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Devlin Walking around the Saloon, Devlin was taking his time to talk to others, trying to not only find out who was important to know but also who were the go to people to have a job for. Looking the man over, he was wrapped within a black duster that had seen many better days though under that was rusted armor that was in a need for a cleaning and painting to be improved once again. In his asking, he was likely also talked about, he was looking for people of various skills, for various tasks but namely about a scavenger and a marksman. The only other thing that was well known about this 'Devlin' was that he often paid for information with alcohol, the more information, the higher the quality he would pay for.
Elsie If he's looking for information, Surelda surely isn't his huckleberry. She knows Jack All, having appeared the day of the siege without a single person knowing her name. But she does stand out, mostly for her long dyed-silver hair that falls almost to her waist. She's wearing a leather jacket and some bangles today, over her normal sleeveless blue dress with a drop waist and flounced skirt, which is longer and almost bustled in the back. She fits right in to El Dorado that way. Black boots protect her feet. Her right leg is cut and looks freshly scarred and healing. She's leaning over the bar now, swaying slightly from side to side as she talks to a tender there.

"Mmmmhmmm, well does she come in often? Alright, I suppose I can just come back and try tomorrow," the girl finally says, apparently admitting defeat and allowing the bartender to wander away and chat with one of the working girls who isn't, in this moment, working.
Devlin     To Surelda's left, a bottle clicks against the counter as she rests against, the neck of the bottle being held between two of Devlin's fingers. "Now, a namely wonder in a tense short skirt that was known for looking for part time work yet wasn't a call girl.." Letting the bottle go, he guides it so that it stood up and free for the woman to take it if she desired, "Am I wrong in guessing that might be you?"
    Not looking at her for long, the man takes up a seat beside her, though with his arrival also comes a faint scent of hard alcohol, nothing like the beer being offered. Resting his elbows onto the counter, Devlin signals the barkeeper to come over their way for a pair of whiskey shots. "I might be able to help someone looking for a job if they are willing to get their hands dirty one way or another."
Elsie Surelda turns her head, silver hair catching the light in the motion, to look over at the bottle and then the man wielding it. She doesn't answer at first, her big black eyes drawing into a slight squint as she tries to suss her way through the man's drunken rabble. For indeed it does sound like drunken rabble, backed up by the smell of him.

"I'm looking for work," Surelda finally confesses, leaving the beer bottle where it is. She stands up tall then, no longer bending over the bar. "But I don't know how dirty I might be looking to get. Like you said, I'm no call girl or any other name for that sort of business you might come up with." Not anymore, nor sirree. "Who are you?"
Devlin     Moving his hands under his chin, Devlin unstraps his helmet to remove it and set it onto the top of the bar's counter. He glances to the side and smiles softly while his left hand up and into his hair, scratching at his nearly platinum blond hair, freeing it from the compression. "So I didn't hear wrong, good, good.. Hmm?" Shifting from his seat, he turns to face Surelda more directly.
    Motioning with his right hand, he points towards her hands and towards her hip before finishing by tapping his own temple. "I'm looking for someone who's willing to crawl through ruins, picking through useless materials for something that can turn out useful. I am also looking for someone with a sharp eye, and a steady hand while it's holding a weapon." Turning his right hand upwards, motioning it out towards her, waiting for her answer, "Does either sound like you?"
Elsie Surelda offers the man a little smile of amusement and offers a shake of her head. "Mmmnmmm," she purrs in the negative. "I've hardly held a gun in my life, and that's more experience than I've got scrapping at any rate," she explains. This is a soft-handed woman, Surelda is.

"What are you looking for such a person for, anyway?" she asks, moving with some grace to lift one leg forward at the knee and perch herself on the barstool by which she was standing. She still doesn't touch the beer. Stranger danger and all of that, no doubt.

Once she's seated, she cocks her head slightly in curiosity while she awaits Devlin's answer, her black eyes sweeping him quickly before settling easy on his own gaze.
Devlin Lowering his gaze from her face to her hands, Devlin only focuses on them for a moment before shaking his head muttering, "Pity, here I thought I had a lead." At the question, his pale blue eyes rise to meet her own, the same smile still appearing to linger on his lips, "Just a job." Looking away briefly, he looks through the bar as he answers her more fully, "I'm looking for someone to be another watch hand for a Caravan run, I'm looking for the other to try looking through a few ruins for old relics of the past. Maybe some old tools, some artwork to resell, hoping for a vault holding security equipment."

Even though his eyes returned to Surelda's, Devlin moves a hand to his waistline, slipping it into his worn black duster to draw it back, exposing a laser pistol. "I'm more on the security end of things myself, but I'll never turned down a chance for other means for a profit. Not sure what other kind of skillset would be of much use."
Elsie "Fraid I ain't your girl then," Surelda responds, leaning an elbow on the bar and letting her head tilt to the side to rest on her hand. She tugs her fingers idly through that long, unique-colored hair. "Sounds like a bit of a hail-mary anyway." Whatever that means. Sometimes idioms survive generations, but the context and the origin of them are lost. "Didn't think the Lone Star went in for that sort of thing."

Her eyes tear from his in order to look to the weapon in his hand. Her brows lift, and she sits up. Tension has appeared in her neck and shoulders. "You'd best be careful fingering something like that in a place like this. I imagine they don't take terribly kindly to strangers pulling weapons out here. They've got their girls and their clients to watch out for, and they lose business if anything goes wrong. Much better to just shoot you dead on sight for that manner of showing."
Devlin "That's the reason I exposed it, rather than touched it," is said with a growing smirk, but soon after his arm relaxed, closing the duster again, Devlin nods lightly towards the barkeeper. "I have a standing with a few here, though largely because they are looking for someone like me for a few of their 'issues'.. another reason I was looking for someone else with a steady hand, a job's a job. You complete an agreement or you die." Closing his eyes, he shrugs his shoulders lightly and turns towards the bar, picking up one of the two shots that had been ordered prior.

