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Owner Pose
Lynnette Well seeing as this was her first official night of owning the bar, why not throw a party!! Lyn would be scene sitting on her bar top with her legs cross showing off that left leg, a glass of whiskey in hand and leaning back on her free hand. There original tender of this place was behind the bar, annoyed it would seem but he was busy slinging drinks for growing crowd.

Giggling she was chatting up one of the patrons as she pointed to the little karaoke system in the corner she had set up as the 'stage' area. "Come on! Go ahead! It won't hurt you....just us if you can't carry a tune!" The man frowned but she just nudged him playfully with her boot clad foot. "Oh lighten up."
Shiloh Shiloh carries herself into the Cantina on her tired stride from her travels and she manages to find a place to come to a stop so she can look around the establishment. "Seems nice..." She comments in quiet tones, nervous of whether or not anyone nearby can hear her or not. It turns out that she has stepped in just in time to hear Lynnette's announcement to the crowd in general. Her eyes drift over to the karaoke system as it's pointed out and her eyes grow a bit wider. "Huh...haven't seen one of those in ages..." She mutters, but for now, she avoids the open ended invitation so that she may start on the task of finding a place to sit by the bar.
Melinda Even militia members need some time off once in awhile, which is why Melinda is here, albeit wearing her uniform since she's never really 'off-duty' in her mind. Nevertheless, she's got a casual look on her face as she enters and nods to everyone in the general vicinity. She was a little surprised to see a working karaoke system, but she wasn't about to question it either. She takes a seat by the bar and looks at the menu of drinks.
Devlin     Devlin could hear the sound of the Cantina well before he opens the door and steps inside. Looking around, he couldn't stop the smirk from tugging at his lips at the sight of the room being highly active all under the eye and guidance of Lynnette. "Now now, if you make this much noise, you might get the Sheriff to come down and shut everything down, or at least cuff you and lead off the instigator into a holding cell." A low chuckle bubbles up, though it was easy to see that Devlin had no intention of being anywhere near that stage but oddly, he wasn't inclined to meet at the bar that was filled with patrons snuggly packed..
    Taking his place at a table near the entry way, his back was facing the stage and the likely drunken singers trying to sing with the rebroadcasted song. Shifting his wrist, he moves his left hand onto the sleeve of a new leather jacket to let his pipboy be fully exposed. "I wonder how long he's ganna take.." is softly said as he fiddles with the device's controls.
Ashur "So this is what you started with, huh?"


"Oh.. right, big guy like you, probably came out yer mom with that power fist, huh?"

"I was born naked. Give me your caps now."


The behemoth Ashur lumbers through Jack's Town with a pouch full of caps tucked within his toga and a bindle made from brahmin hide and scrap metal poised upon a shoulder. He's the most regal vagrant of them all, king hobo in all his bristle-bearded glory, slope-shouldered and slumming it as he pushes through the crowds of miscreants and n'er-do-wells that populate this latrine of a settlement. He's all white and shiny in his New Rome finest, that over-abundant cloak dragging in the ground for a few feet behind him like a sovereign's ermine.

At his side walks a pretty girl with red hair and a death wish, her head engulfed entirely in the looming brute's left hand as he pats her. "This mercantile existence is not so bad," he admits, as they turn toward the cantina. "It lacks the thrill of war, but trading people trash for money pleases me. Come now, my Eden, you must be thirsty. We will take a pause, and then there is more to sell!"

