. This has the signs of a guiding hand." Turning his gaze towards Sparky briefly, he glances towards the man's hands before turning away to glance to the pair unacquainted faces of, Qwillis and Jacqueline but doesn't let his gaze linger.
    Turning back to the miniature tree before him, Devlin begins to palm a multi colored and bumbed mutfruit but doesn't twist it free, leaving it to hang onto the branch. He took his time, looking over the different fruits, it wouldn't be long before he grasps onto one gently, only to toss it away from the plant and over towards a lumpy pile covered with cut long grasses as pulled weeds. "More's rotten though than what's looking ripe.."
Iris Lark "That fruit could be used, still." Iris remarks, pulling it out of the pile. "There are people who haven't eaten for days who would happily carve out the rotten bits and make something of this." She raises her voice slightly and turns to the others working the land. "Anyone who is able to cook should meet with me at some point after we've gathered. Anything that might be bruised a bit can be turned into jelly, jam or sauces!" She offers all a smile before she turns and goes back to work.
Lynnette Lyn was dragging a bit today but she was here to help! Dressed up in her day to day clothes, she'd make her way to wear the hunting party was essentialy and went to to town. Sighing she'd lok around then spotted Iris and waved....but that's it since she seemed to be int he middle of things. Needless to say she went ahead and dived in to see what she could find to help out.
Sparky     Just returning with his first batch of tatos, Sparky hears Iris' comment about cooking, "You know I got you, Senora. Maybe we turn that back yard behind the store into a little cannery, no? Make some fire pits, get some kettles, scrounge up some jars and stuff." he rubs his chin thoughtfully, "I bet I could make some pressure cookers. Though, heh, the food probably will get eaten before it goes bad, hm?"
Eden Eden comes by a bit late. "I only just heard there was work to do out here" she says once she finds Iris. "and im a little slower lately" she laughs. "is there anything left that needs doing? or just go ahead and pick away at whatever i can find?"
Akane      Akane showed up wearing her dress, as usual, her crimson hair up in its Roman style configuration. She looked far from the farming type, though she looked distracted as she came in and .. THUMP-TINK.. accidentally kicked Qwillis's leg. She stumbled then and would probably end up either on the ground or catching herself on the man.
Iris Lark Iris beams at Eden, reaching out to give the woman a fond hug. "It's been a while hon, how are you doing?" She asks, glancing out towards the farm. "Just go ahead and pick whatever you can see that's ripe and ready. If something is bruised or slightly damaged, put it in another pile and we'll use that to cook things for people, or pickle them. Whatever works!"
Devlin     Visibly curling his upper lip, the look of disgust was unmistakable but it was brief, quickly murmuring to himself, 'If people are desperate enough to eat rotting fruit, they should be more than a few who would trade caps, cells or even time for a few corpses..' Looking down at his helmet, Devlin holds it by the chin strap with his left hand as his right one began to grasp the almost palm sized berries and twist them off at the stem before placing them inside carefully. However, despite being told the rotting ones were useful he often skipped over them, though he would pluck the badly bruised pieces as long as they were not beginning to fuzz or fester with additional growth.
Melinda Melinda walks into the area, wearing what appears to be an improvised military uniform: A leather jacket with jeans ripped at the knees and a pair of brown hiking boots. Usually she's got a stern look on her face, but given that she's here to help out, her demeanor is somewhat more relaxed. "Hello everyone," She says as she arrives. "I heard about what's happening and I came as quickly as I could."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to Jackie with a flashed smile and turns to start for the bike, only to have.. Akane trip over his leg? He'd yelp in surprise, twist on his other foot and catch her with that metal arm, bracing to not have them both fall down. "Ahh.. Careful miss. I'm sorry I didn't see you there.. are you ok?" Straightening, he'd go to put Akane on her feet with a curious look.
Lynnette Luck!! Lyn happened to find some stuff it seemed! Well that was quick....but she would just make her way over to Iris. "Hey lady!" Hold it out towards her she would smile then as she gave her a wink. "Here you go! Sorry I was late." Tilting her head she'd look around a bit then smiled. "I can go peeking around for some more too...."
Jacqueline Still in the creek, Jackie, the farm's worst security guard, waves to Eden and the newcomer in the leather jacket and jeans. It looks like half the town's coming! The generous half, anyway.
And then there's a noticeable clunking sound. Jackie winces in sympathy at the sight of someone's foot colliding with Qwillis's leg, which she knows is cybered. "Are you okay?" she asks, blinking at the woman. "That couldn't've felt good..."
Sparky     Sparky offers a wave to the familiar Lynnette, "Hola Senora. Good to see you." he glances from her to Iris, "I forgot to tell you I met your amiga."