"As for Lone Star," changing the topic back to the one that brought him originally, "Is looking for guards as well. Their should be heading out in a couple of weeks, I'm just waiting for the purse man to come about to talk about compensation. Long trips need scroungers to find decent fruit and roots to boil to eat to extend the rations, make it so they can travel with more goods that aren't rationed meals."
Elsie Surelda hmmms softly, purring in thought as she listens to the man speak. "I'm sure every girl in here has heard something along those lines before. 'I didn't touch it, I just showed it.'" She grins in amusement at her own little joke, but the grin eventually fades as they talk.

"Is that the trip out to New Rome?" she asks, with some interest. "What do you know about it, anything?"
Devlin "Nothing he wanted to tell me, I'll tell you that," is grumbled. Opening his mouth, Devlin moved his left hand to his right wrist, gripping it firmly before pausing. "Lets just say, I've seen some of the maps, they want to not only move to the south, but also return to New Vegas, taking everything through the, now, Enclave encampments. I can't get any information to know if they are trading or transporting Enclave soldiers though." Looking up towards Surelda, he begins to study the woman beside him after mentioning the name 'Enclave'. "Are you hoping to get out of this settlement for another, maybe even 'join' the Enclave?"
Elsie Surelda grins, shaking her head. "Goodnes gractious me, no." She says it easily and with confidence, with no attempt to conceal. It's a truth. "I was only curious about the caravan to New Rome. I know some people who will be traveling is all." She glances away then as a girl from upstairs really works for her paycheck, making loud yelps that, though muffled, make it through the door to her private rooms. It doesn't seem to bother Surelda, merely arouses her curiosity. Then it's back to Devlin.

"All the way to New Vegas, though. I mean I understand, there's lots of good you can only get there. But jimminy, does that sound dangerous. And you're going with them for all of this?"
Devlin Nodding his head, Devlin closes his eyes before tilting his head back slowly, stretching his neck backwards before to the left and then the right but no sound were made. 'Beh.. not enough..' "I'll go, if the funds are right. I came here from much further east, traveling is just a way of life. If you don't, you might get rust and get stuck in one place to too long."
Opening his eyes, Devlin furls his brow and turns towards Surelda, looking the young woman over rather briefly, trying to assess her clothing, especially seeing as they didn't appear to be in poor condition. "While you aren't a Scaver, nor a guard or a.. 'bed warmer', where did you get the caps to come all the way out here? You don't seem a farmer's daughter, your hands are too clean."
Elsie Surelda is sitting at the bar, wearing an oversized leather jacket over her iconic blue dress and black boots. Her silver hair is left down, just brushing her waist. She's got her legs crossed at the bar and is talking to Delvin, leaving the beer he offered nearby untouched. Some tension is just leaving her shoulders, and she's reclining again with her head in her palm, fingers toying with her hair, while her elbow rests on the bartop.

From above, the sounds of a bustling skin trade can be heard, albiet muffled.

"I think I'd prefer a little bit of rust," she admits with a grin. Her black eyes continue to meet his, comfortably. "Oh, I'm a bartender. Or I was, once. Trying to be again. S'why I'm here, but the owner's not in." Her voice is very matter-of-fact, her tone very easy. "So like I said, not the right sort to be tromping off into the wilderness with ya. But if you know a saloon somewhere that's understaffed, that'd be more my speed."
Ashur It starts with ripples in a glass; hear the dull trampling sounds that rattle the cups? Bum, bum, bum, steadier then, some sort of brahmin wagon -- and then the door explodes open and Ashur the lead-footed comes. There the giant stands, his oversized cloak dragging along the dusty ground behind him like royal ermine, the thick wool of his toga cradling a body made of severe angles, oversized muscle, dark hair and pure spite, if the stories are true -- and at least thirty percent of the exposed skin is bandaged.

One arm is folded behind his back, the curled knuckles pressed along his spine, and the other is lain across his stomach. It's more regal than the sloped-shouldered posture he assumes when needing to barrel down some hapless motherfucker in his way. Why, he's even clean and smells nice enough, more human than bull at the moment.

Still stomping his way forward, though, a one-man stampede.
Devlin     Sitting beside Surelda was Devlin, a man wrapped within a well worn black duster that covered over his slightly rusting armor that was in a dire need of fresh paint. The combination of the duster and the armor left much to be desired from the rest of his bland, road weary attire. Unlike Surelda, there wasn't a drink in front of him though was a drained and turned upside down shotglass close to his hands.

    "You could go to Jack's Town but that's, less than.. safe?" The limited focus he had, and the amusement on his lips fades, replaced with confusion as he looks towards the doorway, not sure what was making the sound. The look on Devlin's face when it was a man.. or a pale skinned supermutant, was the source of the noise.. pales. "Which circle of hell lost one of their whippers?" is said without thinking. Looking the man over further causes the color to return to his face, but it didn't improve his mood, he could recognize a few of the symbols displayed on the giant, and not one of them gave him comfort.
Elsie "Is it? I don't really know much about the area. Is that part of Shantytown? I accidentally went that way this morning," Surelda confesses, though her voice trails off when the monster of a man appears to block out the sun in the doorway. Whereas Delvin pales, Surelda's eyes just widen. "Oh, dear," she mutters in a light, accidental whisper. She turns to look back at Delvin. "That would be my whipper." She pauses for a moment, hearing the words after she said them. "Not whipper, of course, and not mine, of course, but ..." Well, it'll all become clear in a moment when Ashur throws Surelda out by her hair for having borrowed/stolen his jacket. It's not like she asked permission. So, slightly tenser, the silver-haired woman sits up with a straight back and draws that hair over one shoulder, combing her fingers through it.