It's an adventure, you see: the Legionnaire and his bride, campaigning through the wastes on a quest for dosh.
Rexus Rexus arrives at the Cantina after some time, at least Avalon wasn't that far of a walk. "So what is this... Care-a-yokee thing?" he squints at Iris, "Something that yokels care about?" he offers with an amused chuckle, holding the door for Iris and following her in afterwards. "Just don't expect me to be able to dance all that well..."
Akane      Akane walked into the cantina, peering around, entirely uninterested I the singing part of this.... But when she spotted Devlin sitting at a table she eyed him for a long moment. And then promptly spun a chair so the back was facing him and sat down like a guy. She simply stared at him. Silent. And staring.
Iris Lark Iris shrugs at Rexus as they walk in and find a table to sit at. "Sorry, I'm not sure myself, but someone should be able to tell you." She murmurs, gazing around at the various people in attendence. "I like what Lyn has done with the place though, it's not quite as seedy in here as it was." She grins and gestures towards the bar. "Can you get me a water?"
Lynnette Her laugh was infectious to say the least as she leaned on her free hand then. Giggling she would look around before smacking her hand on the bar. "Everyone!!" Now she was trying to grab everyone's was time to kick this party off right. Licking her lips she'd part her lips to say something but looked to Devlin with a brow raised as his comment. Shaking her head, she'd slowly stand up on that bar and held up her drink. "Thank you everyone for coming!! I wanted to celebrate my first night of taking over this lovely little place and clean it up a little! So in honor of that...I have karaoke! And if you come say'll get a drink on me?" Winking she'd raise her glass. "And then I'll buy you a drink!"
Rexus Rexus does just that, heading to the bar for two glasses of water. He returns to the table, setting the waters down before taking a seat next to Iris. "Indeed... it seems a bit.. cleaner... and certainly more comfortable and open a place.. I can see this becoming the new hang about for a lot of folk. That saloon's a bit crowded this place... has a bit more of a small town appeal to it."
Shiloh Shiloh manages to cram herself into a spot at the bar while the others crowd around it, looking around herself and trying to keep herself rather small to not bother anyone. She does spend her first few minutes settled there trying and failing to get the tender's attention. Not their fault, of course, Shiloh just seems to be having a difficult time raising her voice up to be heard over the more bold and eager patrons around her. With a sigh, she dismisses the idea of getting a drink for now and turns back around to try to get a look over the other patrons coming in. Her eyes are naturally drawn over to Ashur at least and his bride Eden, the giant and beauty that they are, but she tries not to stare for very long. When attention is drawn over to Lynnette again, Shiloh sits up and straightens her posture to listen to her properly. "Maybe..." She murmers softly, rubbing the back of her neck thoughtfully. "Couldn't hurt to say hello..."
Melinda Meanwhile, Melinda has taken her time to peruse the menu and order herself a drink. She's not a social drinker, but she does enjoy tying one on now and then. Meanwhile, she's looking around to see if there's anyone she knows. Not that she really knows many people since she's still fairly new to the general area and hasn't been social too much. Yet she tries to put on a welcoming look for everyone.
Devlin     Leaning back in his seat, he looks across towards Lynnette and starts to chuckle softly before gently shakes his head from side to side, listening to her cheer seemed to improve his more focused mood. Flicking the last keys causes his wrist mounted computer to pop open, making room for a slot then a second and a third until four were open and two were filled. Taking out one of the items filling the slots, Devlin looks it over carefully before setting the holodisk down and on the bar table but soon used his arms to act as shields if anyone seemed to be moving in his direction. From all of the current chaos and the late hour, he wouldn't be able to see what was outside the Cantina clearly, let alone feel the thudding march with the drunken revelry already beginning at the idea of free drinks.
Shiloh Shiloh pushes up from her stool and steps away to free her seat for the next patron waiting to get a drink. She makes her way over to where Lynette sits, waiting patiently on any others that felt like introducing themselves and taking the woman up on her generous offer. When it does eventually reach her, she manages a small smile and inclines her head politely to the woman before her. "Hello." She greets Lynnette, "You don't have to offer me a drink if you do not want to, but my mother taught me that at these sorts of..." She holds her hand out to briefly gesture over the festivities nearby, "Gatherings, that it's proper to greet the host or hostess. My name is Shiloh, it's nice to meet you...I don't usually come around these parts."
Matt Ohgeewhiz. Matt slows his gait as he enters the positively packed bar and eyes the entire establishment before deciding he *already* came in, so might as well get *one* drink. To which he heads towards the bar and sidles in past a person or three to try and gather some attention himself. "Uhh.. Nuka Cola?" He says to one person who passes him by with narry a glance. His hand comes down and he decides to wait a bit more patiently. "Nuk-......NUK.....nukacola?" Passed, ignored, and the last one said to a mop handle.
Eden Eden is definitely thirsty! no liquor for her though. Applr brandy is what she's like, but instead orders juice and a water. she gets her drinls and brings th back to the tab?e. "this place is seriouly packed! Do you havr any idea whatthat machine is for?" 8
Akane      Akane remained where she was, though Devlin's only real hint it was her would be her clothes and crimson hair... Meanwhile, she continued staring at him.... from behind that mask..
Rexus Rexus takes a sip from his water as he surveys the crowd. "Indeed.. gettin crowded... the new watering hole to be sure. Question is, will the barkeep have the supplies to keep all these folk fed and watered? And security to keep out the riff raff? This is Jack's town afterall... not Vault Town."
Lynnette Plopping back down on her seat on top of the bar she'd cross her legs as she looked around then. Sipping on her drink she'd look around through half lidded eyes and sighed softly. Since that original tender was still here doing his job, she was playing party girl.

