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Devlin     Walking into the Cantina with a flier in his hands, Devlin makes his way towards the bar while putting the flier onto the counter. Sliding it across and to the bartender he motions it to the wall behind him, "Ya, can ya put it up there for me? I'll be needing others to see that, might even help with the little 'problem' if I get enough answers." A faint smirk appears on his lips as he motions towards the backroom though that's when he notices Alasa enough to give her a nod before looking away and taking a seat at the bar.
Bobby the Kid      All the way down at the end of bar, sitting alone and drinking a glass of whiskey, is Bobby. He looks like he belongs here. The way he hangs his head over his glass and the way people seem to ignore him says that he must have been here awhile already. He's given up on glancing up at every newcomer to the bar tonight, not that many have been coming in these days, what with all that's been going on out there. Somehow, this hole in the wall cantina manages to keep it together and have some alcohol to serve up. Bobby coughs up something nasty and spits it on the floor, pounds his whiskey, and pushes the glass back towards the bartender, all seemingly in one fluid action.
Alasa Alasa says, "Alright, gimmie what ever you think is the strongest drink in the place..and we'll see what there is to see." With a bit of a laugh, she looks about the place..."So whens the floor show start, I heard something wonderful goes on in here every, dancing...don't tell me its a mime..I hate mimes.""
Devlin     Not ordering a drink, Devlin begins to move his hands to his neck, unbuckling a strap and taking off the combat helm to place it onto the counter. Bringing both hands up, he quickly begins to sink them into his hair and rapidly scratch back and forth, decompressing the hair, though the steady words of Alasa catch him off guard. "Mime? What's this mime? Is it a kind of molerat performance or something?" is asked in honest confusion. Meanwhile the bartender was likely looking for where the undiluted moonshine was kept for Alasa's request though the silent request of Bobby for another glass was honored without pause.
Alasa Alasa shakes her head, "it is a mime, isn't it?" As she makes her way for the door..."A mime is someone really annoying, they never talk, and just pretend to do things...then think your going to give them money. Best way to kill one, put them in a clear one will stop to help them." She grins, and makes her way out the door.
Bobby the Kid Bobby takes his whiskey and swirls it around aimlessly in its glass for a moment before he sets it back down and just stares into its depths. After a few long moments, he looks to his left down the bar. "Hey, what's on the flier?" His voice is thick with liquor, but not sloppy with it. He motions towards Devlin's paper he gave to the bartender.
Devlin     "Purchase requests, I'm looking to gain arms and armor," is answered fluently as Devlin lifts his gaze to where the bartender put it. "Looking for Metal and Combat plated equipment, broken or refurbished laser or plasma weaponry and their ammunition, also looking for low caliber rifles, even nine mil rifles will do, nothing too large." Shrugging his shoulders slightly, he looks away and to the side, moving to fall onto Bobby, soon looking the man over, attempting to see if he was part of a resting caravan or if he was more of a local.
Bobby the Kid      Bobby just nods, frowning slightly, "I'd go talk to Miss Iris if I were you. She's got most everything these days, and can help you find what she don't." He glances over his shoulder, something he seems do every now and then out of habit. "Where you from, pilgrim?"
Devlin     Shrugs slightly at the mention of Iris before lifting his gaze to look Bobby in the eye. "While she does have many things, I'm not sure how much arms she has for trade, and worse, seeing as she's well off, doubt she'll want to haggle the prices low enough for what I want them for." When he's asked a question, Devlin look away, looking at the back wall behind the counter, "East, that was my other home, but you could say my loyalties then were much further West. How about you?"
Lynnette And in comes Lyn, sashaying her way through the bar as she ran her fingers through her curled hair. Humming softly she would pull that split open befre she would hop up and over the bar. The male tender that works there looked...perturbed. "Well it's about time you showed up!"
Lyn just rolled those green eyes as she adjusted that dress and shook her head. "Oh calm down. You handled it alone before I got here. I was tied up...."
Snickering she'd look to Iris and waved. "Come one! I'll get you a water or soemthing!" She'd grab a clean bar towel and slung it over her shoulder as she look to the dude. "Go back to your side....I got it over here."
Iris Lark Iris follows Lynnette in, rucksack slung over her shoulder and she immedately makes her way to a shady back table. Lyn then tells her to come get water so she leaves her rucksack there and slowly makes her way towards the bar. When some creepy man makes his way over to her bag she puts her hand on her pistol and squints at him, causing him to scurry away. Apparently someone has a reputation here.
