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Iris Lark Iris walks into the clinic, rucksack on her shoulder as she checks in on Camilla and the various patients here. She doesn't hear much noise inside so she drops her bag near the door and moves to the kitchen, putting a kettle on the burner to heat some water. She looks a bit lost in thought as she pulls supplies from the cupboards to put them on the rolling table. She cracks open a crock of salve and sniffs it for freshness before she starts to pull the metal cart towards where Lee is sleeping, or perhaps just resting his eyes.
Lee     Lee is still out on that cot, passed out. How can it be told? His power armor, salvaged as it is, is parked outside with a bike lock on it. Gotta make sure it won't go anywhere. Iris' entrance cases him to stir slightly. This of course, causes that pain to flare, which wakes him with a small gasp. He'd shudder a little and open his eyes, looking around. Watching Iris come over, he'd smile her way. "Yanno.. you and I gotta stop meetin this way.. eh? Me all fragged up and you havin ta help patch me up.."
Rexus Rexus lies on a cot nearby Lee. He's not passed out, just.. lounging around. "Be glad you have visitors... and it is good to see someone else is good at following orders." he smirks, "Staying in bed that is.. I know most of the docs are likely to explode if they see their patients up and about and causing trouble..." he looks at Iris, "See? No trouble.. no patrols, no shooting.. sitting and resting... see?"
Iris Lark "I think if that were to happen, you would need to be put in a bubble." Iris remarks, smirking at Lee before she pulls a bottle of liquor from her bag and pours it in with the boiled water she has on the cart. She takes her time as she dips the rag inside and starts to clean Lee's wounds. She favors Rexus with a brief glance and smile. "I see that you're behaving, how are your wounds?" She asks as she strings a needle with catgut in case it's needed.
Rexus Rexus nods towards Iris. "Behaving nicely!" he glances at Lee, "I wish you'd visit more often.. it gets pretty lonely around here...." he grumps. "How is Avalon? Did it survive at all?" he fidgets, "I kind of miss visiting there nowadays..."
Lee     Lee hisses slightly at the cleaning, but doesn't move. Too much. He can't help those slight jerks. Either way, he'd chuckle weakly. "Ai me.. nah.. that ain't happenin.. I can't.. I mean.. frag. I gotta get back out ta the line.. But this did a serious number ta me." He'd frown then. "Iris? Do ya know what happen ta Cleo? I ain't heard nothin.."
Iris Lark Iris glances at Lee before she glances at Rexus. "Lee isn't good company?" She asks, her eyebrows raising for a moment before she opens some salve. "Avalon is doing all right, it suffered some damage, but they're dealing with it. I'm dealing with it." She gazes at Lee and shrugs. "I don't volunteer for the militia at the moment, and I'm far too busy with various other things to poke my nose in there. If you haven't heard anything, you can assume nothing seriously bad has happened." She cleans and salves another wound, picking up a mortar to finish grinding the herbs she needs fo the bandages. "I'll stop and check for you though. So you don't do something you shouldn't."
Rexus Rexus smirks in Lee's direction. "Patience, kid. You're no good to anyone with a busted wing, got to give yourself time to heal. Trust me, the rest of the guys will give you a break.. it's one thing to be a sick call ranger.. another to get injured on duty... everyone knows you need to heal, there's no shame in that." he says, words of wisdom, "I've known plenty who crawled out of hospital beds to rejoin the line... I know the feeling.... I won't say anything but... if you go creepin off trailing IV tubes.. well..." he gives a wink. He hushes as he looks over at Iris, "Well that's good to hear."
Lee     Lee nods slightly in reply, frowning. "Ahh.. right. right. Thank ya Iris.. I appreciate it. I took a fraggin rocket up the ass.. after she took a sniper shot ta the chest. So I'm.." He'd sigh and shake his head. "Right.. nothin bad. I hope stuff is calmin down fer ya too Iris. I know this whole fraggin this was just a huge mess.."
Iris Lark Iris shrugs as she offers Lee a slight smile. "It'll take a while for things to calm down, and I'm okay. I hold up well to stress." She starts to bandage Lee's wounds, making sure they're wrapped firmly. "Listen to Rexus, he's right. I mean, he doesn't always listen, but you should listen to him." She says, nodding slowly. "All right, tell me how the pain is going."
Lee     Lee chuckles slightly, nodding over to Rexus, then shifts a little as Iris would wrap him up. "Oi.. yer makin it better.. that's fer sure.. I think I'll be ok.. Light duty fer at least a lil bit, eh? Until I'm better fully.. We.. we dun have time ta let someone be fully off duty ifn they can move.."
Iris Lark Iris nods at Lee and frowns. "Light duty until you're able to walk without aid and without wincing." She says, setting aside the rags that she used. She starts to clean up the mess she's made and when she's done she slides the rolling table back where it needs to be. "You don't have to stay here, if you'd rather rest somewhere else, but if you rest somewhere else...get help getting there."