"Hello, Papi," she addresses Ashur at last, whose steps at least have managed to drown out most of the wound of a very hardworking whore upstairs.
Ashur The former Legionnaire is a recognizable sight to El Dorado locals -- the saloon goers pay him little heed; if he's not raging about degenerates and Profligates, then he's in a good enough mood to be harmless.

He stalks forward, forcing others to swerve to avoid him, hip-checking a floating robot carrying a large tray of drinks. "Watch yerself, Pardner," it drawls in a slightly-warped cowboy voice, tipping its silly little hat.

Ashur ignores it, and comes upon Surelda, who has tensed and shrunk in on herself to stare him down, seated with the duster-clad man.

He looms, no doubt ready to start a fight! His hand draws back, that killing hand, encased in a massive power fist that could pop her head clean off her shoulders--

And he pats her head. Once, twice, a bit of a scritch behind the ears, teasing at the black roots of that silver-bleached hair.

"Looks good on you."

His eyes cut across to Devlin. "Greetings."
Devlin     With his face still devoid of amusement as the man approached, Surelda would be able to see that Devlin shifted his hips subtly though with that movement his right hand rested , opened but turned inwards at the edge of the counter. His hand was inching into position to grasp at something should the giant be less than friendly. 'Lovely, an abuser.. You could hire me you know. Caps can be settled later,' is said under his breath but it would only be a few seconds before he was on top of them.

    With his fear seeming to turn out to be true he pauses when the momentum stops and becomes pampering motions, leaving him confused but he hand didn't move away. Arching a brow, he turns to look away from Ashur and to the scratchie, looking at her questioningly. "You almost had me thinking that your bedmate was a headhunter.." is said with annoyance but after such he turns back towards Ashur and nods his head lightly, "Afternoon."
Elsie "Oh, you want to die then?" Surelda asks, just a touch amused, keeping her voice quiet for Delvin's ears alone. And then comes the moment of truth. Life or death, what will it be...

It appears to be life. The gentle giant's hand in her hair triggers an immediate loosening of Surelda's shoulders, and suddenly she seems entirely at ease. There's even a slight upward twitch at her lips.

"Thank you," she tells Ashur. "I hope you don't mind too much. I was looking for work, and wanted something to wear over my dress." Because a leather biker's jacket is apparently the blazer of El Dorado. "This gentleman and I here were just discussing the caravan to New Rome," she explains to Ashur. "He's going with them. You're going too, aren't you Papi?"
Ashur A few drinkers at another table let out a breath they didn't know they were holding. No one's ever stolen from the Legionnaire -- they didn't know what would happen once Surelda tensed up!

On the other hand, no one's ever, ever seen him wearing that jacket, either, so perhaps he just doesn't care because it was worthless to him.

At her mention of work the bull-man growls faintly, glancing aside north; what he might be staring at is unknown, because all that's north in this saloon is an old poster advertising Sunset Sarsaparilla with an image of a dancing girl, faded and the corners peeling off.

"I need make sure the trade route to New Rome is still secure," he confirms, still scratching the girl's scalp with those metallic fingers. "I trust Rome has not fallen, but.."

He's completely ignorant of Devlin and Surelda's under-the-breath conversation.
Devlin     Continues to sink deeper and deeper into confusion at the words of Surelda, not sure what to make of her, and now even less to make out of Ashur. Shifting in his seat, Devlin extends his right hand, moving it from close to his waist and out towards the other shot of whiskey that had originally been intended for her. Bringing the shotglass to his lips, he quickly tilts his head back, tossing the burning liquid into the back of his mouth before swallowing it and setting the glass down quickly.
    Letting out a sigh, he tilts his head off to one side at the giant's mention. "Oh? Going along with Matt has already been confirmed? I didn't hear about a giant joining the caravan, I think I'll have to talk to him again, the purse man might have arrived." Turning the shotglass over, Devlin starts to lightly tap the bottom of the glass, "Though if he's going I would be surprised to hear you wouldn't be going, what's a bartender without her chosen bouncer?"
Akane      And in walked a completely different looking Akane. her hair was done up primly, still wrapped in roman style silks, but her dress was covered by leather armors and a Mexican poncho was slung back over her shoulders, bunched at the neck. She walked in peering at a paper, as if oblivious that there were other people around yet dodging deftly without looking up. She mumbled a few things then tapped the bar with her knuckles. A smile and then. "Tequila. The good stuff. I want the bottle."
Elsie Surelda, sitting with her legs crossed under her skirt and with Ashur's hand toying with her hair, regards the giant and his momentary growl with a slight wrinkling of her mouth to one side in thought and worry. That's something that'll have to be dealt with later, no doubt. But, for now, nothing seems to come of it, so she returns to the conversation with Devlin and Ashur.

At Devlin's question, the brows over her big black eyes raise toward her hairline. "Oh? No, I'm not going," she explains, and then chuckles. "I just got here; the last thing I want to do is to leave again."