Devlin     Turning away from Bobby, Devlin looks towards the rather prominent voices from the couple walking into the room with a slightly raised brow. "Hmm, I wonder if he's just the apprentice for her or.." Turning to see who the more vocal woman was, a smirk tugs at his lips sharply as he choked out a chuckle, "Speak of the little one and then she appears, apparently hip and hip with another.." "Iris," is said with a raised tone and raises his right hand, flaring out a hand with a wave to her before letting it fall down to the counter, his mood already lightening further. "I hope you don't mind, while you are collecting more general use tools, I thought I'd place a invoice for more 'specialized' requests from the local scavs."
Iris Lark Iris smils at Devlin before she holds a finger up to Lyn. If she's going to converse, she might as well do it at the bar. She retrieves her rucksack nd pulls it woards the bar, having a seat and crossing her legs. "I don't mind at all, if you need anything or are having trouble finding things, let me know." She says, leaning her elbow on the bar.
Lynnette She'd watch Iris with a smirk as she shook her head a bit then smiled. As she was grabbing a pitcher of water and two glasses, that brow would raise as she heard the man. There was a mischievious glint in her eyes as she looked but went back to her friend. "Here's some water, lady..." Licking her lips she would pour her a glass before herself as she leaned on the bartop. Licking her lips she'd jerk her head to Devlin as she spoke to Iris. ".....friend of yours?"
Devlin     Bows his head slightly towards Iris with a nod, "I will, right now I saw a gal a while ago sporting a light chamber rifle, you wouldn't happen to have one of those to hunt Molerats or Bloatflies with, would you?" Shifting his weight, Devlin rests his elbow against the bar counter, but he waves with his hand towards the other barman, motioning he wasn't making an order just yet. Turning his gaze towards Lynnette, he began to watch her expression but then let his gaze drift lower, either checking her out.. or trying to assess if she was armed.
Iris Lark Iris shakes her head at Devlin and grins as she shrugs a shoulder. "I haven't seen any in the shop, but then again I'm not great with what kind of weapons are what, you know?" She thanks Lyn for the water with a smile and takes a sip. "You're more than welcome to browse my inventory if you'd like, Devlin."
Lynnette Well if one looked close enough.....down her dress enough one could see a handle of her small pistol barely peeking out between her breasts. Humming softly she stood up straight as shed looked the poor other tender and smile. " a love and bring me some more beers...." Her brow would raise. "....because you didn't obviously restock..."
Throwing his rag down he'd frown as he moved passed her and muttered. " think she'd own the place...." Lyn would grin then. "....give me never know....I may."
Sighing he'd just leave as Lyn looked back to Iris and let her do her thing. She'd wait a moment before turning to him then. "Can I....get you anything?" A playful wink as she then waited for his answer.
Devlin     "Cider," is said with a bit of a chuckle, but then Devlin waves his left hand loosely while his eyes rapidly rise, focusing on looking Lynnette in the eye. "Haven't found anywhere that had some, even a bottle of it preserved and partially aged since we passed by the great river. Can you make that luck change or am I stuck choosing between whiskey and a sarsaparilla?" Shifting along the stool, Devlin stands up and makes his way closer to Iris while nodding towards the woman, "You say you aren't that good, though Sparky could likely organize things all about. He could pick through what you managed to pick out recently and present it, you might have a small treasure collection without fully realizing it. That being said..". Pausing as he find a new perching point, Devlin sits two seats down from Iris and Lynnette, "I wouldn't turn down looking myself, could offer a helping hand making sure they're in working worder as well."
Iris Lark "If you'd like, that's fine." Iris says, catching Lyn's eye and raising her brows a bit. "I'm not sure if Sparky will be working there anymore, but if he is, he'll be welcome to reorganize anything he'd like." One of the men from the back tables comes forward to speak quietly to Iris and she would turn away from Devlin and Lyn as she quietly conversed with him. A few minutes later a deal is struck and Iris hands the man some chems before she turns back towards the other two. "I'm not a mechanic or a gunsmith, so I will need some help in the future."
Lynnette She would smirk a bit as she leaned on the counter and winked at him playfully. "What do I get for making you happy....?" Standing up straight she'd toss a wink to Iris before making her way into the back room. Not long after the other tender came out cursing with a box of beer....her right on his heels. "Oh hush...." Licking her lips she'd slide down the bar to him and grinned before holding it up, wiggling it gently. "Only one I found since working here...." Titling her head she would smile. "But...what's it worth to you....?" She'd turn her gaze to Iris then, her green eyes seeming to sparkle as she kept her attention half there before looking back to him. That coy smile tugged at her lips then as she waited patiently.
