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Akane      On the outskirts of Roswell were some buildings that were a mixture of abandoned places and crumbling facades. Old places that had been picked apart several times over. Local gangs and squatters tended to hang around the area and kids would play in them when they were not being watched by adults.
     Which was why people were gathering today.
     It had come to Roswell's attention that one of these buildings was at dangerous levels of disrepair. And rather than have it collapse on the kid's heads, they wanted it demolished.
     Akane had somehow been placed in charge of this effort, though even now she was unsure how or why that happened. It was still all a bit of a blur... She was there when they were assessing the building. She had volunteered to distribute the flyers and now she was standing near the building looking bewildered.
     She cleared her throat as she tried to get her courage back up. At the appointed time she would stand there, a bit of heavy makeup on her face for once especially on one side of her face and a cut of some sort on the other. She waited to see who would gather.
Melinda Being militia means you have to learn to help others when they need it. Sometimes it's not in your local area, and sometimes you have to travel a ways to get there. But for Melinda, she hears about what's happening and makes the trip to Roswell, despite how difficult it is to do on foot. The reality is, it's not that bad of a trip, it's just sometimes you have to fend off wild animals, mutants, and things like that. Just another day for Melinda, though.

Upon arriving, Melinda looks to Akane and salutes. "I heard you need some help, and I'm here to offer my assistance in any way I can." Melinda's voice is firm and to the point.
Kaelyn Kae can be seen aking her way into the area, the woman pausing as she looks at the building that's to be demolished curiously... Kae tilts her head, those long ears twitching a bit while she looks at the building and rubs at the back of her neck. CORA, Kae's AI Pip computer chimes in.. "From ripping turrets off walker mechs to dropping a barn... Wonderfully varied set of experiences!" Kae blinks and taps CORA's screen "Oy... One helps wherever they can!" Kae says and smiles slightly before approaching the group around the barn.

Yup, the pointy-eared red-eyed curvy 'witch' is on the scene! Kae then looks around for tools to be used to tear down the barn curiously...
Ashur The Legion makes men intimately acquainted with hard, thankless manual labor. Whether it's the digging of trenches, the erection of palisades, or hauling supplies and throwing a fully-grown adult male on a cross, there is no such thing as a lazy soldier.

As such, despite his wounds, when the call went out for workers to assist in demolition in Roswell, Ashur seized the opportunity. A chance to stretch and work, rather than lie in bed idle, with almost no risk of aggravatng his injuries further was too perfect to deny.

And so, beneath the baleful sun, striding through streets with no wind, comes the bull. His cloak flags behind him in such regal and pure white, the thick wool of his toga sensually wrapping his torso and shoulders and hanging low to his feet. He is unarmored but his right hand is encased in a truly massive power fist.

"Kaelyn," he says, grinding a loose stone beneath his heel as he steps in alongside her. "What does your computer mean? I was on the machine during the siege -- I saw no one attacking the turrets."