The tap on the bar gains Surelda's attention and her eyes widen at the source of it. "Akane!" she says, calling over to the other woman. Even as the name leaves her lips, she's uncrossing her legs and moving to stand and hurry toward the other. The only difference in the silver-haired girl, these days, seems to be the freshly artificually grated skin of her leg slowly healing, with a fresh tear in it that's been bandaged.
Ashur "Matt?" The tone of the Legionnaire's voice suggests a total ignorance of who is being referred to. "The one who works for Lone Star," he reasons out a second later. "I have had no contact with them. My home is in New Rome, and my brides need safe roads between the settlements -- my will is that I go, and so I will go."

That's his way of saying he didn't ask, and just assumes he'll be there.

"I am not her bouncer," he elaborates, withdrawing his hand from Surelda's head. "A vigil kept over the impotent masses of the whisky-dicked is beneath me. A whore could manage it just fine with a bucket of cold water and stern glare."

At this, Akane wanders in, all done up with her armor and poncho. She stalks to the bar, demands a bottle, and Ashur chuffs.

"Pace yourself, medicus."
Qwillis     Qwillis' entrance was announced with that metallic click counterpoint to the boot step as he'd step in the door. Looking about at those around, he'd wander to the bar himself. A wave is given towards Ashur, the one he recognized easily while he'd step up to the bar to order a beer.
Devlin     Another patron entering after the giant was hardly something to pay attention to at this point, though Surelda made it a point to make this one be given focus with a name.. Turning to watch the girl move deftly from under the giant's petting grasp, he follows her motions to eye Akane. A soft smile appears on his lips before lowering his head, nodding towards the medic silently, not wishing to interrupt the meeting.
    Turning back towards Ashur, he looks upwards towards the man's face as he has to take the time to work over the name and the assumption, but he nods again. "Without the Caravan, you are going to walk.. from here.. to 'No Rome', on your own with only the rations and preparations that you bring with you?" At the secondary mention of not being her bouncer, Surelda earns yet another look, one much more questioning than before, wondering how much of what she eluded to was accurate. "I see, I wonder just what that waif does then to actually earn her place, or are you the true answer to it all."
Akane      Akane glanced over at the call of her name and spotted Surelda...and Devlin... aaaand... The Brute. What was his name again? Ass.... Asss.... Ashur. Interesting. She nodded once to Surelda before turning a look on the tender and tilted her head... Oh, come on you have better than that back there." She was not pleased with the bottle of tequila apparently. But she batted her eyelashes. "Don't you want to be known as the man who helps me keep people well here? Hmmmmm?" She batted her eyes again and traced a finger along the man's wrist. He flushed and mumbled but pulled out a nicer bottle of tequila which Akane took with one hand and paid for with the other. "That's a good boy." She purred.
     Slinging an arm around Surelda, Akane then turned back toward where Devlin and Ashur were. "I'm not drinking this." She scoffed as if that was just silly. Qwillis' entrance caught her attention and she nodded toward him in greeting.
     Turning back to Surelda the woman turned a somewhat sad face to the girl. "Sorry I haven't been able to find you. But I see you have had your leg looked at... You know that I had to help Lady Cleo that night right? She had a hole in her chest..."
     Devlin got a nod from the Medicus before she would wait or Surelda's answer, an eye glancing toward Qwillis' beer.
Elsie "Oh shhh, don't apologize for that. You did what was right, I never thought otherwise." Surelda seems very, very happy to see Akane, even leaning in to offer a kiss on the cheek for the woman she, truly, hasn't known terribly long at all. A few hours at most, really. "I'm doing well," the silver-haired girl assures the other.

Surelda moves to sit beside Akane then, apparently choosing her location for the next little while. Once more, she crosses her legs at the knee beneath her skirt. "But what about you? What happened after we got separated? You look very well." Is there a shyness in Surelda's words when she looks over Akane to see the lovely robe, the beautiful hair, and the fine tequilla? Well, maybe a little. Almost like the finery is a little intimidating.
"I will be with the caravan," Ashur explains to Devlin, watching as Surelda hurries off to greet her friend. The brute curls his fingers around the inside of his long, white cloak, which has bunched up on a stool and gotten caught -- a little tug of his hand and now it is free, to once more pool in thick waves like cake frosting upon the ground.

He refocuses once the garment is no longer tugging at him. Wearing it is an awkward process; it is blatantly too big for him, and that's saying something given he's too big for everything else.

"To New Rome. A settlement formerly of the Legion, inhabited by those who forsook Caesar upon his death and defied the Legate's ascendance; it is a city of... democracy," spit like a curse word, "and freedom. I own land there."

The question of the waif's earned keep comes up next, and Ashur shrugs, glancing toward her. "She does what I want."

