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Qwillis     There's been reports of the Mist of Dunwich spreading. While the siege happen, it was fairly quiet, but of late more and more people have been crying for assistance from the town of Lincoln! Along the paths there, there's been repeated reports of a hellish deathclaw! A Hellclaw even! It's on fire and showing bone and stuff!!

    A group is sent from El Dorado to deal with the hellclaw. They were told to put it down agressively as it's been threatening people and trade and right now? It's not able to lose any from El Dorado.
    Qwillis would look to the others as he'd head for that town. The metal click every other step the moot testimony of that metal leg as he'd wear that new armor. Maybe this would let him survive a little longer. He hated having to fight.. but.. well.. Sometimes? Violence is needed.
Lincoln     So here's the thing about Lincoln Archer Fox and his arrival with this group that has been tasked with going to take care of a problem... he's probably so out of his league. But. He's still the type of person that would step up to such an opportunity. He, of course, is from Avalon. Which is allied with El Dorado. So it's only natural that he lend his bow to the fight.

    Besides, one may never know what could possibly be headed in the direction of Avalon should it not be stopped beforehand. Preemptive Heroics are always a good idea.

    The Fox, as he sometimes calls himself, is marching along with the others and looking as though he's ready for some sort of battle. He's got his normal outfit on, while also maybe having something else on underneath. His quiver of arrows is slung across his back. His mother's bow, Robyn's Bow, clutched in one hand as he keeps his eyes and ears open.

    From the looks of him, The Fox, is ready to strike.
Akane      Akane stood behind Quillis and drew her 45 from its holster, flipping out the chamber, checking the ammo and then clicking it back in place without spinning it. She stepped up beside Quillis and spoke quietly before glancing back at the others. Devlin got a nod. Lincoln was glanced over and offered a reassuring smile, the kind of smile that was infectious and inspired the masses. And Ashur.. well he got a moment from her as well. "Temporary cease-fire, Legionnaire."
Ashur "Spare me," Ashur drones, stalking ahead of the group. He is armored lightly -- a well-made ballistic mask, and his chestpiece made of the same creature they're hunting: the hellclaw! It gleams beneath his cloak, like flame alive, its scaled, brimstone-marked length curling lovingly against the brute's figure.

"Ceasefires are negotiated between enemy forces of equal strength. If I had any desire to hurt you, you would be hurt. Focus on the task at hand, woman."
Devlin     "Ya know where this thing is, or just have a map of the spottings of this.. What did you call it again, 'Hell Claw'?" is asked with a bit of confusion, not sure if he was remembering things accurately. Lifting his left hand to his neck, Devlin presses quite a bit of weight onto the nape of his neck before letting his right shoulder go limp, allowing a kink to be worked out more smoothly.

    Turning his attention towards Lincoln, starting to eye the man's bow, furling his brow before lifting up his gaze to the man's face checking for note about for signs of tribalism. "I'm not sure we met, is there something special about that bow on the hunt?" With his attention largely on the archer, Akane didn't go unnoticed though the words of the ex-legionary were even more difficult for him to pretend not to hear, leaving him sighing. "I wonder how many beasts will be put to death tonight.."
Qwillis     Qwillis would walk with the others, glancing back at Devlin and nods slightly. "That's what it's called. There's been reports of it breathing fire too." A glance at Akane had him smile in response and the Fox got his own nod of greeting. Q actually looked rather relieved that Ashur was there. "It's boosted by the Mist, Ashur. This isn't a normal animal. I.. I know you're tough. I've seen the biopsy. But please.. be careful?"
    Most of the conversation is cut short with a low growl from ahead, along with someone screaming in panic. There's a sudden, sharp cut off of the yell, followed by the sickening crunch of bones snapping and flesh rending. Whatever it is? It's right over that ridge. On the up side? At least it sounds like it's eating.. right?
Lincoln     "Aye. It was Mum's. That makes it plenty special."

    The Fox's answer to Devlin is almost as quick as the way he kind of starts to slow down and fall back from the group. He's the one with a ranged weapon, not to mention he's also the one with some very stealthy skills. So much so that it may also be somewhat interesting to see him no longer be part of the group. If he's going to help them and get the drop on this damn thing, he might as well try to hide.

    Or get a better angle from which to see this creature of bone-crunching doom.
Akane      Akane snerked at Ashur'sresponse but kept moving. However, Qwillis' request to Ashur did manage to get a smirk from her. "Yes, Legionnaire, I'm going to have to patch you together again if you're reckless." But then there's a crunch and a scream and Akane paled just a second. All it took her to gather herself again was a single beat ad she swallowed before crouching just a bit... Eyes searching for the target...
Ashur "I have slain a hellclaw before," Ashur mentions, glancing aside to Qwillis. He's always liked the mechanical whiz -- he carries his weight, doesn't bitch, and has never tried to pick a fight with the Legionnaire, unlike so many others he's met.

He wouldn't call them close, but if push comes to shove, it's Mr. Robot Arm that Ashur will take the bullet for. Or the claw for, as the case may be here.

"They're powerful, comparable to the standard -- but they breathe a terrible fire, and when roused it comes from their skin itself in fierce waves. On death, they tend to ignite, and can reduce themselves to ash; it makes gathering their flesh a trial."

At this point, there's basically nothing he hasn't killed at least once in the world. He's sort of like the Biblical Noah, except very, very bad at it.

And then comes the scream, and the bull continues his march.

"Come. If you die, die boldly."
Ashur Through the mists comes a dragon, and Ashur, who in some strange way could be considered a knight, rides to meet it. Giant and beast alike shake the ground with their steps, clashing at the front of the group -- the Legionnaire makes a wild swing that goes wide, forced to twist and lunge aside when the hellclaw leaps. He rounds on it, but the beast is quicker, catching him with a small slash across his armor and then breathing a wave of flame at him.

Using his cloak to shield his eyes, Ashur is singed, but not severely wounded -- he quickly dashes out of the fire.
Qwillis     Qwillis glances to the others, and then nods slightly. That needler is drawn even as Ashur would engage it in combat, the beast moving fast. Those flames are literally licking along it's body, bone plating showing among it's decayed flesh. There's a hint of purple mist that flickers off of it as it'd move. Q would take that moment to aim, pulling off that shot with a hsst of the needler firing! ... only to miss the beast as it'd slash at Ashur.
Devlin     "What I would give for a few plasma grenades right about now.." Glancing through the mists, Devlin could hardly see but what he could do was hear, and by shifting his head, he could tell which direction the sounds were loudest. Soon taking several sidesteps while following behind Qwillis though the subtly was in vain as the creature noticed them and charged them before coming into sight. Taking a brief moment to lift up his AEP9, Devlin pauses, staggered at what he saw.. Ashur was attempting to manhandle the oversized lizard. "Is his head as dense as his muscles?!" is asked more than subtly as he pulls the trigger, taking aim at the stilled broadside of the Hellclaw which proved itself by bathing the giant within a cloak of fire. "Just hold it still a moment, we'll get it off you you idiot!"
Lincoln     The Fox takes up residence on the side, thanks to one slick looking barrel roll, that leaves him perched in a kneeling position. He reaches up to grab an arrow from his quiver, nocks it into the bow and pulls back on the string. His eyes narrow at the beast of carnage and destruction, before he lets the arrow fly. Which sails off to the side and away from the beastly visage of evil. "Bloody 'ell..."
Akane      Akane lifted her colt as he creature came into view but between the mist and it's speed she missed with both of her bullets. She let out a little che sound and tried to take aim again. Waste of bullets.