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Owner Pose
Lynnette Well FINALLY things came to fruition. The benevolent King Jack has leased the cantina to her indefinitely. Right now she had the tender moving stuff to the basement that she wanted to store and to set up for storage. "Over there, dude!" Lyn was in her dress today as she seemed to be in a good mood and had cleaned up the bar from yesterday's shenanigans. "Thanks cutie!"
Alpha     Alpha, not finding Lyn upstairs and the place empty for now, would spot the tender moving stuff downstairs. Curiously, he'd follow along, looking around below with a small whistle. "Not bad. Not bad at all, Lyn. Didja get to meet up with Jack ta get it all hooked up?"
Lynnette Spinning around she'd smile brightly and held her arms out. "Oh yeah! How could he resist my charms? And my my money." Rolling her eyes playfully then she'd point to a door in the corner. "And look what I found....another room. I'm gonna turn it into a bedroom for us...."
Alpha     Alpha laughs, shaking his head a little as he'd walk over to her. Pulling out a star, he'd show it to her with a grin. "Seems my workin paid off, eh? I got setup fer sheriff here now.. So 'tween you and I? We're runnin the town. heh."
Lynnette "Ooohhh....." Chuckling she'd lean in and put a hand on his chest. "Gonna arrest me for being bad?" Lyn gave him a wink before pulling back slowly. "And be careful! Don't let Jack hear you say that....he might not like it...."
Alpha     Alpha chuckles and shakes his head. "Ain't like that. Jack owns the place. We're the managers. We run it, he owns it.. yanno?" There's a small pause then. "Middle management." He'd shudder a little, then chuckles and winks at Lyn. "I dunno.. I do gotta good set of cuffs.."
Lynnette "You do have a point....." Smiling she would then grin when she felt that shudder. "What's the matter.....caught a chill down here?" Lyn leaned back in the murmured. "Don't threaten me with a good time, Alpha....." Quickly she'd snap back. "So! I figured we can keep bigger things down here. Smaller stuff in the bedroom. And if we get that place you showed me....but seems a problem to guard." Turning away now she'd put her hands on her hips as she looked around. "Also....what's your plans as sheriff?"
Alpha     Alpha chuckles quietly. "Never thought I'd be management, eh? I dunno.. I've always had an ability ta talk people into stuff.." He'd smirk at Lyn, then chuckles. "Well.. ya did say it was a bedroom.. only one way ta break a place in.. right?" Alpha chuckles quietly as he'd look around. "I may give up my house ta just move in here.. ifn ya'll have me. Makes sense ta me then.. As fer Sheriff.. I'm gonna build my ring.. and start layin down the law. JT style."
Lynnette She would then tilt her head a bit as she grinned. "I'm game....." Leaving it that she would smile and turn to look at him. "What? Here?" Blushing she would then smile softly. "I don't mind at all. I just thought you'd want your own space....." There was a grin then as she looked at him. "JT style hm? Please do enlighten me....."
Alpha     Alpha chuckles, nodding in response and he'd step a little closer. "Hmm.. Well. I'll keep that in mind." Musing, he'd shrug slightly. "Like I said. If you're willing.. I'm willing. I got plenty of space. and.. well.. there's the other place too, eh? We'll get it all sorted out." Laughing then, Alpha shakes his head. "I already showed you JT style with those raiders, eh?"
Lynnette Staying where she was she'd smile then. "Well then welcome home." Lyn would nod matter of factly then shook her head. "Oh is that what that was? I thought that was protective boyfriend style...." Exhaling a bit she'd shrug a bit. "But I like it."
Alpha     Alpha laughs, flashing a grin at Lyn. "Well.. mebbe a lil bit of A.. lil bit of B.. Either way, it's a type of JT law, eh?"
Lynnette "I swear....." Sighing she'd swing her arms around his neck and leaned against him. "So....should we throw you a celebration? Make it fun? Bring out the riff raff to one spot?" Grinning she'd give him a wink. "Or I can play the bad bar owner and you can make your first arrest....set an example."
Alpha     Alpha chuckles, wrapping his arms about her waist. "Hmm.. ifn we're doing the bad bar owner.. then it's you and me with those cuffs.. but I may have ta rough ya up some. Yanno. To make sure ya dun do it again, eh?" He'd snicker and shrug a little. "Otherwise.. I ain't against throwin a party fer it.."