He steps forward then, drawing to Akane and Surelda's table.
Qwillis     Q would smile towards Akane as she'd wave his way, nodding slightly in response. He'd get the beer from the flustered tender with a small shake of his head and a slight chuckle. "Hmm." The caps passed, Qwillis looks over at Surelda who seems to know Akane, well from the looks of it and muses as he'd quietly drink a bit of the beer, make a face and eye it, before sighing softly. "Right."
Devlin     Deeper and deeper, Devlin appeared as if he didn't wish to bother asking for clarity about Surelda and moves towards one of the shot glasses only to realized both were already turned over. "That's the most.. the limit.." is said bitterly to himself before shaking his head. Moving his hands to the counter, he shifts to his feet rather than at the stool, standing up to his full height though it was notably shorter than the giant's own.
    Nodding as he regained his balance, he listens half heartedly to Ashur as he spoke of the settlement. It wouldn't be until the mention of her 'task' was the sound, "Ah" uttered. "That makes sense, it also makes sense why she was disinterested in any committed work, pity." Turning back to the counter, Devlin picks up a helmet and strokes the top of it, checking for any marks or stains on it. While looking towards Ashur and the gathering only a short distance away, he tries to pick out the faces of those gathered, though he also takes note how only the two women are largely talking, the unfamiliar man was relatively distant from it all.. and that drew his attentive and curious gaze.
Akane      Akane blinked a few times as Surelda kissed her on the cheek but accepted it easily enough. The girl sitting beside her was on edge or .. something. Akane eyed her sidelong for a moment before she figured out that the girl was suddenly seemingly shy around her. So, the crimson-haired woman tapped her chest armor a few times. "I was seen as useful so they wished to keep me alive longer." As if that explained the 'fingery', though if one looked closer everything was scratched up. Akane had just known ways of making it look like it belonged together.
     Q was watched as well, though not as closely. Akane did chuckle softly at his reaction to the beer. "A little bit of lime should help mask that." Akane hated beer. But she was aware of a few ways to 'fix' it if it was turning.
     Devlin, then got a question tossed toward him as he stood up. "How are those stitches holding?" Always the medic checking on her work...
     Ashur's approach got a smile from her either way, as though nothing had passed her mind or between them. "Salve." She looked entirely at ease facing the giant while her hand idly made small circles against Surelda's back in an effort to sooth the girl.
Elsie "I'm so very glad for that," Surelda says in response to Akane, and her openness and transparency is total; she really does think that. "It was quite a jarring way to be introduced to the city, but with everything that's happened I was impressed with how well everyone managed and coped. From what I saw of it, anyway." No doubt there are plenty of people locked behind closed doors weeping for their loved ones, even now.

Surelda's lips part, as though she might say more, but the heavy footfalls of a beast of a man can be heard behind her, and so she turns to look up at Ashur and his approach. For that, she misses Akane's response to the man entirely. "Look who I found," she says, her tone flat as it usually is, but her eyes bright for the reunion.
Ashur Akane's greeting earns a brief look from the Legionnaire. When last they met, they parted on ambivalent terms -- and it seems there's no fondness coming from him now, despite the earlier quip. "Ave," he greets, and then his focus is once more on Surelda. "I've a gift for you, when your search for the day ends; a smaller gun you ought be able to keep on your dress less conspicuously than the rifle you bore the other day. Seek me out for it. 'til then.. enjoy your time with her."

The brute'll turn at that, and begin to amble his way toward the doors.
Matt From the outside, thumping of boots is heard briefly before the doors are pushed open and Matt comes in from out doors, dusty but otherwise well enough. He raises his chin towards Ashur, with Ashur's height its a big chin jerk. "Ah. Hello sir, I've heard you're someone to talk to if I wanted to get Caravans running into New Rome again."
Qwillis     Qwillis glances over at Akane's offered advise, lifts the bottle in a toast her way, then sets it back on the bar top. "Water. Filtered too, none of the regular stuff I see back there." Q would call over to the tender, watching until that fresh bottle of water is delivered. He'd turn a little, metal click of right arm resting atop the bar surface was subtle as he'd lean a little, watching those in the bar interact. Ashur was studied with that scientific eye towards the massive man. He really did need to get more notes from Sparrow on that bit it seems. Shaking his head a little as Ashur would leave, Q completely misses the look from Devlin, instead looking over to Matt as he'd come in.
Devlin     With Akane's voice in his ears, Devlin uses his right hand to pat his left side mildly, which was normally insignificant to someone but with the recent wound it showed how well it was holding. "No spotting, no sharp pains, and I don't have to limp after an hour of moving about," is raddled off wither contentedly. Returning his gaze to the odd pair, the giant and the waif, he listens to them talk back and forth but then arches a brow looking at Surelda and repeats questioningly, "A rifle? A rifle for a girl without a steady hand.."