Akane      Akane actually squeaked as she was caught by Qwillis and set back on her feet. The woman looked sheepish but nodded to him and Jackie's worries. "I am alright. I apologize. I was not paying attention to where I was going. I am pretty new here so I thought I should help if I could. Though the only one requiring my medkit is me right now it seems. My name is Akane." She smiled at the two of them.
Iris Lark Iris grins as she gives Lynnette a warm hug before she glances at Sparky. "Oh yeah? She's my roomie for now, and she's helping me...grow as a person." She says, giggling softly. She sees Akane and blinks, holding up a finger as she walks over to the woman. "Are you okay Akane? That looked a little painful."
Connor Connor spends a bit of time pulling out carrots that look grown up and gets them to the stockpile before beginning to dig out irrigation. After awhile he takes a rest though, lookign around faces he expected to be familiar but are distinctly unfamiliar. "I'm Connor..I run a construction company in El Dorado."
Eden Eden hugs Iris back! "just been a bit tired lately, to be expected" she grins. "Ok then" she looks around and sees Jacqueline waving and waves back! "Lemme pick a bit to catchup"s
Sparky Shaking his head, Sparky only responds, "Senora, if you grow as a person any more, we're going to have to build a new village for your heart alone." he winks then and nods to Lynnette once more, "Like I said, let me know when you want me to show up for making jams and sauces." With this he goes back to gathering, looking for anyone who might not have any farming experience on what to pick and what to leave.
Melinda Pausing a little as she realizes nobody else might recognize her, she speaks up. "I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Melinda Bradford, I'm with the El Dorado Militia." She smiles a little. "I heard you needed help looking for food, so I thought I'd help out." With that, Melinda begins to look around some more, trying to find anything she can bring back for the others.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods and flashes a grin over to Jackie, then nods to Akane. "Ah. Nice to meet you. I'm Qwillis." He'd offer that right hand. That metal, right hand, to shake. Once done, he'd shake his head a little and look over at the farm. "you're welcome to go help. I was just going to work on the cart. It looked a little loose.. and I rather the food gathered not get dumped on the way back." There's a grin shot over at Jackie. "no insult. It's still decent."
Lynnette Returning that hug she would laugh then as she smiled, looking over to Sparky. "Nice to see you again!" Giving him a playful wink then she'd wiggle those fingers at him. "See? Told you....I wasn't lying...." A laugh then as she looked to Iris. "Oh I will....don't worry." Letting out a laugh she'd then look to Sparky as he left then back to her friend. "Speaking of....we need to go somwhere else next time...." Lyn gave her friend a playful nudge then as she went back to looking around the area. She'd then look around at the face she didn't know and just waved. "I'm Lyn!" Yeah....that was about what people got as she went back to looking around. No need to drag out her intro since....well....she just really hung around.
Carter Griffin It seems that Carter has been out working in the fields. He's not dressed in his combat armor or helmet, so a lot of people probably don't recognize him. He's got it stashed somewhere safe for the time being. He's a fighter, not a farmer, but the people of El Dorado held their own against a vastly superior force, and so he at least owes it to them to help them get back on their feet. so he's picking produce. And once he has enough, he brings a whole basket full of it back towards Iris, "Hope this'll help."
Iris Lark Iris smiles at Carter as he hands over his produce, she leans in and gives him a quick hug. "Thank you Carter, it's sweet of you to help, I really appreciate it!" She says, grinning as she adds his contribution to the stack.
Devlin     Using his helmet as a basket didn't allow him to gather a great many at once though they were well padded for what it was worth. Walking back towards the gateway, Devlin switches hands to use his now free left hand to pat Sparky lightly on the shoulder and ask in passing, "Now you're the shop's face, the mechanic, soon the stitch and the cook? It's going to be a while before you get books for all of your interests again." A chuckle escapes his lips as a smirk begins to spread across them, though his feet come to an unexpected pause when he realizes Iris was now less than unoccupied with the several around her. Not moving to interrupt the mini gathering, he heads off towards the tools that were at first offered, trying to see where a wicket basket might be to keep them safe while on the cart.
Sparky     Hearing Melind'a swords, Sparky stops, "Militia, hm? You ever spend any time in a field, Senora?" he gestures about the farm. "Esta bien of you to come help. If you need anything, let me know. Some baskets and tools over that way." he nods his head to a pile near Iris. "In case you missed it, if the food is a little bruised, hold onto it, we'll cook it up and jar it or can it. If it's totally rotted though, just leave for the soil. We'll till it back into the earth for the farmer before we leave.
Akane      Akane offered a smile to Qwillis and Jacqueline then glanced up to see Iris fussing over her. "Oh yes, I am fine Miss Iris. Though I am not very good at farming. I never had to do the cooking or shopping."
Jacqueline "I'm Jackie... Jacqueline Wayne, actually, but nobody calls me anything but Jackie," replies Jackie, looking relieved that Akane is okay.
