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Owner Pose
B Evening has fallen, brining with it relief from the almost unbearable heat. The sky is slowly darkening to indigo behind B as she pulls up the lane from the gate bordering their property. Gotta keep the riff raff out, after all. Of course, that doesn't help with the molerats, or the other varmints sneaking into the garden to nibble at their food stores. Famine affects us all.

She swishes the reigns, leading Horsie the horse up the path before slowly bringing the horse and cart to a hault. What's in the back of the cart you ask? Well, it's a secret, all covered up with the blanket from the bed. Whatever it is, it's bulky looking.
Derk Unbearable heat that's quickly swallowed up by the setting sun and the cool breeze that rolls in from the lake. It's a wonderful feeling, of course one that's less noticeable ever since they put that standing fence around the property to keep everything protected, to a degree. Now that Derk's traded in his rifle for a hoe, he's out there hoeing, doing that thing that makes the money, but planting and harvesting all sorts of irradiated vegetables. They'll do in a pinch and whatever they don't eat will likely be converted into some decent swill for the next month, especially if times get harder. Derk's dressed in his regularr coveralls, he's taken to not wearing his armor while working the farm because it's just too damn hot and constricting, instead he's got his little pip-boy tucked into his belt, playing the local radio, and nearby a fancy laser rifle leans against the wheelbarrow, ready at a moment's notice should he need to shoot someone.

Shooting people has become a heck of a lot easier because of that rifle, and as he notices the gate a rattling, he sets his hoe aside and goes for the rifle, just in case. Not that thieves tend to use the front gate and all that, but from the sounds of things, there's more than just one person outside and so Derk doesn't take his chances, there's people to take care of in the shack. Pony and Clara are minding little El and they've got a little place set up there on the porch in the shade, Clara is already in the process of washing and peeling some of the vegetables for the evening's meal in preparation of B's arrival, though all action goes still at the sound of the gate.

Moving forward, Derk keeps the rifle at the ready, "That you B?" he calls out, though when he sees that it is her, leading a horse and cart of all things, he gives a laugh, "Ah, looks like you got yourself a new set of wheels," he adds with a smile. There's a look towards the cart, and the blanket that's been stolen from the bed, "Hey, I was looking for that!" he exclaims, since it may, or may not have been his laundry day.
B Still holding the reigns, B hops down from the wagon, landing nimbly. And it looks like she's finally traded in her ragspun dress for pants and a shirt. Works better with all the armour she's wearing, actually, from her badass helmet all the way down to hersteel-toed workboots. No wonder she wasn't immediately recognized. But then, she has that gun of hers strapped to her shoulder. That could have been a giveaway.

"Oh hey, Derk," says B, pulling down her goggles and fixing him with a smile. A guilty look crosses her face as she glances back over her shoulder to the blanket. "Ah.. well, I'll wash it later. Needed it to get this home. Come, see. You won't believe it."

Looping the reigns around a post in the railing, she brushes her hands together before moving round the back of the wagon. Two hands fist into the patchwork material before she yanks it off with a dramatic flair, revealing her latest treasure: a complete set of power armor with a matching helmet. Whee!
Derk Whistling appreciatively, Derk moves closer to settle the rifle at his side so that he can give the woman a hug in greeting, "Look at you now, all decked out and adventurer like. Decided the domestic look was no longer for you?" He asks this then looks down at himself and then back at her, "You better not be inferring that I should be wearing the dress now," he states clearly, though the smile remains. He reaches reaches forward for another hug, but then she's off to show him things and well, that's something that he needs to do, see it, to believe it as it were. "I ain't gonna believe it? You got new stills?" He asks perhaps even hopefully, "An auto-doc? What'd ya find, what'd you find? Did we get a new Mr. Handy?!" The excitement at such things is building as he moves closer and is about to reach out to take the blanket when she does so herself and he pauses, then stares, his lower jaw slowly dropping as he shakes his head, "You're right..." he says after a few heartbeats and when his jaw draws back up to run even with his mouth, "I don't believe it! How on earth, where... did you buy it?!" He asks, a little confused, but remembering that he had seen something like it at the store in town.

