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Iris Lark Bubbles. They're everywhere, and everything is pink. It's crazy in here but the water is steaming and warm. Iris sits in the deeper water, wrapped in a fluffy towel that is now soaked. She kicks her feet occasionally making more bubbles as she grins at Eden and Lynnette. "It always feels so good in here."
Lynnette Well Lyn was naked as the day she was born as she stood there about to drop her towel but blinked. "Oh....are we not...?" Oh well. She'd just shrug then as she slipped down into the water and dunking her hair under then sighed. "Last night was my first time here. Someone brought me here as a treat after a long day of work......" She'd leaned back but stay submerged so she wouldn't scandalize her friends.
Eden Eden has never been in here. and she has never seen so much pink. She cant help but grin at all the bubbles and things shes always thought of as girly. the warm water calls to her, and she removes her jumpsuit, but not her undergarments. "are we supposed to be dressed, or, not, or, i've never bathed with anyone else" she says a little sheepishly. She just starts to walk in on her unders. it seems a good halfway measure. "ahhh that feels so nice" eden fonds an underwater perch an leans back till the water covers her hair. "this is perfect".
Iris Lark Iris shakes her head. "You can go naked, but I've always been a bit shy." She murmurs, crossing her arms over her chest. "So Eden, tell us what you've been up to lately, I miss you!"
Lynnette Lyn would playfully tug at that towel and then tried to give it a yank. "Step one.....time to get over that...." She'd laugh then but wouldn't push the woman if she didn't want to. But she did agree to help her let lose. Looking to Eden then she'd smile. "Don't mind me....I'm just shameless...."
Eden well honestly, I've just kinda been wandering alone. i thought the militia had mechanic jobs for me so sogned up, but haven't heard a thing since. so mostly just been wandering alone. not teally sure what to do with myself. "
Iris Lark Iris lets the towel get tugged away and she blushes a bit, but doesn't cover herself up. "You've been wandering alone? That's not good, you should hang out with me sometimes. I'm positive I can find ou some work, or something fun to do. You're going to have to take it easy soon anyway. The baby will be here soon, right?" She asks, tilting her head to the side.
Lynnette She'd toss that towel to the side and just listened. Lyn's ears would perk up as she then looked at the two of them. "" Was she oblivious? Those green eyes would look to Eden then. "'re having a baby?"
Eden Eden blushes a bit, and then pull off her unders and tosses them to dry by her jumpsuit. "thrre. it really does feel better that way." giggling, she settles back down into the bubbles. "yeah the baby is coming soon. maybe that's why i'm all a twitter about nothing." turning to lynnette she says, grinning widely, "yes, that does seem to be happening!" she laughs. "Its getting pretty close now too. so better get my telaxing in while i xan, right?"
Iris Lark Iris grins at Lynette and she nods as she finally covers her breasts with her arms. "It could be that people are a bit worried to get you involved in dangerous things because of that sweetie." She says to Eden, smiling.
Lynnette She'd would sigh a bit as she facepalmed. "Many I am oblivious..." Chuckling she would look over to hr then and nodded. "Girl you better get your life together and get ready. But let me know if you need anything done....stuff you shouldn't be doing...."
Eden "hope that's all it is! anyway you havent said what you've been up to! You still seem to be quite the popular lady" she winks and laughs, turning to lynnette "dont worry, i tend to be under the radar. and i know almost nothing about you!" Eden gives a shrug. "Ashur's the man with the plan. He got a big house for all of us in New Rome, and Kumo will deliver the baby. I think most of my time will still be here though. this is the center of everything. We'll see. so, tell me a story about you now!"
Iris Lark Iris chuckles and she blushes, shaking her head. "I'm not popular, it's Lynnette here that the boys are following. I just happen to be nearby when she does." She teases gently, shrugging her shoulders. She nods as Eden continues to speak and a smile appears on her face. "You let me know if you need anything, all I've been doing is the usual, keeping people healthy."
Lynnette "Oh hush Iris...." Laughing she would just shake her head a bit as she sank a little bit further in the water. Taking a deep breath she'd sigh softly. "Besides....I'm not allowed to be chased anymore it seems....." Clearing her throat she'd then smile to Eden. "Don't let her fool you.....she's a popular lady. Super sweet and helpful and's her they really like."
