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Akane      Akane had returned to Lone Star's HQ to check on Matt's leg. She'd even brought more honey. The woman walked in looking a little distracted but otherwise pretty well.
Matt     Akane would've been directed into the back area of LoneStar's offices, to a room marked Ward on the door. Matt is currently settled upon the side of a desk, looking at a wall with a large map with various pins in it. Hes got a serious, concerned sort of look to his face. "Whats this? Don't have any patients at the clinic for you, ma'am?"
Akane      Akane raised an eyebrow then chuckled and moved to Matt's side, sitting on the edge of the desk, those green eyes as dangerous as ever. "Well, /someone/ wasn't going to come to /me/ so I thought I should come to you and make sure you don't die on me. I can't have that now can I? I want you around for a while...." She reached out and gently brushed a bit of Matt'shair from his eyes and tilted her head.
Matt     Matt goes a bit cross-eyed as his hair is so brutally removed from his vision. "Well, been busy. Not walking 'round too much at least." He pulls up his pant leg though, since he is going to be assaulted with first aid. "You say that now, wait till you get to know me though."
Akane      Akane lofted a brow and grinned but shifted off the desk so he could put the leg up instead. She looked at it, the hand just ghosting over the bandages, checking for evidence that the scabs were no longer adhering to the bandages before she set her bag on the desk too and began digging through it. "I managed to get ahold of some even better honey too." She smiled at him. "Just for you." Of course. >.> Hey! She COULD be using salt for infection! Luckily the bandages shouldn't need to be soaked off today as the honey should have put up a barrier. But it wasn't bad to check. The honey she pulled out was almost milky looking in the jar compared to the mostly clear stuff she'd had before. "How's the pain?"
Matt A wince as he thinks Akane is gonna do mean things to his bandage, but he relaxes after she doesn't start pulling or squeezing. A headshake though, "Oh noo, I'm fine. Dandy. It doesn't hurt much at all." Matt settles his leg on a chair against the wall, "You normally do housecalls, honey? Or didja come just to see my handsome mug?"
Akane      Akane nodded slowly as he said there wasn't any pain. She carefully unwrapped the old bandage and began cleaning the wound. Once again at the slightest sign of pain, she would dab that clear liquid on the wound to calm the nerves before moving on. The honey this time had to be spread carefully as it was thicker but it would be better at keeping away infection too. Meanwhile, Akane seemed to be unaware of it but she was humming softly, a soothing tune. She continued as she rewrapped the leg with a new bandage.
Matt     Ah yes, a clear sign of interest beyond simply medical is questions like his being ignored. "Surelda got signed up to man our radio earlier today. I don't know how well the two of you know each other, though."
    Of course, Matt pretends not to be in pain. Honey seems to help though. One wonders where people are housing their apiaries in this desert wasteland, however. "Its not too bad, yeah? Should be heaing up here pretty soon. I would like to get back out there in time to time to do the New Rome caravan." Whenever shes not looking he is definitely wincing a tad though.
Akane      Akane didn't seem to notice the winces and she was done bandaging quickly. She had plenty of experience in this. But then she stood up and reached into her bag again, pulling out a triangle packet of paper. She tapped it a few times with her finger looking for some water. "You can command all you like as long as you stay on your behind on the wagon and shoot from there." She didn' seem like she was trying to order him around, however more like going through the motions of a doctor. She had a feeling it wouldn't matter.
     Mention of the New Rome caravan made her frown a little but then she spotted some water and a cup and went over to pour a small amount of the water then returning to the desk. "Has there been trouble on that route before?"
Matt     "Its not like its gonna be a run and gun. We'll have people set out to push the patrols and angle them into killzones. The first caravan isn't going to be all cargo focused." Matt shakes his head up at his map again. Who gave the kid command anyways?
    "Well, not until the Enclave showed up. Now theres Enclave and Supermutants damn everywhere." Matt shakes his head a bit as he lets his foot back down. "Um, whats that and where are you going to put it?" He sidles just a tad bit on the desk to move away from the woman with the imposing packet of paper.
