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Lynnette Well another day.....another doll-....erm cap. Lyn was back behind that bar to at least try to make it up to the poor tender she harasses so much. Now it was day time and she didn't see a reason to waste that dress on those ruffians. Besides....she was mainly cleaning in the day time and wasn't going to ruin it. Her dark hair was down but definitely wasn't curled now but straight. Shoved into the back of her pants was the pistol she had so discreetly shoved down her dress the night before as well as her other 'toy' hidden from sight but easily accessible. But there Lyn was, humming softly as she just kept and eye out for shenanigans.
Alpha     Alpha for his part, came in the door. Imagine that! Alpha glances around, closing the door behind hima nd nods a little as he'd stroll over to the bar. A few caps pulled to tap the bar with a grin flashed at Lyn. "Hey hey.. ya gotta beer back there fer me? Like a cold one 'fore I go out scavaging again, eh?"
Devlin     Walking into the Cantina, Devlin wore his helmet on his hip to let his cropped platinum blond hair stay loose and in a bit of finger-combed disarray. Lifting his right hand as he walked through the doorway, he soon racks his knuckles against the bar's counter trying to get Lynnette's attention. "My my, if I didn't know better you were done up planning to lure quite a few to follow you and Iris here to drink themselves into a hefty tab only to hire someone like me to 'collect' for you, that about right?" Despite the accusation, his tone and the soft smirk on his lips told it was either a tease or he was rather amused at such a scenario. His gaze wouldn't last long onto the now more plainly dressed tender and onto Alpha, nodding to the man slightly before giving him a quick glancing over, trying to assess his danger level but also if he was part of the Raiders Iris was heckled by.. or the other groups attempting to shake down other businesses in the town.
Lynnette Seeing Alpha she would smile as she wiggled her fingers at him and was already moving to grab one as she saw him walk through the door. "Dang....gonna leave me already....." Chuckling she'd snatch up those caps and sat that beer down in front of him. Licking her lips she'd toss a wink his way then smirked. "Don't leave just yet...." And as if right on cue in walked Devlin. She'd lean on the bar then as she blew him a kiss and nodded. "You found me out.....but no. I'm cleaning so I'm not about to ruin that dress doing that just for you ruffians...." Those green eyes would flicker then as she looked between the two. "And look! You're in luck! My friend is here...." Looking to Alpha she would smirk a bit. "Alpha this is Devlin....he came in here last night.....looking for stuff and maybe work....." Then she'd cut her glance over to Devlin with a grin. "And this Alpha....he knows a lot....."
Alpha     Alpha grins at Lyn, chuckling as he'd take up the beer as he'd toast her with it lightly. "Well.. mebbe I could be talked into staying.." He'd chuckle as he'd watch Lyn greet the other guy. Turning his attention to Devlin as well, the man is given his own look over, before finally that beer is lifted in a toast his way. Fortunately for Alpha, or maybe Devlin, Alpha doesn't have any current raider tags to him, looks to be a neutral entity. "I know things, huh? I.. guess that works. Nice ta meetcha, Devlin. I mebbe can getcha work too."
Devlin     "Ruffian?" is asked with a slightly raised brow but before he could retort, his focus is onto the man who turned out to have have a name. At the introduction, Devlin uses a few look fingers to point at Lynnette's chest, "Still have that flier of mine tucked away, snug and safe? It'll say what 'stuff' I'm looking for." The soft smirk on his lips tugs a bit wider as he approaches Alpha, extending a hand out to him. "She spoke a bit about you last night, wasn't quite sure you were real or if you were going to try to shake me down for some caps, it was hard to read the little lady's true intents right then." Leaning towards the bar, he did something odd.. he sniffed the air in Lynnette's direction, attempting to see if he could smell the rumored cider bath or if it was just that, a rumor.
Lynnette "Oh for me...? Please...." Giggling she'd then look over to Devlin as she moved her hand to her chest but just slipped it down to a pocket on her vest. Pulling out the flier she'd smirk as she just unfolded it and then slid it over to Alpha. She'd grin at Devlin then as she shook her head. "If I wanted to shake you down would have known last night....after the fact." With that she would step back and ran her fingers through her hair. " for work for you two...." She'd grin a bit. "Word on the street is Jack was wanting to clear out some raider hooligans." That's when there was a mischievious glint her eyes. "So....I might....have gone and found them....and called them a bunch of clowns....and told them that since they wanted to show me what a 'real man' can do to me....where I work so....." Oh....dear.....and why she's trouble.
Alpha     Alpha takes up that flyer from Lyn, smirking at her. He'd look over to Devlin. "Ah.. well. Her intent.. is her intent. as always." He'd chuckle and look over the flyer with a small nod. "Hmm.. dun got nothin like that.. but I can mebbe ask around." He'd fold up the flyer himself to pocket it, then looks over at Lyn. "You.. and then you tell me ta keep trouble out of her." Alpha shakes his head, laughing. He'd look back to Devlin then. "A'right. Guess what? ya got yer first gig.. Gonna be some raiders comin in ta.. do things ta Lyn here.. you and I? We're gonna make sure they dun get a chance. As a bonus, Jack's gonna pay fer it. Ya in?"