When Shiloh approached she would smile over at her and held her hand out to shake. "Nice to see you Shiloh! I'm Lyn...." There was a soft giggle as she nodded. "And nonsense! What would you like?" Tilting her head then she'd smile before looking around for a moment then sighed happily.
Shiloh Shiloh returns Lynnette's shake, keeping a somewhat firm grip before she releases it. She looks over the bar thoughtfully and asks of Lynnette, "Just a spot of whiskey is fine. I have to be careful." She manages a chuckle and looks back over at the machine in question, "The liquor tends to hit harder than I mean for it to, if I am not." She looks around and admits, "From the rumors that I've heard, this type of gathering, it's...surprising." When she realizes what it might mean, she offers, "No offense, of course..." She looks over at Matt and his efforts to get a nuka cola and asks of Lynnette, "May you add a Nuka Cola onto that? I can pay for this one, of course. Just know that man's pain." Her lips curve into an easy going grin after her admission.
Ashur Seated at his table, a chair two sizes too small for his weight groaning beneath him, Ashur takes the drink Eden brings and wets his whistle. "I wonder what is being celebrated," he muses aloud, brushing his fingers through his beard. "To bring so many people here. And the machine? Hnn.. I do not know."
Devlin     Looking across the table, Devlin looks at the masked being before him questioningly but it would take a moment for the amusement to drain from his expression. Shifting his gaze from the other person's hair, the mask's design, their chest and their clothing.. He moves a hand down to pluck the holodisk up from the table and prepars to slip it back into his pipboy. "What is it that you desire? I'm not here to buy drinks, anyways, with that mask? I don't think you can drink from that without having to take it off in the first place." At Eden's entrance, he payed no mind, he didn't know her relation to the giant and quickly lost interest until he watches Ashur step into the building, already heading towards a table to squat at. "Hmm.. seems the reason I was here finally arrived.. You're going to follow me silently aren't you?" is asked as he slips the disk back into it's slot before pushing off the table to stand.
Akane      Akane tilted her masked face as if curious, but true to his word, she remained silent. When he spotted Ashur.. and then she spotted Ashur she seemed to bristle a bit then simply stood up and.. yup .. followed him silently face covered with that mask....
Lynnette Lyn would return that handshake just as firm and nodded. "Whiskey it is!" Yawning she would down her own drink then swung her legs around to the other side of the bar. Hopping down to join her poor help, she'd start to fix Shiloh her drink. "And yeah I heard those two. But I'm not about to let that deter me." Shrugging then she'd adjust her bosom in that dress, as if shift something around then cut her eyes to Matt. "Hey kiddo!" She'd pull out that cola and set it front of him. "There you go!" Looking back to Shiloh she'd set that whiskey in front of her. "Don't worry about that cola. I know him so she's fine for that one." There was a shrug and then she'd smile. "But thanks for coming! I doubt anyone is gonna do that crazy karaoke thing but worth a shot, huh?"
Rexus Rexus takes another sip of water, looking across at Lyn, "I've never heard of Karaoke... but.. if you're looking for singers... you may need to get some folks drunk before they even try. But wouldn't it be proper for the owner to be the first to give it a try? hmmmmm?" he looks around, wondering if anyone else agrees.
Ashur Ashur rises after downing his drink and gives Eden a little scritch behind the ears. Bindle in tow, the brute lumbers through the crowd after making eye-contact with Devlin. "As agreed on," he rumbles, paying no mind to the masked figure silently accompanying him. "The armor and the holster are in there," and he jabs the shaft of the bindle through a gap in a chair, where it wiggles and falls before snagging and standing more-or-less upright. At a sharp angle, but upright.