She moves to take a look at the leg in question, coming out of the creek and kneeling by the healer and Qwillis. "None taken, Q. I did have to put it together in a hurry, and I've never made a trailer before."
Qwillis     Qwillis flashes a smile to Jackie, nods to Akane and would withdraw. He'd wave to Iris with a small smile before moving to that bike. Pulling out some tools, he'd look it over then get to work on fixing the issues he can see in it.
Melinda Greeting those who acknowledged her, Melinda gives a nod and a smirk, before getting to work scavenging. As she does so, she can be heard singing what sounds like an old military song of some kind. Apparently, military life is still strong within Melinda's mind.
Carter Griffin Carter Griffin returns the hug Iris offers, "It's the least I can do after how many times you've pulled my butt out of the fire. Literally, last time." He says, with a faint grin, as he goes back to working a bit more.
Iris Lark "Well lucky you, the scars don't look too bad." Iris says to Carter, chuckling softly at him. "Did they ever find the Legion men who did that to you?" She asks with a bit of concern, biting down on her bottom lip as she studies Carter to see how he's really doing. "If you need any further medical treatment, you just let me know, and I'll find time to meet you. Okay?"
Eden Eden sees tools come out and can't resist. she saunters over to Qwillis and Jackie. "you got this, or is there any room to help there?" she knows darn well qwillis probably doesnt neeed helo, but fixing things is so much fun!
Vuk Vuk will emerge..from what looks more like a ruined farm house then any thing else, freshly showered, staying in the shadows of the farm house, letting his eyes linger on his decreipt farm. "Some day, I will stop being a push over for Iris." He announces to him self as he settles into a weathered rocking chair on the porch, beginning to slowly rock. "Iris darling." He calls out in a surprisingly cheerful tone.
Elsie Surelda is late.

Probably not surprising, considering the silver-haired girl (yes, silver-haired girl) didn't really know where anything was or who anybody was. But while trolling for work at different saloons, someone mentioned a farming scavenge for which people were needed. Well, she's people. So here she is.

She's not exactly dressed for farming, in a blue drop-waist dress with faux buttons and a layered, flounced skirt pulled up shorter in the front and longer, with a bustle in the back. At least she's got a leather jacket and boots on? Well, that's something. And her silver hair is in loose pigtails on either side of her face. That's kind of a farm girl thing, right?

So she follows the directions, follows the crowd, scratching her arm idly and unsurely. She'll look for someone nearby who doesn't seem super engaged in anything just yet, and speak in a quiet voice. "Excuse me ... how do I find out what to do?" Yeah Surelda. You're going to be GREAT at this.
Sparky     Dropping off a second basket of goods, Sparky makes his way over to where Devlin works, "Eh mano, you said something about hunting a radscorpion, no?" He tilts his head to one side. "That's not such a bad idea. Once things get caught up a bit, maybe after we do the canning of the bruised stuff..." he gestures to the pile of less appealing but not entirely rotten vegetables, "if we end up with any sort of surplus, we do a big fiesta, no? Cook the scorps over a pit. Do they have wild brahmin in this area? Maybe we find some of those, too. Or some the Enclave didn't kill when they came through raiding farms."
Akane      Akane glanced over to the cart and reached into her bag, pulling out a toolkit and taking up position beside Qwillis. She simply held up the wrench he would probably need if he was working on that spot...
Iris Lark Iris makes her way over to the farmhouse, a grin on her face as she steps up eyeing Vuk. "Quite the turnout, yes?" She says, gesturing back towards the grou; of people working the land. "So where is your farmhand at?" She props her hands on her hips and nudges the rocking chair with a foot. "And are you going to come down and help us," Then she gets a good look at him and frowns. "Injured again, do you ever stay in one piece?"
Vuk Vuk cocks his head a bit when Iris -berates- him for being injured! "She's around some where I'm sure, maybe trying her luck at fishing. I'm not a slaver, she can do as she pleases." He says and tries to pull Iris into his lap. " state of being constantly near death is what endears you to me..and I didn't say I'd do any farming! You can find my contribution inside."
Lynnette She'd just look around then sighed as she made her way across the farm. Rubbing the back of her hand across her forehead she'd make her way over to Iris and tapped her gently. "Well...I'm not finding anything much else. Need me to do anything else to help?" A smile tugged at her lips as she then blinked. "Ooop! I'm rude. I'll leave you...just come tap on the shoulder then."
Jacqueline Shrugging as everybody walks away, Jackie turns back to the creek and resumes her patrol of the middle of it. Surely there's something to be careful of around here to watch for...
Qwillis     Q flashes a smile to Akane and accepts the assistance. This? This seems like old hat to the man, that metal arm and hand working, even with 3 fingers, exactly as a regular hand would. He'd be careful and through in fixing the bike, tightening everything up and indeed, even using Akane's assistance with that wrench for the part she seeks to help him on. It'd take a little bit, but he'd finally sit back on his heels, or at least, one heel, one metal foot planted. Nodding to himself, then looks to Akane. "I guess you know a little about this? I think it's as fixed as I can do without being in a shop."
