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Owner Pose
Elsie Surelda, with her freshly burnt, freshly artificially-grafted, and now freshly cut leg is at last out on the town. A 'hero' of the battle for El Dorado, she hasn't actually been out in the city since it all happened.

So, you know, this is exciting.

She's wearing a particular blue dress, strapless, with faux cloth buttons, a drop waist, and a flounced, layered skirt with a longer, bustled back. Over it she has a leather jacket, with some cheap bracelets on and black boots. It's her hair that's most noticible though; it's been bleached a silverish white, and is long and flowing almost to her waist.

This stranger-not-stranger of El Dorado can now be found peering into the window of the coffin shop, her face pressed close to the glass as if DEADLY curious as to what might be inside. (Haha, get it?!)
Alasa Alasa comes strolling over from Cowboy Lane, a large cat walking beside her. "You know what, thats just how it is..." She shakes her head a bit as she walks, "Anyways, what would you do with it?..nothing...I mean, really who needs a 30 foot ball of you know how hard it would have been to get it back here...." She continues to walk along, not really in a hurry.
Elsie The presence of a living soul talking nearby causes Surelda to start slightly. She's a jumpy thing, this one! But then, first day in town and shot by a giant mechanical spider's laser might make one jumpy. Still, jump she does, and turn quickly in a lateral fan of silvery hair to spy ... Alasa. And a cat. Surelda's black eyes blink once, then twice, as if to make sure she's seeing what she thinks she's seeing. Slowly, as if afraid to startle either cat or owner, Surelda rises.

"Are you talking to me?" she asks, her voice quiet and somewhat flat. Those eyes, though, are very expressive. She is curious, and somewhat confused. And then her eyes slide down to the ... cat. "....oh." Now she gets it. Woman's crazy!
Alasa Alasa stops and smiles, "I can be, if you want me a bit...different...let me guess, your new in of the refugees from all that recent nastyness, right? We've seen a lot of people coming in recently...tried to warn them, but sometimes the don't listen." The large cat, sits and seems to stare at Surelda a moment.
Elsie Surelda stares back at the cat. Not out of malicious or distrust. Just surprise. But once she's content that the cat is, more or less, content, she flicks thos big black eyes back to Alasa, blinking a few times.

"Hmm? Oh, yes. Something like that." Let's just vauge that up, shall we? Surelda moves to step down from the Coffin Shop stoop, heading in Alasa's direction. It's for the best; with Surelda's quiet tone, it's rather hard to understand her when she's more than a few steps away.

Once she's closed in, she smiles ever so slightly. "Do I stand out that badly?" she asks, a touch amused. "That ... differently?"
Alasa Alasa reaches down and scritches the bobcats ears..."Don't worry about him..he ate already..." she laughs a bit. "Well, I'm in town a lot...and know a lot of when I see someone I don't know..I put two and two together...that and I regularly bring in refugees myself that I find wandering around in the wastes." As she looks to the coffin shop, "Bet they've been busy lately."
Elsie "Oh, yes," Surelda says in her same quiet, flat tones, turning to glance back over her shoulder toward the coffin shop. Then she looks back to the woman, letting her black eyes wander as if to size this stranger up. Whatever she finds, it doesn't send her running away screaming or anything.

"I don't really know how bad it all was," she confesses. "Or, really, how many people the city had to start with. I was snuck in during the seige, and I hadn't even put down my bag when everything started to ... happen." She glances away for a thoughtful moment, then back to Alasa. It seems Surelda has no problem meeting others' gazes.

"Funny though, it seems like a long time ago now. But it's only a few days, isn't it."
Alasa Alasa says, "yes, those initial blasts really did wake the town up, so many killed or taken with the first few minutes...we tried to help with what we could....but it didn't help much...same things kept happening for days. Just kept getting worse...even now, I don't really believe its over...what with that crazy voice and all.""
Elsie Something Alasa says in there causes Surelda to blink, curiosity once again creeping into her features. "What do you mean, the crazy voice? What voice?" She shakes her head, not understanding the reference. "What does the crazy voice say? Do you mean the President on the Radio?" Because that dude sounds pretty friggin' crazy.
Alasa Alasa says, "Yeah, the one over the radio..nice having one of those..." as she taps the side of her helmet, "nice and crazy..though from what I've gathered, its not so much a person, as a crazy robot or computer or something. So not sure you can really deal with it.""
Elsie "I suppose you could pull the plug," Surelda says, shrugging a single shoulder helplessly. "That's what I assume you do with all technology you don't like, though. Which is probably why I have very little experience with technology." She chuckles at that, reaching up to scratch the back of her neck. She looks down the lonely road, then to the cat, then back to the woman again.

"Do you have any non-technological problems here? Supermutants, anything like that?"
Alasa Alasa says, "Mutants?..sure, run into them out there in the wastes all the time...deathclaws too...lots of nasty creatures that stalk the fact we had a huge mutant living in town here.""
Elsie Surelda's eyebrows lift toward her hairline. "Living in town? How did people not know?" Because of course, there's no way a super mutant would be living in town in any other fashion than on the lam. Right?
Alasa Alasa says, "Well, everyone knew...I mean heck, I'm sure his wife knew..well one of them at least..I've heard rumors after all..he had more then one."
Elsie Now Surelda's brow wrinkles downward, further, as her confusion is complete. Confusion and a touch of concern. "What happened to him?" she asks, turning her head ever so slightly to indicate interest in what Alasa says.
Alasa Alasa hmms, "oh, last I heard he got better...well he got really bad first, then he got better..then he fought a giant metal spider, and was really bad, I'l going with sorta bad right now..but I'm sure he'll get better
Elsie Surelda considers this information for a few breaths. And then, finally, her elloquent response. "Huh." Yep, that's what she's got for this. "I didn't know you could get better from that." Her black eyes once more flit to the cat, then back to teh woman. She gives another small, quiet smile. "I'd best get going, have some errands to run. It was nice to meet you."
Alasa Alasa says, "Nice to meet you too...oh, and if your wondering..his name is'll prolly run into him." she gives a slight wave."
Elsie Surelda responds with a gentle wave of her own. She's quiet for a few more moments, and then lowers her hand. "Thanks," she says, and with that she turns to continue deeper into town.