He holds out his hand. "I will take what is mine now. You can keep the woman; I'm not looking to buy flesh."
Matt A nuka-cola! Grand, he gets the top popped off and sips a bit at it before taking a second look at the crowd. Many, many familiar faces but most were engrossed in the people they came with, so he turns to put his back to the bar and people-watches for awhile.
Shiloh Shiloh smiles warmly at Lynnette and tells her, "You're very kind, thank you." Whenever the drink is prepared, she does reach out to take it up and drinks a swig of it to knock it back. She shudders and coughs out, forced to hit her fist to her chest as if to clear her airways. "It is strong stuff, just like I remembered." She decides, laughing softly all the while. She sets the empty glass down and turns her attention to the machine up there. Her jaw works as she chews on the inside of her cheek, "I could...try it. There's a couple of songs I might know. Don't know if anyone here would care for them and...I'm not much of a singer to be honest." A nervous glance is cast down to her jumpsuit but she decides, "'s going to be a karaoke night, may as well be one." Shiloh then tries to gather up her bearings and heads over to the machine to inspect it. It doesn't take her too long to figure it out surprisingly, and she has time to glance over at Lynnette to see if she'll be taking up Rexus on his suggestion.
Melinda For the time being, Melinda hasn't really done much. She's simply sipped her drink and nodded to those around her. She wants to be social but she feels like she might be giving off the wrong vibe for some reason.
Akane      Akane narrowed her eyes behind that mask and slooooowly ever so slooooowly lifted her hand...oh look at that a middle finger?!!! Oh my... "Go sell yourself, Brute." She growled behind that mask. Ashur's glare got her to bristle, widen her stance and one hand dropped under her poncho to her hip where she kept a nice little knife....
Ashur Akane's voice and tendency to begin all conversations by insulting him is distinctive enough that, even behind the mask, Ashur can recognize her. "Still so mannerless," he idly comments. "I thought I'd fucked the bitch out of you by now."

He waves a hand.

"Anyway. The disk and a hundred caps."
Devlin     "As agreed," is said afterwards in agreement. Moving his hand to his wrist, Devlin pops out the once toyed with Holotape and places it gently into the seated giant's hand before plucking out a small pouch of bottle-caps to set down beside Ashur rather than putting weight onto the disk. "The flesh needs to be owned to be sold. I don't own flesh here nor this year, worry not." Looking over his shoulder at the masked woman, he simply shakes his head, more than a little confused by it all. Once he notices where her hands where starting to drift, he lifts his own right hand to his waistline, resting his palm against the grip of his AEP9. "Now now.. I've been hired to keep the peace, this is a night off, but I will do so without ruining your ability to do your job. Understand?" While he stayed poised, he didn't drift towards his side of the agreement. "
Rexus Rexus just sits and watches the cat fight brewing. He sips his water, "Wonder if they sell popcorn here...." he glances at Iris... then anyone else who happens to be watching. "If this is karaoke then I approve!"
Akane      And that snapped something inside Akane's head. She drew down on Ashur right then and there. Though it was a small caliber submachine gun rather than a colt. She lowered her head just a bit, aiming for center of mass. "You didn't do jack shit, brute."
Iris Lark "I don't think *this* is karaoke, Rexus." Iris murmurs, a grin on her face as she nudges him with her elbow. She watches the fight brew with a slight smirk on her face as she takes another drink of her water. "It's not boring though, so maybe coming out was worth it."
Lynnette Hearing Rexus' suggestion had her laugh then as she waved her hand lazily. "No no no. I will let someone else break it in. I'm trying to stay in need scare everyone off with my voice." Lyn would just lean against the bar now, reaching over to ruffle Matt's hair then looked to Shiloh. "Oh go for it! Please!" Chuckling she would just shake her head a bit and then slowly made her way from the behind the bar then. Wading her way through the crowd then she'd just seemed to be in her own world as she was suddenly....brought back to reality when she heard yelling. Sighing she would just rub her temples as she slowly made her way over. "Um....." Looking between the masked figure, Ashur, Devlin that brow was raised. " the problem?" Oh and now there's a gun. "Hey hey!"
Shiloh Shiloh takes up the microphone to the machine, with Lynnette not making a move to stop her. She rubs the back of her neck and tries to momentarily clear her throat again. Then from the machine the light thrumming tempo of an acoustic can be heard plucked along to a typical Western melody. Though her eyes do roam over to the gathering around Ashur and Devlin, eyeing them anxiously when weapons start to be drawn. She glances over at the edge of the stage-area, seeming very tempted to bolt then and there, but true to her word when the lyrics start to roll across the string, she sings along to the melody. "I do my best to hide this low down feeling. I try to make believe there's nothing wrong. But they're always asking me about you darling...and it hurts me so to tell them that you're gone." Her hand comes up to rub the back of her neck.
Ashur The caps are placed in his pouch, the holodisk safely tucked away -- he'll need Eden to take a look at it later, he's never figured out all what all the buttons on this Pip-Boy do, he mostly just hits it until it works -- and the deal is completed, Ashur's beloved bindle left in the clutches of this lawman.

