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Elsie Another day. The earth has completed another rotation, and the sun has set and risen again on El Dorado, on the world after the war. Denziens rise to go about their daily routines, scratching out a meager or rich existence depending on their station. Some are working to repair the walls after the Enclave attack. Others stay hidden behind closed doors, weeping for their dead and licking their wounds.

Not Surelda, no siree. She's got a new life to start, and damn it all she's going to start it as soon as she can. So she's hitting the pavement today, traveling to different watering holes and other places of hospitality who might be in need of someone to sling their wares.

She's wearing her same blue dress with the flounced skirt, the same leather jacket, the same bangles at her wrists and the same boots. It might be a good look for a nightclub, but it's not night in this club, and those that do work here are setting up for the evening. Carrying boxes of beer, mopping the floor, that sort of business.

Surelda follows one man as he carries bottles from one spot to another. "And you're sure you don't need another hand?" The man, it seems, is not hiring, and he shakes his head dismissively to the silver-haired girl.
Matt     Trying to find a regular job in El Dorado is likely to be hard at this time. Militia, and law enforcement types with free housing and discretionary funds were hit hardest with many casualities during the siege. Its not likely they're out spending money again just yet.
    Surelda had mentioned hitting up bars during the previous interaction Matt had with her, so when he spots her going into the nightclub he has a bit of an idea of what shes doing. Hes early for a meeting, so decides to pop in to say Hello, and is in time to see her get turned down. He'll wait for her to disengage from the gentleman, "Hello missus, still not having much luck?"
Elsie "No," Surelda responds to Matt after she's turned away from the existing bartender not looking to lose out on hours. She saw him, recognized him, heard him, and now is walking over to him. "It's a lot different than Vegas," the girl admits with a shrug, crossing her arms just beneath her bust. Dark eyes sweep the room, taking everything in. Ah, what could have been.

"How goes the planning for the New Rome caravan? I understand you're in charge of all that."
Matt     "Don't you think I came into a bar to forget that for a bit?" Hes smirk though, so its probably a joke. "I think they picked me because I'm the most laid-up for awhile. At least until these bulletholes close." Matt eases down into a chair at a table, raising a hand towards the chair opposing his chair. "Why don't you sit for a second with me?"
Elsie "Wouldn't mind to get off my feet for a bit," Surelda admits, moving to slide into the chair that Matt has offered. She does smile at the man's little joke, though. It's a slight upturning of the corners of her mouth; a gesture rich in warmth even in its simplicity.

"So you'll be doing this just in time to get more bulletholes?" she asks, wrinkling that mouth to the side and shaking her head. Little waves reverberate down her silver locks when she does. "I hope they at least pay you well for all this trouble."
Matt     "Probably. But it needs to get done, goods gotta move and New Rome is Lone Star's biggest route." He eases a hand towards his leg and rubs a spot lightly. Bulletholes. "Its not a bad gig though, quite a bit of freedom to it as well."
    "Pay is per job for my type. Also what I can negiotate during trades." He shrugs with his explanation. "Dispatchers get paid based on hours. Gunhands get paid per run. Theres a lot going into keeping a Caravan company running." Matt lands an elbow on the table and rests his chin into his hand. "Positions are fairly open now too." Plant the seed.
Elsie Look at that dangling bait. Dangle dangle dangle. Surelda nibbles at it, thoughtfully.

"Oh, I'm not much for a caravan girl. I've only ever shot a gun once - your gun, it was - and quite frankly? I just came out of the wastes. I've no desire to go back in. That," her grin widens slightly, "and I have no desire to ever see New Rome." Ever. Those nuts with their laws outlawing chems. Who could survive there?!

"I'm jealous of your freedom, though. I've never really been free in that way." She admits that easily enough. "Don't think I'd be brave enough for anything like that now anyway. I'm made for something a little more closer to home." She sighs looking around the nightclub again. Pout.
Matt     "Its almost half of the company that doesn't even go out on the runs. Someone has to manage inventory, man the radios to keep track of the caravans that are out. Eventually the Lone Star compound should get a restaurant or something." Matt wiggles the hook a tad bit more.
    "Nobody seems willing to man a radio, watch a map, let people know if another caravan needs help or something. Its not a boring job, just a quiet one." Matt acts like he just had a thought, looking upwards for a moment with a soft 'hm'. "Ya'know. Learning a radio isn't hard, and you can even try and open your own little place in the Compound after you earn a bit of caps."
Elsie It takes a moment for Surelda's mind to catch up with Matt and his idea. It all just seemed to flow so nicely, so naturally! "Really?" She asks, sitting up a little straighter. Suddenly she's quite excited, even as she tries to play it cool. She licks her lips, leans forward slightly, and smiles unsurely.

"I think I'd like that," she admits. "I've never worked a radio before, but it doesn't seem like it would be overly complicated," the girl admits. She looks over Matt, eyes a mix of hopefulness and skepticism. "Are you ... for real about this? That this is something you really need?"
Matt     Matt pulls his feet up under him, ready to get up out of the chair. "Our most experienced dispatcher is missing after the Siege. We have two people pulling 12 hour shifts everyday without a rest. I almost think they'd throw me a party if someone came to relieve them a little." He does manage to make his feet, with a bit of a sway.
    His hand extends down towards the young lady about to spend her days with headphones on, listening to Caravaneers tell each other dirty jokes over the radio waves. "I can walk you down there now, show you around a bit. So you can see whats what. And so I have someone to catch me if my leg gives out somewhere on the way there."
Elsie Surelda grins. It's a broad thing that spreads all the way across her face, displaying well cared for, white teeth. Wherever she's from, she lived well in recent years.

Her hand, when she offers it to Matt, is soft too. No hard labor for this girl.

With that hand she rises, standing as her skirts settle around her.

"That would be ... amazing. I can't even believe this is real." Oh yes, Matt. You've made a new employee and admirer in this girl. She looks positively giddy.
Matt "Honest, its not a glamorous job. A lot of sitting. And listening. And telling people they obviously made a wrong turn. You'd be surprised how many new caravans get lost." Matt pulls the hand through the loop of his elbow and turns to head towards the door. Little lady will be a nice crutch to get back with. "New Rome couldn't be that bad though. They apparently have free bath-houses. Which seems nice."
Elsie "Well you'll have to tell me how those are." No way, no how is Surelda going to New Rome. The presence of the man's arm causes her to blink in surprise, for a moment, but then she walks along with him, smiling happily. She may be his crutch, but he's her escort too. How fancy!

"Anyway, I don't want glamorous. I'm done with glamorous. I want something I can do into my old age. I want something that actually helps someone. I just only ever knew how to sling booze, so I assumed I'd sling booze."

She looks over at Matt, beaming. "I really can't believe you're just hiring me on like this. Thank you so much. I promise you won't be disappointed."
Matt "Why wouldn't hire you? You shot at a spider mech." Matt shrugs a bit as they begin walking towards their destination of the Lone Star Compound. "Besides, you're practically doing me a favor. I think they were going to ask me to do it for awhile. I don't think I'd like that much."