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Lee     Lee was on 'light' duty. Of course, with most of the militia on 'light' duty due to that chaos of the siege, everyone had their turn to patrol. There were others who were available and so they'd be offered some nominal pay to assist on the patrol. This sweep was to the south of El Dorado. Despite the Enclave's attack being broken, that doesn't mean the wasteland is safe. There's still potential and as such, those people are hired to go deal with it.
    Lee has that sledge on one shoulder as he'd walk along within that power armor. Akane would get a polite nod when he'd spot her being in the group, but otherwise, he'd simply lead the way. There was a certain sense of being lost in thought to him. Afterall, he was able to check in and learn some things at the HQ.
Connor Connor was never much of somebody to join the Militia. Too many orders and people in charge, but doing an occasional patrol is fine. He dug out his gear and armored up, in the hopes it wouldn't be all that necessary. Hes a strange figure on patrol, with an almost body-sized riot shield slung across his back and only a cattleprod to defend himself with.
Akane      Akane had come along as a way to earn some extra income and secretly to work out a little aggression. But she would not amicably back to Lee before following him. The leader was not the only one using the patrol for deep thought. But that did not keep her from greeting each of the others with a warm smile and a nod.
Devlin     Eyeing the rather large augmented hammer on Lee's shoulder, Devlin seemed to pay more attention to the man ahead of him than the surrounding area. Taking a glance finally to the others gathered, he takes note of Connor though like before eyeing the man's choice of armorment and only shakes his head slowly. "More who will get in the way once I start shooting," is said with a sigh. It wouldn't be until he notices Akane, that a slight smile appeared and a look of some relief, "At least one person I.." the relief was fleeting, soon replaced with a grumble, "Then again.. She'd rush in after one of these two.." Silencing his own murmuring, he raises his tone, "Kyne Devlin," is said in a projected tone while his hands busied themselves, adjusting the setting on his side arm. "Energy weapons specialist," is soon after added while waiting for the others to state their stance on the patrol.
Lee     Lee blinks out of his contemplation at Kyne speaking up. He'd look over at the man with a grunt. "Knight Lee. Nice ta meetcha Kyne. Glad ta have someone on this that ain't afraid ta tag em with lasers, eh?" Lee muses and would strap that sledge up and draw forward the crossbow then. It's checked, bolt set and he'd nod a little. "Ifn yer with us.. better ta go ranged then I'm thinkin.." Lee glances over at Akane and smirks. "And nothin funny 'bout yer 'sir' bit.. eh? I didn't know they did that til I got outta the clinic.."
    Sighing softly, Lee would pause to look at the others. "So.. sit rep is reportin of some mutants 'round here. Ain't no one got consistent numbers. 3 ta 7. We're here ta flush em and end em if needed. Ya'll ain't militia.. and I ain't gonna insult ya by tryin ta make ya be.. All I ask is ifn we fight? Ya listen.. I'll call out stuff and it's best I see at the time. Agreed?"
Connor Connor will pull that shield forward and get it settled on his arm. "Makes sense to me, mister." Connor nods towards Lee and takes the time to check out the motley group out on patrol together. At least theres a lot of power armor. "You've been out here more than I have, and I'll listen to ya."
Akane      Akane turned her eyes to look at Devlin as he seemed to brighten nd then get annoyed after looking at her. Akane stopped walking for a moment, just long enough to check and see if she had blood or food or something on her clothes, but no, everything seemed in order. Did she do something to annoy the man? Only a few beats passed before she began walking again.
     Lee's comment would get a tilt of the head and an oblivious expression from her. "I don't know what you are talking about Sir Lee. /I/ gave you that rank. You should be honored." She was so full of shit...
     Connor's comment got a glance then Akane idly nodded, supposing it made sense. Lee was the one that hired her so.. Lee was the boss? Right? Sure.
Devlin     Turning his pistol broadside, making it easier to see the weapon for those who might have looked after it being mentioned. "Not, cheap but it puts just about anything down with a bit of time, but if ya wanna hit a few with that thing, I'll leave those to ya and focus on another with Akane." Motioning with his head towards Connor, he continues, "I think you'd have a partner of the brawl anyways."
    Walking past Akane when she paused from walking, though without thinking he uses his left hand to pat at her shoulder before speaking in a lowered tone, "Try not to rush in to save either of them if things take a turn for the worse, I'll try to draw fire and then you can have an opening. Unlike the dumb giant, I don't think these two could live though emptying a full charge into them accidentally.
