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Lynnette And at least the bar was cleaned up again. Lyn was back in that dress and behind the bar cleaning it up. There was only a couple of guys in there and shocking it was quiet. Taking a deep breath she would lean on the bar and look out the one window there before turning and fixing herself some water.
Devlin     Upon opening the door to the Cantina, Devlin lifts a hand and racks his knuckles against the doorframe to announce his presence. On his hip once again was his strapped helmet, letting his short platinum blond hair be on a messy display. "Well now, this place looks quite a bit better than it did a few days ago.." Turning his head towards the bar and along the entry way wall, he tries to see if the bullet holes were plastered over or if they were left as a raw reminder if the recent incident. Turning his gaze back towards Lynnette, he dips his head while motioning with a invisible hat a greeting towards the well dressed younger woman. "Well now, like what you've done with the place."
Lynnette Those green eyes would look up and raised her brow a bit before smiling. "Well well well......" Standing up straight she'd lean back against the wall, folding her arms over her chest. "If isn't the man that was gonna let those hooligans attempt to rough me up......" Those holes were definitely plastered need to leave that reminder. In fact she had cleaned the place up quite a bit now. "And thank you. It's officially mine now.....the benevolent Jack leased it to me indefinitely so....." There was a wink tossed his way before she leaned back on that bar top. "So what brings you by? Missed me?"
Devlin     "Hey now, I was only ganna let them rough you up a teeny bit, then I was going to save you with caps. I ended up only helping with energy cells." Closing his eyes, Devlin doesn't hide the fact a smirk was beginning to tug on his lips at the seeming annoyance. "Leased.. A lease that he could revoke unless you've now got him wrapped around that dainty pinky of your's." Closing the door behind himself, Devlin turns his gaze towards the other occupants of the cantina, trying to give them an assessment before turning back to Lynnette but it seems he was purposefully not looking at her eyes but towards her prominant bust to talk to. "Yes my friends, I missed your lovely visage.." tilting his gaze up slightly, he looks at the woman's emerald eyes to say, "I missed you too. Glad to see everything's been relatively quiet here too, or am I mistaken?"
Lynnette "Gee....thanks...." Of course that was completed with an eye roll tossed his way before she would smile....slightly. Of course when he finally walked in and started to talk to her, or more so her chest she would just laugh then. "You're so full of crap. You can cut it out now." Pushing off of the counter she'd grab a glass and set it down in front of him. "And yeah. I guess people realized I wasn't joking about running this place. As for him revoking it...." She'd pull out another glass for herself but fixed herself some water. "I doubt that he's gonna do that to little ol' me.....he too seems to be a fan of my assets...."
Devlin     While her being direct enough to call him out wasn't expected, Devlin starting to grin widely as he approaches the bar. Quickly taking up a perch, he watches the glass being filled with something clear and odorless. "Wrapped snuggly around your pinky, or rather snuggly tucked away in your bosom, I see I wasn't far off. And that smells too weak for moonshine, just water in the middle of the day?" Looking off to the side, he starts to look at the door once again but then when he looks to Lynnette he gives her outfit a brief once over and says, "I don't think you lured any more in today, planning to keep it civil to celebrate the new ownership to the other tender's dismay?"
Lynnette Sighing she would just shake her head before shrugging. "He thinks I'm cute.....but mostly it was my money. Jack know he ain't touching me so he can look all he wants and take the money." Taking a long sip of her water she'd raise her brow at him. "Yup....water. I only really get messed up when I'm not working or around certain people." Watching him then she'd give him a once over then chuckled. "No I'm not luring anymore raiders in. I just know not to do it with you around since you'll leave me to the wolves. I'll wait for Alpha."
Devlin     Moves a hand over his heart in mock pain at the accusation. "Now now, that was just going to be a scare lesson for you. Don't try to hire me on without first telling me or even negotiating a fee." Closing his eyes, Devlin shrugs his shoulder though the slightly lopsided smile was still easy on his lips. "Now if you were offering up drinks, rounds or even a set amount of caps for each of the stinking raiders, that would have been a different story." Placing his hands onto the counter, he crosses them at the wrists, his eyes now not wavering from her own. "Now, before you said you might be needing a hand once you owned the place, is Alpha your new bouncer when not on patrol?"
Lynnette "Whatever...." Lyn let it go at that then before nodding to the glass. "You want something to drink?" Picking up her glass she'd drink a bit more smirking then. " you wanna work for me?" Chuckling she would then shake her head a bit. "And no he's not. He checks on me out of the goodness of his heart. But now that he's sheriff.....I'm sure he won't have time for that."
Devlin     "I'll have a glass of what you're having," is said as Devlin uses a finger to point towards the glass Lynnette held for the moment. "He's.. the Sheriff?" Blinking in honest surprise, his lips came together in a low toned whistle before looking towards the side at a empty barstool. "Now now.. having the mayor lusting after you and your money while you sit pretty in the sheriff's lap after having him kill raiders for you.." Lifting the once pointing finger he chides, "For no fee mind you," before lowering his hand again and looking back towards the woman to continue speaking calmly. "..then hiring a mercenary that's just now moving in to act as private security? My my, so many pies, so little time."
