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Sparrow Sparrow's walking her horse down the busy roadway from the Shanty Town and headed the direction of the desert. Her hat's pulled low and her octagonal sunglasses rest on her nose in the mid-afternoon sun. The cowgirl strolls along nodding occasionally to people who move past faster than her slow mosey, headed in from scavenging or work in the wasteland, go home or to the casinos and bars for the evening.

Most of the Scavvers know Sparrow and one stops to mention to her where she might want to stay away from. They converse for a few minutes and the Scavenger slips by with a wave, "Remember to look out for that pack of molerats, Miss Drake."
Skittles Skittles had been stalking about trying to pick up on events going on around the town. She'd just been spying on a group of old men talking about one of their old lady's foot fungus.
     It's at that point Skittles notices Sparrow traveling down the street. Abandoning her people stalking, she slips over near her, and waits patiently for the two people to finish. With a wave and a cheerful greeting, Skittles approaches and says, "Where might you be heading Sparrow? Wasn't sure I'd see you again or not after that wagon recovery with Bane.".
Sparrow The Rancher lifts a hand to gently pat the spotted blue mare, the beast is tamed well and bears the scars of her owner's adventures and practiced hand at healing. The beast bearing some of the markings of her ancient Appaloosa ancestors.

"Afternoon." Sparrow greets Skittles with a nod and a short-lived, though genuine smile. "Headin' out to see if there's anything worth seeing. Guessin', I'm avoiding going too far south though. Seems there's a little brood out in some hills a mile or two out. Curious though, why wouldn't be seein' me around? I've got nothin' against a few fewer Raiders." She pats down her pockets and pulls out a hand-rolled thick brown cigarillo that she tucks in her teeth and lights. "Keepin' out of trouble?"
Skittles Skittles shrugs a shoulder in response, she eyes the cigarillo as it's lit, and takes a deep breath of the aromatic scent. "Oh, uh no. I mean. I guess now that you mention it, it'd be silly if I didn't.". She kicks a foot before continuing, "I've just not been the most interactive of people. Guess I just assumed I'd not meet anybody I knew outside of the saloon or Chip'n'Bits.".
"As for trouble though,", she says gesturing to the BoS logo on her shoulder, "It's some what of a responsibility to find it.".
Sparrow Sparrow scoffs but there's amusement in her eyes, it crinkles her premature crows feet but like her smiles and other expressions it's fleeting. "Sure silly but not too boring. Sides, that's what you've been. Have an option of changin' who you are now though. Though it is easier to make friends in the midst of money and beer." she agrees to exhale smoke to the side and half through her nose. The Wasteland-aged blonde glances to the BoS logo and back to Skittles, "And here I thought you folks were more interested in the loot than the trouble." She reaches into her pocket and lifts a hand-rolled thick smokeable and offers it towards Skittles.
Skittles Skittles eyes the offered toxin stick. All of the stuff she's read on tobacco and nicotine she's ever read up on flashes in her memory. She freezes momentarily, and then quiets her mind. This wasn't the year 2100, she wasn't going to live to a ripe old age, or at least it wasn't likely. She nods and accepts the cigarillo and requests a light, a proffered hand empty and palm upwards.
     "Nah, I think you're thinking of the other chapters. Our chapter here in New Mexico is focused on collecting tech sure, but that all serves a purpose to help protect the people here. Better high tech stuff and high powered rifles go to those who can use it to protect others, than it go to the crooks who want to steal our livelihoods.", she states. "Though, I joined up because I was tired really. I'm 18 years old, and I've been kicking my dust around without any direction, so this is how I'm changing that.".
     With the Cigarillo lit, she takes one tentative puff, a moment later her eyes roll up, and she sags. "UH, whoa.", she murmers. "No wonder why this was the poison of choice.", the smoke pouring from her mouth as she speaks. A natural born smoker it would seem.
Sparrow Sparrow offers fire in the form of a match. Sparrow, for the consciences medic she seems to have no remorse against potential illness. Like for the same reason, Skittles has to take it. She draws off the tobacco and lets out another draconian stream before she starts to move again. It's the same slow mosey and it's skewed to invite Skittles to walk along with Sparrow if she chooses.

