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Iris Lark Iris walks in, peeking around tentatively before she walks up to the bar and sets a basket atop of it. "Helloo?" She calls out, pushing her hair way from her face as she shrugs out of her coat. "Lyn, are you here?"
Lynnette "One second!" It's heard from one of those doors but out she comes from the kitchen with a box. "Hey lady!" She'd smile then as she dropped it on the counter and wiggled her fingers. "What's going on?" Still in that dress she would shift that split to hop up on a stool. "How's the leg?"
Iris Lark Iris takes a seat on the stool and crosses her legs, resting her folded hands on her lap. She shrugs a shoulder and pushes forward the covered basket. "I just came by to visit, and wanted to bring you a housewarming gift." She says, and then she glances down at her leg briefly. "My leg is okay, it wasn't all that bad of a cut, to be honest." She gestures around the bar. "How are things here?"
Lynnette Looking at the basket she'd take a peek then grinned. "Aw girl! You didn't have to do that!" She'd set it to the side and leaned over to give her a hug. "You're the best. And I'm glad the leg is better. Don't need you hobblin' along." Leaning back against the bar she'd run her fingers through her long hair. "And pretty good. Hired Devlin to do some part time security. Got the basement sorted out down there....there's even a room down there I'm turning into a bedroom for me and A....." She came to a halt then as she cleared her throat. "Yup going good. "
Iris Lark "He's doing some work for the General Store as well." Iris says, glancing towards the basement with a grin. "Devlin, that is." She shifts in her seat and props her chin on her palm. "I'm glad that you're doing good, are you going to come and visit me in Avalon still?" She asks, a slightly worried look on her face.
Lynnette Sighing she would nod then. "Yeah he told me. He's weird...." Leaving it at that for now she'd then smile. "Of course. I mean I can always go back to staying there....." There was a playful grin then. "....but I'm sure you and Rex want some space....."
Iris Lark Iris tilts her head slightly and nods at Lyn. "Devlin is a bit strange, but he's also kind of interesting. " She flushes pink and shakes her head a bit quickly. "It's not like that, not yet, and I dunno if that will change." She shrugs a shoulder and smiles a bit sadly. "I'll miss you, if you come visit that would be grand." She gestures towards the basement and adds. "You'll want your own space too, and I get that."
Lynnette "Oh? Want me to help you fix that?" Oh there goes that twinkle in her eye as she smirked. "And I'm always down to visit. We still have to have our girls nights...." Lyn just chuckled then before smiling at her softly. "I do but.....not in a basement. But it's a start right? I might get a separate house later...." Leaning over then she'd grin. "Also....Alpha apparently got made sheriff of Jack's Town."
Iris Lark "I ..I'm not sure yet really." Iris says, giggling softly as she blushes a bright pink. "I'm glad you'll still visit, I enjoyed having you around." She blinks at Lynnette and glances around the bar, lowering her voice. "They have law here?" She asks, and she looks curious, not insulting as she asks. "I didn't think that they did, I thought everyone was their own law."
Lynnette "Well I had fun.'re my friend. I didn't want to just stop hanging out. You won't get rid of me that easily." When she leaned in then she shrugged. "Girl I don't know. But apparently......there is. I mean it's this towns version but....." Lyn just laughed as she too found it funny. "But I'm all for it."
Iris Lark "Yeah, even the lawless need direction, or so one might say." Iris muses, leaning against the bar as she gazes around at the cleaned up space. "I'm glad you'll still come hang out with me, and if you need anything here - that I can help you with - I hope you'll ask." Her fingers tap tap against the bar top and she grins slowly. "Or if you need a place to crash every so often."
