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Iris Lark Two wagons of food is here and there are a lot of people in need. People are handing out food, and Iris is among them, wearing a skirt as she fills a basket for a family who are profusely thanking her and the group who are present.

She kneels to talk to a little girl before reaching into her rucksack and pulling out a small doll.
Sparky     Off to one side of Iris' wagon, Sparky stands over an open BBQ pit. A large pan in the center catches the dripping fat from the carcass of a brahmin, on a spit, turned lazily by a solar powered engine. As people get their produce from the woman he slices off small slabs of meat for each person, trying to smile and keep spirits high for those who have had too few meals as of late.
Lynnette Lyn came straight from work so she was still wearing that dress that typically got her in trouble. Humming softly she'd show up just in time to catch up with Iris' wagon. "Hey lady!" Pushing that curly hair out of her face she would pull that split open and hiked that long dress up a bit as she climbed up on the wagon. "Want me to pass down what you fix?" Smiling brightly, those green eyes scanned the area but stopped on Sparky and waved. "Hey, Sparks!"
Iris Lark Iris grins at Lyn and nods, passing down some food to be grilled, cooked and taken care of. She waves at some of the people showing up, a friendly smile on her face. "Lets cook some of the things that aren't looking too hot, and hand out the fresh stuff to people who need it." She puts a few things in a basket and hands it off to an elderly woman. "Once we've thinned the crowd a bit, we'll put whatever is left in stores."
Sparky     "Eh, c'mon Senora," Sparky says lightly, and with a smile, "Sparky is already the nickname, eh? That or Alvaro is preferable." He hands out another small juicy slab of meat on an old earthenware plate to one of the residents of El Dorado, "Via con dios." he mutters softly, nodding towards the cross the person wears.
Lynnette Lyn would smile at him but gave him a wink. "Aw but Sparks is so cute....." Grinning she'd turn back to the cart and just nodded to Iris as she started to pick out the fresh produce. When a woman and her little boy popped up she would give him a small basket worth. "Here you go...." Giving them a warm smile she would go back to preparing another small grouping of food for the next group. Looking back to the man she'd smile then. "Fine fine....I'll call you Sparky I guess....I was going to give you a pet name..." Blowing him a kiss she'd turn to the next person that was in line for some thing. "Hi there!"
Eden eden comes up to Iris and Lyn. "Hello you 2!" she says with a smile. "i know a really good recipe that uses all the ends and pieces of veges, so don't toss anything!" She goves them each a little hug and attempts to start filling up baskets
Iris Lark Iris grins at Eden, Lyn and Sparky. "We'll make it work. Won't toss a thing, Eden." She murmurs, handing down more baskets to people. "We might need to move towards Shantytown eventually. Give out some food there as well, before we put some in storage."
Lynnette She was busy at work handing out food but looked up to wave at Eden. "Hey hey!" A tilt ofher head as she nodded. "I'm sure you'll make something awesome with it." Giving her a wink she'd smile as she nodded. Digging through she'd find some things near their end as she passed Sparky some stuff to cook up. A tilt of her head as she then went to pack up more food. "Let's head that way that and then put the rest up."
Eden Eden fills baskets quickly, based on #of people. She lines them up.. baskets for 2, baskets for 3, and so on. even it we move along, itll be organized and easy to hand out!
Iris Lark Iris grins at Eden and jumps down from the wagon, pushing her hair out of her face. "Okay, we should think about moving towards Shantytown." She murmurs, gesturing towards the wagon with a shrug. "What do ya'll think?"
Lynnette A tilt of her head as she seemed to be in thought then smiled. "Yeah!" Wiping her brow with the back of her hand she'd stand up in that wagon and nodded. "Let's do it."
Matt Matt is actually *just* coming from Shantytown, having poked his nose through some wreckage and such nots. Unfortunately, the only thing he really got was dirty hands. He slows down a bit at the sight of all this food, glancing around. "Oh, Howdy ya'll." Matt lifts a hand to wave through passerbys.
