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Matt The Conference room in the Lone Star's compound has been booked by Matt. The table..leans only a little bit, and planted upon it is a large map of Greater El Dorado, with various colored rocks resting atop of it in various locations. Transcripts of both Militia and Lone star intel reports surround it to support the rock's location.
Elsie Here Be Surelda. She's dressed in that same blue dress, with the drop waist and the flounced hi-lo skirt and the slight image of what could be a bum roll. It's the old west, bby!

She's here at Matt's elbow, helping to roll out maps, put papers by each seat, and other little prepatory things. She's helping! She's earning her 12 caps a day!
Harmon Harmon is also here, lurking around the edge of the room. His battered NCR Ranger duster on, in spite of the usual heat which doesn't seem to bother him too much. He scans the map before approaching and then checking some of the intel reports, "None of it looks good, to be honest" he says gruffly.
Iris Lark Iris has her Winchester slung over her shoulder. She stands near Matt, arms folded over her chest as she gazes at the surroundings. She doesn't have much to say, but she'll walk along with the group for a time.
Matt "Anything colored red is a semi-permanent camp, based on intel. They won't be moving. They've put down fortifcations, and are in positions to apply fire to the main caravan road. Blues are last known locations of roving patrols. They tend to patrol the same areas, so they should return to them regularly." Matt points at the rocks in closest proximity to the caravan route. "Most of these camps have to be cleared out. But I'd like to do it at relatively the same sort of time."
Elsie "Red," Surelda mouths the word thoughtfully, and then reaches forward to switch out a red flag and a blue flag. Got it. Right. See!? She can totally do this job.

She stands back to survey her work at laying everything out, nodding once in approval. Now she moves for a small pad and a pen, where she begins to scribble some notes. Her big, dark eyes are locked on either Matt or the page. He's the boss, what he says goes.

One might note that her handwriting may be kindly described as childish.
Iris Lark "How often do you have trouble with the caravans?" Iris asks, glancing over at Matt with raised eyebrows. "I mean, you're looking to clear out problems, right? Or are you looking to settle patrols along the route?" She moves up to look down at the map, her teeth scoring her bottom lip as she sees each marked camp. "How do you plan on clearing them out?"
Matt "We haven't had a caravan not turn back since the siege." Matt shrugs his shoulders, eyeing the route line to New Rome. "They get about a third of the way there, and the first roving patrol meets them. Its not on the map, but somewhere along the early parts of the route, there has to be a spotter to call in the patrols. Thats kinda what we need to find."
Elsie Spotter, eh? Surelda turns, her silver bleached hair swaying and catching the light at the suddenness of the gesture. She digs through a little box of random pins and bits and bobs. She finally finds a push pin, yellow in color, and moves to place it where Matt has indicated.