Lee     Lee nods to each of them in turn. He'd flash a grin to Connor. "Good man." Looking over to Akane, he'd roll his eyes then chuckles, shaking his head a little. "Or somethin, fer sure. Either way.. stay behind me ifn it comes ta it, yah?" Looking to Devlin, Lee shrugs a little. "I do what I gotta ta get it done.. Plannin 'fore we even see what's up makes it useless." Lee would start up his own walking again with that.
    It's about another 5 minutes before there's some sort of shuffling noises ahead of the group, snarls and the like, animalistic sounds going on ahead of them. The sand dune before them seems to be slowly shedding sand too.
Lee     Ahead of the group are some mutants. Two of them in fact who are squabbling over a kill as they eat. Lee draws out that crossbow with a frown. "Fraggit. I was hopin ta not have to fight.. a'right ya'll.. get ready fer this.."
Connor Connor sighs loudly. He also wasn't looking forward to any actual fighting. From the middle of his riot shield, Connor extracts a large cattleprod, and thumbs it on to a low hum.
Akane      Akane drew her pistol, checked the magazine and loaded a bullet into the chamber as she crouched down, peering ahead.
Devlin     "Hold!" is seethed through clenched teeth as Devlin looks away from the supermutants coming into sight just over the dune and starting to look around them carefully. "Decoys.. We're being baited, I saw one of them trying to flank us." Turning his back towards the group, Devlin begins to scan the ruins around them, attempting to pick out what was a wreck leaning against a building and what was actually a supermutant. "Well now, this is going to get fun.." is said dryly, as he lowers down, preparing to move rapidly if the mutant were armed with rifles rather than scrap metal.
Lee     Devlin seemed to draw their ire as the mutants would abandon any pretense of ambush and rush the group. Lee would grunt and draw up that crossbow. Taking a shot at the first blue mutant, he'd manage to take it clean in the eye. The bolt sticking out the back of it's head showing it to be dead before it even hits the ground. That rapid reload and reset has him sight on the next one, tagging it in the arm but not killing it yet. "Blue mutants! They heal the rest of em! Drop em first.. and avoid the red ones!!"
Akane      Akane watched Devlin's attacks ad then Lee. When Lee shouted to attack the blues she lifted her colt and fired at the wounded blue, landing a single hit.
Connor The little green martians...mutants explode and fizz all around him from concentrated laser fire! Connor instead, turns to charges the flanks of the red beasties, and does his best to do damage to them but fails.
Devlin     "There!" Standing up straight, Devlin raises his AEP9 at one of the stragglers from left group that had managed to flank around them with partial success. Watching the first one take the rays to the chest and slide to a stop, he got sloppy and flat footed.. Soon he was rewarded for the killing of one of their number by a green hooked punch that caused the his breastplate to crack faintly while forcing him off to the side a step.
    After the initial hit Devlin was a punching bag, getting hit in the head and the chest by two other super mutants but luckily the middle one failed to level a clean blow. With a ringing in his ears from the heavy blow to his head, Devlin fired off his AEP9 in quick succession, once into the upper chest of one of the green creatures while the other destroyed what was left of the second mutant's pelvis with a rancid boiling flesh smell waifing in the air as it toppled over.. The anti-FEV augmentation was proving highly useful.
Devlin     Shaking his head briefly, Devlin tries to focus though the hit to his helmet still had him slightly unsure of himself. Looking at the group of mutants starting to advance from the other side of the group, he manages to singing one of the Blue mutants arms significantly, leaving him surprised it was still attached. The second shot towards the forward most Mutants wasn't as luckly, only managing to graze the creature's thigh.
Lee     The blue mutants would howl in pain, gathering closer together as their glow would.. intensify. The wounds caused by Devlin seem to actually.. mend. The almost off arm being restored on the one as the other would get better as well, hissing at the group.

    Lee growled at the group around him. "A'right! ya'll want some? Let's go!" He'd proceed to lay about him with that hammer The first red mutant would get pounded into the ground with that firing of the piston within it, causing it to groan in pain. The next swing had him miss that backhand of the second red Mutant. Lee gathered himself, leaping up into the air as both hands latched onto that sledge and with a ground shuddering impact, drove the body of the third red mutant into the dirt. The impact disrupted the other two red mutants around him even, a definite crater made as well. the red splotch mark on the ground oozed. "Ya'll want some? Who's next??"
Akane      Akane watched those blues heal themselves just as someone had informed them earlier... But it was something to hear and something else entirely to see right in front of you... She saw the danger in those blues being around and took aim. When her bullet landed there was a censor bar across.. wherever that was on a mutant and Akane sweatdropped. Goddamn narrators...
Connor Connor moves closer towards those damn blue mutant self-healing disaster mutants! His cattleprod jabs forward, once, and twice, but neither connect with those damnable dodgers!