Eden "ok, no problem!" Eden is a little proud of her work as she easily stacks the baskets groups up in no time at all. "i,m ready when you are" she grins.
Iris Lark Iris grins and gestures for someone to get on the horse as they start to move south towards Shantytown. The wagons lumber along and people come out to get food as they move through. Baskets are handed over empty, and handed back full. The slow procession through town has a lot of happy people, hungry people.
Lynnette She'd blink as she saw the horse but just hung off the back of the wagon in that dress. And why? She'd start passing out food as they passed people, smiling at them cheerily. Humming softly she'd just pull that split shut in her dress and used that dress as a means to pile up stuff in her lap before passing it out to the people.
Matt Matt waits for the wagon to move past him before falling behind it to chatter at Lynette, now that he has seen her there. "So dearie, whats it cost to get a ride up on your wagon? Some caps? A whistled tune?" He
Rexus Rexus ambles along to join the crowd. "Whuts all this?" He leans on his cane, peering up at Iris on her wagon. "Don't ye think ration cards and an even distribution is better than... handing out to people well enough to come to the wagons?"
Sparky     Sparky slices off the last few slabs of Brahmin, handing the bits off to some kids. He looks up as he sees the wagon beginning to head out, "Oy, Senora, wait up." He douses the firepit and ladles the fat drippings from the pan into jars to be used for soup later. These latter he loads onto the wagon, glancing around. "Quite the turnout." he then glances at Rexus, "This is a fiesta, Senor. To raise the spirits of the people. Everyone will be getting rations of food later. This is just a little surplus, like the brahmin a farmer donated." Gesturing towards the pile of bones that was once barbecue.
Iris Lark "We've got another wagon going into storage, all we're doing right now is trying to ease the worst of it. People will still be able to go get food if they can't get it now." Iris patiently explains to Rexus. "We're just trying to help people who needed it last week, instead of making them wait in lines. If that makes sense." She shrugs a shoulder and continues to hand stuff out.
Sparky     Sparky adds, "Plus, most of this stuff was going to spoil soon. Before we could even get it jarred or canned. Better it gets eaten pronto."
Akane      Akane arrived then, carrying some boxes in her arms. She walked up to the wagon as Rexus was talking. She regarded the man for a second then lifted the empty boxes up toward Iris in the wagon. "These should help with handing things out." Easier if people could just carry a box.
Lynnette She'd let her finger swing off the edge of the wagon as she road along then looked over to see Matt. Grinning she would tilt her head a bit then winked. "I don't's not my wagon. I'm just riding along passing out stuff...." A tilt of her head as she watched him with a smile. "Coming to help?"
Rexus Rexus bends to pick up a street urchin, holding the little booger-eater long enough for him to catch a bit of food before setting him down. "Still..." he says, "Meat's the least efficient food method... grains are better..." he murmurs to himself, making sure the little ones get their bit of food first.
Sparky     Sparky just shakes his head, "Are you this pleasant at all the parties?" then shakes his head, jogs to pace the wagon, grabs the side and hops into the back, assisting in handing out jars.
Matt "Of course its not your wagon. Whos wagon is it?" Matt walks quickly to keep up with the wagon before spotting Akane nearby, and manuevers towards her with a grin. "Comin with us today?" He doesn't actually let her respond, gripping her about the waist and lifting her to plop her onto the backend of the wagon next to Lynnette.
Iris Lark Iris snickers and shakes her head slowly. "The wagon was loaned to us so we could ferry the food here to El Dorado. If you're not happy with how we're distributing it, and trying to help people. By all means, give us a better method." She lets out a heavy sigh and goes back to what she was doing, her brows furrowed.
Devlin     Having gone through the wastes north of the village and past the farm to find noone, Devlin begins to walk south along the road, attempting to find a 'troup of food' though every so often he had to stop and adjust a rope that was running across his chest and behind him, wrapped within what was usually his duster but turned inside out. Finally meeting up with the gathering, his shoulders droop slightly, much of the goods were already being passed out and around the village. "Heh.. I came all this way just to watch you all giving it away." Shaking his head, he rolls his shoulder, letting the package rolled off and into his arms, he still managing to keep his sidearm from being overly viewed from those coming closer. "Any of you know how to properly clean and dress a Gecko up there?" is cried out to the wagon.