Iris Lark Iris is almost pulled onto Vuk's lap while she's treating his wounds, but she gives him a light smack on the arm and shifts so she remains on her feet. "I'm glad you're not a slaver, but you've got some weeds in your farm, at the very least she should keep those clear." She says with an amused lilt to her voice. "I'll get whatever you have inside that you're not using." She adds and turns to grin at Lynnette. "Oh no, you're not interrupting - he's always like this. If you want you can help me start to move some of this food to the cart?"
Elsie Surelda is given some vauge instructions, and rather left to her own devices. She looks it, too. While her speaking tone is rather flat, her big black eyes are very expressive, and she's WTF-ing all over this. Okay, farming. Cave men farmed, or something. SO how hard could it truly be? The silver-haired girl lifts the hem of her dress slightly and starts in to the fields among the crop plants, bending to one side to swipe up a basket as she goes. See! A basket for putting things!

She's so got this.
Melinda Returning after finding some food, Melinda wipes her forehead but doesn't seem to show much else in terms of stress or anything like that. "It's not much," She says as she's handing what she found to Iris, "But every little bit helps." She takes a moment to stretch her arms.
Devlin     Quickly finishes transferring the mutfruit into one of the baskets but once his helmet was empty Devlin takes a moment to sniff it and use his fingers to wipe at several small stains left by the fruit. Turning his attention towards Sparky, he lifts a pale brow and asks, "You heard me? I didn't mean for too many to be scared off at the idea." Moving his right hand down to his duster, he pats over where he normally kept a sidearm, "I'd rather get my hands a bit dirty in other ways, solves several problems at once but I'm not from here." Shaking his head, he motions out towards the wastes "I'm here from a caravan, left them for now though but.. That's not important. With the Enclave to the north the herds will be moving to the south. They wouldn't waste the Vertibird fuel on culling herds they won't eat." With a softening displaced smile, he adds on 'Trust me' before starting to walk around the man back towards the Mutfruit. "Anyways, are you a good shot Sparky?"
Vuk Vuk looks innocent when he gets smacked and glances at Lyn when she approaches. "She just dislikes to show affection to me in public. Until I pull my Big Damn Hero card." He murmurs quietly and shifts to get more comfortable as Iris fusses over him. "It's a farm, you'll find weeds. I mostly concern my self with fishing to be fair, even if I don't believe there is actually fish in the creek."
Akane      Akane shrugged delicately and smiled with those pale green eyes. "I know enough to know what tools you need. ToolGirl's an okay title to have." She chuckled, shifting a bit as he finished what he was doing and she tucked the tools away again. "Besides, I kicked you. It was the least I could do."
Eden Eden shrugs and walks on. she is not seeing anything that hasn't already been picked over. hearing a small yip nearby, she sees a eoman in a blue dress that matches a description.. curious, she walks ip to Surelda and says "hi, im Eden. are you ok?"
Sparky     Following Devlin, slightly to the side, Sparky shakes his head, "Not exactly. I'm just learning to be honest." He snaps, "That reminds me, I found something you might be interested in, a few days ago. It was just parts, so I didn't mention it last time I saw you, but I finally cleaned it all up and managed to piece it together." He slowly withdraws a pistol from inside his waistband, holding it by the top, barrel, with a long cylindrical attachment, pointed at the ground. "You told me to keep an eye for anything interesting, hm?"
Qwillis     Qwillis blinks at Akane, then looks away, shrugging slightly. "Ahh.. I mean.. right.. Sure, Akane." He'd shuffle on his feet, metal one giving that extra thump of solidity to it on top of that boot's movement. "Uhm.. I.. felt the impact and such, Akane. But.. it didn't hurt me. More just surprised me. That's all. You're fine."
Sparky     Sparky quickly adds, "And also, I think a hunting trip is a good idea. I'm not a great shot, but if they're not shooting back, I'm not afraid to try, eh? Good practice." he grins.
Elsie Surelda is amidst the crops for ... oh, less than a minute? And then she's yelping, and on her rear.

How did it happen? Perhaps she stepped on a rake. Perhaps she stepped in a hole. Perhaps she slipped on a rotten tato. However it happened, the slender, somewhat prissy-looking girl with the dyed hair is on her ass, reclinging on her left side. The basket she was carrying to gather crops has one measly potato in it. As for the cause of the yelp? It's the freshly healing burn scars that make up the outside of her right leg. She's pulled the skin taut and torn it.

She so doesn't got this.
Iris Lark Iris goes into the house and comes out with some more supplies that she hands off to Lynnette. She pauses near Vuk and gesturs back towards the house. "Is it okay if I make people some refreshments? You've got some lemons in there, I can make lemonade." She glances out at the crowd and taps her chin briefly. "They are working hard, after all."
