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Owner Pose
Sparky     Standing behind the counter in the shop is the familiar Sparky. Upon said counter sits a similarly familiar cloth; it's the same one from the diner, which previously had a pile of scrap. Now, however, sits a fine looking pistol. The man stands upright as the door chimes, and a wry smile plays across his lips. "Hola Senora. We seem to keep running into each other. Come esta?"
Lynnette Making her way inside, she was obviously fresh from that bath....her hair still damp but fresh. Looking around she'd hear that voice and turned to see Sparky. Waving she'd make her way over then before she looked down at the gun, brow raised. " this is what you were working on?" She'd look up at him with a smile and nodded. "Well since we know the same lady I'm sure it's bound to happen...." Chuckling she'd give him a playful wink then as she smiled. "...como esta?" There was a blank look on her face but she was still smiling. "....I don't understand....sorry. I don't speak Spanish...."
Sparky     The man offers a light chuckle, "Lo ciento." he winks, "That means, 'I'm sorry.' And como esta? means, 'how are you?'." he nods down at the weapon on the counter, "Aye chica, this is what I managed to put together from all those parts. Not a bad little piece of hardware." He picks it up, aiming the barrel away from the woman. He works the slide to show the chamber is empty, then picks up the cylinder from the cloth and screws it into the barrel, suggesting a silencer. "I'm not much of a pistol user, but this little thing looks like it'd be easy to hide, and would do a number on someone." He hmms. "I once read that these little bullets, the .22 milimeter? They tend to bounce around inside a skull, instead of going out the other side, like a 9mm."
Lynnette "Lo...ciento...." Lyn seemed to be thinking as she repeated. "....como esta....." Those green eyes would look over at him and smiled. "Well I'm good. Just got done relaxing and was on my way back to the house but figured I'd peek in here. I hadn't been in here yet so I figured it wouldn't hurt." Looking around a bit she would be quiet but just watched him with that gun and smirked. "Oooh...that's nice....but probably not my style...." There was a soft giggle as she leaned on the counter then. "After all...I'm a lady....a dainty one." There was a hint of mischief in her eyes before she would nod a bit. "And that's...interesting to say the least....thought it'd come right on out."
Sparky     Setting down the rather dainty gun, the man smiles and shrugs, "Eh, es okay, someone will use it I think." he nods then, "Most bullets do. From what I remember reading, these ones have enough force to break the skull once, but not twice. Brain tissue.." all of this entirely scientific, no hint of squeamishness, "is another story. It goes through that like nada." he looks the woman over, "Aye, you do look better. I only had time for a quick rinse from a barrel out back." A sheepish smile offered, "But at least I don't smell like rotten buffalo gourd any more."
Lynnette "Ew...." Was she really disgusted? Squeamish? Maybe. Lyn would then pull herself up to sit on the counter then as she crossed her legs. "Better? Dang....what did I look like before? A hot mess?" Laughing then she'd wink at him playfully before she would roll her head to pop her neck a bit. "So what time does the store shut down? You gotta be here all night? Must get boring if you don't have anything to tinker on anymore...."
Sparky     "Eh, I got a shack out back. I close up when I get tired." he gestures overhead, "If the lights are on, that means I'm in here. Or Senora Iris is." Sparky offers a shrugs, "No es grande." He clears his throat, "No big deal. As to boring?" he waves a hand, "There's always something to do. I can clean, polish guns, do little repairs."
Lynnette "I'll have to remember that then. If I need a last minute purchase...." Chuckling she would then shake her head and nodded a bit. "And shack? Please tell me you're gonna work on getting a place that's not a shack?" Lyn would just raise her brow then as she watched him intently. "Anyway...." Leaning back on her hands then she'd tilt her head. "So you came out here by yourself?"
Sparky "Eh, not exactly." Sparky frowns, looking south, almost instinctively. "There was a man, Joseph.." He pronounces it Yosef. "He was from these parts. I never knew what he was doing down near my home. Something secret, I guess. Hush hush. He was looking for transport to El Dorado, and I had just finished fixing up my bike. When he ask my caravan leader for a ride, and the leader told him we didn't travel so far north, the man just shook his head and said, that we'd better go very far south. Never told why. Heh, I guess now we know. Anyway, I offer him the ride. I wanted to see more of the world. We had to dodge around the mutant hordes, though. See, this was... just before the bombs go down." He sighs, "But, just as we get near to El Dorado, someone put a bullet in my bike tire. Joseph... didn't make it. I barely did."