    Closing his eyes as Ashur began making his way out of the Saloon and raises his voice, "Teach her to have a steady hand, no need to leave her with protection that will bite her." Turning away from the giant, Devlin turns to those around Akane, but then something catches his eyes.. Qwillis's wrist. "Odder and odder," is murred as he steps closer then begins to make his way around to give the man and the trinket a better examination. "You.. were at the farm the other day, weren't you?" is asked as he looks now, focusing onto the man's face than his arm. Sadly, he was one of the few who didn't seem to notice Matt right away, let alone that he was trying to stop the giant mid stride.
Ashur Ashur was on his way out the door when Matt storms in. The talk of New Rome caravans gives him pause in a way no other subject would; he slows, then finally stops, looking down at the man. "I will accompany your caravan. Give me a time and location, and we will kill every undesirable between here and New Rome."
Akane      Akane nodded slowly. "Indeed. To hold out against the Enclave is a feat best savored while they can. I am sure there will be another attempt." Ashur's approach did not draw much of a reaction from the woman. His telling Surelda he had a gift for her, a gun, made her raise an eyebrow faintly and his turning and walking away brought out a hint of a smirk on the corner of her lip.
     Quillis got a nod in answer to his lifting of the bottle and Akane noted that he ordered something smarter than beer. Local swill tasted like Camel Piss if you'd asked her former master. She wasn't sure he had ever seen a camel but... She enjoyed the picture anyway....
     Devlin's comment about the rifle made her nod. "Indeed. You see Sir Lee and /Mister/ Ashur found the two of us out of town and brought us in. We arrived right as the giant spider mech attacked. Someone gave Surelda here a rifle to use. Every pair of hands counts I suppose. Anyway, she was hurt and I was a bit preoccupied keeping other people alive."
     Matt stepping in front of Ashur finally got a rise out of Akane and she sat up suddenly, eyes wide, sure the smaller man would end up a pancake... Bu then the Giant stopped and informed him that he would be on the caravan... This caused Akane's brows to furrow faintly. She instead, leaned back again and looked at the bar tender, ordering Sasparilla for herself and Surelda.
Ashur Ashur isn't paying enough attention to Akane to notice her deliberate and emphasized snub. Alas.
Matt "Good man. I intend to sweep the route between here and New Rome straight clean." He reachs up and thumps Ashur on the chest with the bottom of a closed fist before moving on towards the interior of the room. Matt surveils the saloon from side to side real quick before ordering a nuka-cola and heading towards Surelda and Akane's table. "The table of victors here, I see? Wait, whatsthatyou'redrinking?" Matt apparently has not seen a sasparilla.
Qwillis     Q would open that bottle to take a drink, only to have Devlin approach him. Raising a brow as he'd look Devlin over, there's a small nod given in reply. "I was. I fixed the bike to carry all the food gathered without losing any of it." He'd nod over at Akane then. "Miss Akane tripped over my leg, but I was able to catch her so she didn't faceplant... My name is Qwillis. May I help you with something?"
Elsie Surelda, seeing as her story has already been fairly susinctly told and having little additional to offer, just nods in Delvin's direction. "Apparently you don't have to have any experience with a rifle to be able to hit a mech spider the size of a moon." There's multiple moons, right? She seems to know that from somewhere, but doesn't dwell on it too much.

Instead, she turns when Ashur announces his departure. "Alright," she says gently to the larger man. "Thank you." She'll just need to, ya know, figure out how to use it. Minor details. While she's turned, she sees Matt coming over and her brows lift toward her hairline. "Oh! It was your rifle. Thank you for that," she says to the man she doesn't even know a little. "I can return it to you, if you don't mind waiting here."
Devlin     "You can actually, something only you can answer.." Leaning against the bar close to Qwillis, first with his right arm then his left. using his left hand, Devlin shifts back his duster's sleeve, letting the other man see a section of his Lil'Pip before asking more softly, "Where did you find your's and was it working?" While there was a soft smile on his lips, it was easy to tell he wasn't happy but wore it to try and ease any tension.
    When Akane and Surelda looks in his direction, Devlin didn't appear to notice at first, his eyes were just on the other man but a feeling tugged at him and his gaze shift to the pair addressing them at once. "I wonder, if it was so large, where did it fall? I'd like to get a look at the construct, I might be able to help the town a bit more with that kind of resource pile." Focusing more onto Surelda now, he shakes his head "They may have another, wouldn't you like to shoot it before it draws too close?"
Akane      Akane blinked a few times at Matt's sudden question then slid the glass over for him to try if he wanted. "It's an old drink from this area made from the Similax Ornata plant. Kind of like root beer. Go ahead and have a taste. I can find more of the plant pretty easy." Sadly there is no alcohol in sarsparilla.
     Surelda got a chuckle from the woman. "I can teach you how to shoot straight. The trick is the recoil. We'll see what he gives you.... Though I wouldn't suggest any larger than a .357 to start." Certainly not the 45 on her own hip... (Was that a pentagram drawn on the side of the gun? naaaaah)
Qwillis     Qwillis frowns at Devlin with his question. Not even an introduction? How rude. "Suburbs of Boston. It was one of the things I came across while rebuilding my leg. I realized it was something worth more than scraps and kept it. From there? No. It was not working. I rebuilt it." Qwillis would take that drink of the water then, studying Devlin criticially for a moment. He'd glance over at Matt as he'd ask the women that question and Devlin would give his own two bits. Q studies them too for a moment, then shakes his head a little and looks back to Devlin. "If you're going to next accuse me of stealing it? We can go outside to deal with that. I would hate to ruin the good mood in here with such activity. Plus, it makes it easier to walk away after I shoot you." This is said very flat. No hostility to it at all, maybe more a deep sense of tiredness.
Matt A headshake towards Surelda, "No no no. If you give it back *I* will have to carry it. I've got enough stuff dispersed everywhere right now. Keep it." Matt leans forward to take a whiff of the beverage, but picking it up and downing a little. "Thats, uh. Interesting." He shakes his head and washes it down with Nuka Cola. "I'm Matt though, I run a caravan out of Lone Star Caravans. Well, it'll be a 'caravan' if I get enough people to move with it. For now, its just a posse of well armed people.
Ashur As Matt fist-bumps his chest, Ashur stares at him, watching the other man mosey his way on into the saloon. He's only picked up bits and pieces of the ongoing conversations, given his attention is split between the sand-dusted outside and Surelda, but her conversation with Akane and the rifle-related call from Devlin were picked up on.

As was Akane's offer to teach. He lingers a moment longer.

"Medicus," he calls out to her. "If you would provide firing lessons for Surelda, I will cover their cost. Shooting is woman's work; I would prefer you do it."
Elsie "I don't even know what that means," Surelda laughs to Akane, lifting up her own drink in a salute to the woman. "Thank you." She takes a small sip, savoring the flavor as she rolls it back and forth along the length of her tongue before she swallows. As she savors, her eyes move to Devlin and Qwillis, and the tension starts to rise in her shoulders again beneath that stolen and/or borrowed leather jacket. Is there going to be a tussle?