And then there's a gun pressed right toward his torso. His smile widens, and he steps forward just enough that the barrel is pressed to his skin.

Rexus Rexus grins over at Iris, "Certainly not boring. Wonder if I should be putting money down... One for the big guy in a white sheet.. isn't halloween over?" he frowns. "Two for the girl with the little gun and three... says the fight ends before it starts?"
Devlin     Not wishing to be the only one unarmed at the event, Devlin slips his hand past his leather jacket and grasps onto his laser pistol, bringing it up at point blank range with Akane's temple. Using his thumb to press a fire option, even the masked woman would be able to hear a faint whirling of the energy coils spinning up to life as the laser was being primed. "What did I 'Just' get finish explaining to you?" is barked out, any amusement in his stature or tone was utterly gone..
Shiloh "If they ask me, I guess I'd be denyin'....that I've been unhappy all alone..." Shiloh croons out quietly as her eyes keep a close eye on the confrontation nearby, her alto a mismatch from Cash but fortunately not sounding tone deaf. "But if they heard my heart they'd hear it cryin', where's my darlin' when's she comin' home..." There's a certain weight to her words as her foot starts to tap to the melody of the song and her voice falls quiet to barely be heard even with the aid of machine. "I ask myself a million times what's right for me to do. To try to lose my blues alone or hang around for you...Well I make it pretty good until that comes shinin' through. And then I get so doggone lonesome..."
Akane      Akane's ears were such a dark red that they matched her hair. And really that was the only part of her that was visible thanks to that mask. But as Ashur stepped up into the muzzle and told her to shoot she very nearly did. But then there was a laser pistol at her temple and she held still. Very very still. "Go for it, Devlin." The rage in her voice wasn't the only thing there. There was a level of pain and... something else too. But Ashur's growl, Devlin's growling.... And the gun just seemed to go off. She wasn't used to it, though so it went wide and if it did shoot him it would probably hit his shoulder.
Matt Matt, uh, finishes his Nuka-Cola and settles the bottle down onto the bar, along with an extra cap for the bartender, working in this damnable place. A gunshot startles him and he dips his hand towards his rifle before he decides, maybe it'd be better to just leave. Well, move out of gunfire range at least, he snags another Nuka-Cola whilst people were distracted, leaving more bottlecaps before heading stage-ways, way way outta the way.
Rexus As the gunfire breaks out and people scream and... well.. bullets start to fly, Rexus ducks his head. "Getting a little sporty here..." he picks up his glass of water to keep it from falling over. "SEE, IRIS? This is why we can't have nice things!" he shouts over the din.
Ashur The gunshot's report blasts over the sultry Shiloh's crooning as a spray of (potentially unintended) automatic fire rips through the air. The kick-back clearly catches Akane by surprise, because it jerks her arm up and wildly away, and though the bullets scrape him and a few put holes in the walls -- and hey, that one shattered a beer mug! -- when the dust settles there is..

Nary a mark upon the giant. A point-black flurry of bullets, and he was grazed and dented at worst.