Lynnette "In public? Man you're worst than me!" Laughing she would just wink before she slowly pulled back. "Yes! I'll see what to do. Let me know when it's officially announced to these hooligans. I'm sure they're gonna be so thrilled about it....."
Alpha     Alpha laughs, shaking his head a little. "Well.. ifn it teaches you. Then it works, right?" He'd snicker then and nods. "I'm lookin for when mine is official too. Otherwise.. I'll make my ring and simply announce it myself.. and let the chaos begin.."
Lynnette "I mean if you want everyone to see my goods....." Trailing off she would then exhale a bit. "Well let me know what you need, lover. I planned on being the 'face' of our little business. Keeps you looking legit....." There was a shrug then. "I don't mind......"
Alpha     Alpha purses his lips, then nods in response to Lyn. "I.. thanks. Yeah. That's probably best.. I'll just need ta get me a new setup.. Something I can use when I ain't being Alpha the Sheriff.."
Lynnette Putting a hand to his cheek she'd pat it gently before chuckling. "And this is why you need me. I think if people come my way I can just be your voice and you tell me what you want, hm?" Winking at him then she'd chuckle. "I guess you're going to have to teach me how to redistribute goods....."
Alpha     Alpha snickers quietly. "I can teach ya that too.. certainly." He'd chuckle lightly with a nod in response. "I think we have a wonderful partnership too. Beyond lovers, hmm?"
Lynnette "Well then....." Leaning in she'd whisper before winking. "I think it's a wonderful relationship all" Pulling back she'd fold her arms. "What do you want me to do about Devlin?"
Alpha     Alpha grins back at her, leaning in to steal a kiss from her since she was so close. He'd muse as she'd lean back and nods slightly. "I suspect we may need to simply recruit him.. I'll need deputies. He gets a regular paying job.. and a reason to act. Otherwise.. hmm.. any suggestions?"
Lynnette Lyn would return that kiss and sighed softly then as she nodded. "Naw. Go for it. I'll let you handle him....since he was gonna let them rough me up....." Yeah she was still sore about that. She'll get over day. "I need to find someone for the bar to help keep the bullshit out.....I can't do it alone."
Alpha     Alpha nods slightly, musing. "You got the two guys outside. But.. well.. we've seen how effective they are. Prolly need to get a guy or two inside at the least.. I suspect ifn we make this place to be a real haven, then it'll be fine.. they won't wanna get messed up and kicked out, eh?"
Lynnette "Yeah....those useless asses....." Rolling her eyes then she would nod a bit. "I mean I've been managing pretty okay on my own. I guess once they realize I'm not going anywhere that they'll start to respect me more...." Thinking then she'd muse. "Maybe I'll see if Devlin wants to earn some part time cash...."
Alpha     Alpha nods in agreement. "What I was figurin, yah? So.. We'll getcha set up as the owner.. and I'll get the law of JT set up ta keep it ta small arms fire only inside the circle.. I'm thinkin that should work fer no major screw ups.." He'd shrug then, smiling at Lyn. "Then we see what's next.. hmm.. and find who to redistribute wealth from.."
Lynnette "Well we have a plan then....." Winking she would go in to kiss him then stopped short as she grinned. "Now....I should get back to work....." Winking she'd pull back then slowly but leaned in quickly to smack his butt. "The sheriff shouldn't be distracting me so....."
Alpha     Alpha chuckles and nods. As she'd lean in to kiss him, then stop short, he'd smirk at her words and slip his hand up to tangle it into her hair at the back of her head and pull her in for a hard, passionate kiss. Chuckling as she'd draw away and smacks his rear, he'd smirk at her. "I dunno.. gotta properly profile personalities that'll be around town, eh?"
Lynnette When he kissed her she closed her eyes and sighed as she gripped those leathers but exhaled as he let go. Licking her lips she would then jerk her head back over to that door. "Maybe you should profile me some more...." Clearing he throat she'd look over her shoulder and called out. "Hey Chuck! Take a break! I'll handle the rest...." Those green eyes would cut over to Alpha with a coy smile.