He hasn't spied Akane yet, but his voice certainly carries far.
Tibbie It's been a while since Tibbie Gaines has left her usual spot of ShantyTown, but today she's hoofed it over to the outskirts to help out, skipping into the scene of people with a crude set of gloves and a flyer in hand shows she's come to volunteer her time. Her overall bubbliness could be seen as off-putting to some but she can't help being herself. "Let's get this nasty barn DOWN!" She announces to nobody in particular as she checks out how dilapidated the barn looks.
Akane      Akane watched Melinda come up first and smiled at the woman. They appeared a similar age within a few years anyway. The crimson-haired woman spotted the military insignia and smiled with a nod, recognizing the salute but not trying to emulate it. Doing it wrong could insult someone and she was not about to do that....
     Kaelyn was next to show and Aane remembered seeing her do.. well... /something/ to the spider mech that day she arrived in town. She nodded to Kae in greeting as well, unable to keep from chuckling at the interaction with CORA.
     And then she spotted Ashur. She watched the romanesque man as he stepped up next to Kaelyn and asked about the turrets... He /would/ show up. "We do not need the crippled to become more so, Legionnaire." Her voice betrayed a touch of ice in its tone. "Do not allow a structure to further harm you. We may need you should the Enclave return after all. We cannot allow you to be harmed in such a way." Her eyes dared him. Just DARED him. To start something. Well, /SHE/ had started it this time. But hey. She was this far. Why not jump off a cliff?! "How's your shoulder, Brute?" A small smirk played across her features....
     Someone coughed.
     Akane suddenly shifted like a snap back to her nicer calmer less suicidal self then as she spotted Tibbie. She grinned. "Well, it'snot really a barn but. It's got to be close."
     Finally, Akane stepped forward and clapped her hands a few times to garner attention. Once eyes were on her she smiled at them all. "Thank you all for coming. You all know what's happening I assume so here's a few more details for safety. The building has 2 stories and a basement. The floors are half rotted and the walls are already crumbling. Apparently, some drug addict nearly fell through the floorboards on the roof too so be careful. I'm a medic of sorts but I don't want anyone hurt today."
     Even Ashur.
     "Alright, We've checked in the last half hour but perhaps we should do one more sweep to be certain there are no children in there and then we can figure a way to drop this building." She looked over everyone.
     Even Ashur.
     Looking for suggestions. "I don't think anyone cares as long as we don't destabilize the other buildings in this location or kill anyone."
Melinda Standing at attention, Melinda keeps a blank stare as she listens intently to what Akane is saying. Once the woman is finished, Melinda nods a little. "Understood. I'll go ahead and take a look around just to be sure. We don't know for certain if anyone's still in there or not, and we can't assume it's safe either. Might be helpful if we check for anything that might be dangerous during the removal." She looks to the others. "Anyone wish to come with me?"
Kaelyn Kae glances backto Ashur and umms.. "I crushed the gatlin turret with the power of my mind?" She says and tilts her head... "Ya didn't see?" Kae asks curiously as CORA states "Course he didn't see, it's telekinesis, ya can't see the action, but only the result." She says and Kae blinks and shrugs slowly. "Well there is that..." She then looks to Ashur "If ya saw the gatlin turret squish and go boom, then well that was me..." She says and smiles again.
Tibbie Tibbie raises her hand and meanders over to taller blonde woman, "I will!" she says with a chipper tone of voice. She cups her mouth and shouts towards the building, "C'MON AND GIT OUTTA THERE KIDDOS!" Tibbie giggles and smiles, but waits on the military woman to go any further than that.
Ashur The woman's blatant provocations might raise the Legionnaire's ire under normal circumstances -- might see him rise to the bait in prideful assertion of his proper masculine authority.

That he fails to so much as bristle, then, is noteworthy. Indeed, though she calls him cripple and brute, the look he levels at her is unaggressive. There's a certain smugness to it, thin lips half-cocked in lopsided smirk, one arm folding behind his back beneath the cloak.

"The pain is much diminished," he replies, giving the shoulder a demonstrative roll. "due to your affectionate concern. Gratitude to you, priestess."

And that's it. As if she were once a challenge and is no longer, he thanks her and carries on walking.

To Kaelyn next he speaks, tucking one of his heavy braids behind a shoulder. "The power of your mind," he says, sluggishly disbelieving. "I see. Well done, then. I could not see from my position atop it -- I rode the beast as it climbed the walls."

He turns and continues to walk, casting golden eyes at the abominable dwelling they're meant to explore. A crumbling roof, a second-floor balcony that is nothing more than a few splintered boards and half a railing, and he's pretty sure it's sitting at an angle compared to its neighbors. What joy.

He draws nearer Melinda and Tibbie. "I will escort you, woman," he volunteers. "And we will take this small, bubbly creature in the event there are vents or small corners to hide her in."