Eden "oh a modesty contest while naked, i love it. Not allowed to be xhased? that sounds like an intrresting story.... do tell!"
Iris Lark Iris grins over at Lynnette and her eyebrows raise slightly. "Oh ho, I sense gossip. Out with it lady, tell me what's going on." She giggles and splashes around a bit, the bubbles building up. "I'm not popular, and if I am, I wish that I wasn't. I just want to keep people safe and healthy. That's all." Her cheeks are bright pink and she ducks under the water for a moment to hide her embarassment.
Lynnette Lyn would close her eyes as she sighed and relaxed a bit before taking a deep breath. "....that fella I was telling you about...." She'd crack an eye open as she peered at the two with her green eye. "....he took me here last night so I relaxed....waited for me outside. Then we had a nice" A shrug then as she closed her eye back and shrugged. ".....apparently he's stakin' his more playing the field for me....."
Eden excited, Eden says "ooooo, and who's the luxky fella? is he is just irresistable? tell us more!" eden giggles and gives a little splash
Iris Lark "He's Vuk." Iris replies, simply. "He's a really nice guy, but.." She doesn't go on, she just looks down into the water at her hands. She smiles over at Lyn and reaches out to pat her shoulder. "I'm glad you're happy."
Lynnette She'd sit up then as she looked over at Iris, giving a blink. "What about this Vuk?" She'd look over Eden and looked to Eden. "I mean....he's kind of rough around the edges but isn't every guy? And....he's cute. I mean....." She'd trail off and then sighed a bit as she chuckled. "Let's just say he didn't just want a romp in the hay and call it a day from the get go. He was....actually courting me I guess....." Smiling she'd look over to Iris with a smile. "'s weird but...he's serious so...." Then she'd looked at her with a mischievious look. "Now more about this Vuk...."
Eden "if he makes your heart leap, then i'm glad you're happy! no buts needed." eden looks to both of them and tries to look wise "just be careful you girlies, or you'll wind up with a belly like this" she says in her best old lady voice, before she giggles and sinks back into the bubbles
Iris Lark Iris glances between the two women and she scratches her nose looking a bit lost. "He doesn't make my heart leap." She admits slowly, still gazing down at the bubbles as she splashes around. "He's nice and everything, but .." She sighs and leans back in the hot water. "I just have not had a banner year in the romance department, I'll probably be doing Vuk a favor if I just stayed friends with him." She leans in a grin on her face to gently poke at Eden's big tummy. "I don't have to worry about this happening to me." She says, the smile taking the sting away from the words.
Lynnette She'd tilt her head a bit then as she licked her lips and nodded. "You never know....maybe just....try to get to know him better??" A shrug was given then as she tilt her head. "I dad told me when he met my mom she was in a brothel. He'd go there only to see her and she wanted nothing to do with him. But then she actually got to know him and ended up leaving that life behind and married him. A few years I am but...." She'd trail off and just shook her head as she changed the subject. " for the baby then...." she'd scrunch her nose as she chuckled. "More power to you Eden....but I'm not letting that happen. I kind of have an aversion to wanting to get pregnant....."
Eden eden laughs "I wasn't exactly planning ahead. Sorta got swept off my feet. like literally sometimes. He actually carried me over his shoulder out if a bar once." Now eden is bright red. I am missing drinking though. I kinda started liking that.".
Lynnette "Oh that's cute....." She'd smile as she chuckled a bit. "You're almost done. Just give it a bit after the baby then back to drinking when the little thing is a sleep....a nightcap..." Laughing then she'd shake her head. "Mine....said he'd shoot anyone that'd try to get frisky with me..." Lyn would just shake her head a bit. "That and let me cry and get drunk after the big battle here...."
Eden "aww, they are so cute when they're being possesive, aren't they?" eden leans back into the water again. not certain of what else to chat about, so just enjoying the silky bubbly water.
Lynnette "'s cute.....didn't take him for the type." Chuckling she would just smile then as she tilted her head. "So....are you hoping for a boy or a girl?" Lyn would run her hands through her wet hair as she sighed a bit before looking to her hands. "...oooh getting pruney...."
Eden "i really dont know. a girl i guess. honestly, im pretty scared. He wanted a baby so badly, and i know nothing about beig a mother. i koww it will be ok, but have dreams of a deformed crazy kid t6