"You're very brave," he praises. "Clench your teeth."
Shiloh Shiloh flinches a bit from the shot and a shaky breath she breathes in can be heard picked up by the microphone. Still she glances over at the machine and presses her lips into a thin line while she watches the machine there. Shiloh seems to figure that she's just as in danger down there than she is up here, so she continues on quietly, "Time stands still when you're a waitin'....Sometimes I think my heart is stoppin' too. One lonely hour seems forever...sixty minutes more to wait for you..." She whispers out the last of her words, her eyes drifting shut in pain. "But...I guess I'll keep waitin' til you're with me...cause I believe that lovin' you is right. But I don' if the sun don't rise tomorrow...if I can't have you with me, tonight..."
Akane      Akane's danger sense kicked in the second Ashur began speaking, telling her she was very brave. Oh, fuck. Screw this. She suddenly sprang, backflipping like a circus performer, aiming to get the hell out of Ashur's reach. She knew what he wanted the second he told her to clench her teeth. Noooo way!
     Devlin's swing hit her in the arm on the way back due to her movement. And then she was running outside and sliding the second clip in her weapon. Goddamnit this .. this was bad...
Shiloh "Well I know, I'll keep on lovin' you 'cause true love can't be killed.." Shiloh murmers as her baby-blue eyes start to glisten when tears start to well up. "I ought to get you off of my mind, but I guess I never will...I could have a dozen others but I know, I'd love you still...'Cause I get so doggone lonesome.." She reaches up to brush a tear away that's managed to roll down from her cheek. She sets the microphone back down and walks down from the stage as she keeps her head held down low. She still glances over at the others, watching them with a wary expression.
Ashur The little bitch ran! Ashur lets out a thunderous laugh that overwhelms the music and the din of the patrons, the giant's lungs crushing all lesser sound beneath them -- and then his smile turns feral, slow-turning on a heel to watch the masked assailant flee. "I love hide-and-seek," the brute taunts, ready to begin chasing Akane..

And then some other man gets involved and whacks her! At this, the Legionnaire lurches into motion, sprinting like the horrific 300+ pound linebacker he is, crashing himself against Devlin with a roar of, "Back off!", his power fist exploding outward to crunch bone beneath it, before he turns and continues to move on in pursuit of the girl.
Devlin     Couldn't believe that Akane not only pulled the trigger and then ran.. Without thinking about it, Devlin was already hot on Akane's trail. Spinning his pistol in his hand, he lurches and tries to strike her in the back of the head to at least slow her down some, sadly he only manages to hit her on the arm. This luck was almost short lived as the giant not only came up from behind him and shoulder checked him while at the same time discharging a power fist charge at him. Devlin caught the last signs of a likely death blow and manages to back away and act like he was hurt by the strike, falling to the ground and curling up and becoming very, very still.
Lynnette Lyn had just blinked at the shot and all the craziness that was going on around her. Looking to Akane as she ran, she would frown. "Oooh no you don't!" But as soon as she was about to bodyslam the girl to the ground, that big brute had jumped in the way and took that hit to the face. Once she landed the blow she would blink a bit and just stood there as she frowned. "Aw hell...." Looking to Devlin she frowned as she yelled out at him. "Devlin!" This has turned into a real sh*tshow to say the least. So much for her party.
Devlin     Rolling from his position on the ground, Devlin gets to his feet quickly but doesn't bother to slow down to dust himself off, choosing to make a bit of distance between himself and the chaos. Taking several long strides before pivoting, near the other end of the bar to take a hasted shot at the back of Ashur, a snarl twisting his face while his free hand began to look for spare energy cells.
Shiloh Shiloh watches the fight, seeming to grow more anxious with each passing moment of the fight. "Probably should have skirted around them when I had the chance..." She looks over and gets the bartender's attention, telling him quietly, "I'll take another. Make it a double this time, please." Thankfully one good part of the fight is a lot of smarter individuals have likely fled the scene long before things got as hectic as they are now, so there's less of a need to try to fight for the server's attention. Once she gets her glass, she sips slowly on it and watches the others fight with a frown. "Come out of El Dorado, you said. You need to get out of your shell more, you said...Take more opportunities, explore the land out there..." She mutters to herself, sounding less than pleased with her decisions tonight.
Ashur She slips through his fingers. Ashur watches with growing wrath as the masked red-head dashes out the front door and vanishes from his sight -- he moves to pursue her even as some other woman smacks into him and the burning scorch of a laser sears itself onto his skin. It carves a hole through his immense cloak, filling the air with the scent of charred skin and smoking wool.