Rexus Rexus can't help but chuckle. "Light duty is right.... keep an eye out. I'm sure there's some quartermaster somewhere that needs an inventory done or... something with the farming... the community really needs the manpower as I understand.. a little surprised the Militia isn't doing what it can to help with the harvests.."
Lee     Lee nods to Iris and would slowly sit up. "I got power armor.. it'll support me. Trust me.. that's how I've kept up a few times now.. yah?" He'd smile weakly towards Iris. Looking over to Rexus, he'd grunt. "I plan ta find out what's up with that.. They're quiet. We lost a lotta men.. but someone has ta step up and keep us pushin. I'll do it, ifn I can't find an officer.."
Rexus Rexus gives an approving nod to Lee. "Do that... I thought about signing up but... I don't know... I'd probably get too much push back for makin the changes i'd want to see... helpin folk, active patrolling, structure...." he shakes his head, "I don't want to ruffle feathers. If it were me, I'd be promotin peple who took initiative... you'd be a sergeant by now."
Iris Lark Iris lets them talk, pouring some of the hot water into a mug with some herbal tea. "Anyone else want anything to drink while I'm over here?' She asks, not looking back as she speaks. "Or anything else, really?" She glances back briefly and grins. "Within reason, I'm not making any huge dinners or anything."
Lee     Lee chuckles quietly, smiling over at Rexus. "Actually mate.. I put in ta be transferred ta the Guardians. The armor.. well.. I can understand why guys use em.. And.. frag, saved mine and Cleo's ass.. I respect that.. so gonna keep ta it.. That'd prolly make me a knight I think?" He'd frown, then shrugs. "It's appreciated, either way.. We gotta pick up and keep goin.. so ifn yer interested.. I say do it. Ta hell with those who'd get pissed off. They ain't here boots on ground.."
    Lee looks over as Iris would call out and carefully holds up a hand, nodding a little as it'd seem easier than it was before. "Ahh.. yah Iris.. I'd be happy ta take a tea.. As fer the dinner.. once all the crap is dealt with.. I owe you that, fer sure.."
Rexus Rexus nods to Lee, "I'll consider it. But in the mean time, you focus on gettin better. We need every swinging dick we can get but.. only if they are fully recovered an rested." he says, reaching for his cup to get his share of the tea. "Bless." he says, "Iris makes a damned good chilli, highly recommend."
Iris Lark Iris is pink-cheeked as she hands out cups of tea. She takes a seat in the kitchen, crossing her legs as she listens to the two men speak. She swings her leg back and forth as she sips her tea and then speaks up. "You don't have to owe me anything Lee, just get better, okay?"
Lee     Lee flashes a grin at Rexus with a chuckle. "I'll keep it in mind, fer sure.." He'd take the tea gratefully and after blowing on it softly, drinks a little. Looking over at Iris, he'd shake his head slightly. "I appreciate it Iris.. I do.. but.. frag it. I'm alive 'cause of you and Camilla, eh? It's somethin I gotta do. I can't just.. let that sorta thing go.."
Rexus Rexus nods in agreement as he looks in Iris's direction. "He's right, you deserve it.. all of you..." he says, sitting up a bit. "All the work you do... you deserve something... maybe not cabana boys with palm fronds but... maybe.. a work party of militia troops to help Avalon?" he glances at Lee, "Gotta do somethin."
Iris Lark "I don't do anything that I do for recognition or payment. I do it because it needs to be done." Iris says, raising her mug to take a sip, her eyes on Lee over the rim of her cup. "The people who live there have rallied, and construction has already begun. I'm sure they would appreciate the help." She shrugs a shoulder and smiles. "I wouldn't want cabana boys, or fronds. I also don't need dinner Lee, just..get better."
Lee     Lee smirks back at Iris and gives as crisp a salute as he can, banged up as he is. He's definitely better. But he's still got more to be in top form again. "Roj Doc. Already workin on that order, fer sure.." Looking over to Rexus, he'd nod lightly. "Agreed.. I'll get somethin goin. I know I ain't alone in bein one of the guys who's grateful ta the medics." Lee would sip some more of that tea and chuckle. "Well, mebbe the life of a grunt ain't worth much fer recognition or payment, Iris.. But talkin as said grunt? It was literally life and death. I'm gonna do somethin fer you and Camilla both, fer sure."
Rexus Rexus shakes his head, "I saw ye out there Lee. Grunts are the ones who take the brunt... 99.999 percent of a military is focused around supportin ye... it has its costs.. don't get me wrong, but you'll always find someone willin to offer a helpin hand." he looks over to Iris, "And don't you go about shruggin off the help either. You're an important part too. The right people don't ask for recognition, but... they still deserve something... they may not say it outwardly but.. on the inside.. it means a lot when someone gives them some praise...." he frowns, "Your Lieutenant.. Cleo.. was it? She hasn't said a word?"