Devlin     The amused smirk on his lips remained even after hearing Lynnette though he lets out a sigh and brings his free hand to his hip. "You forgot a step love, you find trouble, find people to solve the trouble, -then- you negotiate a price for problem solvers, only after that point do you invite the trouble, okay?" is asked in a soft voice as his eyes were beginning to lid, seeming suddenly washed with fatigue. Shaking his head, Devlin begins to rumble with a deep chuckle while turning towards the door, upon closing his eyes, the man tries to hear and feel if there was another giant among the raiders like Ashur and if not how rowdy they were outside already.

    Managing to not notice any immediate danger, he shakes his head towards Alpha, "Now now, while you might work without a fee, I doubt this pillaged town has too much to offer. I 'could' just sit back, let the raiders come on inside to play grab ass with the cute temptress behind the bar. When she calls out a price for the naughty boy's head that I like, he looses said head." Turning towards Lynnette, he arches a brow and turns an ear towards her, listening intently. "Sounds like a fun game no? You might even get those raiders house trained if we don't run out of them to teach."
Lynnette "Okay Alpha as I say....not as I do...." It was stated matter of factly as she then raised her brow. Looking over to Devlin slowly then she'd just raise her brow. There was a look on her face as she stared at him before looking to Alpha. "Well then....apparently....I did it all wrong. And here I was just going to deal with them myself....but decided to share...." Sighing she would just shake her head a bit as she shrugged. "I guess it's just us..."

Those green eyes would lazily look back over to Devlin as she parted her lips to say something but almost right on cue comes three loud, obnoxious and rather ugly looking Raiders. They didn't waist anytime as they stalked up to the bar, the middle one slamming his hand on the bar with a smirk. "Alright, talked all that trash and so we're here to show you just what these 'clowns' can do to a little skank like you....."

Sighing she'd just walk back up to the bar as she tilted her head, still leaning against that same spot with one hand under her chin as the other one hung loosely in front of her. "....well I heard....y'all are a pain in the ass so...I still say.....clowns gotta go..."
Alpha     Alpha smirks at Devlin, then shakes his head. "Yer loss. Should be fun.. and this is a standin offer from Jack. Yanno.. owner of the whole fraggin town?" And as if on queue, the 3 boslterous meatheads come barging into the cantina. Alpha finishes his beer carefully, eyeing the guys as they'd step up to heckle Lyn. He didn't say anything. Yet. But finishing the beer that fast? There was about to be a throw down.
Akane      Akane came in around then wearing her poncho with the hood up, shadowing her face from view. There was an odd shadow on one side but in the dimness, it was hard to figure out. She had followed the hecklers into the bar, then nodded to Lynette and took up a position near the door. Sitting down, she watched the happenings, her hand hidden under her poncho, though it rested on her hip, gun in hand. The woman 's usual dress was different somehow and if anyone managed to peer under her hood they might note her lip was split to the chin. The rest was hidden in shadow. An alert and knowing person might notice her collar was gone.
Devlin     The expression on Lynnette only brightened the man's expression as he moves away from the bar and makes his way to the back of the Cantina. The truth was, despite his words, Devlin was slipping his right hand from his hip to within his well worn duster to grasp onto his AEP9. Lifting it from its resting spot and crosses his other arm under it as he turns around, making it seem like he just has his arms crossing his chest within his duster, staying out of things. "Oi! Biggen with the fucked eye, how much ya willin to sell the skank for after ya bat her around a bit? I'm lookin to buy" is said loudly, but he wasn't sure if any of them indeed had a messed up eye..
Devlin     "Oi! I'm waiting for an answer slag for brains!" Devlin takes a step forward and unfurls his arms, bringing his AEP9 from his duster and uses it to aim at the largest of the crude raiders. Not waiting for the men to ignore him after Alpha took it upon himself to fire several fatal rounds into the closest of the Raiders. "Now, tell me the price.. Got it? Next will be ya balls, or ya mate's. If you put a price low enough you might even find me not shooting you any more on principle.."
Lynnette That main big mouth was about to say something Devlin but.....all hell broke loose.

Well Lyn's expression hadn't changed from that smirk but as soon as she saw Alpha pull up his gun and blast away the one that was doing all the talking she would just blink as that free hand would grab that shot gun that was in front of her under the bar and pulled it up to her shoulder. Without skipping a bit she would pull the trigger as she aimed for the raider that Alpha went after second but missed....and so did she. He was a crafty one. Groaning she'd then turn to the one Devlin shot and just pulled the trigger as she finished him off.