Akane      Akane nodded, looking up at the map as he spoke. She sighed softly. The Enclave was bad news. but then he was edging away from her and her packet of powder. She chuckled softly and tapped the powder into the water she held. Leaning down she held the cup between them. "Now, would you like me to prove it's not poison, Oh Nervous One?" She would...
Matt     "Ohhh...its tea." Matt chuckles a bit at the tea, then continues chuckling nervously as Akane leans in close to him. A hand reachs out to rest high hip, stomach area. "I..I don't think its poison, darling.."
Akane      Akane didn't pull away from him when he rested his hand on her hip, though he might feel the belt from her holster there. Though her eyes did soften slightly. She couldn't resist teasing him. He called it tea which was close. "It's for pain. I am well aware what gunshot wounds feel like." She shifted slightly, sitting on his good leg if allowed before holding the cup up. She brought it up close to his lips but waited, not about to force it down his throat. She did want him to drink it, though. Leaning down next to his ear she whispered, "I won't tell anyone."
Matt     "Well. It hurts a bit. Yeah. But it hurts everywhere, so its not like anything hurts too much." Matt uhhs as a bit as a woman settles up on thigh. He takes a sip of liquid, squinting at the taste. "Tell people about me drinking tea?" He sips more at the medicine.
Akane      Akane smirked faintly as he took a sip and sat up a little bit. "I can't help the taste much. But that overall pain is what this is good for." She ignored his second question. She wouldn't spread it around that he was in pain despite the fact that only a moron of the highest order would believe he wasn't... Still, she leaned up and kissed him lightly on the temple. "Give it a few minutes to start working."
Matt His leg tenses and shifts to steady a bit. Probably not the best time to say that he normally has nieces on his leg like this. Matt finishs down the liquid, a hand raising to his mouth to hold in a belch in a lady's presence. "So. Uh." Continued awkward sitting in an office that hopefully has a door closed. "Whats have you been up to, ma'am?"
Akane      Akane had all of her attention on Matt right then so when his leg tenses, it's a simple graceful movement to shift the weight off his thigh and onto her own feet. Rather than move away she just leaned back against the desk, still easily within Matt's reach. His calling her ma'am again made her fold her arms, canting her hip under his hand. "You don't have to call me that you know. My name's Akane." She tilted her head a bit and stared off into space for a moment. "I went on a run with a few people the other day. A hell claw." She frowned. "I wasn't much help. I was able to heal that brute Ashur mid-fight. Though he tried to backhand me for it." She couldn't help a devious little smirk as she remembered why he'd thrown a wild punch. And how she'd backflipped away as if he were just a springboard. He made a good springboard.
Matt     "All ladies should be called ma''am. I bend the rules for darling, and honey." Matt eases onto his feet now, and escapes! To his almost comfy desk chair and settles into it with a grimace, safe again. His foot gets propped up onto a low stool that takes the pressure off of his leg. "I tend to just let that man do his thing in a fight. I've never really seen him go down either. So I don't know what sort of healing he'd need mid-fight."
Akane      Akane chuckled her green eyes watching Matt escape her but she didn't pursue. And his comment about Ashur made her smirk faintly. "Well he was bleeding pretty heavily. The Hell Claw got him good a few places. So I fired off a shot and cauterized one of them with my gun." She smiled and looked like a snake for a second.She clearly seemed to take some kind of pleasure from specifically Ashur being in pain or upset by it. "He doesn't like heat much."
Matt     He lowers his chin at Akane's expression, as if the act would protect him somehow. "I don't think he likes being touched when hes fighting. Much less burnt. But ya' and learn." His hands clasp upon his lap, letting the sound of the squeaky ceiling fan fill the room instead of talking quite yet. "You look well, no, uh, *wounds* of any kind on ya, hon. Thats good. I'd hate to see a deathclaw getcha"