Lynnette A tilt of her head as she looked at Vuk and that brow would raise as she slowly looked at Iris. "Oh?" A smirk as she then looked back to him and just shakes her head a bit. "Well let me not be too friendly, Iris...." Chuckling she would pat her on the back then as she then looked to Vuk with a wink, blowing him a kiss. "I'm sure he's not that hurt he can help some ladies out...." Taking those supplies from Iris she would smile then as she nodded. "Where you want this, boss lady?"
Vuk Vuk makes a dismissive gesture at Iris when she asks about lemonade. "It's fine, it's not like they can get in where I live." He says and listens..well, Surelda has the same luck he has had! Wonderful! See? He isn't the only one bad at this farming thing then! "I think some one got hurt." He says to Iris and then he blushes faintly at Lyn's words and tries to look at any one but Lyn, like that ever happened! Iris can save him, right?
Akane      Akane smiled warmly at Qwillis, noting the fidgeting and ignoring it. "Still... It would have been rude to just walk away." She chuckled and shifted, the sun glinting off that metal collar around her throat, a high-end metal that did not dull and marked her as a prized slave of the Legion. "I have been helping around the clinic lately but this feels a bit more my speed"
Devlin     Glances to the side as he watches Sparky's hands, though the sight soon caused Devlin's eyes to widen slightly and cause his feet to stop. Turning towards the other man, he lifts his gaze to the other's eyes, "That is more than just a bit of a find. That's similar make to my own, I'd have to see the tuning, the voltage and capacitor but.." Shaking his head steadily for a few second only to chuckle at his own reaction, taking a moment to settle. "Now, do you know how to use something like that? It's nothing like trying to use a normal pistol. Either way, I could give you a few lessons on being able to at least use that to defend the storefront."
Jacqueline Jackie is halfway back to the rocks she'd left her things on when somebody... yelps? In pain?
Well, there's one fewer head showing now in the field. She can roughly tell the spot. Catching up her carrybag from the rocks, she hurries to Surelda's aid. "Miss, are you okay? What happened?" she asks, not having seen the actual incident.
Iris Lark When Vuk gives her the OK to make lemonade, Iris walks off the porch, snags Eden by the hand and pulls her towards the house. "This isn't like fixing a car or a bike, for sure, but you can help me squeeze lemons and you can tell me how your health is doing." She glances back at the people still working, grinning. "We'll let them do the hard work for a few while we get down to domestics."
Sparky     Coughing, Sparky looks down at what he'd taken out, "Oh, sorry. Yeah, that one I'm keeping." He tucks the laser pistol away and withdraws a Silenced .22 from the other side of his waistband. Because who has holsters these days?! "This is the one I had to trade. And yeah, Senora Iris has given me a few lessons on how to use el pistola. Pew pew."
Eden glad to have a task and a friend Eden follows Iris up to the porch where she happily starts whistling while she squeezes Lemons with her friend
Elsie Surelda's head pops up when she hears someone coming in her direction, silver hair snapping around with the motion. Those big black eyes settle on Jackie. It takes a nanosecond to hear and comprehend the other woman's words. But once they're heard? Surelda visibly relaxes. "I slipped on something," she explains, shifting her hips forward to rotate her leg and show where the artificial skin graft has loosened. "Burns like the dickens. I just got it done, too." She heaves a little sigh of frustration. "Would you mind helping me up so I can go sit somewhere that isn't ... dirt?"
Lynnette She'd wiggle her free fingers at Vuk then turned and went after Iris. "Let's do this...." Chuckling she'd follow after her roomie and started to help with making lemonade. Humming softly she'd just go to town then to helping out making refreshments.
Qwillis     Q certainly got distracted by Akane. He'd not look at her at all, shrugging a little. "Ah.. sure. If you are into technology, I'm going to be setting up a vault for scientist to be able to practice peacefully.." He'd shake his head a little then and glances back to Akane with a shrug and a brief smile. "Go ahead and go help the others. I'll see what else I can find to fix."
Vuk Vuk sighs in relief when he isn't terrorized more, not that he doesn't follow Lyn's movements, it just seems he has little practical experience in some one flirting with him...or perhaps it was so unexpected he went into shock. "Well then.." He just murmurs and moves to begin slowly polishing his heavy sidearm, you know, molerats. Rad scorpions. Also talking fruit.
Jacqueline Jackie winces in sympathy. "Sure, can do," she replies, offering Surelda her hands. "Just be careful where you put your feet, or we'll both end up in the dirt."
Iris Lark Iris along with Eden and Lynnette walk out from the farmhouse, a few pitchers of lemonade in hand and some plastic glasses. They move along the farmers, striking up conversations and giving out drinks. The air is turning a bit cooler as the day starts to move towards twilight. Soon it will be too cold out for folks. Iris pours herself a glass of lemonade and takes a sip, blinking at the sourness. "Woo.."