Camilla     Suddenly Camilla! She does have a way of just showing up at random places... She does actually look pretty good for a change, despite a rather large bruise on her forehead. Musta got banged up out scav'in. As she enters, her icy blues spot a Lynnette and an Iris and she lights up, happy to see Iris and
Lynnette Laughing she would then nod. "I suppose so. I mean whatever floats these guys boats. And if he wants to go do that....I told him don't be dumb about it." Giving a shrug she'd cross her legs, exposing that one bare one with those boots on. Those green eyes would then look over to the door to see Camilla walking in. Blinking she'd tilt her head then waved. "Hey there! How are ya?"
Iris Lark Iris smiles at Camilla as she walks in and gestures for her to come to the bar. "How are you doing Camilla?" She asks, before she nods at Lynnette.
Camilla     Cami trundles over to hold arms out for a hug from both of the other ladies with her. Lynn first and Iris Second. "Oh, I'm fine...besides stumbling on caldwell half dead and unconcious out on his property a few days ago..." she adds, a kinda half smile half frown forming on her face. "Been doing mostly ok other than that, I spent a few days with him and left some of the nurses to run the clinic. I was just out and about exploring and getting some me time, didn't expect to run in to you two here. Are you both doing well?"
Lynnette Returning that hug she would nod but that eyebrow would raise. "Caldwell...." Looking to Iris she'd still have a quizzical look. "Have I met this person? I don't think I know him....." Looking back to Camilla she would smile. "And at least you did happen to walk by. Who knows what would have happened to him otherwise." I mean she knew what would have happened but it was neither here nor here. "And I'm okay. And you'll find me here all the time actually. I'm running this place now....."
Iris Lark "It's good that you helped him, Camilla." Iris remarks, smiling at the other woman. "No, Lyn, I don't think you've met him yet. He's pretty funny though."
Camilla     Cami shrugs her shoulders, "Not sure, if you know him or not either. I didn't know him that well either until I stumbled on him half dead and now he wants me to move in with him.." she adds with a light giggle. "Anywho, yeah, he'd be dead if I didn't stumble on him out scav'ing." She blinks a few times and looks around, "Oh? Do you? Great!" pause "well, I mean, that is great right?" she adds looking between Iris and Lynn, assuming it's a good thing but obviously not wanting to make a complete assumption.

    She turns then back to Iris and smiles, "He's a goofball..." another pause "anyway, I interupted, I'll just step over here and let you two finish your conversation."
Lynnette "Oh another character...." Chuckling she would then look to Cami with a smirk. "Love at first sight it must be. Or he's sensing his mortality and realized life's too short." Snickering she'd then smiled brightly. "Oh yeah totally a good thing. Finally figuring out where I fit in. Seems running a cantina it is." Then she'd blink for a moment for Lyn spoke up. "Oh but you're not!"
Iris Lark "You would fit in anywhere that you needed to Lyn." Iris remarks, before she turns to gaze at Camilla, blinking. "You're more than welcome to stay and talk to us, I was just bringing Lyn some food for the next few days. She's making a go of it here." She shifts a bit and then adds. "Are you going to take Caldwell up on his invitation?"
Camilla     Cami blinks at Lynn and nods, "I, well, who knows really..." in response to Caldwell. "Oh, well, I'm glad and well," pause to look at Iris and then back and nod. "What Iris said, I'm sure you'd fit in anywhere and we only just met in the clinic.." she adds smiling warmly. "Oh, well, good..I'm glad.." she adds to both of them before turning slightly to Iris and blushin beat red.

    She nods again to the second statement but stays red, "Ya know, he did say I could just take a spare room and we'd be room mates, but umm, he seems to be in love with me because I saved his life..." she adds as she brings both of her hands up to her cheeks and basically, smakcs herself a few times, gently. "Oh lords, I have no idea...I mean, we just met and I saved his life was all and like, does he want to live with a broken slave girl that can't give him kids if he decides he wants a family? I mean, who'd want to live with me..I'm mess... and there's the legion still looking for me as well.." she adds. She looks really flustered.

    "Sorry, forgive me, so, you were bringing Lyn munchies, you're the best Iris ya know that?" smile.