Lynnette "Iris got it...." She'd raise her brow then watched him pick up Akane and set her down. Snickering she would just shake her head at the kid and smiled. "'re rididculous...." Tilting her head a bit she'd smile as she then leaned back on her hands. Looking at those that were showing up she would just smiled up at the sky and then she heard....something about a Gecko. "....wha...?"
Akane      Akane let es go and then.. squeaked, a little above a mousey squeak but not quite a scream of surprise as Matt lifted her by the waist and put her on the back of the wagon. She blinked several times, a blush touching her cheeks, though she was able to keep from retaliating at Matt. "Don't DO that! you scared me!"
Iris Lark "We didn't gather this food to sell it. We gathered it so we could help people." Iris looks confused as if she isn't sure that Devlin is serious or not. She nods briefly and pulls some sheets of paper out of her rucksack. "I know how to clean and dress a gecko, and how to cook it. Did you bring one?"
Eden Eden is nestled in next to the baskets she packed. when someone comes near she asks how many at home, and hands them a basket. chuckling at the antics, she just smiles and keeps passing out to whoever comes by.
Sparky     Waving to the trenchcoat garbed man, Sparky speaks up, "Senor Devlin! Hola. I could probably do something with the gecko. I've never butchered one, but I've done molerat and radscorpion. I could probably figure it out. If you have need of something else, let us know, and we can give you some tatos or melon."
Matt Matt continues behind the wagon for a bit longer, and does look a tad crestfallen at Akane's reaction. "Well then, I do mightily apologize my dear." Matt reachs back to hold his rifle steady before pulling himself up onto the back end of the wagon, sandwiching Akane between him and Lynnette. "Hows about I owe you a caramel apple, huh ma'am?"
Rexus Rexus just looks at Iris, "Well if someone read a bit..." he sighs. "Come on.. next..." he stoops a bit, oh that back creaks as he picks up the next child, holding them up towards the wagon so they get a chance... too many adults are gabbing at the food, like a buncha Iraqis.
Iris Lark "I apologize, I was never really taught how to read." Iris looks embarassed as she climbs down from the wagon and moves closer to Eden. "How are you doing Eden?" She asks, turning away from most of the folks here working with the food. "Lets get this finished, so I can go home, yeah?"
Devlin     Not able to keep the chuckling at bay, Devlin uses his his bundle to hide his mouth, pressing his lips against his duster to muffle the sound significantly. Looking over to Iris he shakes his head but a smirk was on his lips as he corrects, "I brought three small ones. They were around the creek. Not as good as a plump female, but they'll do, their bones flavor stews rather well." Taking a heavy step forward, he tosses his duster along with the contents onto the wagon, when unwrapped the contents were three geckos with minor laser burns along the chests, each with a rope around the neck and legs and chests, the method he used to carry them all at once. "Tell me if that's good enough of a help!" Turning towards Sparky, he nods towards the other man and motions towards the duster, "I'll want my coat back, don't boil it if you can manage."
Akane      Akane took a breath and peered at Matt with those green eyes. "Sorry. You just startled me." She let that blush play on her face a bit longer and nodded toward Lynette in greeting then glanced around at the others. To Matt, she shook her head. "You don't owe me anything. But... What's.. a caramel apple?" She tilted her head curiously.
Sparky     Sparky chuckles and transfers the geckos to a burlap sack, formerly containing root vegetables. He brushes off the duster and nods, "Good as new." winks, and hands it back down to Devlin. "I'll see what I can do with the geckos, chico. Gracias."
Lynnette A tilt of her head then as she scoot over some so Matt didn't sit on some of her dress. Raising her brow she'd look Matt over then went back to grabbing food to pass out, packing it up in what was available and handing it to the next family that was waiting. Humming softly she'd just busy herself before tilting her head. Exhaling softly she would just nod then as she leaned back on her hand, letting out a yawn. Looking over to see Akane, she'd smile then pushed Matt back out of the way and nodded. "Hey there....don't mind this silly kid...and what it yummy."