Devlin     Quickly moving his right hand over his armor covered heart, Devlin dips slightly but his eyes were on Lynnette once again, a smirk tugging his lips off to the right. "You would have my eternal gratitude, is that not worth the gift of quenched thirst?" is asked with a barely contained chuckle. The amusement was cut short with the curses and the fussing of the other bartender who is having less than good luck with the late evening. In his distraction he offers Iris his ear, nodding lightly as he made her statement, but he doesn't turn towards her rather he extends out his right hand to her, the palm facing upwards.

    "Then I shall be part of the aid to help you know the worth of a tool of my profession, I won't charge you credits or even ask for anything in return. Just a favor, one you can pay back at your pleasure." Turning his head to Iris for a moment, the amused smirk has relented to a gentle smile on his lips while waiting for her response. Before he could hear Iris again, Lynnette was once again in his ear causing his eyes to drift to the side. "It's worth what it's worth.. nothing to some, a fortune to others. Why don't you tell me what you crave or desire beyond caps, then we can talk about what I can do for you for such a rare find."
Iris Lark Iris watches Devlin as he interacts with Lyn and when he makes her the offer, kindly, she blinks at him a few times before offering a slow nod. "I suppose that you, like others, will need healing at some point or another. It's usually the favor people cash in the most." She takes another sip of her water and watches as Devlin and Lynnette pay a game with words, one that she doesn't often play herself. She turns to speak to a couple of raiders, plainly ignoring the loaded comments they're throwing her way.
Lynnette "Uh uh uh...." Licking her lips wink at him playfully. "I might have been saving it for myself...." She'd look at the bottle and peeked around it at him. "....perhaps....pour it in my bath to help soften my skin. Men like a likey with soft skin, right?" Those green eyes would twinkle before she peered behind her and tilted her head. Spotting a flyer she'd squint at it before snatching it down off the wall and looked around. "Hey!" The raiders would look up, a couple seeming to squirm in their seat. "Who put this up here!?" There wasn't anger per se but she made a comment. "What I say about posting this stuff!" She'd start to fold it up and then shoved it down her dress as she looked back to Devlin. "Anyway....I desire a lot of things....just depends on my mood." There was that grin. "You show me yours and maybe I'll show you mine..."
Devlin     Turning towards Iris again, he gives her a slightly confused look as he asked, "You're a medic as well? It seems this community is full of them." Glancing past the woman, Devlin glances towards the men she was starting to talk with, glancing them over carefully to try and find any tell tell signs of which group they were running with before looking away, "I was already being rewarded with the favor. If I am the one you trust with arms, then I see them before anyone else, and thus have the first chance to catch your interest with a deal." Lifting his once offered hand, he uses two fingers to lightly touch her shoulder to focus her attention before bringing them back to the bar, "I also said though.. you don't need to honor the favor, not this one at least, with a favor in turn."

    Returning his focus to Lynnette, he huffs with some choked amusement at the seeming admission. Moving his right hand up to his lips, Devlin bites at the tips of his fingers before pulling away, tugging the tense fabric around them off, exposing his bare hand. The revealed hand was rough with scars that had healed, callous spots and less than carefully tended to fingertips. "Some men, men like me wouldn't mind a few rough points to remind us we aren't touching porcelain." Leaving his hand exposed, he bring his up to his face, scratching along his jawline slowly though the original smirk spreads across his lips.

    "Now now, you say that but you now have something of mine very close to you, doubt you even realize it, huh?" Extending his right hand out, Devlin acts as if he was attempting to reach out for her only to use two fingers to point past the bust of her dress and to where the poster was. "You've just seen some of my desires, you seemed to like them so much to are keeping them nice and close from other's eyes.. Now, don't you think it's your turn for show and tell?" Turning to his side, Devlin looked towards Iris as the grin on his lip spreads, causing the bottoms of his teeth to become exposed. "Don't you agree Iris? It's only fare once one party makes it's intents clear that the otherside does so as well?"
Iris Lark Iris flushes when Devlin touches her shoulder, and she backs away slightly, wary look on her face. "I'm..a Healer, yes." She says carefully, her shoulders hunching up as she gets her dander up to speak. "Nobody around here does a favor for nothing, and yes, you would get first look at things I manage to pick up,'s not like I..oh nevermind." She goes back to drinking her water until Devlin's fingers point to the flier in Lyn's dress. She clears her throat when Devlin asks his question. "I think it's up to her if she wants to show and tell, and I wouldn't cross her gun if she doesn't wish it."