Lynnette Lyn would just blink a bit as she listened. "Girl....." Chuckling at Cami she would just shake her head then. "Relax. Just take it easy. See what happens." Looking around, she'd lower her voice. "The guy I'm seeing....he said he wanted me as soon as he saw me. But I let him chase me. Kinda glad I went along with it. But we've only known each other for a couple of weeks maybe?" Shrugging she would smile then. "And yes....Iris is the best."
Iris Lark Iris shakes her head and smirks. "Just doing what I would want anyone to do for me in the same twist." She says, waving away the praise. "Be careful of Caldwell, he seems..very hyper." She says, giggling softly. "Nice guy though, for the most part." She kicks back adn forth on her stool and grins. "When you see him, ask him if it still wants a plasma rifle, eh?" She nibbles on her bottom lip and sighs. "I'm going to have to get home soon, check on things. I'm ..growing a farm? I think."
Camilla     Camilla nods to Lyn and lets out a long deepy exhale. "Yeah, well, I mean...all I did was save his life, not really sure I'm interested anyway.." she adds blushing again. "I've already got someone I'm, well, they'll never know and it wouldn't work, and people would say things, and I'm sure they don't feel the same way, so, it's moot..." cough, "and besides, I'm not really the /chase me/ type.."

    camilla smiles warmly at Iris and nods, "Yes well, you're still awesome." Pause, beat, "He, yeah, well, yeah..." she coughs again. "I'll ask him for you, are you leaving already?"
Lynnette "Yeah...I'm not big on it either but he did it in his own way." Long story but she wasn't about to get into that sordid story....yet. Yawning she would just shake her head a bit then. "And so what if people talk? Back where I was I called a skank. I mean they weren't wrong but still.....not their business."
Iris Lark "I have a few things to do, nothing terribly important. If you'd like Cami, you can come back to the house with me." Iris replies, grinning over at the other girl. "I just came to quickly drop off food for Lyn, I don't want to hold her up."
Camilla     Camilla nods to Lyn and then smirks, "Yeah well, I'm a former legion slave, imagine what they called me..." retorts cami with a straight face. "Though, you're right, none of their buisness." She turns to look at Iris and nods, "I would like that. I keep showing up to places just to get a few minutes with you and then you're off again..."
Lynnette Looking between the two women she would smile then. "Well don't worry about me. I'm kind of a slacker....but I should get back to work I suppose...." Shrugging she'd look at that box on the counter then side. Looking back to Cami she'd nod. "Yeah well...oh well screw them."
Grover Grover opens the door, and steps inside...letting his eyes adjust to the light. "What do we have here...a tavern of some kind. I wonder if they serve any legion drinks here." He asks of himself, as he strolls into the place and makes his way over to the bar.
Camilla     So, Iris is out the door, and then there's another person entering in to the cantina who openly mentions the Legion. So, she turns around, lays eyes on the man, and just freezes.
Lynnette She'd look over at the man that enters, that leg still exposed from her dress via the split....not like she cares. Sighing she'd look over to Cami and raised a brow. Licking her lips she'd then put a hand on the girl's shoulder. "Want to help me back here?" Grinning she'd slip from her stool and picked up that box she had brought in earlier before making her way back behind the bar. "Welcome!" She'd call out as she sat down that restock of beer.
Grover Grover says, "Greeting...a quaint little place. Don't suppose you stock any wines or ales that you might find in the legion? Its been a while since I've been able to find any...if not, what ever you serve here.." As he looks to the two of them."
Camilla     Camilla turns slowly to look at Lynnette, "No thank you..." she says softly. "I think it's best I be going..." she adds as she places her right hand on the shoulder stock of her rifle.
Lynnette Her brow would raise a bit as she listened to the question but looked around. "Afraid not, handsome. But now that I've taken this place over....maybe I'll look into it." Licking her lips she would look over at Cami then but just watched her. "Okay! Feel free to stop by whenever. And give Iris my love!" Pulling that basket off the counter she'd wink at the girl before nodding to the door. "Be safe." Looking back to the mean she'd lean on the counter then. "So....whiskey? Beer...? What's your poison.....?"