Matt, at least, provides a distraction. "Oh, are you sure? It was rather nice of you to lend it to me, as you did. Even I was able to hit something with it, which was a remarkable feat." She chuckles, and moves her own glass toward the man's nuka-cola for a little cheers. Just as the glasses ring, Ashur's deep voice rumbles across the room. She turns to him, giving him her full attention while he speaks, listening. Once he's done? She looks back to Akane with hopefulness in her dark eyes. Please Akane. Pleasseeeeeeeeee.
Devlin     "Scavenger, one that knows old world technology, one that isn't easily intimidated and one that had new world tech that I haven't seen even in the Brotherhood reports.." is droned on but as he spoke, he couldn't stop the corners of his lips from beginning to curl. "Why in the world would I shoot someone so rare? Kidnap from another encampment if you were already a prisoner, possibly, but not kill."
    Drawing back his sleeve, he allows Qwillis to see his pipboy on his arm which likewise appeared heavily refurbished, even with rather fresh coats of paint only a few years old. "Kyne Devlin, Mercenary and.. someone who favors the old world tools quite dearly." With his arm exposed, his hand turns upwards, extending it and waiting for it to be taken. The insulting and echoing words of Ashur were noted but.. only a fleeting thought in the man's head, he found something far more interesting to fixate on.
    It would take the man a moment to notice the looks that Surelda and a few others were giving him after his initial reaction towards the man he was now trying to befriend.
Akane      Akane watched Matt sip at the sarsparilla and chuckled softly. "It's different, I know. But I like it." She listened to his talk of the caravan and tilted her head a bit. "I don't know that I would be of much aid. I can teach shooting, I can take care of medical issues but I'm still new to fighting." New to fighting? Yes. Had a knack for staying calm under fire Definitely.
     She then blinked a few times at Devlin and Qwillis. Really? REALLY? But at least they seemed to have avoided an all-out firefight... Ashur, however...
     Akane raised an eyebrow at Ashur. Oh, shooting's woman's work hmmmmm? But aloud she said, "Funny that. Ceasar certainly did not see it that way. He forbade women to own guns." Only half a falsehood as it was female slaves learning to shoot that made Ceasar uncomfortable. "But since you can't I'm more than happy to teach the girl to defend herself. I mean, a man like you wouldn't know the first thing about guns, right? You prefer your fists." Snippy snippy. But she grinned as if this was bantering with an old friend not possibly putting the alignment of her teeth in danger.
     On a more serious note then, Akane turned toward Surelda, shifted and put her elbow on the table, had up and open... she wanted to arm wrestle the girl.... "Come on. Show me how strong you are." The tone of her voice was a bit softer, showing Surelda she was not angry with her but was serious about the arm wrestling. Lets see how strong a wrist the girl had...
Qwillis     Qwillis caps that bottle, settling it back on the bar top as he'd listen to Devlin. Raising a brow, there's a relieved look on his face as he'd chuckle softly and shake his head. "There are so few who recognize technology for what it can be. You have those who hate it.." He'd nod slightly towards the behemoth in the room. "Or those who hate me for having it. Usually? It involves me having to fight. Just because I build things." Straightening up where he sat, that metal hand takes the offered one to shake. There are three fingers, rather than a full four and a thumb. The grip is precise though, exactly as if shaking a person's hand with the metal plates the digits are made of protecting the components within.
    Qwillis would release Devlin's hand after the shake and look over the pip-boy. "I might be able to tweak that a bit further. Otherwise if you have any holodisks you want installed.. just let me know. I can do it almost asleep by now."
    Q, for his part, would pause at the banter back and forth between Akane and Ashur. There's a small frown as he'd look over at the big guy, then he'd shake his head a little. No point in getting involved in that. Besides, Q isn't a fighter. So why pick a fight?
Matt Matt hunchs his shoulders at bravado, slouching down in his chair a bit. He perks up though once the ladies start getting ready to arm wrestle. For some reason. "I'm a fairly good shot myself. We have a range set up in the Lone Star Compound if you want to train there." That reminds him of something, and he sips his nuka cola again. "How did you enjoy the accomodations? I know they're a bit small and crowded, but a free bed is a free bed. And safety." To Akane
Ashur "The Legion had no need of armed women," Ashur replies to Akane when she looks at him, arms folded across his chest. "To waste their flesh in battle would impede the efforts to swell the ranks; a woman is made to mother, to heal -- they are of a nurturing essence."

He waves one hand dismissively. "But here, in El Dorado, the men are not soldiers; many of them are free-men, and useless in battle. The women cannot be kept safe and out of danger, and must therefore learn the basics of self-defense. I will not always be here to keep my eye on her."

The comment about using his fists, not guns, was probably meant to be an insult. Instead, Ashur nods. "Yes. I have never been fond of guns; my hands are the superior weapon. A man wields his body. Guns are better for those of weaker stuff."
Elsie Akane's words to Ashur cause Surelda's brows to lift in surprise and concern once more, and yet when Ashur replies in the most Ashur-way possible, the silver-haired girl exhales and relaxes. That could have been a tense moment, but thankfully there seem to be no fights breaking out here today.

