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Ironface Jones The market is always busy and today is no exception. There's people hawking all manner of wares and all sorts of noise and activity happening. For shoppers it can be a fun place to visit to try to find that special item that you need or even just to look around. That appears to be what big ol' Ironface is up to, just looking around. There's plenty to keep him occupied, too. As he moves around it's quite obvious that he's accrued a few new injuries since the last time he's been here, but he doesn't seem to be slowed down by them at all.
Fuchsia     Ol' Fuchsia in the market, too... though that's not really something people would call someone like her. She glides through the market like she's at a theme park, ooohing and aaaahing at all the things for sale and occasionally stopping to haggle with someone only to walk away from the deal.
Nikki Nikki manages to come to the market place carrying a box that was filled to the brim with random bits and bobs from electrical pieces, scrap metal, leather, cloth, batteries, shell casings - the woman's been busy! Dink floats just above and behind her right shoulder, but none could wipe the grin off the woman's face. "Nikki's going to get sooooo much good stuff for this stuff, Dink. Just you wait!" She's actually not wearing her vault jumpsuit, currently she's in blue jeans, a floral t-shirt, and denim vest with boots on her feet. "Maybe even find some people who'll give a nice cap or few for this stuff!" And she would clutch her box against her chest while looking around to try and choose the best merchant to start with. Spotting one who was selling batteries and electronic pieces that likely worked, she would head that way.
Ironface Jones Amongst the people in the market a few stand out to Ironface more than others. He can't help but spot Fuchsia, the super good lookin' lady shopping by herself, and watches her for a few seconds as he gives her a greeting sort of nod should she look his way. And then there's his pal, Nikki, walking around with her Dink at her side as usual. She'll get a friendly wave as the big tribal looks at her box to see what she's got in it. "Greetings, friend Nikki. Dink." He's even polite to the robot.
Fuchsia     Fuchsia notices no greetings. Nope. She definitely doesn't. There's no glance in Ironface's direction or anything. It looks like she missed him entirely. But... she is moving in that direction in her browsing. Creeping closer. And she's moving a little faster. And she seems to be listening in.
Iris Lark Iris walks in to the marketplace from the clinic, a happy smile on her face. She waves to Ironface, because his face is the only one she immediately recognizes. She walks among the vendors, leaning over to ask some questions or speak quietly to some of the people gathered. Her arms clutched around something in her cloak.
Finley Walking into the market, Finley looks ill at ease. The brown haired girl's brow is furrowed and her hands are shoved deep into her jacket pockets. For the most part her eyes are set on the ground in front of her. Occasionally though, she does look up to glance at the wares being sold in stalls. That's when she spots the gathering group of people and curiosity wins over her bad mood. She meanders over to them, a small half smile on her face.
Ironface Jones The crowd milling around has little effect on Ironface as he does his shopping, his fierce appearance keeping people from trying to jostle him too hard. Not that he'd probably mind, seeing as how he's always trying to fit in with folks. Out of the corner of his eye he catches Iris giving him a wave and returns it with his own, calling out to her, "Doctor Iris! I am hoping that things are well for you. It is good to see you smile!" As people seem to be heading his way Ironface puffs out his chest a little bit and moves away from the nearby stall to avoid interrupting their foot traffic. Catching Finley seeming to be approaching either him or the stall, Jones gives her a friendly sort of nod but doesn't try to do anything else since she looks so shy.
Nikki Nikki stops after a moment and glances over to Jones, giving a big smile. "Ooh! Heya Jones! Aww, Nikki is glad to see you again..." And she was sincere about it too! Never the less, the man seems to walk away to socialize with other people which was no matter to her. She moves to continue on her way to that one merchant and begins to haggle a trade....
Finley Finley does glance at the stall behind Ironface but it's only for a second. Then she's smiling and giving all those gathered a small, sheepish wave. "Doctor! And assorted company." Being new to town means she's not great on names. If Iris wasn't a doctor or maybe if she hadn't heard Ironface mention it, then Finley might not have known even that. "Forgive me, it's been a bit since I last came to town."
Iris Lark Iris spots Finley and she bounces as she waves to her. "Hello, have we met?" She asks, her cheeks pink. "If not, can we?" She walks over to where the group is gathered, offering everyone a smile and a wave. "What are you all here shopping for?"
Ironface Jones "It gladdens me to see you, Nikki," Ironface calls out, trying to get in that last little friendly word before she's distracted by her trading. To the newcomer he says, "Greetings, lady. You are forgiven, though I think you haven't said anything wrong." And then he's looking back to Iris and formulating a response, "I am here today to see if I want to buy anything. There is nothing I can think of that I need but sometimes I see something I want and I will buy that."