Grover Grover looks at Cami, "Don't leave on my behalf. I just stopped in for a seem a bit nervouse...something bothering you?" He lets his attention drift back to Lynn, "Whiskey long as its not from Mexico...the stuff down there tasted like it had been made with bubbles." He shakes his head a bit.
Camilla     Cami smiles back at Lynnette and nods, "I will.." and begins to head for the door. She's almost there before Grover pipes up and she turns around to face him, "You." That's all the response he gets as she just stands there for a moment, looking more than nervous. "Honestas. Industria. Prudentia" she adds in as she gives the man a long, burning, glare with icy blue eyes.
Lynnette Chuckling a bit she'd set a glass on the bar in front of her then pulled out a bottle. "I think she's just worn out is all..." Exhaling a bit she'd then turn to grab a bottle of whiskey and poured his glass a nice little bit. "And's not some stuff from Mexico." Grinning she would then start to put the bottle up but heard Cami. These emerald orbs would peer at the woman but stayed where she was for now. "....Cami?"
Grover Grover raises an eyebrow, "Me? You don't like people who drink whiskey?...other then that, don't think we've ever meet...but then again I tend to forget people sometimes...well the ones that weren't nice at pushy they were, but we don't talk of do" He picks up the glass, and takes a drink..."Ah, very good.."
Camilla     Camilla's eyes just flat bore a hole in the back of Grovers head. He can play dumb, but he's asking for legion drinks, and to her, that means he's legion, or done buisness with them and that's good enough a reason as any to not trust a thing he says. "I'll give Iris your love Lynnette.." she says as she turns on heel and leaves the bar.
Lynnette Looking between the two she would wait then....not getting involved yet. Licking her lips she would slowly smile at the girl and nodded. "Okay, girl. I'll catch up with you later." Oh Lyn wasn't going to pry...not now. Looking back to the man then she'd tilt her head a bit before sliding that drink closer to his side of the counter. "....well then...." Time to do what she does best.
Grover Grover says, "Must be hard on business if people seem to leave for no reason, other then a new person walking in. I've found places like this are usually a good place to find people to talk with...""
Lynnette She'd shrug a bit and smirks. "Not really. I think she's just tired..." Holding her hand out she'd smile. "But we have fights that break out and still have been doing pretty good. But trying to keep that to a minimum now that I'm running this.."
Grover Grover says, "really?...fights?" as he looks around. "You should really look into hiring someome to keep the peace in here...what do the call them...a Hopper. YEah, I think thats it. You know..someone that makes people think twice about causing trouble.""
Lynnette She'd smile as she shrugged a bit. "I just hired one of those....but part time." Lyn started to pour herself a glass of water then as she smiled. "I do pretty okay on my own. I can yell really loud. And....I'm the keeper of the booze. Don't want to make me made, right?"
Grover Grover says, "well, that all depends...on if there are other places like this nearby...or if someone waits for you outside..that might work,. yes..." He shrugs a bit, as he streches out his arms. "But I suppose the locals won't want to go anywhere else.""
Lynnette She'd laugh then as she slid his drink to him and leaned on the counter as she sipped her water. "In this town? Naw this is it. If they want to go all the way to the next town that's on them. But more of the time these hooligans will just stay here....."
Grover Grover says, "Ah, this town is seeming a bit more and more less inviting that I had first thought. Hooligans, bar fights, grumpy people...hmm. Perhaps you are right, and it is not a good town.""
Lynnette She would blink a bit and then chuckled. "Now I never said that. All types come through here. There's bound to be trouble, right?" A shrug then as she stared at that drink she poured him but said nothing. "But hey...if you don't like it here...." Lyn would pout then. "I guess I'll just be a bit hurt since I'm slowly turning this place respectable....."