Taking a deep breath she'd stop the look at Devlin, the carefree expression going away as she narrowed her eyes at him. "Low enough?!" Oh she picked that gun back up and was tempted to take aim on him but she resisted the urge....for now.
Lynnette Well Bozo wasn't going to even entertain the fact that he was being 'offered' money for the bar wench. Without answering Devlin he fired a shot at him before quickly turning his gun to Lyn. Well this guy totally sucks because he missed both before yelling out. "Dude get in here!"

Of course as soon as that yell came in comes another guy just shooting at whomever had their guns out that wasn't one of his guys! But this guy....totes misses them two then. Wow....maybe they were clowns.
Akane      Akane had been by the and thus had seen Chuckles as he came in. but apparently she was unable to move very well as she was just a touch too damn slow to hit anything. She needed to go to a range and shoot some cans.. get used to this damn recoil.. or soemthing...
Alpha     Alpha would dodge that incoming fire, grumbling as he'd do so. Devlin just got a hairy eye, but as Ozob the mighty called out for backup, Alpha would focus, lining up that shot to peg chuckles as he'd come in that door, square in the chest. "None of that fraggin business in here ya idiots. Get! 'fore I get pissed!"
Akane      Akane narrowed her eyes inside that hood and leveled her colt on the jackass again, firing once and grazing him juuuust enough to cut his sleeve. But the second shot landed right in his heart. She stood there glowering down at the body for a long moment, slowly lowering her weapon.
Devlin     While both Alpha and Lynnette gave Devlin the evil eye, the man could only sport a wide toothed grin. Looking at the cloaked woman finishing off the third raider, he squeezes the trigger twice, singing the the last remaining raider in the chest twice, leaving his chest cavity, while cauterized from bleeding, exposed to the air. "Hey now, I had to make it look good didn't I? If they thought you were just two, it would have been easier than if they thought you had three.. let alone four."
Alpha     Alpha snorts and would carefully draw out that ammo to check the clip, then reload his rifle. Once done, he'd shoulder it again. "Yah well.. Ifn it works, frag it. They're dead. We're not." He'd give a small upnod to Devlin. "Nice shootin." Chuckling then, Alpha studies the one in the cloak, then looks to Lyn. "Oi.. hey Lyn? Seems my beer is empty. Think I can get that fixed?"
Akane      Akane holstered her gun and nudged the man's body with a toe before walking up to the bar and sitting down. Devlin and Alpha's banter got little response from the cloaked figure but she slid some caps toward Lynn, requesting a whiskey. Or something equally as hard. Her face was still mostly hidden, her lip the only bit showing, though the shadows seemed wrong inside that hood.
Lynnette Lyn didn't even get to pop off anymore shots as it seemed it was undercontrol. Slowly she'd cut those green eyes over to Devlin before slammed her gun back under the counter of her bar. Letting out a snort she'd just turn and grabbed a beer as she sat it on the counter in front of Alpha. "Here you go, hon...." Licking her lips she'd look at the bodies around and just sighed as she snatched that empty bottle and added it to pile.

She'd then cast her gaze to the cloaked one. "Thanks....nice.....I'll uh....because to let Jack know it was four of us. Now.....would you like something to drink?" Grinning then she'd look to Devlin. "Oh you're so....sweet. Thanks....." She'd just roll her eyes playfully as she sighed. "You want something too?"
Devlin     Eying the covered woman, Devlin focusing on the shooter's wrist, her dominant shooting hand and exactly what her weapon was. "Hmm, I'm starting to wonder if I know the cloaked wonder.." Looking away from her, he looks down at his pistol and taps it a few times before holding a side dial, checking the remaining charge before holstering it. "Now, I don't want to have the cider bath water if that's what you're asking about temptress, though I'm wondering how much they were really hoping to make off from here.. beyond teaching you a 'lesson'." Looking around the Cantina, he shakes his head gently before gently patting himself over, looking for something.
Alpha     Alpha smiles his thanks to Lyn, taking up the fresh beer as he'd sigh at the bodies. Shaking his head a little, he'd look around at who might be available to order around. "Fraggit. no one.." Alpha nods slightly to Devlin and gets to his feet, leaving the beer there a moment to start dragging the bodies outside, after throughly looting them of course.
Akane      The covered woman accepted the whiskey when it was delivered. But she drank it in an odd way. Rather than down it as a shot or sip at it, she tilted the glass slowly pouring it over her lip as she drank it. Now that Devlin had gotten closer he would get a good view of the cut that extended almost to the bottom of her chin. Akane noted his scrutiny and shifted her cloak so more of her could be seen, though she kept her hood up. Again there was something odd about the shadows inside the hood. Hard to pinpoint. Alpha got a look from her as he started dragging bodies around... Slowly she shook her head.