He does not volunteer Kaelyn's services, out of a mixture of almost-paternal affection and the belief she's not right in the head and it would be cruel to endanger her.
Akane      Akane nodded to Melinda in agreement, glad the woman was there and honestly wishing SHE was in charge... She had to be used to it! Kaelyn was still chatting with Ashur when Tibbie stepped forward and shouted at kids to get out. Akane's green eyes went wide in surprise then she chuckled. Well, that was one way to do it.
     Ashur's little demonstration and affect toward her got an acid-laced smile in return. Oh, that wouldn't last.... Not at all.But then he's there to work and the moment passes. Akane is like most women. Loooong memory.
     As the team moves through the first floor the boards under the creak and groan under each step, threatening to snap at any moment. In a few places, they do.
     Melinda steps in a thin place but has enough time to realize it was crumbling under her foot and to back off. The floor there crumbles leaving a shadow behind but she is fine.
     Kaelyn and Ashur weren't as lucky as each put too much weight on their respective boards. Luckily they would have time and wherewithal to catch themselves but they might have scratches up to the knee where they kind of fell through...
     Now Tibbie, Tibbie wasn't so lucky. The bouncy one bounced a little too much as she moved along and had no time to respond when she landed.. and a loud CRASH was heard. When the dust settles unless something intervenes, Tibbie will be in the basement!
Kaelyn Kae acks as her foot goes through a floorboard. Shes able to catch her self, and tugs her foot free... Then she sees Tibbie start to go through the floorboard, and Kae's hand shoots out "Watchout!" She calls and yah her eyes litterally glow now, the crison irises lighting up a small area around Kae as she 'reaches' out as it were to grab Tibbie and try to keep her from falling. Tibbie might even feel a force act on her, grab her, try to hold her up.

And somehow she might not even fall anywhere near as fast as she should, simply kind of float, spinning slowly and also sinking very slowly as well. Way too slow for a normal fall that is. Kae grits her teeth and mutters "IF anyone can grab her please?" She says, a little bit of strain in her voice... "This TK thing is a flighty ability, not at al like say walking and I hae no clue how long I can hold this."
Melinda The moment Melinda feels the floorboard giving way under her foot, she steps back a little. "Hmmm, definitely not a safe place for anyone to be," She says sternly. "If anyone is still here, they'd best be careful getting out, since it's gonna be harder than getting in." She frowns, then goes wide-eyed as Tibbie starts to fall. "No!" She attempts to reach out and grab Tibbie, attempting to save her from a potentially dangerous fall.
Ashur There's a wooden thundercrack as Ashur's lead foot collapses a part of the floor -- karma's reward for the jackboot. He stumbles at the suddenness of it, taking to a knee with his hands spread across the wood, sharp edges and old nails poking at his hip. "Wretched ruin," he snarls, trying to tug himself up. It's hard to get leverage, as in the basement's dark air his foot kicks and swings, finding nothing to push up off of. After ten or so seconds of struggle, though, he pulls himself up with his arms and wiggles forward.

The brute stands, sucks in a wrathful breath, and with a sudden outburst of force and fury strikes the floor with his power fist. His hand slams through the ground and breaks another chunk of it off, sending dust and splinters into the air in a great cloud.

As this happens, the group works to rescue Tibbie from the horrible fate of a sprained ankle.

"Just hold her there," he idly rumbles, getting down to his knees and backing up into the hole he created. He'll push off and hook his hands into the edge of the floor, his lower half dangling through the floor, and then drop into the shadow.
Tibbie Tibbie excalims "Wooo-ooah!" as she's somewhat falling in slow motion she has the time to look and even laughs "This is some cool mojo!". Tibbie looks up at the others with open arms "But it sure makes me wanna pee! Pull me up!"
Akane      It all happened fast. Between limbs slipping, boards shattering and Tibbie falling, it all only took a few seconds. But that's how it goes right? A few seconds could be the difference between disaster and success. Luckily it was just the difference of Tibbie getting a few bruises on her butt as she landed with just enough force to bruise but not twist or break anything.
     Akane came running after hearing the crash, careful of the boards underfoot. "Gods! Is everyone alright??" She peered down at the hole and heard Tibbie below, creeping closer to peer over then looking for a way to pull her back up.
     Meanwhile, Tibie would see there was no one in the basement.
     Akane looked at Ashur... seemed to think on something then sighed and upnodded toward the giant. "Think you could lend me your cloak, Ashur? Get us out?" And before she waited for an answer she skipped about from board to board to a wall to the basement floor beside Tibbie as though it were nothing to move so lightly or oddly. But she was the medic and so she was checking Tibbie over to be sure she wasn't hurt. Then she peered up at those above, waiting for Ashur, dear Ashur to let her.. HIS cloak down...
Melinda "I'm all right," Melinda replies, looking down the hole where Tibbie fell. "But she's fallen, and I can't quite reach her! Does anyone have a rope or something?" Melinda kneels down by the hole and calls out, "If you can hear me, say something. Let me know if you're injured at all."
Ashur The quick-footed Akane makes it down to the basement even as Ashur's preparing to hook his way over the ledge and control fall to the next floor. The bull chuffs, and prepares to ease himself back and down -- but then she's asking for his cloak. "No," he calls down to her. "I will lift you both up."