Lynnette "Oh...." Her voice went quiet then as she listened to his story then. "I'm sorry....." It was soft....she was actually a bit sorry for him. Shaking her head she'd run her hands through her hair then nodded. "To get so close then...." Shake her head she'd then lean over and pat him on the back. "For real. That's awful." Tilting her head then she would smile. "Tell you what...I'll buy you a drink if you come by my bar in Jacks' Town...."
Sparky     Sparky chuckles and nods, "Never did figure out what message he was supposed to deliver. I just hope it wasn't too important, you know?" then he smiles softly, "I'll take you up on that drink sometime." he tilts his head to one side, "I must say, there are worst places I could have ended up. The people of this town are good people. Friendly and kind. A good community."
Lynnette Lyn would raise her brow then as she laughed. "I really....really hope it wasn't important either." She'd give him a playful wink as she nodded a bit. "Please do. It'll be nice to have someone to talk to in there...." Hopping for the counter then, she'd lean over on it as she peered up at him. "And yeah....just get ready for Jack's's not for the faint of heart." Giggling she'd just smile then as she tilted her head a bit. "I get away with it because I'm a pretty face...and I don't let them take an inch with me. Plus....I'm pretty serious when I'm mad."
Sparky     Sparky arches an eyebrow, crossing his arms. "I don't doubt it, you being friends with Senora Iris. Dios mio." he shudders, "She can be quite scary." He tilts his head to one side, "I walked through this Jack's town. Esta... interesting place. But no rougher than the parts of Panama city that I used to live. It's all about looking like you belong, I found."
Lynnette "I heard she can be. I've never been on her bad side...." Laughing she would then stand up straight as she winked at him. "I'm as cool as a cucumber. I just know how to say what I want and mean it." There was a hint of mischief in those green eyes before she stretched her arms above her head, stretching. "And I stick me. When I get dress for work it's like they've never seen a woman before."
Sparky     Sparky looks the woman up and down again, shaking his head, "I don't doubt it. You look good now, Senora. I bet when you want something from an hombre, you get it." He winks. "Speaking of getting what you want, was there something around the shop I can help you with?"
Lynnette Lyn would grin as she then leaned in and whispered. "You'd be surprised how I have to just beg and ask nicely sometimes...." Chuckling she'd sit back a bit and nodded. "I'm not spring chicken...I have to try and keep my best foot forward." A tilt of her head then as she smiled softly. "I was hoping to find a small pistol to fit in my purse but.....we'll see. I can come poke Iris later. She might have something in her personal stash I can bum off of her."
Sparky     The man frowns, "Are you SURE you don't want to buy this one? I'll grant, it's my own personal property. Since you're Iris' room mate and all, though, she'd probably kill me, or worse, if I charged you for it. At least, not too much." he shrugs, nudging the gun towards the woman. "Give it a look, see how it feels."
Lynnette She'd pick the gun up then smiled as she rolled her eyes playfully. "Alright alright...." Looking it over then she'd seem to fumble with it at first before she just tossed it over to her left hand effortlessly, looking down the barrel. "...oh it's cute!" Pulling the slide back she'd quickly pull the trigger to feel the pull on it to hear the click before spinning it around on her finger and setting it down on the counter. "Okay....I think I'll take it...." She'd lean in then as she smiled. "....I'll have to at least give you a kiss for it..."
Sparky     A short wiry hispanic man stands behind the counter, showing a pistol to an olive skinned woman with light brown hair.

    As the door chimes, Sparky nods to the man, "Hola. Bienvenedos. Welcome, Senor."
Harmon The door eases open offering in a cold night breeze to flutter into the room ahead of a weathered looking man. His wide brimmed hat and casting a shadow over his face as the breeze ruffles the ends of his battered NCR Ranger duster. Harmon liftshis head and though weather his features are calm and kind, "Evenin' folks." he says politely, closing the door behind him.