Matt Matt will look anywhere but those devious deceiving eyes! They get you when you look at them. He is also ready to help pass out food. Since thats what the wagon is doing. "Well. I kinda sorta know. You take an apple, and you put caramel on it. Caramel is like, a candy sugary syrupy sort of thing that goes all solid once it cools down." Matt gets shoved and shoulderchecks the sidewall of the wagon, "Owwwww. I don't remember needing something like that, Lynnette."
Eden Eden smiles at Itis "i'm doing good. Having a nice big puzzle of farming to figure out has got me distracted from everything. Loke, what dhould we grow? what grows best? where do i get seeds. you know, that sort of thing. I really want this to work!" matt bumping the side of the cart distracts her. "matt, you gotta visit me. we got a bunch to talk about too!" eden waves happily to him.
Sparky To Akane, Sparky smiles softly and responds, "You take an apple, which is a fruit if you've never had one, and coat it in a mixture of creme y azucar. Eh, cream and sugar, that have been boiled gently until the sugar melts. It's sticky and sweet and delightful."
Akane      Seemed like everyone knew what caramel apples were... but then she got a couple of descriptions and her eyes lit up a bit in recognition. "Oh! the brownish covered apples they had at the festivals! I never got to try one. but my Master's daughter ended up getting a little on my cheek one time. It was sweet." She didn't think too heavily about mentioning her master. The collar still around her neck would have told that story pretty plain..
Lynnette She'd look at Matt with a brow raised and shook her head a bit. "Dude....I didn't push you //that// hard....sheesh." Laughing she would just lok over to Akane, that brow raising but she said nothing. "Oh's really good." Smiling at her brightly then she nodded. "I should try to get some for the cantine....." Now...she was in thought.
Devlin     Takes his duster and brings it up to his nose, sniffing it before shrugging a shoulder. "Smells of blood, mud and the bottom of the ponds.. I'll let it soak for a bit, should get the smell out more often than not." Despite him saying it smells, Devlin quickly dawns the duster with a contented expression. "It seems you got a merry bunch of women with you, try not to lose you hearing with all the gossip, got it Sparky?" Even as he said that, his eyes drift towards Iris and Akane more so than anyone else, unsure if one would throw something at him.
Rexus Rexus helps the last child up to get something to eat, doing a double check to make sure he got them all. "Well hopefully the stores get restocked but... what about the long term? Has anyone seen the mayor about? You'd think in the middle of all this mess she'd be out here showing she cares or.. something."
Iris Lark They're deep in Shantytown now, and a lot of people came out, the crowds are thinning. Iris stands close to Eden, handing out baskets of food and speaking quietly to people who come up asking for chems or bandages. "Well longterm?" She pauses and draws up to full height. "We're going to have to work together, and keep working. We don't stop because this is eased for now, we keep working."
Matt "Sweet and delightful, you and them could be twins, Akane." Matt is talked to though, and he turns about to find out who is talking to him. "Why hello there ma'am." Eden is talking to him. "I should definitely come visit your land. Help ya put a sign down, you need a sign so nobody goes to think its not yours."
Eden Eden says to Matt "welk, sonce i want it to be for everyone, im less worried about a flag and more about what to grow. how much do ys know about farming? You want to be a foreman?"
Sparky     Sparky just smiles and nods in response to Devlin's comment, then continues helping out in the wagon, doling out food in response to the needs of those who ask.
Akane      Akane's eyes went wide at Matt's comment and blushed brightly an honest blush. Did he just. no.. no, he couldn't .. oh my gods he did! He went there! Someone was going to have to pick her jaw up off the floor....
Lynnette Lyn would just look between Akane and Matt....chuckling. Sighing, she would let that split in her dress fall back open to expose that leg as she hoised it up some in the front then hopped off the wagon. "Well I am out! I'll see y'all. Need to go change out of this before I ruin it...." And with that, she blew everyone a kiss that made her way out down the road.