Elsie Surelda allows herself to be pulled upward by Jackie. At least she's light, right? That's a positive in all of this?

"Thank you," she says to her knight-lady. And boy does Surelda take advantage of that help. She leans her body weight (again, not much but still rude right?!) against Jackie so that she may hop through the plants, at least taking good care to dodge them. "I lost a potato," Surelda confesses to Jackie, almost sheepishly. "It's back where I fell. Will that be a problem?"
Lynnette She'd follow behind Iris helping pass out that lemonade. Taking a deep breath she'd put an arm on her friend's shoulder and sighed as she looked around. "....long day." Taking a deep breath she'd cut her eyes over to Iris with a smile and nodded. "I think....I'm taking tonight off from if you need me....I'm here." Nodding she'd then grin a bit. "...we can have girls night too."
Vuk Vuk glances when Iris comes back out, following her movements. "Well, I'm surprised the lemons..were even lemons." He admits, he isn't much of a farmer, that much is certain. "I suppose though at some point, not every thing is corrupted by the radiation.." he muses outloud.
Sparky     Sparky accepts some of the lemonade with a smile, turning to Devlin, "Well Senor, stop by the general store and we talk, hm? Both about la pistola, y hunting some radscorpions, maybe brahmin, for a cookout." He nods then turns back to Iris, "Senora, introduce me to our fine host, pro favor?"
Iris Lark Iris nods and walks back towards the porch, setting down her pitcher as she grins at Lynnette. "I think that's a fine idea, I could use a day off." She mentions, and then smiles between Sparky and Vuk. "Vuk this is Sparky, he's working in my store and helping me with a few things." She gestures to Sparky. "This is Vuk, he's my best and worst patient, he has a tendency to go out blind to try to kill things and then he actually manages it." She shakes her head briefly and rolls her eyes.
Devlin     Tilts his head to one side, trying to look over the odd pistol from another angle, "An augmented barrel, encapsulated as well.. That's an interesting little number but I don't think that would be good in my hands, nor get through the scales of scorpion. A sneaky thief on the other hand.." Devlin, glances towards the drinks being offered and takes it though he was less than content with drinking it, and clearly not sure just what he was handed. Bringing the lip of the glass to his nose, he lightly sniff at the cloudy water, "What kind of brew is this?"
Eden eden grins at Iris as she remembers the news she hasn't told her about. "you know this is Vuks land, but, what if i found a place that grows well. that would be for everyone? is there a way to mske thst work, or would it just be a confising nightmare of angry rewardsless volunteers?"
Sparky     Sparky offers a wry grin and a hand towards Vuk, "Lo ciento, amigo. Sorry you cannot find a doctor who is not more stubborn and malicious. This one is a cruel task mistress, I know." He winks playfully at Iris, then turns his attention back to the farmer, "I was wondering, could I come back? The city's need is great. I cannot offer much in resources. Some, though. I can also help to do any repairs around. Fix doors, tractors, build fences. Whatever you need to pay for any food."
Jacqueline Jackie smiles encouragingly, assisting the taller girl towards the house. "It'll probably be okay. They're going over this place pretty well. I think they'll find that stray tato," she replies. "Let's just get you someplace where you can sit down."
Finding a chair on the porch, she guides Surelda gently to it. "Here... will this work?"
Qwillis     Qwillis shifts on his feet, looking around and frowns. He'd move over towards where Iris is at to wave her way, along with Eden. "Iris, Eden, I'm going to head out now. The bike should be completely safe to drive the food in on now." He'd flash a smile, then would head onward. A polite smile is given Akane's way with a small shrug and he'd catch Jackie helping Surelda onward. "Hey, Jackie? I fixed up your bike. It should be completely fine.." He'd hesitate, eyeing Jackie then frowns and heads for the river area he had seen Jackie at before.
Iris Lark Iris turns and blinks at Eden. "You found a place with growing things? I don't think it would be a nightmare at all. There are so many places that need food or help. I also think we could come up with a way to show people who volunteer that we care." A few moments pass and then she blinks over at Devlin. "It's..lemonade." She offers tentatively, trying not to grin.
Elsie "Thank you. Yes, I'll be alright here until the bleeding stops." Surelda disentangles herself from Jackie to take a few hops into a shady place to sit, slowly settling herself down with a sigh of relief. She twists her leg again to look at the damage and sucks air in her teeth. "Thank you," she says again, giving Jackie a small, apprecaitive smile.
