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Vuk Vuk is emerging back from the ruinous farm house, a pitcher of purified water and a glass in hand, to take up his spot on his decreipt rocking chair. Creaking as it rocks, as he sips the cool water, eyes watching his property. That heavy pistol laid back in his lap, in case mole rats pop up, and he gets to take pot shots at them.
Matt Matt is in fact, very late. Late enough that he missed the whole farming extravaganza and such. But he was actually tipped off about a caravan applicant. Hes here to track'em down now. NCR Duster, NCR pistol, NCR stuff, thats the guy. He'll stop by the farmhouse itself though first, with farmhouse etiquette. "Howdy in there" said on approach to the porch.
Harmon Harmon lets out a soft sight and reels in his line before packing away his things and hoisting up the line of fish he caught. Not the greatest, but not terrible either he seems to think to himself as he examines his bounty. With a long stretch and one last check to make sure he wasn't leaving anything behind he makes his way back up to the farmhouse and nods to Vuk, "This should help a bit." he says simply with a nod as he ties the line off to part of the railing.
Vuk Vuk grunts when some one approaches him, so there -is- fish in that damn creek! "Well that'll help, I rather suspect Iris will be happy." He says, moving to take the fish and string them up where they'll be where Iris will see them. Or where he can take them below to his bunker when the Doc returns. "I hope all of this blows over soon so I can go back to ignoring the problems of that damn city..."
Matt Matt lifts his chin as Harmon comes up to the porch, eyeing him a bit closely. Almost rudely. "That'll be months in comin, sir. Enclave even has interdiction parties roamin 'bout stopping caravans. People are fending for themselves for the most part." He tucks his thumbs around his belt buckle and finally talks to Harmon. "You're the new member of Lone Star?"
Harmon Harmon nods to Vuk, "Just seemed right that I help out a little since I'm trying to set up a life for myself in El Dorado." he says simply before shifting his attention to Matt. He looks the man up and down appraisingly, his weathered face and experienced eye, "To Lone Star, yes I am. But i'm not some green farmhand looking to 'see the world' or some nonsense like that." he says firmly, his tone and demeanor confident but not condescending, "The name's Harmon. Former combat medic in the rangers." he adds, extending a hand.
Akane      Akane came walking down the road, arms full of baskets from the farm. They were empty now, of course. They had been used earlier in the gathering of food for the city and now that the food had been moved from them to storage Akane had volunteered to bring them back. Some of them anyway. She walked up toward the house where she spotted some people gathered around the porch.
Vuk Vuk rocks forward as Akane makes her self known, another person he isn't overly familiar with. "Just put them down on the porch." He says cheerfully to Akane before rocking back again, back and forth. "I got water if any one wants any, it's purified." He explains, pointing at the pitcher, it even looks cold!
Matt "Anyone able to pull bullets outta me can run in my caravans. You've shown up at a tough time. We've got Enclave on all sides. Any caravans going anywhere are gonna be hard-pressed to get through." Matt reachs out to meet the hand and give it a firm squeeze. "I'm Matthew Ward. Matt, or Ward is fine. I've got a bunk cleared for you back in the compound."
    Matt notices Akane's approach and squints at her. "Nice to see another survivor of the killer spider thing."
Harmon Harmon nods to Matt, "Good to meet you, Ward." he says after taking in the information thoughtfuly, "Same out here? I've been running with some of the independent caravan's for years and it's only been getting harder and harder to make the runs." he says before looking back to Vuk, "A smart man never turns down a cool drink when he can find it." he says with a grin as he takes up the pitcher and pours roughly a glass's worth into a small canteen and takes a long drink.

Sufficiently relaxed and cooled by the purified water he moves to sit on the edge of the porch now, looking back to Ward, "That's good to hear. I have a few things to secure before our first run, whenever that might be." he says, pausing now to appraise Akane in a similar fashion as he did to Ward as they arrive. He offers her a simple, friendly nod in greeting.
Akane      Akane nodded and set the baskets on the porch with a small nod and a smile. she then glanced at the water curiously even as Matt spoke. The mention of caravans and then he greeted her as a survivor of the mecha attack. She flushed faintly. "I only shot at it a few times.... I am just glad I was able to help Lady Cleo afterward." Among other people, she'd focused on healing once the bullets stopped flying.