Lynnette Picking up that water pitcher she'd pour him a glass of water before putting it up. "Yeah that's a new development....real new." Lyn then stared at him intently then as she tilted her head. "I don't think I like your tone, Devlin. Jack's just a most: boobs and he's pretty happy gawking. And what do you mean sitting pretty in his lap? You think he should have charged me?" Letting out a soft laugh she'd shake her head. "And who said I hired a merc?" Tapping her chin then she'd smile a bit. "I....don't recall hiring one...."
Devlin     "Unlike most men.. I would hope, have more endurance than just to be swayed about ownerships at a lovely image, no disrespect intended." Extending his hand, Devlin gingerly takes up the glass but doesn't take a sip just yet. "As for sitting pretty, I think he was being well paid, especially with 'how romantic' it was for you two. Not every payment is in caps. Sometimes relationships, even if pure, offer gains.. he was rather protective of you, certainly wanted to shoot me for musing using you further as bait." Grinning broadly, he gives Lynnette a hasted wink before murmuring, "I think the sheriff wants you all to himself." With that last line said, he opts to ignore her own tease of not hiring him, choosing to slowly drink from the offered glass.
Lynnette "None taken.....though you seemed tempted when you first met me...." Shrugging then she'd drink some more of her water until he started talking about how 'well paid' Alpha, she actually began to blush. Frowning she would look at him more intently. "And would have served you right....I'm only 'bait' when I choose to be and I know someone isn't going to leave me high and dry....." Looking him over she would then scoff as she averted her gaze to the door while continuing. "And sounds to me like you're disappointed if he does. It's not becoming....." Smirking she'd glance back over to him then sighed. "Anyway.....what's your fee for part time work anyway?"
Devlin     "Tempted to touch," suddenly chuckling, Devlin briefly smiles wide enough several of his teeth could be seen, all of which were oddly straight and none of which were missing. "I can't think of a man who wouldn't weaken at the seeming steady offer being presented to him.." Then he noticed her cheeks tinting heavily at the mention of Alpha again which only fuels his amusement. "No, I know a tease when I see them. Though doesn't mean I would have been turned away after only a first few slaps if there was nothing else to do. Sounds like a fun and rough, possibly loud evening."
    Closing his eyes, he shrugs, not seeming to be ashamed to admit such and returns to drinking the glass of water she had given him. "Depends on how often you want me around. I'm also working part time for Iris now, working on going through her armaments, cleaning, reselling them on her behalf." Rotating his wrist, Devlin sloshes what little water is left in the glass before setting it down onto the counter with a soft click. "I'll charge you a soft drink, finding more cider and maybe a meal for each day or night I'm here without an incident. Afterwards, you'll cover my ammunition fee and pay me with intel about new jobs and helping me by pushing intel to those that travel through here. How does that sound?"
Lynnette "You're lucky....." Lyn would stare at him then smirked a bit. "As for that evening....I guess we'll never know...." She seemed to be deep in thought as she eyed him then with a chuckle. "I would have thought maybe I was little young for ya...."

Snickering she would move on to the task at hand but refilled that glass with water as soon as he sat it down. "Alright....seems fair. We can make that food and stuff happen. Intel about work....? Also fair. However I do expect you to reciprocate if you hear about anything worth of note or if I let you know I'm looking for something." Licking her lips she would then tap her chin thought before continuing. " far as this ammunition fee.....what is that fee?"
Devlin     Was smirking until the pause which quickly cause his brows to knit, "Ya callin me an old fart?" is asked quickly, seemingly a knee jerk reaction than fully intended. Closing his eyes, Devlin attempts his hide that he rolled his own eyes only opening them when he noticed she was filling his glass again. At the topic of intel he easily nodded in agreement both times, "Also if I head of other Raiders wanting to come for ya.. I won't tell you. 'I won't need to'," is more softly added, his soft smile returning.
    Soon he abandons the glass to slip a hand into his duster, bringing out small energy cell, placing it onto the counter before sliding it across to Lynnette. "Small laser weapons use this round, sometimes merchant gouge and sell them for almost nine caps a pop. If you find someone willing to sell you them for less, then each time I use this pistol in your name, you only have to give me a fresh cell." Tapping the cell lightly twice, Devlin withdraws his hand and takes up the glass to let it hover at his lips to speak once more before taking a drink, "If I use a lighter round, then the cost on you is less, if I need to use a heavier round as you pissed of an armored squad.. you get the picture."
Lynnette "If I wanted to call you old....I'd call you old. Besides...." Taking a sip of water she'd smile then. "I like more mature men...." Giving him a wink then she'd grin. "They always teach me a thing or two...." Licking her lips and taking another drink of water, it was back to business. "Okay.....that sounds fine I guess. However....if it's something for the town....I'm not paying for it. Everyone pitches in to keep outside riff raff just that: outside. Now then....." Leaning on the counter she'd smiler. "As for when you're on the clock....I should only need you twice a week. I do pretty good alone for the most part."
