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B B's farmland has become home to several large, burrowing animals. They're digging holes in her fields, and nibbling on her root vegetables. She's looking for some able bodies to help her clear them out. And so, this group has gathered at her behest to root out the critters.

B's led them around the back of her shack to a space near the fence. There, evidence of larger burrowing animals is plain to see. They've dug in under her fence and made a mess of the vaguely carrot shaped green tubers. "They're around here somewhere. I figure they'll come out if we pour water down some of the holes. One of them's bound to be a den. They might come out and swarm us though. Anyone have a better idea?"
Sparky     Seeming fairly comfortable with his compatriots in this endeavor, both of whom he's met before, Sparky scratches the back of his head. "Back in Nueda Vida, we used to get the molerats in the fields, and they'd borrow someone's pero to hunt em out. If there's none available though, water is good to flush em out." he looks skyward, and then at the soil, "But if the ground is dry, it'll take a small river. When do they usually come out? Night time, eh?"
Lynnette With that shotgun resting on her should as she made her way up, she'd look around a bit. Wiggling her fingers to the group, she'd run her fingers through her hair then as she looked around. "So....what are they?" Scrunching her nose she'd hang her gun on her shoulder then started to pull her hair into a ponytail. "...just rats or something right?"
B B looks over the fence to the lake. It's not very far from here, but far enough that carrying a small river back and forth would take forever. "Ah, I don't know when they come out, to be honest. Only saw a flash of white once, but it was during the day." She shrugs to Lynnette, "Your guess is as good as mine. Something with jaws strong enough to bite into these veggies. They're hard as rocks until you boil them for a couple hours. Not so much good for cooking, but they're great for brewing."

And just as she says that, a pair of said critters pop their heads out of one of the holes near the fence, drawn by the noise. They have long ears, coated in the same red dust that covered the fields, large rhumy eyes, and a pair of long, very sharp looking teeth protruding from the front of their mouths. One of them hisses, ears laying flat against the back of it's head.
Sparky     "Dios mio!" Sparky jumps back, pointing his pistol. "Chupacabra! El conejito de diablo!!" He spits to one side and crosses himself, almost seemingly reflexively. "I've encountered these before! Though.. those ones were glowing." he uses one foot to rub at the opposite shin, seeming distracted for a moment.
Lynnette Well she was laughing....until she saw the little buggers. "Oh hell no!" Lyn had just finished tying her hair back so she pulled that shotgun to her shoulder and held it aimed at them. "....what is //that//?!" Lyn looked to Sparky and raised her brow. "Can I get English? I'm gonna need you to teach me Spanish if we're gonna keep hanging out, Sparky...."
Alpha     *POW!*

That was the report of the rifle Alpha carried while he'd sight in on one of those things sticking their head up. The one that was hissing? It'd pop it's head clean off with that shot. Alpha nods as he'd start towards the others. "One down. Good target practice."
B And with that, the rabbits bound out of their hidey hole, each targeting one of the three remaning 'heros'. The first one goes in to bite Alpha's ankles. The second goes for B, attempting to nip at her thigh. The third attacks Lynnette and manages to land a blow on her left arm. During all of this, B tries to shoot at two of the bunnies, but they're too quick for her. She misses.
Lynnette Well those cracked out bunnies came running out of their little holes and Lyn took a step back. "Aw hell...." As she was taking aim, one of the little buggers jumped on her left arm as she was pulling the trigger. "Ahh!" Letting out a scream, she missed as she pulled the trigger on her gun.
Alpha     Alpha grunts as the rabbit would come at him. That rifle is whipped around to clock the beast and at least get it off, even if not harming it. With that, he'd post up, taking that pause to line down the rifle and *BAM* the bunny on Lyn gets dropped before it could bite her anymore. Alpha hops back as the one on him tries again. "Yer next buddy. Time fer rabit soup!"
Lynnette Just as she was about to take that shot, there was a gasp as she heard a gun go off and saw the one that bit her hit the ground like a sack of potatoes. Looking over Alpha she'd nod her head before she would turn her turn attention back to that other rascally rabbit....aimed....and then blew a hole through it's body. "Yes!" She'd jump in the air and smirked. "I don't think I'd eat these things though...."
B The Savage Rabbit hops around Alpha's feet, trying to get at him through his armour. Nothing. The Mangy one attacks B a couple of times. Its teeth might be hard enough to bite into those tubers, but he's too slow to land a blow on B.

B turns to watch the Alpha blast the rabbit attacking Lynnette. She grins, shouting, "Come on guys, we got this!" Not long after, Lynnette takes out the one at her feet with some fancy shooting, so B attacks the one bouncing around Alpha. She misses.
Lynnette She'd spin around at the one still nipping at Alpha's feet. "Don't move...." She'd pull the trigger twice then grinned as she blew it's leg off. Smirking she would tilt her head a bit then nodded. "....I don't aim as well as you...." Chuckling she would rest that gun on her shoulder then looked at her left arm. "...little bugger...."
B And just like that, all the rabbits are downed. B breathes a sigh of relief and wipes the back of her hand across her brow. "Is that it?" she wonders, and since no more pop out to attack, she figures that must be it. "Whew. Thanks for your help, guys. Looks like I might have some rabbit stew tonight .. if they're not all icky on the inside." She grins and steps away from the corpse at her feet. Who knew such a scrawny thing could be such a nuisance.
Lynnette That brow would raise at her and she smiled at B. "I think so...." She'd sigh a bit as she shook her head. "Still don't know about eating these things....." Licking her lips she'd walk over and kick one. "It might be diseased...." Chuckling she'd look over to Alpha and gave him a wink. "Nice shooting....but I need to deal with this darn bite I guess...."
Alpha     Alpha would pause as B calls out, relaxing after she'd finally drop the rascely rodent. He'd reload his gun, then slip it back into that shoulder holster with a nod to B and Lyn. Frowning, he'd look at Lyn. "Sorry.. I wasn't fast enough. But.. well. They weren't easy to tag casually." Shaking his head a little, he'd chuckle then. "Ifn ya make up some good stew, B? Lemme know. it's been a lean bit of time lately anyways."
B B gestures to one of the critters on the ground. "Feel free to take one then. Might be naught but skin and bones, but that's better than nothing." She glances around her farm. It's not a shining example of how one should look, but it's starting to produce a few things. "And let me know if you're still finding times hard. I could probably use a hand here on the farm. There'd be some extra produce in it for you." She smiles a friendly smile before turning to Lyn. "Oh, I didn't even notice one got you. Are you hurt bad? I could maybe bandage you up if you need it."
Lynnette A tilt of her head as she just picked it up and smiled as she nodded. "Might as well right?" Chuckling she'd stare at it, scrunching her face and chuckled. Lyn would wave her head at B and smiled. "Don't worry about's just a bite. Caught me off guard more than anything. Giving her a wink she'd then look to Alpha with a smile. "Don't least you shot it." Tilting her head a bit she would smile. "See you around I'm sure...." Then she grinned at B. "I'll harass you laters...."
Alpha     Alpha nods to B and watches Lyn take up the free meat. "Eh. Mebbe yer co-worker can do somethin with it. Special in the cantina or some crap." He'd muse, then flashes a smile at B. "I'll see what I can do. No promises. Just tryin ta help out." Alpha chuckles softly at Lyn with a nod, then waves to B. "See ya 'round." He'd wink at lyn. "See ya at work, heh." With that, he'd head off, much how he had showed up, just picking a direction and going.
B B watches them both move off before she picks up the other two rabbits and heads back to her shack to see about dinner.