The giant is almost seven feet tall and strong as two brahmin, after all.

"Move, so I do not land on you."

The command hangs in the air only a moment longer than he himself does, and then he's dropping into the empty basement with the girls, leaving Melinda and Kaelyn the enviable task of hovering over a hole in the floor.

"Militia woman," the brute calls up, not recalling her name. "I am going to pass the girls up to you and Kaelyn. Work together to lift them."
Kaelyn Kae glances down as she tries to maintain her 'hold' on Tibbie for now, least till she's safely down... Kae then glances to where she thinks Ashur is... "See I'm not completely crazy!" she calls out..." Kae then asks "Ya allright man?" She says and tilts her head curiously as she looks to Tibbie.

Kae blinks and nods at Ashur "You might be able to just toss Tibbie up and all, I'll maintain the telekinetic link and all, then when she gets up here I can pull her to me, think like a slow arc."
Tibbie Tibbie laughs and saultes the athletic Akane, still on her bruised butt, "I'm allllright boss! And it looks like there aint a soul in here but us! A job well done!" Tibbie says this loud enough to echo the message up to Melinda. She takes a minute to stand up, but she'll live thanks to the telekinetic help.
Akane      "No, Ashur you stay up.. there..." Akane sighed and sidestepped the brute as he jumped down with them. Yes, he might be able to lift them but... "And who's going to lift your gargantuan ass?" Shakin her head at his lack of foresight Akane helped Tibbie to her feet and motioned for the girl to approach Ashur for the hand up, whether that meant with Kaelyn's mind control or just help up didn't seem to matter to Akane.
     Once they had Tibbie up and out of the basement, Akane herself glanced around as well, affirming that there was no one but her and Ashur in the basement. But she didn't let him lay a hand on her. Instead, she turned and dashed away from him, tapped her foot twice and then basically tried to run up the wall and spring off his back, leaping out of the hole on her own. (Unless he contests and tries something we shall see)
Tibbie Tibbie swings her arm enthusiastically and looks up at the big guy now that she's up and out of that dingy basement, "Thanks for the lift big guy!". She bows to the pretty humanoid Kaelyn, "And you too Miss, uh, Silver-hair!" a soft flush of red burns her cheeks.
Melinda Melinda steps back and nods once she makes sure Tibbie is OK. "All right, now that everyone seems to be OK, let's continue with our sweep, shall we?" She seems a bit on the eager side to finish what they've started.
Kaelyn Kae glances down into the basement curiously and ummms.... "Sooo how are we getting you out of there Ashur?" She asks curiously, now looking to Akane too... She offers her hand to the latter to try and help pull her out. She then grins at Ashur "And see, I can so move stuff with my mind! " She says, yup she's getting silly a bit... "Anyhoo, Imma thinking maybe we should stick close to the barn's edges where the floor should be strongest..."
Ashur Tibbie is insubstantial; Ashur grabs her by the hips with an easy and decisive strength, lifting her more than halfway to the roof simply by stretching his arms up. If his fingers should bruise her sides, or during the toss-up into Kaelyn's psychic embrace he should palm her ass, well, those are just things that happen when you're an overly-strong gentleman like he is.

"And now y--" His words are interrupted by Akane's attempts to spring off his back -- he snatches her out of the air with a practiced swat, tugging her down and holding her aloft by the scruff of her neck, her clothes bunched up under his hand. He stares at her. And then he slings her over his shoulder.

"Wrap your arms around my neck," he instructs. "You're too hurt for jumping."