Lynnette "Good thing I'm rough around the edges regardless...." Those eyes would watch him carefully with Iris then before she would look bck to him. Licking her lips she woud slowly reach down and pulled out that flyer and flicked it open. "Oh this is yours.....?" She'd look it over again but just shoved it back down her her dress. "Well...I'm the one for information let's not litter the bar, hm?" Lyn would then raise her browe before she motioned her hand under her chest then. "Iris is right....I won't just expose myself for all to see.....I am a lady afterall." Leaning over on that counter in front of him then, she'd looked down at her bosom then back up to him. "....but as you can see.....I'm packing....." That handle peeking out as she smirked. "Now as for this cider...." She'd slowly slide it in front of him. "....just owe me if I ever need help in my little job....." Exhaling a bit she would pop that top off and smiled. "Plus....I have a friend you might want to meet....."
Devlin     Looks at Iris with some confusion, the smile on his lips continues to remain but was fading the longer the wariness was easy to see on her own. "Iris, I'm not going to hurt you," is said flatly and soon let her see his exposed hand. "I won't infect you with anything either, you can relax.. okay?" Looking away from the woman, Devlin looks down at his hand and grumbles faintly. Putting his helmet onto the counter, he picks up his glove and starts to slip it back onto his hand, unsure of what he did wrong.

    Shifting on his stool, Devlin turns to face Lynnette, the smile on his lips, while easy to see was missing the amusement of their game it had before he got the reaction from Iris. "Yes, that one's mine though it's one of many you see, been putting them all about." Watching the woman carefully as she leans forward, making herself rather presented, he took the liberty to glance down briefly but then his eyes turned to look back at her own.

    Parting his knees slowly and sliding his hips slightly forward to allow his own waist and hips to be more easily seen past his duster he added, "Oh, I knew you had that little thing.. Looks like the one Sparky was looking to give a proper home to. As for it, I also have a little friend here that likes to play rough now and then.." Were either of the women to look close to his waistline was a grip and a cartridge pack point to a laser pistol well within his grasping range. "Rather than giving it to me, how about to act like friends, share it between us twice, then you can use the rest within that slow bath of your's. While we're drinking, you would always tell me about this friend, sound like a date?"
Iris Lark "I don't think you'll hurt or infect me, I'm just not a fan of casual touch. I had far too much of it when I was younger." Iris says, slipping to her feet and picking up her rucksack. "Lyn, I'll be at home, gonna get some..sleep." She manages a faint grin as she makes her way towards the door. "I'll contact you soon Devlin, I might have a rifle that you'd find interesting." She says, before she slips out the door.
Lynnette Looking to Irish she'd wave. "Okay! See you in the morning at home then!" Giving her a wink she would smile softly before wiggling her fingers. Slowly those eyes would look over to him then as she raised her brow as she smirked. "Oh it is the one Sparky had....don't think it has a proper home now?" Chuckling she would then lean over further to look over and nodded. "...not bad." She'd then smile as she grabbed two glasses and sat them in front of her. "And yes they may be about...but not in my bar, handsome. I'm at least trying to class up the joint a bit...." Winking she'd pour him most of the cider and then the rest in her glass. "Now then...." Sliding that glass closer to him she's smile. "They might know where to find your stuff....I can't be sure but...I can at least introduce you two...."
Devlin     'Ah..' is said almost soundlessly at the revelation and tenses his hand. "I'll keep that in mind, try to rest now. I'll hope for good news in the morning." Turning away from Iris, he looks towards Lynnette though his first sight was her rather prominent bust. Parting his lips, Devlin lightly starting to cluck his tongue as he wondered her dress's limit. Bringing his right hand outwards as she drew back to grasp the glasses, he tries to use a fingertip to stroke along the edge of the dress that barely contained her.

    When the glass is presented before him, Devlin quickly picked it up and tilts it towards the younger woman before him, his eyes lidded slightly as the once lost smile was beginning to shine through once again. "Oh? Every whisper of fortune for the toys, or those needing a toy soldier is always welcome. More so now than before as I don't think I'm going to wander away from this region for very long." Bringing the glass up, he bring it to his lips but he doesn't sip from it, choosing to savor the scent, seeing if it had begun to ferment proper yet, "Planting roots as they say."