Lynnette Sighing she would look to Devlin and chuckled. "Sir if you wish my bath're going to have to be there with me....." There was a roll of her eyes then before she nodded. "As for didn't think they would really get far to be honest...." Shrugging she'd watch Alpha start pulling out the bodies and smiled. "Aww..." Leaning on the bar now she would smile. "Thanks!!! I owe you one!" Lazily she would turn her eyes over to Akane then blinked as she narrowed her eyes. Sliding down the counter she'd look at her then frowned slightly. Oh she knew this look oh too well having to try it herself. " want something to drink.....?"
Devlin     Nodding lightly to himself, he averts his eyes from the cloaked woman and turns to Alpha and Lynnette, "Now, you two said the town would pay for helping today, just what kind of payment are you talking about?" With everyone else occupied he began to make a move.. Taking a longer route around the Cantina, Devlin is somewhat careful with his steps as he makes a crescent path around to flank the cloaked woman. Should he manage to get close enough he would put his hand mildly onto her left shoulder to watch the reaction.
Alpha     Alpha chuckles slightly as he'd flash that grin at Lyn. Finding some random whatzit on one of the guys, he'd pause long enough near ye ol' cloaked one to drop it off with her. Everyone else was concerned with her, might as well let her have the goods. "Hmm.. yah man. It's a bounty that Jack put up, eh? We'll get it reported, he'll pay. 4 of us, 4 of them. Just makes easy sense to split the reward 4 ways."
Akane      Akane peered at Lynnette from under that hood and there was a recognition there. Women knew far too well what was going on between women. Lynn was right too.
     Devlin's hand on her shoulder caused her tension to shoot through the roof but she did not move away or lash out. Rather she slowly moved her hand AWAY from her knife strapped to one leg. Alpha's handing her the thing he'd found made her blink and tilt her head faintly but she slipped it into her purse with a nod. She glanced back at Lynnette. "Tequila."
Lynnette She would then frown a bit as she then nodded. Taking out a bottle and a glass she poured her the tequila and just slid it over to her. "'s on me...." Licking her lips she would then lock eyes with her before she turned her attention to Devlin. "Yeah. When Jack gets word we did it...we'll get paid....simple as that." She shrugged then as she looked to Alpha and feigned a pout. "....would you have sold me off....? Or at least tried to buy me if they snatched me up. Devlin was gonna just let me get kidnapped....."
Devlin     Watches as Alpha passes something to Akane only for her to reveal her distinct purse. Leaning down, Devlin was mindful to not apply any pressure onto her, but lowered and whispered so only she could hear him easily. "Akane, I can tell that's you from how you move, shoot and that purse. When you walk out, I'll be walking as well, I want to know what's got you hiding yourself." Looking away from Akane, Devlin holds up his other hand, motioning for Lynnette to pause, "No, I was going to let them rough you up.. then I was going to buy you off them. There's a complete difference in those things, okay?"
Alpha     Alpha finishes with the last body and returns to his beer. There's a snort given as he'd glance over to Devlin. "Roughing her up would of required a lack of clothin in what they wanted to do.. and that wouldn't be acceptable." Shaking his head, he'd look to Lyn then, reaching up to tap that butt of his rifle. "I think I made my reaction to that quite clear with the first guy I shot, eh? Not happenin. Now or ever."
Akane      Akane held still as Devlin spoke to her, noting the words and the tone. She did not answer, however. The banter between the men was grating. Slowly ever so slowly, like in a bad horror movie she turned her head to look at Devlin when he told Lynette that he would have allowed them to rough her up. Though the shadows were thick in her hood... her green eyes glinted darkly. The goddess was not pleased.
Lynnette She would roll her eyes at Devlin and just made her way from behind the bar. "'re so....gentleman-like...." With that she leaned back against the bar and just sighed as she leaned back against the bar top. Looking around then she'd clear her throat as she grinned and yelled out. "We're closed for a bit! If you didn't help and just watched me get shot at....get the HELL out!!" Well that didnt' take long for the few people that were still in there to gather up their crap and ran out the door. Lyn would run her fingers through her hair then as she looked over at Akane. "You can come over to where I'm crashing later if you want...." Leaving it at that she would walk past the woman, patting her shoulder tenderly before walking over to Alpha with a grin. "Well I didn't expect you just....blast him like that without seeing if he was serious...."
Devlin     "What they want, and what would actually be allowed are two different things. Anyways, if their pants are down to their ankles and getting ready to go that far, it makes it easy to shoot them in the head, or the shorter head." Lidding his eyes slightly, Devlin looks over to to Alpha and shrugs his shoulder slightly, "Never been partial to letting those who find pleasure in rape to die a short death. There's a bit of amusement making them suffer you know, even more so when you give them a chance to not fuck up yet they still try to." Shifting his hand from Akane, his eyes turn to Lynnette as he asks, "Do you have any med supplies back, I'll cash in that 'favor' now for them. I think I'll need to use them soon for 'someone'." The last work was stressed as he looked towards the cloaked woman briefly before turning his gaze to the bartender.