There's another whistle as it sets in and the girls are all sorts of excited to come sauntering down to see what B's all excited about as well. Derk chuckles and lifts Pony up so that she can see what it is that's got them all excited. "So... who's gonna operate that?" He asks her, mindful a bit, but still incredibly curious. "Oh, hey we got a horse and cart as well... I'm assuming these are yours too?" he asks, noting that which should have been obvious, were it not for the distraction of the goods.
B Actually, it's just like the one in the store .. except this one is in her cart. "I didn't buy it," she says, shaking the dust out of the blanket before folding it up. "I found it when I was out scavving earlier this week. Didn't want to say anything in case it wasn't there when went back for it." She grins, reaching out to tousel Pony's hair. She's still mostly silent, but more willing to communicate with gestures.

Clara's come over too, carefully carrying the squirming baby, to see what's going on. She still has that G on her cheek. Hopefully that'll come off soon.

B looks up to Derk and gives him a lopsided grin. "I thought I might try my hand at it. I tried it when I first got it, but I couldn't get it to move. Stood inside it for an hour until it was too hot and sticky. Covered it up with some branches. Probably didn't need to, but you never know."

Taking a step back, she loops her arms through the folded blanket to eye the cart and horse. "Celeste came by earlier today to drop it off. We need to give her a name. Thought the girls might like that .. and a ride around the farm once we get the armour out of there." How -did- she get it in there on her own anyway?
Derk Derk's still grinning and realizing that they're all sorts of equipped now, but that's not the most of it, instead there's a whole process of getting everything situated and he nods, "We'll probably want to build a small shelter for the horse as well, place to store the cart, and the like... I foresee us being rather busy in the coming days, but that's what the cart's for, right?" He notes, then looks B over and he nods, "Still that's an amazing find! And it looks rather intact as well, which means you've got yourself a serious piece of hardware there for you... and something I would be all for you staying inside when you leave these walls," Derk remarks, giving her a smirk, but then giving her a thrice over just to make sure there's nothing that she's hiding in the process.

As the kids allow themselves to be interested, excited at the fact that they can have a horse ride around the farm, Derk goes about placing his rifle in the back of the cart with the power armor so as to not have it interfering with whatever they decide to do first. "We were getting dinner ready, why don't we get the horse tethered and we can do that?" He offers.
B Pony clings onto Derk. He's quickly become her favourite man in her life. Of course, there's an arguement to be made that he's currently the only one too, but still. Progress!

B has the grace to blush a little. "I just went out for a walk .." she protests laughing. Still, there's that underlying refelction of pain in her eyes. She's still healing up from her last treatment, and still pained every now and again from myserious wounds with no real cause thanks to the mists of Dunwich. She should really know better than to go explore there but .. it's like a home away from home.

"Dinner sounds like a great idea. What are we having tonight?" she wonders, fully expecting to make it. She doesn't mind cooking, not really. She's not the best chef in the wasteland, but she's pretty handy in the kitchen. Just took some time to get use to the fact that she couldn't put booze in every dish. Kids and all, right?
Derk Progress with Pony, such a wonderful thing, though Derk does take such a role seriously, he's seen enoughpain and hardship in the Wastelands to not want to add anymore to Pony's life, instead, he's just helping as he can. Instead he watches B and notes the way she tries to hide a few things, but the doctor that he is, well there's something to that and that's when he realizes he's going to have to have a talk with B later about those things. "Well, we've got some tatoes and some other things, bit oh molerat for a stew as it were, I think we can make something nearly presentable and even edible at that with what we've managed to pull from our garden. It's already starting to show some decent returns," he explains, rather curious about that, but still rather enthralled with the fact that they're growing their own food, successfully, "Derk puts Pony on top of the horse and takes the bridle, ensuring that Pony's got a good grip on its mane, "Just hold on, we're gonna go slow," he tells her, walking beside her as he waits for B and Clara to keep up, moving towards the shack, though he'll pause at the porch to pick up Pony and put her down, unhitching the horse, and giving it a lead long enough to graze at the nearby scrub, but not long enough to get at their plants. "Kids'll name it, I'm guessing?"