Vuk Vuk listens about..another spider Mecha. "Another? Interesting, I help destroy one in the Rosewell Facility. Lucette wouldn't elaborate on the design." He says and shifts a bit, winking at Akane. "I thought you woulda have made good time back to El Dorado, why is every one willing to risk the night to find my farm?"
Matt     He turns back and will definitely take a glass of cool-ish purified water, and he sips it a bit as Akane shows up. Matt gots his own flush a-going now. For *some* reason. "Well, just showing up is really brave. It was mayhem, bombs and bullets everywhichway. I could've used some of that healing too though, don't feel like Cleo, Lady Cleo, gets to hog it all." His foot lifts, and he aw-shucks, kicking some dirt around.
    "If you don't have much goin on, Lone Star is defintely hiring. Housing included and what not."
Harmon Harmon seems to share a bit of Matt's reaction towards Akane, though unfamiliar with the spider-mech they're talking about - evident by the brief flash of interest and concern that cross his face as he listens, "Brave, but possibly an unneccesary risk? An escort wouldn't be too hard to muster i don't think." he says with a slight smile before shifting his attention back to Matt, "Before our next run I wouldn't mind going out with a group to do some recon on the surrounding area and main roads. Never hurts to have an idea of what you might be walking into -- or being able to eliminate some threats before they have time to grow." he finishes and takes another drink from his canteen.
Akane      Akane lifted a hand to her mouth demurely and laughed softly. "I should be alright, though I would not be against an escort back to town. I have been staying at the clinic since I was helping there." She accepted the offer of water and moved to pour herself a little, the movement smooth and graceful despite the mundanity of the task. She managed to make it appear artistic. "My name is Akane." She smiled again. Her crimson hair was done up in a Roman-style configuration and her dress was romanesque as well. Around her throat was a metal collar of a high-quality bright metal marking her for those aware of what such things meant.
Vuk Vuk is -very- aware of what the collar means actually, largely thanks to Ashur, also because he's fought the Legion. "Might be safer to stay the night here, go back in the morning. My bike can get there quickly, but the Enclave is very likely to either hear it, or see the lights on it at night. This place is safer then El Dorado." He murmurs quietly.
Matt Matt is _very_ unaware of what the collar means. He came to New Mexico by Texas-way and missed most of the Legion crazy on the way in. "I'd be happy to walk you back to El Dorado, since thats where I'm goin. You can take a bunk up in the caravan house as well." He drops his hands from his belt buckle for a few moments, before putting them back. He. He-he he doesn't know what to do with his hands. "If you need anything, you can just ask. I'm Matt, by the way."
Harmon Harmon watches Akane curiously, taking note of the metal collar but not reacting to it before casting a slight grin to Matt, "I'll be heading back to the Caravan House soon to get settled in." he says with a slight nod before turning his attention back to Akane, "Name's Harmon. A pleasure." he gives a genuine smile before taking another drink from his canteen.
Akane      Akane blinked at all the offers of escorts and places to stay and looked quite overwhelmed. Her hand went to rest just below her throat and she glanced between the three of them as if completely at a loss as to what to do next. "I.. I don't know what to say. I don't wish to offend anyone... Perhaps I should simply try to make it back on my own...." She took a hesitant step backwards.
Vuk Vuk holds up a hand to placate Akane from where he sits. "I am not offended..I am merely stating a truthful fact. The Enclave could be watching at all times." He says and settles deeper into his rocking chair. "I'm sure the farmhouse has some spare cots in it. I do not sleep in it, I rest below it, but I have yet to see signs of the Enclave discovering it....I suppose though, perhaps I am merely..not worth the effort to murder in my sleep." he murmurs.
Harmon Harmon chuckles and shakes his head, chuckling a little to himself, "No offense taken. You're a big girl, you can do what you like." he says simply as he stands up, stretching out lazily before letting out a long breath and scaning the horizon though unlikely to see anything this time of night, "Ward, I'm gonna head back and get organized. Probably be up most of the night though, I tended towards night duty on my last job." he says simply to the man before nodding to Vuk, "I appreciate the water and the hospitality." he says to the other man while getting his bearings.