Akane      Akane nodded to Lynnette and waved a hand faintly, slowly drinking that tequila the same way she drank the whiskey though she winced slightly this time. Devlin's requesting medical supplies and stating that he was probably going to need them for 'someone' made her cross her eyes in annoyance. "Unless she has parsley or blood thinners, ain't gonna do any good." First time ever she'd used bad grammar....
Alpha     Alpha would consider the cloaked one. People were getting something that he didn't.. Shrugging, he'd pick up that beer and drinks some of it. Smirking at Lyn, he'd shake his head then. "I made a promise. I kept it. That simple."
Devlin     Furling his brow, he turns towards Akane to look at her questioningly. "What would require useless seasoning and blood thinners? You act like you have pooling blood, I need a needle and tube to see about letting it out and then clean thread for any stitches seeing as you can't really dress your own wounds in that condition." Any amusement in his expression, or relaxation in the teasing was gone and in it's place annoyance. "Why don't you let me see what's once the last of the useless ones leave.. or do you not want to let our friends here see what one of those Muties from the other day did without you letting the rest of us notice, hmm?"
Lynnette She'd look to Devlin then with a brow raised. "Oh...okay. Next time I'll just be bait and then when I let people know....hopefully they're show and I don't get messed up...." Smirking she'd tilt her head a bit as she turned to face him before leaning back against Alpha then. "Though I share your sentiments on those matters....I am not about to put myself out there like that unless I trust you implicitly...." Those green eyes would go back to Akane then after she spoke finally. "Look....." She'd tilt her head a bit. "You don't have to do anything you don't want to. If you need something....let me know....and I got you." Tapping her nose she'd wink then looked back to Devlin. "I unfortunately don't have that here. I do know where I can get some but...." Shrugging she'd cast her eyes back to Alpha then with a smirk. ""
Akane      Akane blinked in her hood. First, because Devlin had missed the entire point of Parsley as a medical aid and then because he'd given her an excuse. Funny she hadn't thought of that herself. Still, she sat there for a long moment. Lyn brought her out of it initially with her assurances.
     Slowly she reached up and pulled her hood down, showing her crimson hair was wound up completely in silks on her head.... And one entire side of her face was a mass of dark bruises. Her lip, of course, was split nearly to the chin and there was a gunshot graze on her other cheek. There were also a few bruises in a circular pattern where her collar had been even just the day before but was now.. oddly just missing. She seemed calm, her eyes flicking toward each of them.. waiting.
Alpha     Alpha would simply hug Lyn when she'd lean back against him. Let action speak louder than words anyways. He'd take another drink of that beer before offering Lyn a swig. Eyeing Devlin, then miss cloak, he'd raise a brow as she looked.. well.. messed up. "Dang. Hope ya did worse ta the other guy at least. Yeesh. Think they'd at least not mess up the face." Shaking his head, he'd chuckle and give a slight wave. "I'm Alpha. Nice ta finally meet ya."
Devlin     Agreeing with Alpha's sentiment, Devlin looks at Akane and flatly says, "You look like hammered shit.. Lets get you over to Lucette or, no. I need to talk with Iris anyways, I'll take you over to her and then we can chat while she starts to treat some of the bruising." Not wanting to ask what happened or what other bruises might litter her body, he starts to turn away but then could he seen staring, not at her face but her throat. Furling his brow, his eyes look into her good one one and uses a thumb to motion to her hood. "We're also ganna have a chat with Iris about getting you some body armor, a face guard on top of that. It'll take a while for that bruising to clear up, lets -not- give a fucker breathing a chance to make it worse." Shifting away from the gathering, Devlin was now the one to begin getting lost in thought, trying to figure out just what had happened between a day and a half prior when he last saw her.. and now.
Lynnette She'd lean her head back on Alpha's shoulder as she took a deep breath before lifting her head to look at Akane and then wince. "Oh....I remember you came in her a week or so ago..." She'd shoot her eyes over to Devlin and just shook her head. " subtle....." She'd stand up straight, her hand going on Alpha's thigh as she pat it gently then looked to Akane. "Look....that's where I was gonna take you. I live with Iris....." She'd stare at the bruises on her face then as she slowly walked over to her. Licking her lips she seemed to be thinking but locked eyes with the girl. "....if you don't want to talk about it I won't ask....but I can show you how to deal with it." Glancing back to Devlin who seemed to be in a tizzy about it but then smiled back at Akane. "I'm Lyn by the way...not sure if I gave you my name when you came in.....I think it was you anyway...."
Akane      Akane looked over to Alpha as he spoke, causing a faint blush to cross her cheeks but she accepted his name and returned the favor. "Akane. Nice to meet you. You shoot well." Daww a name and a compliment.