She gets no more time to consider this before Akane's elbow is slapping onto the bar before them. Surelda laughs. "Alright," she agrees, slowly and a bit hesitantly. "But I'm not very strong at all," she promises the redhead. "I think you're going to be very disappointed." All the same, Surelda scoots her stool in close and raises her hand to Akane's, entwining her soft palm with the other's. She tightens her fingers, rather gently. "So, count to three? Is that how we start?"
Devlin     "Building, restoring and modifying the old world technology is what this world needs, some like the Brotherhood only wish to perform the first two.. that is their error." Turning his hand over briefly, Devlin begins to tap at the buttons before turning a scroll dial causing the pipboy to open, displaying one of several diskracks were occupied. "I can install a holodisk and read them just fine, I only wish I could find more volumes in working order."
    It was difficult to -not- overhear Asher and Akane at this point though he doesn't speak up to defend 'the way of the gun', he sighs and softly says "And that's why the Legion was stopped, not once, but twice at the Northern Damn. A weak group with women swelling their ranks used those 'infernal' guns unlike true warriors." Even as he spoke, the smirk on Devlin's face was broad and easy for all to see. Turning to briefly look over the giant, he studies the mechanized gauntlet on his forearm before turning to Matt and the two women, wondering how much he had over looked when he became fixed onto the mechanic.
Qwillis     Qwillis muses, listening to Devlin and nods slowly. "That was always why I hesitated. I had one of their scribes call my design for the arm and leg crude and dismissed me. So I built it anyways. Out of whatever I could fine.. I've upgraded it recently so it's actually water and sand proof now.. mostly." He'd shake his head a little then, glancing over at Ashur with a small frown, then shrugs nad looks back to Devlin, It seems Akane and Surela was dealing with the big guy anyways. "Here." He'd pull out a disk and hand it to Devlin. "Unarmed. I'm obviously not going to use such. So.. use it. If it's any help, at least." Standing then, he'd pick up his bottle of water with a smile to Devlin. "If you ask around.. you can usually find me. I try to help. Otherwise, the big robot, Brutus? I'm working on it a lot. So you may find me there too. For now, I need to go." He'd raise that bottle in appreciation, wave to the women and head out himself, stepping around Ashur as there was no way to go through the big guy.
Akane      Akane saw Quillis watching her and Ashur, though the man decided not to get involved. Surelda accepted her hand and prepared. Akane, though looked at her with a neutral expression. "Usually that's how it starts but I'm not interested in hurting either of us. So.. start when you're ready." Surelda would note that Akane was stronger than her but she was not locked in place or fighting back really.. she let her arm go down slowly before reaching out and covering Surelda's wrist with her hand lightly. Slowly her arm bet backward as if Surelda was winning. and then Akane nodded slowly before easing them back up with her own strength and tapping Surelda's wrist lightly to indicate here would be no winner or loser here. "You're not terribly strong but you're not terribly weak either. Keep in mind if you carry too large of a gun you can break your wrist. The recoil isn't anything to laugh at. So you have to learn with something smaller before you can understand how to control it without hurting your wrist or popping yourself in the head."
     Devlin's reaction to Ashur's comments about the Legion and women got a look from the woman that was so flat across the eyes one might be forgiven for thinking she was drawn for a moment. She stared at the giant for a long moment then SNAP! she was smiling brightly and waving goodbye to Qwillis! Hapy day~
Ashur Ashur is focused on the wheelings and dealings of the saloon now -- the bull's stomped his way away from the door and now looms over Surelda and Akane's table. "The Legion lost the first battle of Hoover Dam," he concedes. "The bear marshalled its forces, and fooled the Malpais Legate; so was he coated in pitch, burned, and cast into the magnum chasma."

The Great Abyss, as so stamped on the Legion's own currency; the Grand Canyon.

"But still the Legion marched on. It was not until the death of Caesar himself that the Legion ever knew true defeat. It is a broken beast now -- but in its prime, there was no finer army. Even now, a man of the Legion is worth a dozen of the Dissolute."
Matt "Small caliber weapons serve a purpose. Personal defense, quiet ambushes." Matt finishs his own drink now, and buys a round for the small table he sits at with the ladies. "So..uhh, how long did this Legion last for? I really only heard rumors growing up in Wake-Oh."
Elsie Surelda seems amused by the little excersize in excersize with Akane, even if there are no winners or losers. Once their hands are seperated, she rubs her wrist lightly and nods. "Well, Ashur said that he'd get a smaller weapon for me, so perhaps it's best if we practice with that." Speak of the devil...

Listening to the talk about the Legion that was makes Surelda's mouth wrinkle to one side again in thought. And of course, Ashur doesn't seem thrilled by this particular line of discussion.

Either way, for whatever reason, Surelda pushes to her feet. "Thank you for the drink, dear," she tells Akane, leaning in to kiss the woman's cheek. "And thank you for the rifle," she tells Matt with an equal smile for him. It's a small but warm smile that she offers. She glances once more to Ashur, and then to the group at large. "I have a few more saloons to see if they're hiring. I'll see you later." She offers a wave as she turns to go.
Devlin     "Was Legate Lanius likewise covered in pitch and set ablaze Ashur?" is asked somewhat loudly after the man returned to looming over the table where the two women were speaking. "Let them be, prove your way is superior not with a wiggling tongue, but with action. If you are greater, then all will see, none will question after the true display." Pushing up and away from where he was leaning, Devlin starts to depart for the doorway. "I have a contract that needs fulfilled. I will be seeing you soon or maybe in a time." As he walked, the man began to toy with his wrist, seemingly adjusting it because of an item Qwillis gave him.
Ashur With a snort, Ashur turns, and grasps Surelda by her wrist. "Before your search," he rumbles, "the gift. Await me at the hotel."

The argument, it seems, is one he's willing to leave without breaking anyone's bones. He'll stalk off with the silver-haired ingenue in tow, one way or the other.