Vuk Vuk will shake Sparky's hand at least, though he -glowers- when Iris says he is the worst patient! How Rude! "Until the crisis has ended, I will allow people to come here and do what they can to help. When the Crisis has passed, I will return to my hermity ways and being a piss poor excuse for a farmer." He says to Sparky and glances at Iris and Eden. "Hell, we should make an effort to keep close to each other farm know? For mutual defense? I think it's a grand idea." He also might want to convince people to him excavate the bunker further. "Oh and what Iris won't tell you is she adores me, and admires me for when I saved her and others from a new form of Super Mutant.." he drawls.
Connor "That sort of thing is hard to find, ya'know?" Connor is back from the fields again, anxious to get down on some lemonade. Which he promptly does. "You would really just need to throw up a task board or something. People would show up a great deal to find some honest work. I think. I wouldn't be opposed to being the man to square up your land too." Connor directs his attention directly to Eden now.
Lynnette "Let's do it then. You and I can get drunk, take a bath, have girl talk and all that crap." Patting her friend on the back she'd she'd let her talk to the others as she then looks to Vuk. "So....we can keep coming back here?" There was a grin then as she watched him for a moment then blew him a kiss. "You're so....generous." Chuckling she'd look over at Sparky then nodded. "If you come back...I may tag along with to help. The least I can do to help out. I"ll take a couple of shifts off work to help out."
Devlin     Turning to Iris after the explanation with just a name and simply asks, "What's Lemonade?" If he was acting, then Devlin would make for one of the best actors in the region from his utter confusion was etched into his face. Looking back at the drink after viewing several others sipping onto it, he gives it a slight shrug before bringing it to his lips though it didn't stay there. Curling his lips, his tongue quickly and steadily begins to work within his mouth, in part trying to scrape the sourness off but also trying to piece out just what else they may have put into the cloudy concoction.
Eden "it seemed like it uses to be a farm. there's a building and everything too. lotta weeds and random things now, but.. even the rotten veges here, they have seeds and roots to use, right? I already have my own place, and don't really know how to farm. I don't think Ashur has any teal interest in farming, ut either way it takes more people, doesnt it?" Eden is looking for advice here!
Sparky     Sparky nods to Lynnette with a smile, "I'll stop by the cantina before I come out then." Then he turns to Eden, "Ah, y'know, in Nueda Vida, they had a community garden, for people whose homesteads weren't large enough to grow much, and did other things like weaving. You could do something like that, Senora."
Iris Lark "It's lemon, water, and a little bit of sweet to cut the sour." Iris explains to Devlin, a grin on her face as she pointedly takes a sip of hers. Not poisoned, see? She turns to Eden and listens, her head slightly tilted. "It does take a lot of people, and if you need help, I'm always happy to help you sweets." She gives Eden another hug and gestures out at the group. "I'm sure other people will too."
Connor Connor says, "Well. Its probably still sound then. Weather around these parts isn't liking to mold out a house. So just dust it out and it'll be good." Connor shrugs his shoulders towards her. "Find a foreman willing to organize the work and you wouldn't need much more than pointing people the right way.""
Jacqueline "No problem. I'll be nearby if you need anything," Jackie promises, returning Surelda's smile, and steps down from the porch to see if anything else has gone strange since then.
She spots Qwillis heading for the creek. And the rocks where she left her things. Frowning thoughtfully, Jackie moves to follow him.
Vuk Vuk will listen to every one and scowl slightly when it seems Lyn is stealing Iris away. "I have heated water in my home, along with a proper bath..and bed. Perhaps not as good as the fabled vaults..or perhaps better." He says, starting to muse this thing out. "I'm not being invited either way to join your friend and you, am I my beloved Iris?"
Iris Lark "The bathhouse is open to everyone." Iris says, giving Vuk a slightly puzzled look. "Plus, there is ice cream right next door, though I'm not sure how they manage that." She goes pink when he calls her beloved and she pushes her hair out of her face, turning to pick up her lemonade and go another round of pouring. She practically flees from the porch, passing out a drink to anyone with a slightly empty cup, an embarassed smile on her face.
Devlin     As he walked away, Devlin could be heard questioning, 'What in the seven circles of hell is a lemon?' Setting down the glass when it was only half emptied, the man restraps on his helmet before taking a long walk past the creek. All the while the man walked away he could be seen grumbling before spitting, trying to get his tongue to either not retain the taste or to stop the now tingling feeling.
Eden Replying to Connor, "well one fella named Matt offered to help, but haven't seen him much to know what he can or can't do. Do you know any lukely foreman candidates?"
Lynnette Lyn would just look at Vuk...then Iris....then back to Vuk....back to Iris. That brow would raise even more then as she slowly smirked. "I mean....if you want to do it here.....we can....but....I may stay at home or go see a friend." Chuckling she'd then just look at her innocently then.
Vuk Vuk roll his shoulders a bit at how Iris reacts. "You and Iris are free to stay here if you wish." He says, watching Lyn, still not sure how to take her. "I'm some how sure you don't have a problem with free hospitality." He says, given she was flirting with him! "I'm Vuk Aleksy by the by." He says, not sure if Iris has told every one who he is or not!