Finley "Nah, dont think we have." She quirks a brow at Iris and smiles. "But I think it counts as a meeting right now?" Finley sticks her hand out towards the other woman, offering it up for a handshake. She then glances at the man and past him towards the stalls. What is she shopping for anyways? The brown haired girl doesnt really have an answer. So she shrugs and crosses her arms. "Chems." She chirps,clearly teasing from her tone.
Nikki Nikki does a lot of haggling, and a lot of bouncing, and then even more haggling. Apparently this shop keeper either had a lot of stuff, or was taking Nikki out to the cleaners. Never the less, after several minutes of wheeling and dealing, Nikki finally comes back over. Her box lighter, but still full of things like charged batteries, full pieces of electric equipment, and then she smiles. "Lookit what Nikki got!"
Iris Lark Iris takes Finley's hand and gives it a firm shake and she grins slowly. "Ah, I have chems, but I only sell them if I have to, sometimes they make people sick." She says guilelessly. "But sometimes they can help too." Her cloak makes a squealing noise and she turns away from the group for a moment as she speaks to it. "You can't come out, be quiet in there!"
Ironface Jones With the hand shaking gone on next to him, Ironface waits for his chance to introduce himself. It's a bit of a thing, his way of introducing himself, but he holds off for the moment. Nikki's exuberance has Ironface interested in what she has to show him. He stares into her box and nods his head a few times, probably having no idea what it is he's supposed to be looking at, "You have gathered many things. Good job."
Finley Iris gets a curious glance as Finley pulls her hand back. "Really?" It looks like Finley is going to ask more but she's distracted by the squealing. The brown haired girl leans to the side, trying to not so discreetly peer at whatever is hiding in Iris' cloak. "Everything okay, doctor?" She asked, amused.
Nikki Nikki beams a little, unaware that Jones likely had no idea what he was looking at. "Nikki got lots of good stuff! She can upgrade Dink a little, and maybe give him a better battery!" A giggle then before she looks around and then back over to Jones, tilting her head one way and then the other. "What are you looking for? Maybe Nikki can help!"
Iris Lark Iris turns and pulls a runty looking piglet from her cloak and holds it up so Finley can get a good look at him. "This is Bacon, I caught him this morning and bought him off of a merchant." She tucks the now slightly less aggrivated pig under her arm. "I took him into the saloon earlier but I was afraid they might shoot him so I kept him in my cloak." She looks a bit intrigued at Nikki and the stuff she's carrying with her. She pads closer to peek inside, carefully keeping her hands to herself.
Ironface Jones The antics with the piglet divide Jones' attention pretty quickly. It's a cute little sucker, but also a food animal. Eyeing the way Iris seems to be treating it he seems a bit confused, but comments nonetheless, "You are the master of that pig and it is not your food, yes?" To Nikki Ironface shrugs his shoulders, "I am not sure what I am looking for. You can help me to see if there might be a thing I would like to own. I think I want more armor, armor like this..." He taps the bloodstained pieces on his arms. "Maybe not with blood on them, but made the same way." Then he adds, "I am glad you are improving Dink. He seems like a good friend to you."
Iris Lark Iris stares at Ironface, her nose screwing up slightly and her eyes narrowing. "Bacon isn't food, he follows me and I feed him." She holds the piglet out towards the big man and grins. "Apologize to Bacon for calling him food." The piglet squeals, it's beady black eyes on Ironface.
Nikki Nikki tilts her head and then she becomes /very/ interested in what Jones is wearing. Her box even gets set down as she comes closer - likely right inside his personal bubble - without so much as a warning and she begins poking in different spots. "Oh! Power armor! Nikki's read a bit about that stuff but she's never gotten to see it in person before. Oooh... let Nikki fix it?!" Becoming exciteable, even over armor, mostly because THAT kind of armor was something she could likely work on. "Or..or...uhm...Nikki doesn't know anyone else who wears power armor, but she can try and find pieces to use to make it nice again!" A look given over to Iris and the pig before she turns and pokes at Jones some more.
Ironface Jones "It is good to have an animal friend," Ironface tells Iris seriously, as though he's an expert on the matter at hand. He even looks at the little oinker and tells it, "I apologize to you for saying you are food. You are not food." He's very serious about the whole matter. When Nikki gets close to him Ironface stops moving for fear of accidentally bumping into her or knocking her over. "This is not what is called power armor." He squints a little bit, "I think it is not. Power armor is like what Tinman wears. I have learned that it cannot be used without special training." The pokes he receives don't bother him at all, he just takes them in his stride. "Someday I will wear that armor, though. It makes the person who wears it much mightier."