Sparky     Sparky then blushes as Lynnette's words register, "Uh, well, that's not necessary Senora." he manages to stammer out in his Spanish accented tone, "Just, eh, put in the good word for Iris with me, hm? She's done me many kindnesses. It's the least I can do, to pay it forward." He nods. "I'm sure we've got some bullets in the back, if you need some."
Lynnette She'd chuckle a bit as she pulled back and pulled that gun towards her and putting it in the back of her pants. "And yes....bullets would be cool if you have some. And tell me if she has a holster back there too..." A wink before she turned to look at the new face. Raising her hands and wiggling her fingers, she would smile at him. "Hello there!"
Sparky A sigh is offered, "Bullets? Probably. Holsters? No. It seems this is something everyone wants, but nobody is to make." Spary shrugs disparagingly. "I think maybe I need to learn needle and thread, instead of wrench and hammer. Everyone knows the machines, here, nobody how to work leathers."
Harmon Harmon smiles and nods to the woman at the counter as he makes his way towards the counter, "Ma'm, senor." he says to the two in greeting. The lever action slung across his back clacks a bit as he stops closer to the pair, "Don't wanna interrupt you twos dealings. Just came in to look around, see if I find something I need before the company starts sending out the caravans." he say with a smile.
Sparky     "Ah, caravan, hm? You are new hire to the Lone Star?" asks Sparky, sizing the man up casually, in a not-unfriendly fashion. "I know they've been looking for some new hires." then he nods to Lynnette, "No disturbance, I was just about to check the stock in the back. Is there something specific you're looking for, Senor?"
Lynnette She'd smile as she winked. "Oh you're not disturbing....I"m just wrapping up and then I'm gonna head on my way home and leave you two boys to it...." Chuckling she'd look to Sparky and nod. "Maybe I need to learn it too shoot. Could come in handy. Something to do on the side outside of bartending..." A shrug then as she let Sparky do his thing then.
Sparky Sparky says, "I still need to get you those bullets, though. Just one quick moment, Senora bonita."
Harmon Harmon oods and lets the man run to the back before speaking, "That's right. Just finished a job for an independent caravan that ended up here so i decided to get with a more permanent outfit." he explains, leaning onto the counter a bit, "Not looking for anything too specific, but it never hurts to know what kinds of stuff i can get when I need it."
Lynnette Looking to Sparky she'd chuckle. "Don't worry handsome, I'm not running off just yet...." Looking over to Harmon then she'd smile. "Well welcome! Hope you like it out this way. I'm Lyn..." Holding out her hand she'd smile. "Pleased to meet ya."
Sparky     Sparky offers a shrug to Harmon as he hands a small clinking bag of bullets to Lynnette. "Well, we've got a few things in the back. Couple holodisks, some armor, lots of guns, o' course." He grins, "Even a couple baseball bats." He mock swings as though holding a bat and actually aiming at a ball, not a head, which is its more likely use. "It helps to be specific. Rifles, pistolas, pew pew guns?"
Harmon Harmon tips his hat to Lyn at the introduction and shaking her hand, "Name's Harmon, nice ta meet you." he says before looking back to sparky, "I'm pretty well covered on weapons. But I will be needing .45-70 gov rounds before too long as well as medical supplies. I'm a doctor and combat medic as well as guard for the caravan." he says
Lynnette Taking that bag she'd smile and nodded. "Thanks, Sparks!" Oh he has a nickname with her. Turning back to Harmon she'd nod. "Well nice to meet you, Harmon...." She'd nod then looked betweent he two. " much as I would love to keep talking to you gentleman....I need to get home and try to sleep...."
Sparky     Sparky nods to Harmon in regards to the rounds and explanation of his vocation, "Aye, well, everyone just calls me Sparky. My name is quite the mouthful." He grins, "I don't specifically remember seeing any medical supplies. I'll have to ask Seno..." As the door opens, "Ah, speak of la diabla." He grins. "Hola Senora Iris."
Iris Lark Iris blinks as she walks into the store, she's not expecting people to be here. She grins sheepishly and waves at Lyn and Sparky, offering a nod hello to Harmon. "I came to do some inventory in the storeroom and update the ledger, how are things going here?" She asks, setting her heavy rucksack down on the ground with an audible *thump*.
