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Matt     Matt has since left the clean-up crew of Lynette's bar. If one even starts tonight. Jack's Town isn't one to have strung up lights and electricity, so its dim and illuminated only by the windows of the businesses. He waits though, a Caravan master is in charge of hiring for his own caravan. Big sieges, rough roads, and random mutant hulks make it hard to hire people when they're dead, scared and leaving, or already employed.
    The young lady did make mention of looking for opportunities, so Matt is outside waiting. Nicely, not like a creepy stalker.
Shiloh Shiloh eventually does bring herself to leave the wrecked bar and heads out with tired steps. Still in a stunned state she looks up and down the road looking confused as to what she's going to do now. "Guess I try to find an inn or something now or camp out..." She mutters under her breath, thinking for the most part that she was alone. She notices Matt standing off to the side nearby though, and looks mildly surprised. "Oh, hey. You're from...the bar. Yeah, you covered me. Sorry for sort of...seeming distracted. That man was probably just...well, I haven't really seen anyone hurt like that before..."
Matt     "You're luckier than most these days. 'Specially in El Dorado, no matter what the new government seems to want people to believe." Matt scuffs his feet a bit as he moves to close the distance and offer a hand out towards Shiloh. "I'm Matt Ward, I'm one of the Caravan Runners outta El Dorado, with Lone Star Caravans. We're on contract with the new Federation. You're brand new out in these parts, eh?"
Shiloh Shiloh looks down at the offered hand and accepts it, shaking it with a firm grip. Her lips are still curved into a subtle frown from his words but she does mutter, "Yeah...been rough." That's about all she has to offer on that subject for now, but she does manage to repeat, "Shiloh. In case you didn't hear. Shiloh Wayne." She lowers her hand and stuffs it away in a pocket of her grease covered jumpsuit, "And anything outside of El Dorado? Sorta...we never used to go too far whenever we went out to scavenge for the city, but we'd go beyond the walls sometime..."
Matt "Outside of El Dorado? Can go a good ways in every direction. Until you run into the Enclave trying to squeeze this part of world into..well, who knows. I missed the motivation on that one. I don't mean to scare you." Matt realizes his pitch may need a bit of work. "Look, if you're willing to brave the night, theres a spot to sleep in the Lone Star compound, and a job. Doing whatver it is you do. Carry a gun, walk with the brahmin. Run a radio, fix a radio? Labor is in short supply just 'bout everywhere." Matt wraps his thumbs around his belt buckle, glancing down the road south that just gets darker. "Its actually better at night."
Shiloh Shiloh says, "Aren't scaring me...heard of the Enclave before." Shiloh tells Matt evenly as she starts to lean her weight onto one side while she listens to him. She looks away then admits, "They...took my brother and my father away." She swallows and it sounds barely audible but she remains silent while she listens to Matt's proposal. "I do kind of need a place to sleep." She mutters quietly, and she glances down at herself. "I don't know anything about shooting, but...I can move quiet. Get outta tight spots when I have to...aside from that, just good with computers, fixing, and building things.." She sighs and rubs the back of her neck with a frown, "Know it probably sounds like I'm trying to tell you I do everything under the sun, huh? Don't mean to brag...""
Matt     "Hell, I can get you in a bed for the night just because." Matt seems less eager to jam a contract into her hands now that her delicate position is out in the open. "Away, away? Or..they died? Sorry, you don't gotta tell me. And you don't gotta decide something like this all quickly. There is a bed waitin, and you can use it for tonight, tomorrow, or the night after even. I'm not gone turn you back out into the world if you aren't likin the idea." He'll reach a hand out and pat her on the shoulder a bit, to comfort.
Shiloh Shiloh looks at Matt and manages a timid chuckle after, "I got a home back in El Dorado, but that's a couple days travel on foot...I came here with some traders that just happened to be passing through anyway. They had this car part that needed some tweaking before it got delivered to the purchaser. So I did it in exchange for getting me here." She looks back up at Matt and tells him, "If you aren't opposing to me staying close-ish to town and coming out for the business, then think I'd be happy to take you up on your offer and do what I can to help out..."
Matt "You're doing a bit better than myself. I've been sleeping in my little office." Matt rubs the back of his head, thinking. "If you want just somewhere to sleep, the caravan is all packed down for the night, got a fire, People on watch." He nods easily, "Definitely. Its more of a community of people looking at the same jobs board, ya'know? Someone wants to run in a caravan together, to somewhere, they just get themselves involved. I'd like to see you involved."
Shiloh "It's not really...mine. I guess." Shiloh does allow as she looks down at her feet briefly, "Just somewhere the family has to go to stay in. Been that way for...a while. Long as I can remember at least. So I guess it's alright." She looks up at @matt and offers him a sincere smile, "Work does get hard to come by sometimes...alright. You got me sold. Wanna lead the way to the caravan now and you can go over the specifics with me there?" To solidify the deal, Shiloh extends her hand to offer it to Matt to shake.