Devlin     "They can heal each other, not just rapid regeneration?!" bawked Devlin, it was the first time he's seen a creature be able to do such activities beyond irradiated Ghouls. Taking aim at the remaining Blue skinned mutant's chest, he almost over corrects and gets chirped at from his wrist computer, setting his wrist back on a proper course. The ray didn't knock over the regenerating mutant but left it on it's feet for a few seconds before gravity did the rest with the corpse.
Akane      Akane watched the damn things chewing on Lee's armor and a look crossed her face that made her eyes look rather homicidal. She strode across the short distance between her and Lee.. and shot the damn thing in the leg. "Bleed out, Bastardis. You like that Yea? HA!"
Lee     Lee grunts as the red mutants would get to their feet from him turning one of their fellows to goo. Shifting on his feet as the next two come at them, Lee narrows his eyes. While he's not able to avoid the gnawing mutants, they're also not able to get through that armor.
    Lee would grunt as Akane's shots drop one of the red guys. Shifting on his feet, he'd backhand that other one with the hammer, throwing it off, although unarmed. "Shaddup!" Is that follow up as Lee's hammer connects solidly the second time, that piston firing to plant the red mutant in the dirt.
Connor Blue mutants are healing themselves? Maybe its better to focus on something else. Especially with muties clambering on Lee, Connor attempts to zap them off the armor, and from around him, but his care to not hit Lee prevents anything more than anything them.
Devlin     Taking aim once again, Devlin discovers that there was only one mutant left, wounded at that. Taking a step back, he moves to pick out a new energy cell but then notices.. he was out! Curling his upper lip, he slips his pistol into his duster's sown holster while muttering softly to himself. "Akane, want to finish it up, or want to leave it for them to crush rather than put a new hole into it?"
Akane      Akane glanced at Devlin as he proved very nearly unprepared for the mission, but his offer to hand her the kill was met with a simple nod. Stepping up to the thing she took aim.. and shot the damn thing. She glanced around or more enemies then popped out her mag, checking the bullets left.... A second later SNICK back in it went.
Lee     Lee pants softly, the final shots having him pivot to face that red mutant who drops from the arm wound Akane would give it. Grunting, he'd shake his head a little and glances around before finally relaxing. "Oi.. ya'll alright? Thank ya fer callin it out Devlin. That fragfest coulda been a lot worse.." He'd frown at his hammer and pull a power pack to recharge it. "A'right.. sit rep. Where ya'll at fer ammo? We goin forward or back?"
Devlin     Patting his hidden pistol, Devlin says "While I am without resupply, I have enough charge for two more firefights with choice shots in each.. I should have resupplied after the Hellclaw 'incident'.." Shaking his head, he moves a hand down to his hip, patting it several times in annoyance. "I need to find a dealer soon, I need a back up weapon," is said more softly though Akane was close enough to hear him without straining her ears. Turning to glance towards Connor, wondering the man's condition.
Connor     Connor lets his arms go lax at the cessation of hostilities, with push of a button with his thumb and aspin of his wrist to deactive his cattleprod. He accomplished very little except to attract unwanted attention. "This hasn't exactly been a fun excursion."
Akane      Akane shrugged. "I have a whole second clip but I think maybe it would be worth regrouping considering the tactics employed here."
Lee     Lee eyes Akane curiously a moment, thoughtful. He'd nod then and looks to the others. "Alright. Ya'll did good.. and ta be frank Connor.. ifn it was fun? They wouldn't be payin fer people ta patrol, eh?" He'd shake his head, hooking that sledge on it's shoulder spot again. "Ya should see the paperwork fer it.. that's the real fight there.." Lee studied Akane a moment again, then reaches up and flips that visor shut as he'd motion to the path back. "let's go. We'll report in.. mutants are bothersome.."
Akane      Akane managed to miss Lee's scrutiny, despite him watching her twice. But her focus was on the blues' bodies. She crouched by one and tilted her head.... "I wonder if their blood could be used for medicine...." She reached up and wiped some of the blood spatter caused by the cast off of Lee's hammer from her face. She wasn't weirded out by it but.. she sniffed at it idly then licked once. "Salty..."
Devlin     Chuckling softly at the conversation between Connor and Lee but otherwise stays silent after the point until Akane began to speak. Walking after her, Devlin lightly taps her shoulder and says, "Radiation corrupted the blood. Mutants aren't born but 'made' through over F.E.V. exposure until the body doesn't reject it and those that live through it are.. Well.." Shrugging lightly, he moves on past the woman and starts to fall in line with Lee as he prepares to return to the path.