Iris Lark Iris walks back onto the farm, her hair loose and curly from the bath. She makes her way up to Vuk and folds her arms over her chest. "You mentioned dinner, or something, right?" She asks, glancing around at the others with a slight smile on her face. "Hello.." She says politely, ducking her head as she pushes her hair back over her shoulders. "How is everyone doing this evening?"
Matt Matt switchs to all business then. "I'll be heading back with you. Militia can use another pair of eyes, and another rifle on their lines during the night. They were pretty decimated during the siege." Matt hefts his rifle on his shoulder to resettle it. "If you're going back to El Dorado, we're going back, ma'am. We'd be happy to have you along for the walk."
Akane      Akane blinked then a few times as the reaction was mixed some quiet offers and then Matt. The woman's eyes went wide for a second at the firm and formal way he spoke. Iris stepped up then and Akane glanced over at her for a moment, nodding to the other woman even while her cheeks flushed faintly. 'I.. I don't know that I have a choice then... Mr Ward."
Harmon Harmon pauses as a new person arrives, turning to face her and nod, "Evening ma'm." he says in greeting with a smile, "Well enough I suppose. Heard about the shortage and came out to offer a bit of help." he says, motioning to the line of fish Vuk has tied up on the porch, "Was just getting ready to head back to town and get squared away." he adds before glancing back to Matt and Akane curiously.
Vuk Vuk looks rather happy when Iris appears, shifting to sit up a bit and try to draw her to him, of course. "I have it below. Local fish I prepared fried, some of the ground roots I have harvested, diced, sauted with some onions..all of it is from here. I wasn't sure if my beloved would truly return to me." he says quietly to Iris. "Careful of being found on the way back to El Dorado.."
Iris Lark Iris laughs softly and she doesn't pull away, she smiles at Vuk. "What do you mean be careful of being found?" She asks quietly, glancing back towards the others. "Is something going on that I need to know about?" She pulls her shawl closer and frowns, waving at Matt as he seems to be leaving.
Matt Matt nudges Harmon's elbow, before raising his chin towards Iris. "Thats Iris Lark, best doctor 'round these parts that I've seen." A returned wave though to her. He pulls his rifle down from his shoulder and holds it crossways in front of him. "Travel in numbers is safer out here, we're heading back and we wouldn't say no to having you along. You always have a choice, ma'am. Anyone trying to tell you different is probably trying to keep your ass in line. Your butt, ma'am."
Akane      Akane chd softly at Matt's adjustment of the words from ass to butt then rested a hand lightly on one of his arms. "Well I shall feel safe I am sure.."
Harmon Harmon nods to Iris as Matt introduces her, "Name's Harmon. Fresh to this area, just settling down. I was a combat medic with the NCR for years and still work on folks that need it. The other medics always called me stitch." he says to her before responding to Matt's nudge, "You guys move on ahead, I won't be too far behind and will make sure nothing's trying to get the drop on us." he says before giving the man a wave.
Vuk Vuk gestures generally towards El Dorado when Iris mentions some thing she should know about. "I meant found by the Enclave..or what ever Raiders they hired on." He explains to her quietly as he seems surprised she isn't trying to escape him drawing her into his lap. "How was the girl's night?" he asks her as he watches Harmon. "Be careful of the Salt easy for the unknown to hide in it."
Iris Lark "Don't let the delicate exterior fool you, I'm a combat medic as well." Iris remarks, smiling at Harmon. "Well, sometimes, I suuppose." She blushes and clears her throat softly. "Well be safe getting back to town, okay?" She says turning to gaze at Vuk. "Enclave? Hrm..they've been trouble."
Harmon Harmon smiles and nods, "Glad to meet a fellow sawbones ma'm. I plan on sticking around El Dorado so if you ever need a hand or know someone who does let me know, I'll treat them right." he says before nodding to Vuk, "I'll be careful. Be safe you two." he adds before offering a wave and bringing around his trusty lever-action to head off after Matt.
Matt Matt gives a way before heading off to take point with Akane and Harmon heading back to El Dorado. "The stars at night, are big and bright. Deep in the heart of Texxaassss." Matt is unfortunately singing to his compatriots.
Vuk Vuk will be very glad he doesn't need to deal with the singing, that's for sure, so instead? Iris will get a few kisses on her neck instead! " is the Brotherhood." He says to Iris quietly. "I didn't think you'd actually come back."