Grover Grover nods, "Well..just trying to find a place, you know..." as he picks up the glass and chugs it down. "When I came back with the expadition..they made it sound so nice...but so many of these towns just don't seem any more right, then where I was before."
Lynnette Her brow would raise a bit then before she would grin. "I mean....the Enclave did come through and messed up a lot of stuff. It's not exactly going to be paradise right now...."
Grover Grover says, "Oh, yes..those...I fought those as well...I knocked one of there birds out of the sky. It was quite fun....I mean in general of course, I've been in the area for months...but if you say, never know." He shrugs, "Which is odd, cause I'm quite good at building things...funny, you would think a town would need that.""
Lynnette A tilt of her head then as she shrugged a bit. "I'm sure El Dorado could use it. I mean here But maybe see who to talk to there. "A tilt of her head then and she would smile. "Heck...maybe Jack could use someone like you too. I can keep an ear out."
Grover Grover says, "Jack?..who is Jack? Is this a person of some kind?..I thought a jack was used to lift a vehicle up."
Lynnette She'd smile softly. "Jack is a man. This is Jack's it's his town." Lyn would just chuckle then. "Pretty much he knows what goes on here and stuff...."
Grover Grover says, "Oh, ok..perhaps you could call him here for me then?"
Lynnette She'd raise her brow and then tilt her head. "Oh I can't just....beckon him, dear...." Chuckling she would shrug a bit. "I'm a pretty face but even I have my limitations...."
Grover Grover says, "Oh, and what are your limitiations..just so I know for future reference..."
Lynnette A tilt of her head she would smirk then as she leaned more onto the bar. " that depends on the situation. When it comes to Jack...he's the boss. I don't boss him...." A shrug then as she gave him a wink. "Anything else in regards to my limitations'd just have to find out."
Grover Grover nods, "A challenge...I like you want me to test your limits so we know...I can do that. A series of challenges....I will have to think on them...maybe let loose some creatures in here, and see how you deal with them."
Lynnette That smile would fade slightly as she raised her brow. "Mister I wouldn't be letting anything loose in my bar...." One of her hands would lightly run across her bosom as she stared at him intently. "I'd rather not have to call some pest control...."
Grover Grover says, "Oh, so no want a real challenge then..ok, I understand now what you are you want something a deathclaw...ok..that is going to be harder, but I'll do my best.""
Lynnette That frown would come over her face then. "'re trying my patience. You better not be releasing anything in my understand?" Licking her lips she'd look down the top of her dress then those green eyes would look up. "....I suggest you think twice....."
Grover Grover says, "I'm getting mixed signals here...your lips are saying don't do it, and yet your eyes are saying to me...yes, thats what I want.""
Lynnette Lyn's a bit perturbed as she raised her brow then tilted her head. "Are you quite done? I'm not one for childish games..." Licking her lips she'd look him over and tilted her head a bit. "Or you're gonna find out what's underneath this dress...."
Grover Grover says, "Well, I'd assume if you took off your dress..I'd find a naked woman. I may not be the sharpest tack in the box, but I've kinda got that one figured out...though I do think you might be quite keep licking your lips. One needs fluids to operate correctly.""
Lynnette Lyn just stared at him then as she raised her brow. "You may be right...." A shrug then as she looked to a door and yelled out. "Chuck!" She would look back to him and then smirked. "Well as much as I would continue this game." A slightly older man would come out, obviously annoyed that his break was over but went behind the bar anyway. "But any further drinks he can help you with. I....need to go get some errands ran then off to beddy bye with me..."
Grover Grover says, "oh?" he looks a bit confused, "We were playing a game?...I did not know that....just as well, its a long way back and I have to walk.." He shrugs, and heads for the door."
Lynnette "Well....enjoy your walk...." She'd watch him carefully and then called out to him. "...and I better not find any creatures in my bar!!"