     She nodded to Lynn. It had been Akane that day. She sweatdropped, however, when Devlin and Lynn both told her she was getting looked at by a doctor. "Oh for the love of.. This is nothing. It will heal. Parsley treats bruising and nothing is broken." She folded her arms, hiding a wince. Even if she wasn't noticed wincing she loosened her arms, shoulders stiff. The tension earlier had been a pain response as well. "Lady Iris doesn't need to bother with something a cold steak or frozen peas can handle."
Devlin     "And where are you going to find a 'cold steak' or 'frozen peas' in the middle of this arid place? I don't think you have a hidden generator tucked away anywhere, do you?" Arching a brow, Devlin looked at Akane more worried than annoyed. "I wonder just how hard you were hit to think you were near New Vegas, let alone that you had the funds to buy, let alone maintain frozen meals." Turning to Lynnette when he could feel eyes on him, though to her comment he only could shrug once again but a smile began to spread across his lips when the mention of not Iris's shop but her home came up. Turning his right hand upwards and slightly bent towards the wounded woman to say, "Come now, take my hand and you can lean on me if you have any more bruising beyond your face and neck. Iris will have your blood thinners, maybe even your herbs to boot." Pressing his point his fingers open then close, waiting for something to fill them.
Iris Lark Iris slowly ambles into the Cantina, rifle on her shoulder and wrapped bundle in her arms. She is smudged with dirt and it looks like she might have been out and about in the wasteland. She makes her way slowly to the bar, limping a bit, and whens he takes a seat she knocks gently on the bar with one request. "Water, please." She sets down her bundle and a little piglet's head pops out to glance around for a moment, but doesn't try to trot off.
Lynnette Well for once...the bar was completely empty. There was maybe....some blood.....holes int he walls. Whoops! Lyn would sigh a bit as she moved back to behind the bar when she saw Iris. Since Alpha had gone to dispose of the bodies from earlier she would then go back to 'working'.....but only for the few around. Hearing her friend's request she would then just pull out a pitcher of water and fixed it for Iris. "Here, hon..." That was all she said for now.
Akane      Akane narrowed her eyes at Devlin as he seemed determined to take her hand and lead her off to the nice doctors. She had little interest in this... And then Said Doctor walked into the room. Her gaze shifted heavenward as if to ask a God 'really?' The red-haired woman turned a glance toward Iris as she came to the bar to order water and for a moment thought of ducking under that hood again.... But what was the use? One side of her face was a mass of dark bruises, her lip was split almost to the bottom of her chin and a bullet graze along the other cheek. However, on closer inspection that graze was a rather odd angle. Rather than horizontal, the bullet had to have been traveling up away from her face or down toward it as it was a vertical cut.
     Meanwhile Akane looked like she was raising her annoyance as a shield.
Devlin     "Ah, seems the hopes of two was enough to lure in the merchantile healer." A slight smile appears on his lips as he sees Iris and takes a step away from Akane and moves to the door. In a few moments, Devlin rests his back against the door's frame, not intent on leaving the gathering but seemingly focused on making sure a certain someone couldn't just run out unhindered. "Now, Iris you wouldn't happen to have blood thinners on hand as you travel to and fro, would you?" is asked as his eyes settle on Akane once again.
Iris Lark Iris takes the water poured with a smile of thanks at Lynnette and takes a sip before she glances at Devlin. "I carry my work with me, in fact, that's what I was out doing. Helping people in Tinnie and Hondo." She sets her water down and shifts on the stool to pull up the leg of her jeans. "Got hurt myself though." She pours some water on the deep cut on her leg before she shakes her jeans out and lets them fall over the wound. "I'll take care of that at home." She glances at Devlin and quirks a brow. "How many do you need?"
Lynnette She would look to Akane and just raised her hands in a surrender. Lyn picked up a bucket of water and mop as she went to start cleaning up the blood that was on the floor anyway. Sighing she would then turn to look over at Iris and frowned. "Now what happened to you!?"
Akane      Akane watched Devlin move over to the door and narrowed her eyes dangerously at him. Though for all the bravado she wasn't moving anywhere quickly. Iris got a glance at her injury and Akane tilted her head faintly, all awareness of her own injuries seemingly forgotten. "Do you want help with that Lady Iris?" Devlin would be dealt with later....'
Devlin     Piping up, Devlin appeared to find some amusement between the pair. "The only ones with wounds that are rather serious are the two that should be kept the furthest from being harmed.. Starting to think someone, somewhere is enacting a great plague for you two to have to pay the karma for that." Shifting his gaze towards Iris's slashed jean leg before looking out towards Lynnette to ask, "Got any place to lay these two down? I think we're going to be promoted to field nurse, to nurse these two until they can 'see' straight and be 'numbed' to their own ailments." The first word was aimed at Akane as he looks for the woman's eyes but the next stressed work appeared to level at Iris who just arrived. "I'm starting to think the two of you should have a security detail dispatched to secure V.I.P.s from any more risky instances which left both of you weakened," is said somewhat rapidly and with growing annoyance, the only issue that Devlin didn't realize was he began to use the same tone as when he was a soldier half a decade ago, something he has been trying to get rid of.