Lynnette Lyn was on her way out then as she smiled seeing Iris. "Hey lady...." She'd reach over to give her a hug then held up a bag of bullets, shaking them. "Did some shopping.....but about to head back to your house. I might....make a pitstop but I'll actually be home tonight."
Harmon Harmon nods and smiles, "Nice to meet you, Lyn. have a good night." he says to her fondly before shifting his attention back Sparky and Iris, "I appreciate it. I couldn't sleep and was surprised to see somewhere still open so I figured I would have a look."
Rexus Rexus Enters with his bag of goodies, "Well.. things quiet enough to do some selling?" he asks as he ambles up to the counter, setting his bag down ontop.
Iris Lark Iris returns Lyn's hug and gives her a squeeze. "We just keep running into each other." She jokes, kicking her bag out of the way as she walks behind the counter to pull out the leather book. "I left dinner in the larder, the remnants of fish stew that Vuk had at his bunker." She tilts her hand from side to side. "It actually wasn't bad." She elbows Sparky playfully as she steps from behind the counter to grab a drink from the cooler."What were you looking for..." She takes a moment to consider if she's actually been introduced to Harmon. Hmm. "Yeah, pull out what you've got and we'll see if we can..hey, do you have a Pip?" She asks Rexus, as she opens the cooler and snags a water.
Lynnette She'd nod then as she smiled. "Thanks....I'll cook tomorrow...." And with that she waved her goodbyes. "Night all!" And she was off with her new gun, bullets, and on her way back home for food and sleep.
Sparky     Wincing overly dramatically at the elbow, Sparky staggers about a bit and coughs, "Dios mio, la diabla, you see?" He holds his side and limps to the counter. "Senora Iris, Senor Harmon here is looking for medical supplies, and .45-70 gov rounds, like those I give you not long ago."
Rexus Rexus blinks, "Do I have a pip boy? No... got a lot of holodisks for them though." he says as he upends his bag of scrap and sundries. "Materials... gunsmithing things... just a lot of odds and sods really." he says, spreading the items out for Iris to peruse.
Harmon Harmon smiles at Iris, "Just finding my way around and seeing what kinds of things I could get when I need them -- Ammo, stimpacks, medical supplies." he says to her, "I don't think I introduced myself when our paths crossed earlier. Name's Harmon, new hand at Lone Star. Just stopped by to have a look but I'm heading back to hit the rack." he says offering a wave before turning and making his way towards the door, "Ya'll have a good night." he adds.
Iris Lark Iris makes her way back behind the counter, water in one hand and ledger in the other. She slips onto her stool, crosses her legs primly and considers for a moment or two. "Too bad, I found a heavy weapon holodisc that would go well with what you use." She leans in and gazes at the items that Rexus is trying to sell. "How much do you want for them?" She asks, twisting the cap off of her bottle and taking a drink.
Rexus Rexus shrugs, "Well, a pip boy would be nice but.. they're kind of expensive so.. unless I find one lying around it's just not in the future for me." he says, looking down, "Not sure.. how much the disks are worth but... say... 100 for the tools.. each.. um... 150 for the quality scrap, 50 for the regular scrap... 100 for each porn mag and 100 for the fabrics?"
Iris Lark "The discs are worth 100 caps each, depending. If it's something like dodge, medical, first aid or the like - I'll pay more." iris remarks, pulling out a bag of caps and setting it on the counter. "I'll take the porn and the fabrics, but I've got far too much scrap and tools right now. Nobody seems to be doing much gunsmithing." She murmurs, tugging at the drawstring of the bag.
Rexus Rexus nods as he slides over the disks and the porn and the fabrics, "Sure... i was gonna use the tools anyways.. figured... I have'em may as well use'em.. need the caps to pay the smith though.... know any, per chance?"
Iris Lark "Sammy does that work, I can get in touch with him. He usually hermits up a bit until he's about ready to make a soap delivery." Iris says, a slight grin on her face before she shrugs, looking over the discs. "He's pretty good at his work, so we'll if I can get in touch with him."
Rexus Rexus makes a mental note. "Sure sure... i've got a few more disks but... have to get them figured out first." he says, "But let Sammy know i've got some work for him if you see him around.. I never seem to be able to catch him.. Hermit's right..."