Iris Lark Iris finds a place to sit and watches at Nikki poke and prods at Ironface. She moves to speak up for another place for her to poke but then she thinks better of it. She picks a cracker out from her cloak and absently feeds it to the piglet, before she lets it wiggle back into the large pocket in her cloak.
Nikki Nikki seems to pause a moment. "Sorry. Nikki only knows armor by what she's read. Yours has pieces of metal so she thought..." She actually felt kind of silly at that point and slinks back a little. "Nikki's sorry...." This much more offered before she moves to pick up her box. "...Maybe Nikki should just go home before she makes more of a fool of herself..."
Ironface Jones "Do not be sorry, Nikki. If I did not spend time with Tinman then I do not know what I would think his thing was," Ironface tells Nikki softly, about to reach out to pat her but thinking better of it when she moves back somewhat. When next he speaks there's a notable gentleness in his voice that isn't usually there, "You are not a fool and you do not need to leave. If you like I will show you power armor soon so that you can see how it is different."
Iris Lark "Please stay." Iris says, moving to the side so she can see Nikki. "I want to see what's inside the box." She fidgets with her cloak and waits for permission to come closer before she gets to her feet to move towards the other woman.
Nikki Nikki blinks, looking between the two and then she seems to nod a little. Stepping forward once more, she offers the box for Iris to look in. "Nikki works with bots. Nikki put Dink back together and now Dink is Nikki's friend.." As if finally wishing to regard that he's being spoken about, Dink makes a series of beeps and bloops. She looks to Jones then. "Oh! Really?! Nikki would love to see it! But..but Jones needs good armor now right? Maybe Nikki can make some armor that Jones can wear. Like power armor but...not.." A beam of a smile then.
Ironface Jones "I would be very grateful to you if you could do that, friend Nikki," Ironface tells the young woman with a big, solid nod of his head. "It would be very good to have more armor as I have recently been injured by many geckos and more armor would have helped me to avoid that." He almost smiles at this point, starting to give it a try before backing down, "You will come with me to my base and I will show you the power armor when you are ready." His attention then settles on Iris as he watches her go through the stuff in the box.
Iris Lark Iris reaches out towards Dink, her eyes slightly narrowed. "Is it like Deathbot?" She asks quietly, her voice carrying a reverent tone. "I think people who can speak and repair robots are magic." She wiggles her fingers a bit and adds. "I can repair people, but their not quite as complicated as a robot is."
Nikki Nikki turns her attention first to Iris. "Are you kidding? Nikki can't help people. People are complicated. She can't put them together if they're broken. Also. Dink is an eyebot..see!" And it does look quite like an eye made of metal parts is hovering above her. She then looks to Jones and gives a tilt of her head. "Nikki will go with Jones to his base, yes! Oh! Nikki also learned a bit more about sex, so Jones doesn't have to show her unless he really wants to.." Yeah, the woman has no off button, and no boundaries.
Iris Lark Iris follows along with what Nikki is saying and then sex comes up and she looks confused and slightly nervous. She gets to her feet, her cheeks pink and she slowly walks backwards towards the clinic. "I ..uhm..the clinic you see? Check..get.." With that she turns and flees.
Ironface Jones Something seems to catch Jones' eye from a ways away across the market. Perking up, he stands up a little bit straighter to see over the groups of people and exclaims, "There is a horse helmet! I may purchase that for First Horse Jones." What he's looking at no one but Ironface can tell. There's a lot of junk over yonder. But when he hears Nikki speak he suddenly seems to have something else on his mind, "I still want to show you. It is very good, you will see." And then Iris is disappearing like a flash, acting all wierd all of the sudden. Ironface's lips press tightly together in thought before he dismisses it with a shrug. Civilized folk are weird sometimes.
Nikki Nikki smiles and nods. "Maybe soon. Nikki should get these home.." Indicating the box in her arms and then she tilts her head one way and the other. "It was good seeing Jones again. Hopefully Nikki will see him soon?"
Ironface Jones "Yes," Ironface replies to Nikki with a big nod, a little bit of a smile finally appearing on his face. "I will try to find you some time soon," he says, trying to keep that smile in place for as long as he can manage. It fades, but he seems happy regardless. "We shall spend much time together soon."