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Alpha     Alpha had been talking to a few guys outside, a final nod given and he'd head into the cantina as they'd head off in opposite directions from each other. Stepping in, Alpha ducks a stray bottle thrown at the door, raising a brow at the guy who threw it and looked sheepish. "Oi! Thoughtcha were my brotha. Sorry Alpha." Alpha shakes his head and just heads on for the bar, saddling up to lean on it lightly as he'd of course, look around for his favorite tender.
Lynnette Coming from the back room, her arms were full of beer bottles but she handled it pretty well as she made her way behind the bar. Hearing that bottle she'd shoot those green eyes over to the man who threw it. "The over here.....I know you're cleaning that up...." That deadpan stare was ever present before she looked over to Alpha with a smile. "Hey handsome!" Lyn sat down those beer bottles and started to put them away.
Alpha     Alpha flashes a grin at Lyn. He'd nod her way, then looks over at the guy who proceeds to scoff at her trying to tell him to clean it up. "Bah! Yer paid to do it. You do it we-"
    The guy pauses as Alpha's look goes hard. Alpha would lift a hand and point at the broom. To which the guy hesitates, then gets up. "Yes mam.." This is said to Lyn of course as he'd go clean up his mess.
    Alpha turns back to Lyn and just as casually sets some caps down. "got one of em cold enough fer me?"
Lynnette That brow raised at the man as she heard the start of that word but snickered when he got up. Saying nothing she would then move to where some of the cold beers were then popped it open. Sliding those caps over to her till she'd trade it for his beer. "Here you go!" A playful wink was thrown his way before bending over to put the last few bottles over. "What's up, cowboy?"
Alpha     Alpha smiels at Lyn and takes up the beer with a nod her way. He'd drink some of it, before musing. "Hmm.. Oh. Had a chat with a few more guys. Getting things setup. I.. think I'll be called sheriff soon. Of course.. it's JT.. so.. there's a lose calling of that. Have to keep up appearances."
Lynnette A raise of her brow then as she stood up and looked over at him. A tilt of her head a bit, she'd giggle a bit and leaned over to look of at him. Tilting her head she would push her curly hair out of her face. "Sheriff huh?" Licking her lips she'd smile. "" There was a giggle then as she eyed him. "But....I think I get it."
Alpha     Alpha smirks back at Lyn. "Hey.. I ain't sayin it is. I ain't sayin it isn't. I do know that I know what I need to know ta make sure that those in JT dun get too.. wreckless. But.. eh. Plenty ta do around here still. So.. someone has ta pretend to be in charge."
Lynnette A tilt of her head then as she grinned. "Wreckless but not too much? I can dig that...." Sighing softly she would just shake her head a bit as she nodded. "I mean...I hope to at least make this place decent enough to come to...." Lyn would close her eye for a moment the exhaled as she chuckled. "We'll see how well that goes though, right?" She'd look over to where the mess was now cleaned up and shrugged. "I shouldn't be too hard on these hooligans but damnit....let's at least try to have one place that isn't beat up."
Alpha     The guy who made the mess finished cleaning it up and threw out the trash. That done, he'd go back to his own drink with just a minor grumble.
    "I heard that." Alpha would call back at the guy, who flinched from it and just drunk his beer. Alpha shakes his head a little and drinks his own beer. "We can always try. Just a matter of makin sure people focus it outside.. I'm tempted ta make a stone ring. Ifn yer inside the ring? Then yer inside where I'll stop ya ifn ya make too much trouble.." He'd chuckle then, lifting his beer to offer Lyn a drink. "Too much.. a lil bit is good fer guys ta let off steam I think.."
Lynnette Taking a sip from his beer she'd snicker at Alpha's response before sliding it back over to him. "I just want them to keep the crap outside. I plan on trying to make this place look somewhat use if they're going to keep mucking it up." Lyn would just shake her head and then shrugged. "Oh well....a girl can dream, right?"

One of those said hooligans then made his way to the, smacking down some caps and with a loud voice. "Strongest ya go!" Lyn would hold up her hand then as she slipped her way down towards the man and poured him up a whiskey. Snatching up those caps she'd wink and slid him his drink. "Here you go!" The raider would just grin at her as he pulled out another cap and motioned it towards her boobs. Lyn would just pluck it out of his hand and smirked. "Tips for the tits? Sweet...but I take those in my hand...."