Iris Lark "You gotta know the call to draw him out, that's all." Iris says, making a note in her ledger with a red pencil. "If you do, he's fairly easy to find."
Sparky     Looking up from his work for a moment, Sparky whistles, "One fifty for the scrap? I paid fifty earlier, for some for my bike. Guess I got a pretty good deal, eh?"
Rexus Rexus ohs, "Almost forgot, you want this poncho thing?" he asks, tugging it out from the bottom of his bag and spreading it out. "Almost forgot I had it..." he says, chuckling, "Figure someone who isn't wandering around in power armor all day may need it."
Iris Lark "Can't afford it right now, maybe in a day or two." Iris says, shutting the ledger after making a few more marks. "I'm trying to get seeds from town to do some planting of my own. My luck, they'll get what I need and I'll have given all of my caps to you." She smirks and leans forward, propping her chin on her palm. "You can't use something like that?"
Sparky     "Senor, may I?" inquires Sparky, holding his hand out towards the poncho.
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet, stowing the ledger back underneath the counter. She walks over to her rucksack and picks it up, grumbling at the weight. "I'm going home, if you need anything, let me know." She wiggles her fingers at both of the men as she walks towards the door. "Be careful, it can be a bit scary out there in the dark."
Rexus Rexus shrugs, offering the poncho for Sparty to look at. "Go right ahead."
Sparky Picking up the poncho and looking at it, the latino hmms. He nods once or twice, checking the stitching, then gives it a sniff and makes a face, "Smelled like a death claw wiped his ass with it." He frowns deeply, "How much you want for it, amigo?"
Rexus Rexus ponders, "Oh.. I don't know... 250? I'm not sure what Iris sells hers for.... to be honest." he murmurs, looking at the poncho. "It's.. pretty nice for someone who may make use of it.. to be fair." he shrugs.
Sparky Once again the man sniffs it, making a gagging face, "Oy, dios mio, I should charge you to wash the thing." He frowns a bit. "But, the making is good. I am thinking two hundred?"
Rexus Rexus chuckles, "Eh, sure, 200's about fine with me. Figure if it's goin to a good cause an someone'll use it..." he says, "200 it is." he says, glancing to where Iris left, "Don't tell Iris we're hagglin at her shop, she might get mad that we're buyin an sellin under her roof."
Sparky     Sparky shrugs and waves a hand, "She has given me permission to work here." He hooks a thumb towards the back yard, "In fact, I am staying in her shack out back." He grins, "This will keep me warm at night." He frowns at it, "After I wash it. This thing really does smell something awful. You might want to clean that bag, Senor." The man then tilts his head to one side, "You know, I think we have met many times, and still, I do not know your name. I'm Alvaro Domingez Rodrigo Santiago. Though, as with everyone else, you may call me Sparky." He fishes around in a pocket of his overalls and hands over 200 bottle caps. Because that'd be so easy to carry. And count. And fuck you economy of the future.
Rexus Rexus nods, "Up to you." he says, gathering his unsold wares and placing them back into the bag. "Bag's had a lot of use... might be bad luck to wash it. Besides, I just put my random odds and sods in it... not the stuff I really care about." he says, looking over Sparky. "Aye, seen ye around." he listens to the introduction, "Rexus." he says, "Just plain ole Rexus." he says with a wary voice.
Sparky     The hispanic man offers a hand. "A pleasure, Rexus." Plain and simple, but with a slight friendly smile.
Rexus Rexus takes the offered hand for a firm shake. "Indeed. I'm on the search for a place of my own as well.. among other things. Once things get a bit more settled i'm sure i'll find a spot somewhere that suits my liking."
Sparky     Sparky offers a soft grunt, "Hombre I know had a saying. 'If you wait for the dust to settle, you'll get angry at the wind.' I think what he mean is, life never really settles down, so don't wait to go after the things you want." then he shrugs, "But what do I know, I is just a mechanic." Then he grins, "But for now, amigo, I think I want to get some shut eye. And get this soaking." He holds up the poncho. "Til next time, no?"
Rexus Rexus grins and nods, "Aye, see ye round." he says as he gathers up his bag. He offers a little wave before heading out the door, wandering back to the clinic no doubt!