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Vault Girl The sounds of vultures can be heard long before Camilla sees them circling near the not-old Caldwell Family Farm. Lying in the middle of a near-by field is a power armored figure she recognizes as Guardian Caldwell. He may have been dead for all she knew, at least the vultures thought so.
Camilla     Camilla's out here, for, well, no good reason what so ever. She's got her medical bag, her rifle, poncho, et all and is no doubt simply exploring and scavagening, hoping to find anyting she can get her hands on. What she did not expect to see, was a man laying near dead, one that she only barely knew, but still knew of him. Waisting no time, she bolts over to the man and kneels down, checking his pulse at first to make sure he's still alive. The medical bag comes off her back and she goes to work. Not every day you stumble across someone half dead.
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell is ded, not beeg sooprise. Or he's just..sleeping...yes..sleeping. And sleep he does, or is he unconcious? He's one of those three things! The vultures picked dead though. He is patched up by Camilla and slowly flips over onto his back, looking her over. "Thank you..." he mumbles through a daze. He groans and simply lays there.
Camilla     "What, in the actual and complete hell happened Caldwell?" snaps back Cami as she works to stabailize him. Checking wounds. Cleaning them. Handing him some pain killers she has on her person, "Take this.." she says as she moves to grab some more supplies out of her bag. "You're lucky I felt like exploring today and looking for scav spots or you'd have ended up dead..." she adds as she pulls out some rations and water as well. "You're coming back to the clinic in shanty town with me, so I can keep an eye on you for a day or so. No excuses."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell takes a deep breath before speaking "I was heavily wounded from the Enclave assault on El Dorado and protecting people, never got it checked out or properly treated and I eventually just collapsed. Farmings hard work." he grabs the pain killers and pops some of the pills in his mouth, swallowing them. "Alright I guess..." he mumbles, rising to his feet with a groan. "Thanks Cami, you're an angel. Really are."
Camilla     Camilla sits back on her rear and listens. "I RUN the gods damned clinic Caldwell, you could have come and seen me..." she snaps back at him, looking pretty preturbed. "People like you, are all people like me have to rely on. You keep us safe, and protected, and make us feel safe. You not being here hurts the rest of us..." she adds, sighing dejectedly. "No, no guess, you're coming.." she adds as she stands up with him. "So people keep telling me..."
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell nods as he gets an earful from Cami. "Understood. Sorry about that, won't happen again hopefully." he says, sighing. "I didn't know I was being relied on." he says, smiling beneath his helmet, then walking with Cami to the clinic. Off off and away!