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Iris Lark It's sunset in Avalon, beyond the planted farm that is now the Healer's back yard, the sky is bathed in pinks, oranges and streaks of light. Iris is reclined on the porch swing, Bacon in her lap, and a steaming mug in her hands. She looks thoughtful as she swings back and forth, one foot trailing the ground as the large swing moves slowly back and forth. As the last of the light disappears below the horizon, Iris takes a deep breath and closes her eyes for a moment, savoring that bit of peace that comes with the transition of the day.
Camilla     Seeing that Iris is doing just that, savoring some peace and quiet on her porch, alone and attempting to rest, it causes Camilla a long moment of hesitation and contimplation. Should she distrub Iris? Is it important? The questions cause the young woman, as she stands against the corner of the house, to exhale deeply, lost in her own self inflicted confusion.
Iris Lark Bacon sniffs at the air, he's not a puppy, but he's able to tell when someone is nearby. He lets off a soft snuffling squeal, nosing at his Mistress's hand and she glances down to gently pet the little piglet. She lets him down on the ground and he immediately trots towards Camilla. Iris turns and gazes towards the edge oft he porch and she waves her hands at the other Healer, smiling gently. "Please, come and sit down, it's nice out today."
Camilla     Camilla reaches down to place her hand near the piglets snout, smiling at it. She looks back up and sighs again, "I was thinking that maybe I should just turn around and head home. You looked, peacefull, and restfull and yeah, figured maybe you'd not want anyone around, me included."

    Cami takes a moment and heads up on to the porch, taking a seat next to Iris gently. "I can still leave if you'd rather be alone."
Iris Lark "I'm not really alone, Rexus is in there." Iris says, jerking a thumb towards the inside of the house. "You think I can't be peaceful when you're around? Honestly, Camilla, I'm not really at peace ..ever." She chuckles softly and takes a sip of her tea. "This is as close as I get, and you being here isn't going to hurt that. You barely come over anymore."
Camilla     Camilla blinks and looks towards the house and then back to Iris. She pauses a moment and hangs her head towards the ground. "I, yeah, suppose that's true.." she adds, pausing a moment as she brings her legs up on the swing and folds them up indian style. "I didn't think you wanted me to..."
Iris Lark "I'm going to be blunt here, but if I didn't want you to come around, Camilla. I would certainly say so." Iris remarks, gazing at Camilla over the rim of her cup as she takes another sip. "I'm not going to beg you to come see me, just like you don't beg me to come see you. I certainly won't turn you away when you do." She tsks quietly as she shakes her head. "You've got to stop thinking that people don't want you around."
Camilla     Camilla exhales deeply and nods to the comment that Iris makes at first, and exhales yet again to the second. "I wont turn you away either, ever, for any reason. I care about you far to much to do that, no matter what, and well, I'd actually had a few times where I did want to beg you to come and see me and spend time with me, or let me come over here with you."

    Yet another exhale escapes her lips as she looks up, "They don't..." she adds, plainly. "No one comes to see me. If it's not for healing, I spend my time exploring, or sitting at the clinc alone."
Iris Lark "That is precisely why I gave you the Clinic, if we're to be honest. That and I felt that someone else needed the experience and the care of it." Iris says, raising her mug towards Camilla. "You're better at getting away from it than I was." She sniffs at her tea and sighs softly, one of her eyebrows raised a bit. "Camilla, if you need company or want it, come stay for a few days. Anytime. Now that Lyn has moved out and is living in the Cantina. I have a room open that you can use." A playful look appears on her face and she tries not to giggle. "Unless you do take Caldwell up on his offer."
Camilla     Camilla just nods as she listens to Iris, several times. "Yeah, well, no one but you cares if I go missing or don't show up to open the clinic anyway.." she responds quite curtly. She exhales again and nods, "I, ya know, I..." and then comes the beat red cheeks bit. "Iris!" she chastises, giggling like a school girl. "Look, I said I had someone I was in to, but it was all wierd and he's not it. I mean, he's cute and all, and he did just say that we'd be room mates, but I'd need a horse just to get out to his land and back to the clinic every day."
Rexus There's the sound of shuffing and a biiiig yaaaawn from inside the house, no doubt getting Bacon's attention as the other big pig makes his entry. Rexus scratches the side of his head as he steps tiredly out onto the porch, blinking in surprise at the two already there. "Oh... ello..." he says, still looking a bit disheveled... all just having woken up and all.
Iris Lark "Well, something I have learned recently. If people don't love you or need you, love yourself. Who cares what other people think or want?" Iris asks, wrinkling her nose a bit. "I don't live my life for other people, and you certainly shouldn't either." She lets her foot push the swing into movement again and she takes a drink from her cup. "Who is the someone? Is he cute?" She asks, and then she shrugs a shoulder. "Buy a horse then, Camilla, life is too short to not stretch your legs and try new things, honestly..." Iris turns when Rexus steps out onto the porch and she shifts on the swing towards Camilla, putting them in close quarters. She pats the warm spot she just opened up and smiles up at Rexus. "Come on and sit with us sleepyhead. I'm just badgering my best friend, as usual." She aims a wink at Camilla and pats her on the leg.
Camilla     "I've never been able to do that...and I, ya know, I care..." she replies plainly as she leans against the backing of the swing. She just exhales again, it's not really sticking with her, that or she's still just to dense to let it seep in.