He looks up toward Kaelyn and Melinda and waves them along. "If there is a basement, there are stairs. Sweep the other rooms, safe as you can, and we'll find our way out." A basement door, or even a window to squeeze through would all work.
Akane      Akane yelp-squeaked as she was plucked out of the air and hung by the poncho from Ashur's fist. She was clearly about to bite his hand and possibly aim a kick for his groin when he basically told her she was too hurt for jumping. The statement stilled her retaliation and a look of confusion crossed her features. When he tossed her over to his back and told her to hang on she just numbly did so. Her expression and breathing showed plainly that it hurt her to put that kind of pressure on her shoulders, however. Not that she let go. Pain be damned.
     The stairs were there and were a mess but they made it back to the second floor with little trouble.
     The final sweep found nothing and no one else hiding in the ruins. But they did notice some basic supports that seemed to be holding the whole bar of cards upright. it gave Akane an idea.
     Upon regrouping near the first-floor entrance, Akane would simply let go of Ashur, cheeks pink and eyes flashing at him. But then she'd mention the supports. "The ones on the first floor we can shoot from outside the building. Miss Kaelyn, if you can break the one on the second floor we saw.... and we shoot the ones o the first floor then..." She frowned but looked at Ashur. "A good hard punch to the ground about... there." She pointed to a specific spot close to the beam in the basement. "Should bring the whole thing down into the basement. IF Our giant can punch that hard I mean." The building shouldn't be a trouble compared to a mech right???
Tibbie Tibbie sticks close to one of her lords and saviors of the day, Kaelyn, while focused on the boss Akane's master plan to demolish this demonic building, nodding along happily. Tibbie adds "We got this! And I even started it off for us!" She beams.
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head to the left curiously. "Umm.... Well I can shoot it, Saddly doing lots of TK litterally hurts... Least for now... "Kae tilts her head "We've made sure no one was in it, whynot just set it on fire and step back? Do it the safe way, we can then salvage the nails and stuff...
Melinda Checking to make sure her gun is loaded, Melinda nods to Akane. "All we gotta do is shoot carefully and this place will be taken care of." She smirks a little. "At least we won't have to give it last rites." She looks to Kaelyn and says, "If we set it on fire, there's a chance the fire might spread!"
Ashur The behemoth's lumbering gait might strain Akane's arms as she holds onto him, but it's certainly an easier task than parkouring her way eleven-odd feet into the air and scrambling out through a hole of splintered wood and rusted nails. And so, thunderously trekking across the concrete of the basement floor, Ashur will find his way to a dilapidated staircase. There's rot in the wood, and a few of them have utterly collapsed into a mold-ridden mess from countless years of a dripping plumbing pipe leaking out onto them -- and the rest, oh, how they shudder when he moves. But he does carefully make it back to the main floor, and return the girl to her group.

"I am to topple this wreck with a punch?" The idea elicits a barking laugh after she releases him, causing the long-cloaked brute to turn about and look at where she points. His right hand lifts and flexes into a fist. "So be it. Whatever you lot settle on, command me as you will."

He's never actually destroyed a building before. The idea of muscle-driven demolition is entertaining.

And if they settle on fire or something else, well, it's all good with him.
Kaelyn Kae looks at Melinda curiously "Not if we set small fires on the base supports and all.. It will eat through the wood and make the barn collapse in on its self, then it will burn inside the basement? But if you wanna shoot out the supports and all.."Kae tugs a desert eagle from her belt, the woman cycling a round into the massive pistol "I can shoot the supports out for you and all, Though I think better would be to saw them partway in two and let mother nature handle the rest...." Kae says and rubs at the back of her neck "Oh I can also go get my 9 mm sub machine gun and just shoot them all out with that...
Akane      Akane shook her head at Kaelyn. "Like Miss Melinda said, we can't damage other buildings and if we saw those beams any further it could all come down on top of us before we get out. But even without the one on the second floor it should work so shoot the ones on the first floor." She tapped her chin hen peered over at Ashur as he told them to command him. Akane looked like she had a comment but wisely kept it to herself.
     Everyone took their places and on the signal fired their weapons. (Someone even lent Tibbie a gun so she could help!) As predicted, the supports began to give way and Akane turned, lifting her voice. "Now Ashur!" And with that mighty punch...
     Nothing happened.
     Well, at first. A crack opened under his fist and there was a bit of a ruble and CRASSSSHHHH!! The building fell mostly neatly into the basement shell. No one would see this right away but when the dust settled.. the town was down one dangerous building!
     Mission Clear.
Tibbie Tibbie cheers for everyone on their success, arm up and pounding out high-fives to the demolition crew!
Kaelyn kae shrugs slowly, and takes aim at the beam she was supposed to before firing a few rounds through it, the 44 mag rounds blowing large chunks out of said wood before Kae steps back.. She watches the barn come down and tilts her head curiously as she watches everything come falling down "Now that could be ammusing to find out just how we can recycle the nails out of it.