When she was facing away from the guy she rolled her eyes and tossed it into her till before stopping back in front of Alpha. "Anyway...they're obnoxious but least they're paying my bills...."
Alpha     Alpha chuckles quietly. "Well.. I'd say ta hire a bouncer then. Best way ta make sure they dun mess up here is have a beefy guy 'round ta make sure they dun mess it up. Ya may still get one or two fights.. but it'll stop it by a lot." Alpha watches Lyn go tend to the other guy, taking another drink of his beer. There's a brief moment of some emotion there and gone within that grey gaze as he'd simply watch the other guy a moment. Looking back to Lyn, he'd nod with a small chuckle. "I guess that's really all ya can ask for, eh?"
Lynnette "Hmmm..." Tapping her chin she'd lean over on the counter, resting against her folded arms now. "That.....could be smart. Hire some sort of security...." A shrug then as she smiled over at him. "Well this is going to take some work so....I have time." Looking around then she'd smile as she stood on her tippy toes to whisper softly. "Besides I need to earn some damn money to make this happen. I'm saving up but I want to be able to just drop it all at once, you know." Lyn would then grin as she chuckled. "At least I didn't have to to pay for my new saved some money there!" Oh yeah...she was proud of herself for that one.

Seeming in thought then, she'd stay quiet for a moment before there was mischievious glint in those green eyes. "" Back to the hushed tone she went now. "....never been a sheriff's I thought I was taking up with some rough neck. Now I don't know if I should disclose this info...might make getting for harder on me..."
Alpha     Alpha chuckles quietly, nodding to Lyn. "Jack's posted some bounties fer some rebels.. We could prolly take that up.. deal with em and settle it, get money fer it too, eh?" He'd muse as he'd drink, then nods lightly to Lyn with a smile. "I dun blame ya.. should be good when ya can do it."
    As Lyn would whisper, he'd lean in a little to hear, raising a brow contemplatively then smirks. "Rough neck huh? I'm a refined raider yanno.. My neck is quite smooth.." There's that grin, amusement glinting in those greys as he'd watch her. His own voice pitched low, he'd shrug a little. "I ain't gonna brag or nothin, Lyn.. Who ya tell is on you. Ifn they ask? Ya better believe I'm gonna say yer mine.. and I already toldja what I'll do ta someone that tries ta put apon ya without ya wantin.."
Lynnette She'd blink a bit then grinned. "Oooh...." There was a tilt of her head then as she seemed to be deep in thought. "That...could actually be fun. Why not? I could use the money." Lyn's eyes would light up then as she smiled brightly. "Let's do it!" There was that sound of determination in her voice as she made up their mind for the two of them.