Iris Lark "He said he hasn't seen her, I imagine she's caught up in the aftermath and is trying to get things back under control." Iris says, shifting her gaze from Rexus to Lee. After a moment she takes another sip of her tea and answers Rexus. "I'm not shrugging off the help to Avalon. I'd be happy to see them getting it." A beat. "Me? I don't need recognition, and it means a lot to me when you folk live. That's all the..anything that I need. You live, you're not badly scarred. I've done my job and you can stand to fight another day. I'm happy with that."
Lee     Lee nods his agreement to Iris with a flashed smile. He'd drink some more of the tea, carefully finishing it off. "Prolly. I mean.. frag, she was shot.. but she's an officer. So that's somethin. I'm sure she's prolly fine. I've just been mostly passed out here, eh?" Carefully, and only slightly unsteadily, does Lee get to his feet. A small balance, then finally a nod given in satisfaction. "A'right.. first step's always the roughest.. But.. good ta be on my feet after a week." He flashes a grin at Iris, nods to Rexus and starts to carry that tea cup carefully to the kitchen. "I'll see there's help. Even ifn I'm havin ta kick their ass ta get em in line ta do it myself."
Rexus Rexus grins at lee, "Remember.. Commanders command.... leaders lead." he says, a bit of wisdom for the youngster. He nods towards Iris, "And porky?" he inquires, his voice laced with concern.
Iris Lark "Bacon is fine." Iris says, getting to her feet to clean the mug that she was using. "He's staying with a friend right now until things are back to normal." A beat. "Especially since I've been travelling so much." She walks back to the chair she was sitting on and retakes her seat, arms folded loosely over her chest.
Rexus Rexus smiles, "I am pleased that bacon is alright." he says, grinning. He settles into his cot, winking at Lee, "Be glad for the rest and sleep..never know when it will happen again.. I admire your enthusiasm but... I wish it were tempered with a bit of experience."
Camilla     Suddenly Camilla. Who seems to have finally managed to get some actual sleep as she stumbels out of her room, through the back storage area and out in to the main area. She stands there a moment, looking desheveled and still a bit on the side of exausted, scaning the place with sleepy eyes. She takes a moment, yawns, stretches out and heads over towards Iris at first to attempt to give her a hug. She gives Lee and Rexus both a quick look over, and between a few yawns asks them, "You two doing ok?" To Iris, she looks back, hoping for that hug, "I'm glad you're here, I was worried about you..."
Lee     Lee would put up that cup, finally. Pausing, Lee glances over at Rexus, muses, then chuckles softly. "Mate.. I've done my sleep fer three life times.. I was frozen at the start of the Great War.. woke up.. here. So.." He'd shrug then and start that shuffle back for his cot. "I ran a merc group.. back then. Fraggin.. nothin like what's goin on now.. but.. I know.. stuff. Just.. I dunno. Doin what I'm needin ta keep alive, eh?" Lee gives a salute to Cami when she'd show up. "Healin as ordered, Doc.. Iris just got me patched up enough ta at least do light duty.. And I need ta find out what the frag happen at the HQ.."
Iris Lark Iris reaches up to hug Camilla back nd he murmurs. "I'm fine, just busy." She looks a bit tired though. "Bacon is a resourceful little piglet, that's why he's still alive today, after all." She shakes a finger at Lee and frowns. "Like I said, if you go to Militia HQ, take it slow and take it easy. You pop a stitch or get reinjured and it won't be pretty."
Rexus Rexus offers a tired nod, "As you say." he says as he settles. "Like Iris says, keep it slow.... you'll be fine." he murmurs, folding his hands and relaxing.
Camilla     Camilla looks to Lee first, giving him a long deadpan stare. "Frozen?" she asks, looking utterly confused about how that's even possible. "Yeah, well, just, do what Iris and I tell you and try and remember that people like us need people like you to stay alive and protect us and you can't do that dead."

    She finishes up that hug with Iris and nods, "Ok.." as she pulls back from it and finds a chair to sit down on, crossing her legs and folding her arms under her bust. She lets out another long winded yawn and settles in to the chair.

    "What about you Rexus? How are you feeling?" shea sks, as she gives him that cursory medical glance that doctors give their patients.
Lee     Lee chuckles and holds both hands up defensively. "Got it. Fer sure. Trust me. I ain't plannin on dyin anytime soon.. and yeah.. frozen Doc. Like.. livin popsicle til the machine dethawed me. It's.. not pleasent. I'll just leave it at that, eh?" He'd grunt as he'd shift on his feet. "I dun plan ta do more than light work, fer sure.. Just.. I'm ready ta be movin again.. but frag did this hurt.. I ain't wantin ta get messed up that much again."
Iris Lark "Yes, take your time before you get into that state again." Iris says, pushing slowly to her feet. She picks up her rucksack, slings it over her shoulder and yawns. "Since Camilla is up, I'll leave you folks in her capable hands, and I'm going to go find a place to sleep." She pulls the drawstrings on her sack and adds. "If I'm needed, send a runner to Avalon and I'll come back."