Lynnette She'd raise her brow at that hand and swatted at it. "Careful, might lose that hand...." Chuckling she would just tilt her head a bit then stepped back slightly as she picked up her glass. Smirking she would just nod a bit then. "Well I may be able to help you.....mister....?" There was a tilt of her head then. "I don't think I caught your name now that I think about it....." Lyn leaned back against the bar as she sipped at her small bit of cider, those greens peering. "Well welcome to Jack's Town....." A playful wink was sent his way as she waited patiently then.
Devlin     Couldn't contain a chuckle as his hand was scolded though after his hand returns and holds his glass he retorts, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained. In this short life in the wastes, you should always venture when the prize is nectar." Tilting the glass upwards, Devlin almost closes his eyes while taking a small mouthful of the cider, savoring the rich flavoring before letting the glass click back onto the table. Swallowing, a sigh escapes his lips along with a name, "Devlin.. 'Mister Devlin', Kyne Devlin. You get the choose and, thanks. This town seems like it's made just for me to play within." Opening his eyes almost fully, he looks out to Lynnette but he doesn't even try to look down her opened necked dress again, choosing to focus unwaveringly onto her own. "Now, you hold me name for a spell, may I have your's 'mi'lady'?"
Lynnette "Well they do say that fortune rewards the bold....." Winking she'd then tilt her head a bit as she turned back to face him fully then. Watching him carefully she'd then smile at him as she tilted her head a bit. "Well then,'s nice to meet you...." She'd hold her right hand out then over that bartop and smiled. "Lynnette...or Lyn...I'll answer to both...." Finishing off her bit of cider then she'd turn to put her glass up, running her hands through her hair before turning her attention back to him. "Now...since you're 'planting roots'....I'll come to look for you then so you can meet my friend. I'm all about people networking..."
Devlin     Setting down the cider, his glass hardly held one mouthful of fluid left at this point. A contented smile is painted upon his lips as Devlin looks forward, contrasting his relaxed appearance, his voice turns soft and low. "You asked for a favor for doing your work here, if you need someone, or something 'removed' then don't hesitate.. This is now 'my' town too, and I'll be here rather often," is said before softly trailing off. Letting his eyes drift, it was easy to see the man wasn't look into Lynnette's top, but he was looking along her side and down her hips as he murmurs, "hopefully there won't always be a table between us, though 'never can be too safe', now can we?" Returning his gaze upwards, he tries to fix it onto her eyes before letting his weight shift onto his left elbow as he relaxes a touch. "I'm having a place touch to the mountains, should be a little place cleared out soon, replastered and made livable and not just something a squatter would like."
Lynnette "Well if I do officially end up with this place....I might need a bouncer...." Smirking she'd nod a bit then she'd watch him lean over to look her over before she would grin. "Ohh? Why not? You might be safer with a table between us....." She'd wink before she would then point to his glass. "Finish that so I can clean it, big guy....." A lick of her lips as she then tilted her head. "Oh nice. I'll eventually get my place. But right?" A tilt of her head but then she'd shrug.
Devlin     At the request to finish his drink, Devlin tilts his head back and brought the drink quickly to his lips, almost tossing the drink and the glass with it into his mouth before setting it back onto the counter with a light click. It would be several seconds before he actually swallows the cider with a chuckle, "I'm in this line of work, I don't enjoy safety for myself. If I did, I'd be a farmer, wouldn't I?" Leaning forward, Devlin bows his head slightly for his right hand to invade his almost ivory locks and scratch at the center point of his scalp before forcing all of his head back. "Eventually? Don't tell me you're using a closet here as a mini loft, are you?"
Lynnette Once that glass was empty she'd snatch it up then smiled as she walked it over to a sink, placing it there. Taking a deep there she would just shake her head then smiled. Crossing her arms over her chest she'd go back to looking at him. "What? Noooo....." There was a soft giggle as she then shook her head. "I'm crashing with Iris while I get on my feet...." Grinning she would lean on the bar and smiled then. "....but....time for me to start cleaninng up....." Winking she'd just shake her head a bit then. "Pop in buddy should be around....."
Devlin     Nodding his head lightly, Devlin rose to his feet and lifts his left hand to his right, letting him unbuckle a strap and place on his helmet before securing it. "We shall see, I'll try and peek about to see if you're here, though I have a feeling I'll see you when I'm off on my playdate with Iris about the rifles she's come across recently." Taking a moment to adjust his duster, making sure it gave some vagueness to the amount of protection he wore, he made his way to the door, sober but seeming to be more contented and in good spirits than most who left too drunk to walk in a straight line.