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Qwillis     Qwillis, for his part, was leaned up against the foot of Brutus, the 20' tall massive robot. He's sitting on the ground, labcoat wrapped about him a bit while he'd work on that pipboy attached to that metal arm. He seemed kind of oblivious to those who might be moving about him though.
Elsie Surelda wanders. She's a wanderer in this new city of hers, and Shantytown is no different. And why shouldn't she come down here, anyway? She remembers here. This was where she got her first glimpses of El Dorado. Now, some time later, with the artificial skin graft on her leg taking and the wrinkling flesh starting to pull tight and heal, seems as good a time as any.

She's wearing her same and only drop-waisted blue dress with the hi-lo hem, flounced skirt, and faux bum roll. Her silver hair is pulled up in braids crowning the top of her head. That oversized leather jacket is worn easily and comfortably now that she knows she won't get hell to pay for 'borrowing' it.

So she ambles, looking at this or that, before finally stopping at the foot of the 20'robot. She stands beneath it, looking straight up with a slight gawk to her features.

Her black eyes flit to the man nearby. She's seen him before, once or maybe twice. Doesn't know him from Adam, though. Maybe he's Adam. "This a, ah ... friend of yours?" She means the robot.
Qwillis     Qwillis blinks and looks up at Surelda at her question. Glancing up at Brutus, he'd nod a little. "Sort of. This is Brutus. He's a good robot. He builds walls." Chuckling softly, Q would look back to Surelda. "I'm Qwillis. I helped a group to rebuild him and I do general maintenance on him.. I also kind of sleep on his head, when weather is ok enough."
Elsie "On his head?" Surelda's expressive black eyes study the man with two tablespoons of skepticism. "That seems pretty reckless," she notes, turning to look up at the robot again. Eventually, though, her neck begins to hurt and so she settles at looking at Qwillis instead. "Where was this guy when the Enclave spider of doom came knocking?" the girl asks, tilting her head in a curious-catlike gesture.
Qwillis     Qwillis points off to the side. "Avalon, working on the wall there. A poor allocation of resources, I do concur. As for the head.. it's 10' wide. It's not like it's small. I don't squirm around that much sleeping." He'd tap that metal leg with the metal hand and a small chuckle. "I had to learn how to not do that some time ago."
Elsie "You had to learn how to sleep on a robot's head? That must've been an interesting job you had," Surelda notes. She turns and begins to move around the large metalic beast, flounced skirt hem flicking about as the movement catches the breeze. She seems rather interested, rather curious. "I mean, could he have fought? Or can he fight? If there's so much space up there, maybe just put a big 'ol gun on his head?" Surelda is not technologically savvy. It shows.

"I mean, if it's feasible," she adds, coming around one of the large legs. "I'd never been burned by a laser before that day, and I'd rather not do it again if I can help it. Or if, you know." She wraps her knuckles on the metal. "If he can help it. You know?"
Qwillis     Qwillis muses, looking up at Brutus. "Yes. I suppose there are certain hard points that if the proper hardware was available, they could be points to attack from. With some work, it could indeed be turned into an attack robot.." He'd sigh softly. "But.. then what makes it any different than the mecha the Enclave used?"
Elsie The question causes Surelda's head to snap back around to Qwillis, and she regards him fully for perhaps the first time in this conversation. "Well, it's not shooting at me," she says, as though it were a very simple answer. "Or at least, it wouldn't be. It'd be shooting outward." She points to the wall, to indicate what's beyond the wall. "It might stop the things trying to kill us."

Confusion crosses her pale young face. Is all of that not obvious?!
Qwillis     Qwillis stares at Surelda for a moment, then frowns and looks down. "Hm." Sighing quietly, he'd shake his head a little and looks back up at Brutus. "Right now.. it's a peaceful robot. That helps us stop the things trying to kill us, Miss. Why should we let blood get smeared on it? If we must fight, why do we not fight.. and let the robot remain peaceful? If we create something like that.. a hostile robot? Others will seek it out. To steal it."
Elsie Surelda's mouth tilts downward into a slight, pouty frown. "I mean, if the robot got hurt or destroyed that'd be sad. But I'm pretty sure most of the people whose family members died the other day are more sad. And it kind of seems like they've a right to be. If this guy can help so that less people die next time ... isn't that good?"
Qwillis     Qwillis shakes his head a little. "My fear, Miss, is that the robot will be stolen, then turned on El Dorado. Then? There'll be even more dead people because the 'defender' is attacking the wrong way." He'd sigh. "I'm sorry. It's always a concern with technology.. By the way, my name is Qwillis. What's yours?"
Elsie "I mean, you could make the same argument with any weapon, or any machine. Why have any at all if they can be used against you?"

Surelda seems rather bewildered by the argument, and blinks a few times in Qwillis' direction before she realizes he's not arguing with her, not truly, and in fact he's introducing himself. "Surelda," she says, by way of introduction. Her pout starts to tilt upward toward a smile again. "Here I thought I probably had the strangest name in the city..."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods his agreement with Surelda. "I do worry about that. The only comfort I have is that a personal gun at least can't sow mass destruction. Now, if you build an appropriate size weapon for Brutus here? It's enough that it could level Shanty Town in two strikes.. Can you really say with a clear concious, that's ok?" Q would chuckle softly. "As for the name.. It was something I got as a joke.. I'm from Shanty Town, just travelled a while."
Elsie "This is only my second time here," Surelda says, letting her eyes travel the scene around her. A bit of a skittish one, she is. "So you could be the mayor for all I know." She grins a little at that, and lifts a single shoulder in a half-hearted shrug. "I guess it just seems to me that we've seen that others have those kind of weapons out there. And so if they're going to use them on us, we ought to be able to fight back. You know?" She bites gently on her lower lip, as if perhaps concerned she's taken the argument too far.

So she'll switch tactics. "What was the joke?"
Qwillis     Qwillis purses his lips, then shakes his head with a chuckle. "No. I don't do politics, just science. You are right about that.. But there are non-agressive means to deal with those sort of things." He'd smile then with a small chuckle. "It's been nice debating with you and not getting yelled at. Thank you. As for the joke.. That'd be Qwillis. It's easier seen in writing. There's no u for the Q as it stands on it's own. Missing the normal other leg that would be there of u."
Elsie Surelda nods, a little absently. "Oh," she says, like she might actually get it. But she doesn't. So instead she just lifts her hand in a little wave. "Right, yeah. Have a good day," she tells the strange man, and turns to make her way back toward El Dorado proper.