Iris Lark "I don't need to lie down, I had some trouble out on the highway." Iris says, slipping to her feet, a frown on her face. "I *can* take care of myself. Do I look like a fragile flower to you?" She gestures towards Akane, who still has a dangerously annoyed look on her face. "If she wants help, she'll ask for it, and so will I." She fishes out a bottle from her rucksack and tosses it towards Devlin. "Blood thinners, but she needs stitches, which I'll be happy to give if she wants them." She turns then, retakes her seat, and picks up her water to have another drink.
Rexus Rexus enters, stooping under the door a bit before rising up to trundle towards the bar. It's a little crowded so he doesn't pick anyone out he may recognize, ordering a bottle of cola from the bar.. if only they had a litre of cola for sale? He overhears a bit of loud words, grinning over as he recognizes Iris, giving a wee wave.
Akane      Akane blinked a few times as Iris told Devlin she was fine and that Akane didn' look like she wanted help. She glanced back at Devlin then shook her head. Rexus entered and ordered at the bar, receiving a nod from the bruised up Akane. But then she seemed to give in a bit. To Devlin she said. "You wanted to take a walk? Fine. but sit down for a while first. Geez.. We just shot 4 men. Come down off the high first." As for the stitches... "I don't want to bother you Lady Iris. I can deal with it myself when I get back to a mirror."
Devlin     "You look like you could kill a raider like the ones that were in here less than an hour ago, not the point Iris." Closing his eyes, Devlin lifts a hand and starts to scratch at the side of his head slowly, trying to bide his time while finding the words. "Right now even the Giant is going to be near death's door with his continued lacerations, let alone the scorching and wounds he just got from the Hellclaw.."

     "We have F.E.V. Mutie packs close to this outcrop -and- raiders looking to rape and enslave half who speak up the other other half kill to not be a problem." Moving a hand to his waist, he pats his covered side arm twice, his tone calming as he admits "All I'm good for is killing and making sure someone doesn't bleed out quickly. You two can actually help people recover and get on their feet to keep fighting." Letting his hand drop back to his side, he motions towards Akane and then to Iris, "You two are more of an asset. What fool would let something like that end up too wounded to keep others in working order when there's a army wishing for us dead?"
Iris Lark Iris simply gazes at Akane, a slight frown on her face as she pulls the bundle closer to her. Bacon sticks his head out again and she hands him something crunchy from her rucksack. "Why would you be bothering me? I do this all the time. It's what I know. If you want help, I'll provide it. If you wish to do it yourself. That's fine too." She pets her pet as she reaches out to take another drink of her water. "I don't force my aid on anyone who doesn't want it. Not unless they're dying and unable to speak for what they want." She gazes at Devlin and she lets out a soft sigh. "I saw the mutants in Mexico, I was there. I know what is coming." She points to her leg and frowns. "Raiders did this." She holds up a finger and adds. "I don't refuse help, I can help myself. I'm sure she feels the same way."
Lynnette She'd look around as she saw Devlin had the ladies in check. Sighing she went to cleaning the floor of the bar. Since it was 'closed' and she had kicked everyone out she went to the door and locked it for now before going back to mopping up the blood. Wiping her brow she would then look when she heard Devlin. "Damn...what am I....chopped liver?" There was a grin on her lips as she said that but then looked to Iris, that gaze softening. "Look when we get home tonight I'll cook dinner and need to at least rest that leg..."
Rexus Rexus just smirks, "A little odd being on this side of the fence.. not gettin shot or beat up on a daily basis.. just lounging around and relaxing.... but... i'm still recoverin from the Siege so.. I suppose there's that to consider." he takes a sip from his cola, "I take it you all got schwacked pretty bad eh?"
Akane      Akane ed Devlin as he said his piece. There was a certain logic to his words but she wouldn't admit it freely. Lyn's comment got a glance then the red-head shifted on her stool. She chose to remain quiet and contemplative.
Devlin     Looking over towards Lynnette he lifts a hand and tilts it from side to side, "Well, you're below a medic, a touch below a soldier. You're very good bait but.. might be above a soldier, you are a good entertainer.." Looking at the woman steadily, he attempts to glare at her as he says "..when you aren't luring enemies to shoot the soldiers," though he leans back and starts to softly smile afterwards.

    It was only then that he seemed to notice that Rexus was actually there and gave the man a very confused look, not sure what happened at the siege other than 'it happened'. Turning back to Akane and Iris, Devlin lost his smile and sucked mildly at his left canine. "Raiders did ya leg in and most of this town, including these bloody floors," is said with some annoyance. "So I 'request' this, let me or someone else be around more to make sure both of you are healthy enough to easily treat those that would die or be cripples without your skilled care, please?"
