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Derk It's been a while since they're entertained visitors at the shack, but Derk's put a call out for the Doctor, saying there's something he needs a little help with, and it's something about him needing to stay at the fields while the rest are away, keeping him from actually getting into town proper. The food shortage has made people a might bit crazy, and thus there's a need for guarding the stores and keeping the varmits and hooligans and whippersnappers off the yard.

Derk's currently seated in a rocking chair on the porch of the shack, watching over the farm with his rifle across his lap, there may even be a piece of a reed in his mouth, waving with the small breeze that sidles through the area.
Iris Lark Iris walks up to the farm, hands folded in front of her so she doesn't look like an intruder. She makes her way up to the rocking chair, a grin on her face. "So I heard you needed a doctor hmm?" She says quietly, setting her rucksack down on the ground with a dull thud. "So tell me what's going on." She says, getting right to the meat of the issue, pulling her rucksack open and grabbing at supplies.
Derk Derk lifts his eyes from the gate as he notes the familiar face of Iris, waving her over with his left hand so as to know that she's welcome. As she arrives, he gives a smile and there's no laugh, he's learned better, "Well, ya see doc, thanks for coming out and all that, you know, but things are tight around here, and I'd rather see that the food gets to the people that need it, and not those who are just looking to make a quick cap, ya know?" He tells her, but as she draws closer she'll notice the bandage around his arm and torso, blood stains on them, "I'd patch em myself, cept it's my dominant, and the angle under the ribs ain't gonna be easy to get at on myself... ya know?" he explains, slowly sliding his rifle off his waist and leaning it against the shack so that he can rise so that she can see.
Iris Lark Iris eyes the injuries, nodding with understanding. "Yeah, I can't patch wounds on myself either. It never works out." She moves closer and starts to help him remove the bandages so she can get at his wounds. "Luckily though, you're doctor enough to keep them clean until they can be tended. You would be very surprised what some people do when they're injured." A beat. "Or maybe not, you've probably seen it all too."
Derk Derk laughs and then winces, "Yeah, you've got that right... seen many things and all sorts of ideas as to what constitutes medicine... I'm sure we could swap stories about that, though I'd rather do that over a bottle of shine, instead of pulling lead outta places where it don't belong..." a pause and then he reaches behind the rocking chair, pulling out a bottle of clear fluid, "Well what'ya know?" he remarks, as she goes to start on his wounds, and he starts to swig from the bottle at an alarming rate, already knowing what's going to happen. "You can have some after, unless you need it to steady your hands?" he asks, holding it aloft, about to take another drink otherwise.
Iris Lark "I don't drink, normally." Iris chuckles, glancing up at Derk as he starts to imbibe quite heavily. "Oh careful with that. I don't think it's good to pass out on the porch once you're tended." The bullets come out easier than either of them would have thought, and soon enough there is salve and bandages and maybe a few stitches to help the healing. "You need to take it easy a day or two. Getting shot isn't any good for you."
Derk "Funny, that's what I tell other people... you'd think I'd know better," Derk replies to both of Iris' comments with the same bit of logic. "I tried to tell em not to shoot me, that I was a doctor, but then they shot me... so I shot em back, but then they shot me again... funny that..." he says, turning his head to watch her handiwork, and nodding in approval. "Well I think that's about it, feels good," he moves an arm slowly, "Aye, nice to not have a bullet against the bone there, may even be able to laugh tomorrow without much pain. Thanks doc," he tells her and then leaves the bottle with her, whether she drinks it or not, he heads inside and comes back a moment later with a rickety old crate filled with rather fresh looking ground food. The sort that grows from the ground that is. "Well, it ain't much, but I heard you were looking for some of this, so I hope you can make well with this? If'n you need more, let B know, and perhaps we can set up some sort of small run to keep the Clinic stocked?"
Iris Lark "You're welcome, I'm always happy to help and you've helped me. For sure." Iris says, grinning at Derk. "I'll talk to B tomorrow and then maybe we can get stuff settled and start handing out some of this food and helping others, you know?"
Derk "Sounds like a plan... and I should be able to help al ittle more at the Clinic in town as well, now that I'll be able to move without wincing," he adds, before the two settle things and chat about the worst doctoring experiences until Iris has to go.