"Yellow," she tells the group. "Like light, it goes everywhere, sees everything, like your spotter." Yeah, she's making up a key as she goes. What of it?!
Iris Lark Iris nods and she coils the braid on her head so it's not laying on her neck. "So we find the spotter, and take care of the problem, yeah?" She glances down at the map again, a frown on her face. "Shouldn't be too terribly difficult." She says, smiling at the group. "Are you going to be expanding the routes to other places?"
Matt "We have to *find* the spotter first. Then smash the patrols, and deal with the camps. A caravan can get through just through the patrol, probably." Matt leans forward over the map and plucks the yellow push pin off of the map. "Its somewhere 'round here. Yup. Everywhere eventually though. New Rome is just what we've actually tried already." Matt moves the pushpin further up the road, towards a group of small hills. "If I was gonna watch a road, this is where I would do it from."
Elsie Surelda stands up and watches as the pushpin is moved around. Her pushpin is useful! She's helpful! She's doing this job, this real job! The girl has a grin on her pale features that might split her face. She takes a half step back, out of the way, and scribbles more notes.
Harmon Harmon hrms and looks over it all, the gears in his head turning as he soaks up the information on the board, "Alright, if this is what we've got to work with then I guess we should get after it. Caravans won't run themselves." he says as he leans over the table, drumming the fingers on his right hand slow and methodically as he works on ideas.
Iris Lark Iris shrugs and waits for Matt to give further direction. She's here to help, for the most part, and with that she unshoulders her rifle and holds it at the ready position as she prepares to move out.
Harmon Harmon hrms softly as he takes in the information, "This is the route I would take. Keep us out of the way of the larger of the patrols and out of view from the camps. Bit extra walking but fewer bullet flying at us I would imagine." he says with a nod to Matt, tracing his finger along the route he's talking about.
Matt "Its a longer route. But I'd rather not deal with those camps with a caravan in tow." Matt reachs over and adjusts the little figurine with a large belt buckle, moving a few of them and rearranging the route to better align with Harmon's plotted trajectory. "The brahmin runners can complain about tough terrain all they want."
Elsie Surelda stands up on her tip toes to peer down at the map as Harmon, a man she doesn't know but who seems to have an air of authority, traces out a route. She starts to draw it out on her little pad.
Iris Lark Iris squints down at the new projected route and nods her head once or twice. "Seems safe enough." She says, pointing to a particular position on the map. "Though, there is an outcropping here that would make a good place for an ambush, keep that in mind when you're on your way."
Harmon Harmon nods to Iris, "I'll keep my eyes open in there." he says with a slight smile before shifting his attention to Matt, "Nows as good a time as any to set out. The longer we dilly dally around here the more time there is for things to change out there." he says simply, his attention now drifting to Surelda, "I don't believe we've been introduced. Name's Harmon, just signed on with this caravan outfit but it's far from my first time running escort." he says, extending his hand in a friendly gesture.
Iris Lark Iris turns to go, offering Matt a wave goodbye. "Safe journey, and keep both eyes and ears out as you go." She says, picking up her rucksack and slinging it over her shoulder. "Send word from New Rome, so that people know tht you managed to get there safely." She briefly bows to Harmon and Surelda before she turns and walks away from the caravan towards Avalon.
Elsie "Huh?" Surelda asks, lifting her big back eyes when Harmon addresses her. "Oh." It takes a moment for it to occur to her. "Surelda," she says, by way of introduction. She looks at the hand, and there's another second or two before she understand that. "Oh." Another sound of realization, and she puts her hand in his. "I think you'll know me more as ... Silver, I think. I'm a radio dispatcher." She turns to look at Matt. "Mister Ward? I was going to go ahead and refer to the caravan as Scarlet, once it's out in the field. Is that alright?" Code names for everything!
Matt "I definitely want to get rid of a camp or two first." Matt shakes his head toward Harmon, pointing out a camp or two, still close enough to interfer to the caravan's new route. "And we need Militia extra escort for the first run. Its gonna be tough regardless of where we push through. Enclave has us pretty well surrounded and don't want us to get caravans through." Matt stands straight up and looks towards Surelda, "Ugh no. Mr. Ward is my father."
Harmon Harmon chuckles a bit to himself at the exchange between Matt and Surelda, "It definitely wouldn't hurt to get rid of some of enclave before setting out. It'd be a rough squeeze otherwise." he says with a nod before checking his repeater and pistol, "If we swing wide I think this area would give us the most breathing room if we could clear it out a bit." he says, motioning towards the map, "I'm ready whenever you are, Ward."
Elsie "Ashur said that he wanted to go," Surelda says, and perhaps the words sound abrupt, or out of left field. "He might be good for clearing out camps," she adds, her voice going a little bit quieter.

Moving forward, with a pencil, she starts to mark all the spots on the map, very slightly, so they can move it all back to it's rightful place, out of the way.
Matt "Well...we'll gather the forces at least. Contact the Militia, and let'em know to assemble a task force for it." Matt settles back into a chair off of his bad leg again. "So. Surelda is our a radio lady, Stitch here is our combat medic, and general compound doctor."
Harmon Harmon nods, "Whenever the militia and everyone is ready I'll head out with them." he says simply, his fingers still drumming on the table as he looks over the notes and maps again, "I'm not too bad with a rifle either." he adds with a slight grin before looking back to Matt, "When do you think we'll be organized to move on the camps?"
Elsie Surelda makes another little 'oh' sound, and gathers up the maps. She nods once more to the two men. "I'll go get all this set up in the radio room," she assures them, nodding respectfully to both before skittering for the door.