Devlin     "If it's something for the town, then you seem to be good with talking with Jack, you can be the middle 'man' then." Tilting his head back, Devlin nods lightly but then looks away, pointing with the now empty glass towards the cliffside. "I am clearing a home out that way, should be set up soon so if you need me suddenly, just drop by." Glancing back towards Lynnette, he starts to smile widely saying, "I think this arrangement will be working quite well. I think we'll become fast friends, old incidents and all." Letting go of the glass, he turns his palm upwards in offering for her to take, "Lets shake on it then, 'Boss'."
Lynnette "Inviting a woman to your home? Well then....aren't we bold?" Grinning she would look to the door then back to him. "But got it. Good to know." Lyn would tilt her head a bit then as she smiled. "Friends? I guess. Just don't get too friendly....someone might not like it....." Now there was a slight giggle before she held her hand out and took his firmly, a rather firm shake compared to most women. "Just hope you don't mind working for little ol' me." Once they shook on it, she took a deep breath before looking him over intently. "You must think I'm some bimbo.....huh?"
Devlin     "Bimbos lack brains and have managers tell them what to do." Devlin doesn't release her hand readily, choosing to shift his thumb, rubbing it gently across the back of her knuckles while maintaining the hold. The smile on his lips lessens some, but never fades as he speaks softly, not seeming to want the rest of the bar to hear him. "You have a good head on your shoulders, you're bold.. You're rather manipulative, you know what you want and you take it. Lynnette, you are a temptress who uses all of her assets to her advantage." With a choked chuckle, Devlin grins at the woman, not being able to fully keep his voice down as he continues, quite amused and seemingly imagining what he was saying as he said it, "Calling or thinking of you as a bimbo will get me tricked, exploited and wondering what happened to all my caps, gear -and- wondering why I got another gun in my face."
Lynnette When he didn't exactly let go of her hand she'd raise her brow then as he began to speak more softly to her. Staring at him she'd slowly smile then chuckled. "My father taught me well. He said women tend to be weak and he wasn't gonna have any daughter of his be like that. As he said....just because you don't have a gun doesn't mean you still can't die by one....." She'd lean in a bit as she looked at his hand on hers then grinned. "However.....if you keep holding my hand....and someone sees it....they really might put that gun in your" There was a wink then as she whispered. "Alpha makes good on his promises....." Sitting back she'd grin before nodding. "Now then.....anything else you want from me, handsome?"
Devlin     "I did say I wouldn't be easily put off at a slap or two, though all I am doing is just holding your hand, innocent, I assure you." While his words said one thing, the smirk on his lips told that Devlin knew it was not true. It would take another second before he relaxes and slips his hand away to grasp onto the glass of water o drink in fully before turning it upside down onto the counter. "Now, as a man who enjoys playing with fire, I shall do so in moderation. Not stop, but in bits at a time. As for anything else, I think the next step is time, a few good meals as a few bodies dragged out, stripped and left for the Geckos."
Lynnette Laughing she would shake her head then as she was finally able to pull that hand back. "I didn't say a slap.....I said a bullet." She'd then lean on the counter as she took that glass away and put it down with the rest of the dirty dishes. "And I just think you're doing it to get a rise out of me....not because you mean it." Winking then she'd push back and nodded her head in the direction of the kitchen. "You hungry now? I might have something back there but I've sent Chuck out to retrieve supplies so lord only knows. I'm trying to get this place in order...."
Devlin     "Meaning it and doing it to get a rise out of a cute girl is the same thing to me now." Chuckling softly, Devlin pushes himself up from the stool by putting a hand onto the bar counter. Moving the hand to his neck, he steadily begins to massage it but then pauses, "No, not this time. I'll wait for a proper night of work before staying for a meal, or when I stop by again on my own. Now.. did you have any requests being made before I step out? This is a soft workday after all." Turning to look at Lynnette, he pauses for a few seconds, waiting for her reply before he would decide to leave to stay longer.
Lynnette "And I'm the tease.....?" Chuckling she would then watch him get up from his seat then nodded. Placing her hands on her hips she would walk around the counter then to where he was standing. "Sounds good. And naw I'm good. Go and do whatever it do." Chuckling she'd shrug a bit. "I'm sure it might be a slow and quiet day so nothing from me."
Devlin     "Yes, a devilish tease that even now is trying to lure me in to stealing a kiss and trade of slaps slap, my face for your rump." Shrugging helplessly with one shoulder, Devlin moves a hand down to his hip, adjusting a strap and bringing up his helmet, placing it onto his head. With a few seconds spared to secure the protective piece before turning away from Lynnette, unable to keep himself from smiling as he makes his way to the door. He would soon disappear out the door, closing it behind himself unless she called him back at the last moment for a sudden chore.