    She blinks to the question and just blurts out, "She.." and then brings both her hands to her mouth. "I, ya know, nevermind..." she adds as she looks around. "Yeah, right, a horse and live with a man I just met that is only, aparently, obssessed with and madly in love with me because I saved his life..." she adds, in what ammounts to Camilla blurting out this long winded retort on why she's actually nervous about moving in with Caldwell.

    She coughs a few times and looks up at Rexus, who gets a slight wave as she does. The pat on the leg and the best friend comment causes cami to jump and then smile and throw in a giggle, in that order.
Rexus Rexus trundles forward, the big galoot plopping down to sit in that offered seat. "Ahhhhhh..." he says as he stretches his feet out, "Badgering? Hmmmmm?" he asks as he reaches down to scritch Bacon along his back. "Or did I just interrupt some giant conspiracy to unite the womenfolk together.... will there be a tea party?" he squints, grinning impishly. "I thought bout buying a horse... not sure how good i'd be at riding one though."
Iris Lark "I care too, but I also care about myself. For a long time I didn't, and that was a problem. One I'm working on." Iris remarks, aiming a sharp look at Camilla. Then Rexus speaks up and she laughs, snorting softly as she shakes her head. "Didn't you hear? Women don't get along, we just fight over the menfolk and talk behind each others backs." She grins impishly at Camilla and then leans in, giving Rexus a gentle hug. "I can't see you riding a horse, especially not in full armor. Though the visual that it calls up is pretty amusing." Curling up between the two bodies, Iris looks pretty content. "Sleep okay?" She asks Rexus, a smile on her face.
Camilla     Camilla nods, and thanks the gods to herself that Iris didn't notice, or remark, on Cami saying she was interested in another woman. Thank the gods Rexus didn't pick up on that either. Exhale.

    "She grins back and smiles at Rexus, "I uh, I can ride a horse well enough I suppose...shouldn't be much different than.." no cami, don't go there. Cough. "So, ummm, you two are staying together now? That's nice..." smile and nod cami, smile and nod. Smile. Nod.
Rexus Rexus considers. "I imagine it'd look like a big armored thing riding a donkey..... poor horse..." he laughs, "But no, I wouldn't ride it like that... just.. use it like a regular horse, wearin regular regular clothes an travelin to towns an such. Be faster than walking.... I suppose I could always look into it again, maybe get some lessons."
Iris Lark "Regular horse, regular clothes going to a regular town. Certainly not Avalon then. This place is a constant ren faire." Iris says, rolling her eyes, even if a smile is on her face. She sees the twitch of nerves from Camilla, and she's got enough tact not to press or pry. "I liked riding a horse, but I always rode pillion which kind of made me feel like I was ten years old." She glances at Rexus and raises both eyebrows, electing not to answer right away. Let him field that question.
Rexus Rexus laughs, "Avalon... I was gonna ask... why hasn't there been a shindig or a dance put together? or a feast for that matter? I thought all you ladies wanted to dance with the cute menfolk... maybe a tournament... men in shining armor... make all you lot swoon an faint..." he teases, nudging Iris in the rips playfully.
Camilla     Cami can't help but giggle at the image of Rexus riding a horse in full on armor. Though, she's not really sure how else to sneak in to this part of the convo at the moment. "I uh, ya know....I don't really like men in shining armor, just me though..."
Iris Lark "I'm not one for men in shining armor." Iris teases, snickering softly as she squirms around the nudging. "They have parties, feasts and jousting around here more often than I might like. I go to the park and watch sometimes, but it's...not a lot of fun for me, they drink too much beer." She points out to the yard and the furrows in it. "I was planting earlier today, thoughts?"
Rexus Rexus follows Iris's gaze towards the yard. "Planting? Haven't even been out to look. Just seeds or... what?" he looks a bit closer, "Vegetables? Fruit? Fill me in!" he smiles, "Been needin a side project or two to keep me busy while I heal up some more."
Camilla     Camilla just exhales and stands up from the swing slowly. "Think I'll head home.." she says as she leans down to offer Iris a hug. "Nice to see you Rexus.." she adds.
Iris Lark Iris hugs Camilla back and she squints at the woman for a few moments. "Come back again soon, and do think about what I said before." She murmurs, before she gestures out towards the yard. "A bit of everything that I could find. I spent all day at it, and I'm hoping that next time there is a food shortage, I'll have stores."
Rexus Rexus gives a nod in agreement with Iris, "Yeah nice to see ya, come visit anytime." he says, just nudging the floor with his foot to help the swing.. well.. swing a bit. "Gardens are fun, and good at stress relief.. plus you get to eat what you sow.. generally."
Camilla     Camilla nods, "I will.." and she leans up and slides off the porch to start her journey homeward.