Iris Lark Iris smirks at Rexus, shaking her head slowly back and forth as she scoots closer to him, pulling her water and Bacon with her. She offers Lynnette a smile and shrugs. "Dinner was on before I left the house, there is some stew cooking slowly on the stove." Then she focuses on Devlin, propping her chin on her palm as she gazes at him for a few moments. Her expression is nearly unreadable, some amusement is leaking through. "If you want to follow me around, be prepared to work hard, I have a lot to do on a daily basis. I've been on my own for a year now, and I have managed more than fine. Mercenaries, Enclave and various other unsavory sorts have tried to rob me and worse and I'm here. They're not." She points at Devlin and nods. "Keep that in mind."
Rexus Rexus doesn't seem to mind much because BACON IS HERE! He just grins as the little oinker shuffles closer, leaning down to scritch behind his ears and along his back. "Dinner's on the stove? check." he says, "I'll be headin back in a wee bit, got to get these bandages changed later as well."
Lynnette She'd stare at Dev then before rolling her eyes a bit and shaking her head. "Geez....thanks...." Lyn would finish cleaning up the floor then sighed as she then raised her brow. "Be around more where? Here?" Seeming to be in thought as she put the bucket by the door and then looked at the bullet holes in the walls and sighed. Turning to Iris shew ould smile but then waved to Rexus, not even realizing he was there. "Oh hey...." Sighing she would then go to the bar and leaned upon. "Alpha is usually I'm not too worried. Now when he's not here I don't know. I know he popped off and shot that one because he was getting mouthy with me. But that was neither her nor there. If I get my way and own this place......I want to clean this palce up."
Akane      Akane finally stood with a sigh. Her movements were slow and stiff but she simply showed no pain on her face. Her eyes were faintly dull as she walked up to Devlin. There was a pause as she spoke something to Devlin then she lifted her voice as if she had not spoken yet. "I am not as defenseless as some people think."
Matt Bullet holes, gunfire and excitement? Of course the two Lone Star Caravaneers missed it. Harmon and Matt push in through the door almost together, and Matt breaks off to head towards the bar first to quench his parched throat. He drums his fingertips on the bartop before ordering a Nuka-Cola from anyone who works there, probably Lynette.
Devlin     "I can tell, you have Enclave technology on your shoulder. Plasma weaponry, looks like one of their earlier models adapted." When Iris pointed at him, Devlin moves a hand up to a invisible hat and tips it towards her, "I will ma'am." With the tension beginning to ease, so did his attitude even though he caused the tension in the first place.. Turning towards Lynnette and waves his hand slowly, "Patrols not just within the bar, but outside, through the town itself, not just hold outs. Remember what I said last night? I meant it, and wasn't just saying that so you kept letting me see well down your trimmings."

    Leaning forward when Akane approached him and spoke with him, Devlin manages to maintain his amused expression and nods lightly. There was a pause but then he would nod again seemingly for emphasis, "I didn't say you were defenseless. It looks like a pair of blue boys got you after what we did to the rest of their pack. You're still standing, that means those two are dead. Nothing more, nothing less, ya?" Closing his eyes, he nods lightly towards Akane once more but then the door bursted open suddenly and Devlin was not mellow..

    He wasn't sure when he drew his AEP9 but it was already in his hand as he begins to quickly take aim at the man's back well before he realized the man was Matt!
Iris Lark Iris turns back to the bar, finishing off her water and getting to her feet. She picks up the bundle with her piglet in it and cradles it in her arms. "I've got some things to do, so I'm heading back to Avalon." She gazes steadily at Akane. "If you want help with your face, let me know. Stop by Avalon." She picks up her rucksack and slings it over her shoulder. "If not, suit yourself." She waves at Matt and as she walks she slips her hand up Rexus's back to his shoulder, giving it a squeeze. "You all behave, don't shoot up Lyn's place."
Rexus Rexus laughs and winks at Iris, "I'll be home shortly myself, got a few chores to do.. promise not to shoot the place up." he murmurs, giving a little fingerwave to the soon to be departing Bacon.
Akane      Akane jumped when matt burst in as well but she wasn't nearly as trigger-happy as Devlin. Instead, she had moved to the side, one hand covering Devlin's n the gun and pressing down on it. "Oi. Deep breath." She looked up at him with a look on her face that spoke volumes of worry about the man before her. Meanwhile, assuming Devlin didn't smack her or attack HER next, she turned to peer at Matt ordering cola. "How's the leg?"
Matt     The nuka cola arrives soon enough that Matt doesn't have cause to turn around to find a gun pointed at him. "My leg is fine. New stitches though." Matt interrupts his thought by drinking more of his Nuka-cola before turning to look towards the familiar face. "By god lady, who decided to go and give you irish sunglasses?" He narrows his eyes and leans in a bit to make sure it is Akane hes talking to.