Ashur pauses.

He tugs that cloak up, looking at the blackened, peeling spot.

And when he roars, it's no human sound.

He whips around and stalks through the bar. With every step his body swells and twists, limbs contorting like the gnarled branches of an old oak -- he slams a foot down and the boot breaks around it, the skin burning red-hot, the veins pulsing and turning an inhuman blue. There's the sound of splitting bone and rejuvenated muscle tissue as his whole body expands and shifts, an enormous hump of muscle mid-back forcing him to hunch. Fingers lengthen until they're like claws, his facial features flatten to a more Cro-Magnon look, and he damn near seems to be steaming, literally, his hand bulging the metal of the power fist out grotesquely.

"I'll smash you!" He roars, ten feet tall, a thousand pounds, red like a demon and throwing tables left and right. He bears down on Devlin and just fucking destroys that arm.
Matt Matt is nearby the bar as Shiloh heads back to get another. He'll take the time to comment to her, "I liked your song. What I heard of it anyways. Its a sweet song." His eyebrows furrow and he pulls out his rifle just in case berserk Ashur becomes uncaring of his targets. "uh, you actually wanna get out of here? I can cover you on the way out?"
Shiloh As Shiloh drinks the rest of her glass, her eyes grow wide as she watches the already hulking man that was Ashur puff up into something far more terrifying. She drops her glass from her hand shaking and starts to stand up from the bar, backing away from the mutant nearby. Her eyes dart nearby and she looks over at Devlin, noting his horribly broken arm. She murmers to Matt, "Oh?'s something I've...heard before. And yes, I would...very much like that. But we..." She trails off and twists her lips reluctantly just before she corrects herself, "I need to go get him...can't just leave him on his own...try to cover me still though and I would appreciate it." She runs over then and tries to get to Devlin's side, trying to get his arm up and draped over her shoulder so that she can gather him from the floor. "C-come on big guy..." She mumbles. "Let's get you out of here..."
Vault Girl There's very little that can be done to stop Ashur, many of the patrons know of him by reputation at least and whether or not they like him; doesn't mean any of them are crazy enough to stand up to him while he is berserking like a supermutant.

Of course, the more shocking thing here, was that he WAS a supermutant again. Apparently, Ashur had not been fully cured of the ailment that had been afflicted on him in Mexico, it still resided somewhere within his genes; a part of him forever.

The rampaging supermutant, who had only been a man moments ago trashes most of the Cantina before BUSTING through the wall like the mother-******* Kool-aid Man, trashing several more buildings before his rampage takes him out of Jack's Town and into the Wastelands where he wrestles and possibly mates with a Deathclaw.

After a few minutes of silence, everyone is sure Ashur is gone...
Ashur Ashur is off in the desert, doing great and terrible things, until eventually the mutation wears off and he passes out, no doubt surrounded by extremely happy deathclaws. He'll wander his way.. somewhere, eventually, on account of having no idea where he actually is. Either way, he is gone!
Lynnette Lyn had just run out of the bar as she just said screw it and left. When all was said and done she just dropped to her knees as she stares at her now wrecked bar. Those green eyes would just stare at it as she slowly slumped down to the ground and sighed. "....but....I live in there...." Her hands went to her face as she took a deep breath before just sitting there as she sighed softly. "....well crap...."
Camilla     So, Cami was going to come back and talk to Lyn, but, here we are in what looks like a tornado just ran through the bar and all cami can think to say is, "What the complete fuck..." as she looks around.
Matt Devlin does look a bit, um, out of it, so Shiloh will drag him out of the way of the rampaging Ashur. But thats enough, once Ashur is long gone, so maybe it'll be safe to drink some more. Matt, peeks his head in through the doorway, before stepping through himself and going to pluck a Nuka-Cola from behind the bar. Nobody seems to be serving yet.
Shiloh Shiloh doubles over once she's outside and pants to catch her breath, both from recovering from her adrenaline and dragging the deadweight that was Devlin out to safety. She looks around and tries to see whether or not Matt was somewhere nearby. If so, she offers him an uneasy grin and tells him, "So that...happened. Um name is Shiloh, it's...nice to meet you. Thank you for covering me in there." She glances down to see whether or not Devlin is going to be okay for the time being, then heads back over to try to follow behind Matt and look around for Lynnette, "I'm...very sorry to see that this happened. If there's anything that can be done to help..." Shiloh trails off uncomfortably before mentioning, "Carpentry isn't really my specialty but...I do know how to fix some things up."
Devlin     "I think, that worked too well..!" it was only then that he saw what he at first thought Ashur was, but was only just then becoming. The shifting size, the alternating color, the claws.. lost in the terrifying awe of what he was watching, Devlin forgot, just for a moment that the creature was angered at him more than any other until he heard it speak. "I.. wha.. wah.." with words failing him and his feet almost flat, the creature charges him without much difficulty, knocking him off his feet and sending him skidding almost two yard away.. alive.