"As for know what I mean...." Reaching out she'd push him playfully then nodded. "I mean....I don't care if you tell....whomever. I...kinda already told someone so...." Trailing off she'd change the topic. It's not like she was going to tell him that she was gossiping with the girls so to speak. "I just want to make sure I can help you without getting shut out. I'm not sure how long it'll last but....who knows. Most men don't seem to care so if I just bat an eyelash or two...." When he mentioned that promise of his she'd blush as she stood up straight and chuckled. "....well....I'll try to stay out of your hair in case you're trying to get info out of someone. But know....if she gets too friendly....I might punch her."
Alpha     Alpha chuckles quietly at Lyn and nods in response. "Fer sure.. alright. I'll see 'bout gettin it set up." He'd muse a moment, chuckling at her push and studies her a second before nodding. "A'right.. noted. And yeah.. most men dun care ifn they get ta see tits.. what's relationship matter, eh?" Alpha muses thoughtfully before grinning at Lyn. "Only fair, fer sure.."
Lynnette "Woohoo!" She'd bounce up and down a bit in a cirlce then spun around to look at him. "Just let me know when and it's a date." Grinning, Lyn was all ready to go do some damage it seems. Once Alpha brought up the relationship thing she'd snort. "Yeah some don't care. I mean....when I got around....I was explicit about not wanting to be tied down...." Playfully she would mumble. "....not sure how you managed this...." A playful wink was tossed his way before she continued. "....but man I had dudes that were married and I found out after the fact....I might be a bit....of a snarky shrew but I do have some morals.....sometimes....."
Alpha     Alpha chuckles witha shake of his head and drinks some more of his beer. He'd watch her, then grins at her comment. "Respect for you. Not just yer tits." He'd answer back with that chuckle and nods a little. "Yah.. assholes gonna asshole. But.. we all gotta survive out here.."
Lynnette Lyn would just shake her head a bit and smirked as gave him a wink. "Seems you were respecting a lot the other night...." Chuckling she'd turn and just make her way down the bar to that backroom, her voice loud enough to hear she was giving that poor other tender a hard time. After a few minutes she would return but walked around to the side of the bar he was on. Not long after out came the man who walked out behind the bar, folding his arms as he just stared at her then shook her head. Leaning her back against the counter she would smile. "....I'm taking a break since I came in early to replenish the bar. Might take a walk...." Lyn would just wink at him before lifting up the front of that dress a little bit and made her way outside that front door, humming softly.
Alpha     Alpha chuckles quietly, shaking his head a little. He'd finish off his beer as Lyn headed into that back room. Coming back out, he'd smile to her and stand to his own feet. "Well then. Shall I escort you onward? I think I'm done here fer now anyways, eh?"
Lynnette Oh she had heard him as she just sashayed her way out of the cantina and turned to the left out the door. Looking around, she'd pat her chest....yup....still there before she would just post up outside against the building. Kicking that exposed leg up to lean against that wall she'd lean her head back before looking over to the door...just waiting patiently. Of course when Alpha would step outside, she'd whistle over at him and gave him a wink.
Alpha     Alpha would head out after Lyn, glancing around as he'd do so. At her whistle, he'd chuckle and close the door behind him, walking towards Lyn. "Hmm.. just takin yer break here then, huh?" He'd stop in front of her with a raised brow and a small grin.
Lynnette Chuckling she'd just shrug a bit as she tilted her head back to look up at him. "Yeah....I didn't want to blow my cover...." Those green eyes would flicker as she let out another laugh. She'd beckon him closer then as she winked at him playfully. " where's my hello kiss, handsome?"
Alpha     Alpha chuckles in response as he'd grin. Greys watching those greens, he'd step closer to her, pressing her a little against that pose as his arms would wrap about her loosely and he'd lean in to give her a long, hard, passionate kiss. It's savored for a long moment too, definitely showing her that 'hello' just like she asked before he'd break slightly for air. "Hmmm... better?"
Lynnette There was a smirk on her lips as she felt his arms around her then. A tilt of her head as she slowly licked her lips but then closed her eyes as soon she felt his lips on hers. That left hand would go to his chest as she grabbed his shirt to hold him there in place. A soft groan left her lips a she returned that kiss but pouted when he broke it. Staring up at him she'd then wink and nodded. "....much." Chuckling she'd relax a bit, slowly letting go of his shirt and straightened it out. "Well don't let me hold you up...."
Alpha     *CRASH!!!*

    Alpha jerks, drawing back out of Lyn's embrace to pivot on a heel and that rifle was already up and aiming. He'd blink then, to stare at the raider, beyond pissed drunk, who was fighting.. and looked to be losing.. against the water trough for the horses. Alpha sighs softly and shakes his head. "Oi.. getcha self killed that way man. Don't go sneakin up on a guy makin out with his girl, eh?"
Lynnette Hearing the crash she'd jump as she reached between her breasts but stopped as soon as she saw.....the drunk guy. Raising her grow she would just take her hand out of her top and relaxed. Sighing she'd run her hands through her hair as she facepalmed then. Watching the drunkard for a moment longer she'd look back to Alpha. " least it didn't happen mid kiss...." It was a grumble but she would just shake her head as she adjusted her dress before smiling at him. "I guess I should get out of your hair for now....and attempt to work before nimrod in there gets pissy.
Alpha     Alpha reshoulders that rifle with a wry grin at Lyn. "True. I woulda shot em if it had been." He'd chuckle softly, leaning in and with a wink at her, openly peeks down her front to look for what she was grabbing for.. or maybe just to look. Either way, he'd chuckle softly. "Ahh.. yeah. I got someone I need to catch before they head out. I'll see ya later Lyn?" He'd smile her way with that, a wink given and he'd stroll on down the road.