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Iris Lark Matt might not look like he's wounded, but he is, and when he visits Iris she doesn't say much but ushers the young man into her workroom where she directs him to sit on the cot. "Other than being a bit of an Enclave pin cushion, how are you feeling?" She asks, as she pulls her hair up into a messy bun and secures it with a long painted stick. She pulls out supplies, setting them on the counter as she turns to glance briefly at Matt.
Matt Matt hops up onto the cot, alll the way to the back of it so his feet dangle over the floor like a child. He kicks them a bit out of nostalgia or plain weirdness. "Uhh. Busy. I feel really busy." His hands settle in his lap and he dangles his feet again for good measure. "The leg is bad. My uh, stomach area hurts. Everything, really. You're not going to put honey on me, are you?"
Iris Lark Iris blinks at the question, turning to look over Matt with an amused expression on her face. "Not unless I'm looking to get ants following you, which I'm not." She pours some boiled water into a bowl and adds a hefty amount of white spirits. "You might need to slow down a bit so you can heal. I know business comes first but infection is a killer." She moves over to the cot and slowly begins to clean the leg wound first, pulling out a curved needle. "We got all the bullets out, but I'm going to stitch this up, just in case."
Matt Matt blanches at the boiling water, but nods slowly. His pant leg gets pulled up and the needle comes out"Sure. More stitchs. You got the whiskey for me then?" For drinking or wound cleaning. Whichever. He'll look up and towards whatever sort of interesting thing is in the room. "So. Uh...You're a woman right?"
Iris Lark "Just one or two, it'll be quick, and my stitches are always neat." Iris remarks, and at his request for alcohol she offers a shrug and walks over to her rucksack, pulling out a bottle that she hands to Matt. "You can use this for pain, but don't drink too much. You need to keep your senses." She gives him a few stitches, and then dresses the wound, finishing off with a bandage. As she works she glances up at Matt's face, a slight grin curving her lips. "I'm a woman, yes, why?"
Matt "It feels like it needs more than that. I gotta walk back anyways, got a meeting." Matt swigs lightly at the bottle, squinting at the burn, a slight cough. His gaze falls upon his leg again, watching the needle now. "Well. I'm not exactly in the position to be a suitor. Ya'know, court a woman? I own a rifle, and got an office. But not much in the way of assets to bring to a marriage. But women keep showing...well, interest? Well. I think they are. They probably aren't. Never mind. Hows my leg, doc?"
Iris Lark "I'm the Healer, been doing this for years now. Trust me." Iris says, not looking at Matt as she works. She keeps her attention on what she's doing, hands steady. She glances up at him when he speaks again, taking in the words with a calm expression on her face. "If you care about someone, court them. Don't worry about assets, just tell them how you feel. If you do feel that way. Women show interest because you're a nice guy. So keep being nice." She stands from her kneeling position and tosses out the dirty and bloodied bandages that she used to clean his injuries and then turns to regard him silently for a few moments. "Anytime you need to talk, you can always come find me."
Matt "Thats silly." Matt shakes his head towards Iris, "I'm gonna guess that you're wrong though. Maybe you think this way because you're already well established." What a guy, asks about stuff, then completely disregards it. He eases forward on the cot, then up on his good leg, before easing onto his bad leg. " doesn't feel like anything is gonna come out of it. Maybe it'll be good before we start running the caravans. Or maybe I'll need to stimpack or something. Jet keeps you on your feet? Med-x? Or was it Psycho?"
Iris Lark "You're going to...just take it easy, and if you need chems you let me know." Iris says, a worried look on her face as she frowns at Matt. "Listen..I spent over twenty years in a Legion camp. I don't ..I don't know much about these things. I just know what I've seen, so if you want to disregard it, you're welcome to." She turns and starts to put away her supplies, not being gentle with it either.
Matt His pant leg gets pushed down and he stretchs up on his good leg for a moment. "Well. Maybe. Or not. Maybe everyone 'round these parts is more like you than like me. Ya'know? I might've just gotten lucky. If it is lucky." The offer does intrigue Matt though. "I'm not exactly caps fluid at the moment. We'd probably have to barter or something."
Iris Lark Iris turns to give Matt a flat look, shaking her head slowly. "If people aren't able to pay caps, I do barter. I'm not going to make someone suffer over money." A slightly hurt look is on her face. "Just tell me what you need, Matt, and I'll try to help you." She pulls the stick from her auburn hair and it falls around her shoulders. She runs her fingers through it, looking a bit worn and she moves over to a stool where she takes a seat.
Matt "Nobody *needs* the stuff. Lemme pay you for the treatment, and we'll talk about the rest later, eh?" Matt frowns at her stool sitting, walking over to put a hand onto her shoulder and shake just a tad. "Maybe get some more rest or something? You look a bit worn out, and its been long enough since the siege that you shouldnt. I can braid that for you, if you want."
Iris Lark Iris blinks up at Matt and then tilts her head slightly. "Things have been a bit..crazy the last few weeks. I'm not sleeping well." She sighs deeply and turns a bit, shaking her hair back over her shoulders. "Feel free, it's getting too long, I'm tempted to just chop it all off, honestly."
Matt Matt laughs and tugs lightly at a few strands, before cracking his knuckles and pulling a bunch of hair to the base of Iris' neck. "Sleep more. Chop it off or not, you'd look fine either way." A hum and his hands get going.