    The shock of the blow was in full effect, Devlin didn't feel any pain, just that he was moved really quickly and roughly. Trying to put his hands on the ground to push up brought the realization that one of his arms was now bend at a very funny angle, not straight at all! A shout rips through him as he curls to the one side slightly before bitting down, his eyes widening almost to the bulging point as he tries to keep himself from further shouting in either pain or anger, and also to keep himself from attempting to expel every last cell charge he had, knowing it would only make the creature more angry.

    Then when someone touches him, Devlin, on reflex, twists his still good, and laser armed, hand up at... a wisp of a girl. "Huh?" It was now even more confusing than before but he lets Shiloh slip his arm around her shoulders to lean on her to start standing. "It.. hit me good, who the hell are you? You don't look like Lyn.. or her server or.."

    Soon Shiloh had the misfortune of getting glared at as another name popped to mind, one Devlin hisses out at the poor girl, "Akane.. Where is that fucking idiot?!" is shouted without meaning to. Luckily, for his own sake, Devlin is brought more to his senses as he attempted to use his broken arm again to show he was fine only to have pain shoot through him staggeringly...
Shiloh Shiloh looks back outside at Devlin when he starts to come to and she heads back outside after hesitantly looking over at Lynnette to double check that she's still okay. She's torn between both places it would seem and she tries to return to the man to check on him. "Easy there, easy..." She tries to murmer down to him to reassure him and get him not to use his arm too much, "I don't...know who or where they are, that Akane person. But my name is Shiloh. I'm...not from here, but I was afraid that...that thing. That...mutant." She is still trying to wrap her head around exactly what happened, "Was going to go back and get you while you were down...couldn't just...leave you to get your throat ripped open or...or something..." She grows more pale when she talks about what could have happened, but struggles to keep it from showing too much on her face.
Lynnette Looking up to Shiloh she would smile before slowly standing up then. Taking a deep she would sigh and just shook her head. "Thanks....for the offer.....really." Running her fingers through her long hair she'd stare at her bar and then slowly looked over to Devlin. Turning back to Shiloh she would smile and pat her on the shoulder. "Let me....go check on my friend." Sighing she would make her way over to Devlin and dropped down next to him. "Dude...." Looking him over she would sigh a bit as she shook her head a bit. " know you were off, right?" Smirking she would slowly look over his wounds but stopped joking. "....where do you want me to take you?" For once there was no joking, not innuendos but real worry. "....I'd offer my place but....." Those emerald orbs would look to her bar but she would look back at him. "....Iris'?"
Camilla     No Iris, but Suddenly Camilla. Who just so happens to be standing there in shock and waggling a few fingers in astonished greeting to Lynnette. She still has this, /WTF HAPPENED?/ look on her face as well. "Umm, so..." she looks at Devlin, and then back to Lynn. "I uh, I can take a look at him..."
Matt Matt downs the rest of his *third* Nuka-Cola. What a madman. He leaves it on the counter before pushing off again. "Uhh...Ashur did his thing. Where hes a big guy. He was angry." He looks around at the destruction and sighs. "Poor Lyn. Oh, Sorry hon." Matt sees that Lyn is *here* again. I'm sure he' for the damage? Maybe?"