"Can't disagree there. Much rather simple folk have the firepower to stop those sonsabitches. Were some nice shots the other evening, by the way. Pretty impressive. Thanks for givin' Tobi a loaner."

"So the power of boredom was what prompted you to join. Was gonna be my next question. S'pose that the Brotherhood isn't the worst way to do it." Another flash of amusement hits the Ranchers eyes at Skittle's response. "Certainly better than the stench of some places 'round the wasteland. Also, you'd be surprised how many folks will talk to ya when you've got a smoke to spare."
Nikki Nikki comes from the market place, trying to find her way back home. Yet Nikki was able to get as far as one of the other side roads before she has to pause. Holding a box against her chest that's filled with electronic parts and wires, batteries and the like. Her floating eyebot companion right behind her as she tries to get her bearings. Not really noticing anyone around just yet, she looks over to Dink. "..Nikki thinks she's lost, Dink. Where do you think we should go?" Asking this as she takes a few steps further before she spies it. Something shiny in the car chassis across the street and she squeals, dropping the box and running for the car, literally near-diving into the chassis itself to grab the shiny thing.
Skittles Skittles is about to follow after Sparrow when she hears the box drop to the ground. It's enough to snap her attention out of her nicotine stooper, and she follows the girl who's run across the street with her baby blue eyes.
"Hey, becareful, you'll get an infection if you get cut by that rusty metal piece of shit.", she calls out after her, the words coming out far more loudly than she had intended. Realizing this, she draws inwards on herself, and scoots over to the box to pick it up before someone else does.
Sparrow Sparrow slows to a stop when Skittles breaks off. Turning to look towards the sound of the box dropping and keeping a good grip on the halter and reins of her mare. Watching the eager scrap hoarder with a stoic thoughtful expression and draw off her cigarillo. She doesn't move when Skittles does nor move to stop Nikki from her scampering dive towards the shiny object. Perhaps a long life led out in the Wastelands and Ranches around El Dorado makes her just a bit more suspicious of the unknown. However after Skittles grabs the box she calls to the familiar face lifting her smoke from her face to ash downwind, "She hurt herself?"
Nikki Nikki doesn't bother to heed the warning. She had done this *dozens* of times, besides, it was shiny and she liked shiny things. Squeezing through the chassis in what's likely the most odd way for someone to squeeze themselves thru anything and it takes her a minute or two before she's rising from the chassis with object in hand. "Nikki found it!"
Skittles Skittles waits patiently for the girl to return for her stuff, but she becomes a little nervous that they just forgot about it completely, "Hey, you want your stuff back?", she yells, holding the box aloft for her to see. As she continues to wait she eyes the contents of the box nodding in approval. Also, noticing the Ibot near the young girl, she is immediately fascinated.
"No, doesn't look like it.", she turns to say to Sparrow, the stoic woman striking a memorable visage, at least in Skittles' mind.
Sparrow Sparrow upticks her chin in acknowledgment of Skittles words taking another drag off her rollie. She takes a deep breath and turns to start moving the direction of Skittles and the robot with a little wrinkle of her nose at the hovering speaker. "I'm gonna head on to scavenge some in a bit." She tells the BoS Gearhead with a tip of her head. "You're welcome to join me if you like." Her gaze travels back to Nikki and her arched brow draws down over her sunglasses which she pushes back up to cover the oddly bright blue gaze in her pre-aged face. "All right. I haven't had a chance to get my med supplies yet." Nikki continues to be watched though by the aloof Rancher.
Nikki "Oh!" Nikki climbs out of the car and goes back towards Skittles. "Thanks! Nikki would like her stuff, yes." Taking back the box, dropping her other item into it. "Nikki needs to go home now!" Running off, box and bot both.
Skittles Skittles hands over the box and smiles, "Stay safe then. Byebye". She waves and turns back to Sparrow, "Oh, yeah, could use something taime after the past few days and all of the crazyness.", she remembers the cigarillo in her hands and takes another drag from it, settling into the stooper once more as she falls into step along side Sparrow's horse.