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Rose      Well that had been...interesting. Stepping out of the Saloon Rose exhales a breath into the air. She doesn't drink, she doesn't smoke, but both would be perfectly valid responses right now. Instead the woman in her duster looks up at the midday sun between the clouds bringing rain with one hand to shield her eyes before she starts to set off. Her destination? Perhaps even she wasn't entirely sure yet, she just needed a little space and air.
Carter Griffin Time flies when you're having fun. Or at least for Carter, after you've had fun. When he finished visiting Miss Kitty and finding out all he could about her and her brother, he left, got some shut eye, and was now headed back into town.

How perfect that he would run across Rose. After his meeting with the Ambassador, he had been looking for her. He picks up the pace a bit, "Ranger!" He calls out to her, in order to get her attention.
Rose A pause, a turn of her head, Rose actually gives a little grunt at a sting of pain. Perhaps she should find a doctor for herself while she was looking for one for Bane, but she'd been doing a good job of concealing it all under her armor.

The blonde turns, eyes falling on the familier face and familier gear of the man she'd met only really in passing so far and with no introduction. They'd both taken part in the chase for Acme, but that hadn't really been time to chat. "Yes?" she questions, shifting her stance a little. "What can I do for you?"
Carter Griffin "I've actually been looking for you." He says, "Carter Griffin." He offers a gloved hand, "Was sent here ahead of the ambassador, at least...That's what it seems like now. He and I were just discussing my assignment yesterday, and you came up."
Rose      Rose's own gloved hand comes out for his, meeting for a shake of greeting. "I was headed this way when orders came down ahead to prepare with the arrival of the Ambassador," she nods. "Didn't expect him to appear so soon...and with other Rangers in tow." A pause, there's a tilt of the blonde's head. "I came up in what regard?" she asks of the man. "I wasn't sure how many knew I'd been here outside of the locals in the area. Things have been...hectic, as far as sending updates back goes."
Carter Griffin "Yeah I was going to talk to you earlier, but...Well things have been a bit crazy." Once he has his hand back, he gets serious, "The Ambassador wants me to gather up all the Rangers in El Dorado and put together a unit."

"He wants us to report directly to him for assignments. Of course we are free to continue to run our own missions and carry out other objectives."
Rose      "A unit," Rose frowns, her mouth dry at the prospect as she nods. It wasn't that she was against the idea of working with other Rangers in principle, or that she didn't think them capable. It certainly wasn't that she wasn't loyal to the NCR but...there's a moment of hesitation that's clear crossing the blonde's face before she nods. "I imagine he'll brief me soon on it. I spoke with him but...things were a little crazy in there too," she says with a thumb-jerk towards the Saloon.

     "I have no intention of leaving the area any time soon," the usually Lone Ranger offers with a nod. "I planned to base myself out of here for a while, helping where I could. But if it's a direct order? Seems we'll be working together with a few more of us."
Carter Griffin "I will remind you he is a politician and not a soldier." Carter says, "Not that I don't trust him, but he does not have the field experience." He looks over Rose for a moment, "I trust you and the other rangers when it comes to making decisions in the field, regardless of what the Ambassador has to say."
Rose      "Ranger...Carter," Rose begins. She'd heard his name, even if it was just in passing. "The main reason that I've worked on my own since Hoover Dam? I'm...bad luck." An exhaled breath, she reaches a hand up, brushing a bang of her blonde hair back out of her eyes. "I've been shot, stabbed, exploded...thrown off the Dam by a grenade blast. I've walked away from some stuff you wouldn't believe, but a lot of others didn't. Good men and women, Rangers and troopers both. I don't want that happening again."

     Trust is good, but it's still a genuine admission. She doesn't want more dead Ranger's faces haunting her dreams.
Carter Griffin "The fact that you are standing here having this conversation with me at all tells me otherwise." Carter says, being frank, "I understand the feeling of loss, I have lost people too. But in war, good men and women die."

He looks away from her for a moment, and then back, "Today I constructed a memorial otuside of town for a friend that died during the Bullhead City campaign. Not a day goes by where I don't think about him, or the fact that it should have been me that died instead of him. But I push on, I do what needs to be done, because there are people back in the NCR, and now people here in El Dorado, who need me to do that."
Rose      "I won't freeze up," she says calmly, hands slipping down now to rest on the grips of her revolvers in that 'gunslinger' belt at her hip more from comfort rather than any hostile intent. "I can handle myself and I can do my job. I'm sure all of you can to. It's just been a while...and strange as it sounds I prefer the bullets coming at me rather than at other Rangers."

Of course, that might be why she's currently in nead of a doctor, but she doesn't really bring attention to that. "These are good people out here, from what I've seen. Rangers should be here to help them out, protect those we can, and that's what I intend to do."
Carter Griffin "That's all I need to hear." He says, "Once I speak with the others, I will figure out what our first mission shall be. For now.." He hmms, "Just keep doing what you have been doing. Lots of folks around here need our help, and I for one am going to help them."

He knows that she'll do what needs to be done. He can tell just from the way she carries herself that she is a Ranger through and through.
Rose A nod, just a slight bow of her head and she steps to leave. She's short on words and deep on thoughts now. Truely? She was going to need that walk! Closing her eyes after a moment she continues walking down the main street, leaving the other Ranger in the afternoon sun.

It wasn't rudeness, she just needed to think.