Qwillis     Q would gather up Jackie's stuff for her, turning to start walking it back, only to have Jackie following him. Smiling her way, he'd hold it out to her. "I wasn't sure how long you'd be over there, Jackie. So I thought you might prefer having this near, than far. Just in case." He'd shrug slightly and step back after handing over the items. Attention tracks Iris for a moment as she'd walk by, then shakes his head a little and looks back to Jackie. "I'll see you around, alright?" With that last note, he'd wave to those who might notice and wave back, then heads off.
Jacqueline Jackie blinks in surprise as Q offers her her things. "Oh... thank you!" she says, bowing her head and smiling as she accepts them. "Thanks for helping with the cart. I'll make sure Iris knows," she adds, watching him walk away.
Sparky     "Thank you Senor. All the food will go to the town, through Iris, I assure you." He smiles and then to Iris, "And perhaps once things get settled, we'll have a barbecue, to thank those who have helped, hm? Senor Devlin said something about hunting some radscorpion. Maybe we catch a brahmin." he shrugs. "I'll get back to the shop and see about setting up a cannery station in the back yard."
Connor "Well. I don't know the man, but most people tend not to volunter themselves for things they can't handle. The wastes are a bit too harsh for that sort of talk." Connor finishs off the lemonade he had. "I'll look at your buildings for free, if you like. Anything to get another farm runnin."
Iris Lark Iris comes back to the porch, empty jug in hand. She leans in and gives Vuk a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you for letting people farm here, it really means a lot." She murmurs, a slight smile on her face. "And thank you for allowing them to come back until we have enough, that's..more than I expected. Truly."
Eden "I would greatly appreciate that. another farm running does seem like exactly what is needed"!
Lynnette Looking over to Iris she'd smile then looked back to Vuk with a grin. "I says she's your beloved...." Raising her hands up playfully in a defensive manner she'd chuckle. "...I won't intrude...." Lyn just laughed then as she looked to Iris. "Because I already promised her a girl's night and...." Looking him over she'd smirk a bit. " look pretty manly to me."
Jacqueline Trying to sort out what she'd left on the rocks before she'd gone wading, Jackie waves to the gathering as she slips behind the house to get herself together again. There's still a cartful of produce to drive back to town, after all!
Eden Speaking to Connor once more, Eden says, "well lemme know when you are free and I 'll show you the place, alright? I've got a place in the vault housing, im often there, working on fixing things ive found".
Vuk Vuk looks pleased at the kiss he receives..which only encourages him to try and trap Iris into his lap again. "Why would I not help people?" He asks her quietly and watches Lyn. "Well...she never lets me even kiss her more then once a week..I say beloved..she threatens to tie me to a hospital bed so I don't go off fighting the Mutant armies alone.."
Iris Lark "It's not that you don't want to help people, but you are kind of a hermit." Iris reminds Vuk, smirking in his direction. She doesn't slap or squirm away, letting him pull her on his lap, her cheeks red. "I haven't ever let you kiss me period." She tartly reminds him, glancing at him with an amused smirk. "I promised Lynnette a girls night, and I'm going to gather my girls and we're going to go do something fun. I will come back though. If you don't mind, later."
Connor "Ahyeah? I'm back in the family housing offa main street. A block or two up from the town hall." Connor mentally makes note of Eden's locale. "Its but a trifle. I'll come by and let you know when I've got a few days free again."
Vuk Vuk won't keep Iris if she seemingly truly has some..girl's night to do! " can always come back..and don't you girls get in to much trouble. I don't want to have to stop being a hermit to rescue you all from some terrible steam bath monster. Though I promise to have some food prepared for when you come back." He says with a slight smile before moving try and kiss her cheek!
Eden Happy that a few people were interested in this idea, Eden nods and smiles onto her lemonade. Oo but that stuff is good! The conversation about a girls night perks up her ears. "what can a girl do to earn a spot on that list? a bath would feel heavenly"
Lynnette She'd just snort at Vuk's comment then looked over to Iris. "Well I'm ready when you know..." A smirk as she stared at her then turned to sashay away for now. "I'll be at the house when you're uh...." She'd stop and giggle a bit and motioned between the two. "....not occupied." Licking her lips she'd hear Eden and looked ovar and smiled. "Poke Iris. I just crash with's not my place to invite people over but....I don't mind if you joined."
Iris Lark "You don't have to do anything except come along." Iris says to Eden, a grin on her face. "You and Lynnette should get to know each other, she's fun!" She pushes herself back to her feet, after allowing the kiss on the cheek and she grins at Vuk. "I'll come back and eat your food later, might drag Lynnette with me too." She shrugs and snags Eden and Lynnette by the hand. "Lets go and hang out at the bathhouse?"