Rexus Rexus trundles up to the party. "Little late I see...." he mutters, toting a little basket of food. Just odds and sods he found on his recent trip, handing it over to Iris as he looks around, "Successful first day?"
Iris Lark Iris swats at Vuk, squinting in his direction. "You invited me to dinner, of course I came back." She says, laughing softly. "The brotherhood has more decent people in it than the Enclave does. The brotherhood didn't kick me in the head, but the Enclave did." She glances over at Rexus and tilts her head, considering. "Yes, a very good first day. We might be able to get what we need in a few days."
Vuk Vuk won't comment on the whole few days, because he'll sound grouchy about folk being here. "Did they find out who was responsible for this?" He asks, concerning the food..and behold..some one else. You know..he's never going to quite get Iris alone is he?
Rexus Rexus nods to Iris, dusting his hands. "Well, if enough pitch in... i'm sure we'll get there. Seen a lot of these farms popping up around here now... nice to see people are rebuilding but.. isn't this one a bit off the beaten path?"
Iris Lark "The Enclave blew up our food stores, I'm fairly certain." Iris remarks, her arms folding over her chest. She jerks her chin towards Vuk and grins crookedly. "He was here before the trouble started, at least I'm fairly certain." She glances at the bunker and then raises an eyebrow towards Vuk.
Vuk Vuk gives Iris a questioning look when she some how seems to be accusing him of some thing. "I spend alot of time in the wastes, I found this place a while back. I am not sure exactly what it's original function was." He says, not quite admitting to any thing. "The farm land? That..was just an added bonus, I'm not sure if this was meant as a farm, but the land is sustainable, and the creek has fish and the water isn't irradiated to hell."
Rexus Rexus chuckles, "Mmmm, seems like an ideal setting. Food, shelter, i'm sure power can be provided somehow... and away from the hustle and bustle of the city and villages still... might get a bit lonely out here without visitors."
Iris Lark Iris glances around and jerks a thumb towards Vuk. "If he wasn't such a hermet, he would have plenty of visitors." She glances at Vuk, grinning. "Am I wrong?" She asks, tilting her head slightly to the side as she leans in to nudge him gently. "It's rather calm and nice out here."
Vuk Vuk gently slips one arm around Iris' waist as she teases him. "I have power, I also have a water purification system. I intend to excavate the bunker further in time." He murmurs and rolls his eyes a bit at Iris' words. "Yes, and living with many others would have made me an Enclave target."
Rexus Rexus peers over at the bunker, then the other bits of the farm. "Well, farm's a target enough.. if they wanted to destroy all the food supplies an places to get it.. or enslave them to their own ends... people get pretty desperate when there's no food and farms are the ideal target."
Iris Lark "Well luckily for Vuk, I suppose, he's dangerous." Iris says as she shifts her eyes over at the man who's trying to get handsy. "He took on a super mutant nearly by himself, and ..well.. I think he'll be fine. There is another person around here somewhere fishing who helps him out too. Lola, is it?"
Vuk Vuk inclines his head when Iris asks about Lola. "When she's here, I think she has family in El Dorado as well. But..I am not worried about people attacking me. The Bunker is fortified, I have the only access to it. Even if they burn down what they see here? The land is still useful, the creek has life in it, they would spend far to much stopping me from rebuilding again, then it is worth I would think." He says and rests his chin lightly on Iris' shoulder. "Besides, my beloved comes to visit me."
Rexus Rexus just chuckles, "Enough to deter raiders, certainly." He looks back towards El Dorado, "Well, I should be getting back I suppose, i'll leave you two to it." he says, getting the hint as he turns to begin walking back towards the city.
Iris Lark "Thank you for stopping and helping. Hopefully soon enough we'll be able to help with the hunger in El Dorado." Iris says, a smile on her face as she regards Rexus. She gives Vuk a side eye'd gaze and she chuckles softly, shaking her head. "You are nothing if not persistant."
Vuk Vuk gives a slight smile when she informs him he is persistent. "I can not help that I am in love with the most beautiful of all things in the Wasteland." he murmurs to Iris, eyes watching Rexus. He doesn't seem like he'll cause problems!